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Rising Dusk

When edward leaves bella is left devastated and heart broken convinced that edward never loved her in the first place and it had all been just a game to him. After moping around like a zombie for monthes charlie gets fed up. He makes her move in with relatives in california hoping sending her some place sunny will cheer her up. Because of this bella begins to think her parents are abandoning her too. She runs away to new york and joins a highly ranked incorporation for making the heartless pay for thier crimes. In the process bella becomes almost as cold as the people she kills. So what happens when her past comes back for her. Will they still love her when they find out what she became or will bella be able to hide the truth. Sorry i suck at summarys plus this is my first story. Hope you like it.

I dont own this. all rights to the almighty meyers. and i got the story idea from a nother story on here called catch me if you can and i was really upset when she stoped the book so i decided to try and make my own version

1. Remorsless

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I was just finishing my gun studies when number seven walked in to the room we shared and sat on my bed. She is a petite red head who was always up beat."So what are you doin"she said curiously."Studying"i said coldly. I wasnt here to make friends."Come" on she persisted "lets do some thing". "No" i said briskly. She looked like she was going to say somthing so i shot her a death glare and she dropped it. "Hey, dont you think that its weird weve known each other for a year and i still dont even know your name" she asked. "I dont have a name" i said trying to end the conversation. "Of caurse you do" she said suprised by my response "my name is lizzie". "Why do you always try to talk to me" i retorted harshly. She looked some what hurt" well i thought maybe we could be yah know friends or some thing" she siad embarassed. I didnt know what to do to after she said that so i left.


Where is it!!! I was throwing things out of my trunk looking for that stupid pencil. My bed was a mess. Thats when i saw it. Not the pencil but my old scrapbook. I looked at the first page and imediatly stopped. It was my jacob. I tried to hold of the tears but i wouldnt be able to hold them back mush longer. I couldnt risk some one walking in and seeing me like this. I ran with the scrap book to my secret spot on the roof. When i got there i colapsed and let the tears flow. 'Well' i thought to myself 'i might as well finish my torchor. I started looking threw the book. My jacob, charlie, renee, so many faces each one Mdelivered its own uniquie sting to the hole in my chest. My body froze when i reached the last page. It was him. My edward. A whole new wave of sadness hit me like nothing i had ever felt before and my body shoke with sobs. I whipped around when i heard a tiny voice. "He hurt you didnt he" it was lizzie. "How long have you been here" i said already knowing the anwser. I silently cursed my self for not making sure i was alone sooner. "I was already up here when you came" she said sadly. I could hear the pity in her voice. "Save your pity for some one else because i dont need it" i said harshly thru my tears. "What happened" she said. Before i could stop my self i was in her arms and telling her every thing. For to long i needed some one to talk to and when the opurtunity arose i couldnt stop. I told her about my parents and leaving to forks, about meeting edward and falling in love, and finally about him leving me and how it felt. How he toke my heart and broke it in the process. After that we were unseperatable. I defended her and helped her and when it came to my problems she was my rock. The single person who knew all my secrets even about them being vampires and she found out why im gaurded and why my heart is so cold. With her i was almost happy. We were best friends.


We were on our way to school. Our chief made it mandatory for us to attend highschool because the police were geting their suspicions that the kids no attending high school. I had heard there would be more new students today. I wondered wich ones all thru third period. The bell rang startling me out of my thoughts. I left the classroom to meet lizzie in the hall." I wonder wich recruits are comeing to day" i said curiously. "There arnt any recruits coming today" she said slighly amused."What do you mean there are no recruits coming today" i said." i mean there arnt any recruits coming today" she said slightly worried. Then it hit me. Five new students. "No No No they cant be there they cant" i whispered. Lizzie was definetly worried now" who cant be back, bella talk to me, use your words" she said. Timidly i looked into the cafateria and almost dropped to the floor in pain. At the other side of the cafateria thier were five beautifully pale people all staring at me.