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Rising Dusk

When edward leaves bella is left devastated and heart broken convinced that edward never loved her in the first place and it had all been just a game to him. After moping around like a zombie for monthes charlie gets fed up. He makes her move in with relatives in california hoping sending her some place sunny will cheer her up. Because of this bella begins to think her parents are abandoning her too. She runs away to new york and joins a highly ranked incorporation for making the heartless pay for thier crimes. In the process bella becomes almost as cold as the people she kills. So what happens when her past comes back for her. Will they still love her when they find out what she became or will bella be able to hide the truth. Sorry i suck at summarys plus this is my first story. Hope you like it.

I dont own this. all rights to the almighty meyers. and i got the story idea from a nother story on here called catch me if you can and i was really upset when she stoped the book so i decided to try and make my own version

2. The Cullens

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My heart felt like it was being crushed all over again. The pain of the hole in my chest all but forgotten was renewed with a thousand times more pain. I had to get out of here. The tears were already coming and i couldnt hold them much longer. "Im not feeling to hot, I think im gonna go home for the day" i said. It wasnt a complete lie i was feeling really bad. "Ok but im coming with you" Lizzie said. I knew their was no shaking her now, she could always tell when i was hurting. We ran as fast as we could to the car."Ill drive" she said. For once i didnt object and proceded to the other side of the car. Once in side i let the tears flow freely not bothering to sensor myself. "That was him wasnt it" Lizzie asked me sadly. All i could do was nod my head."Wich one was it". I had almost forgot she didnt know what he looked like." He....he was the one with the bronze colored hair" i managed to choke out between sobs. "Dont worry i wont let him hurt you again, we can even do home school if you want". "Really?" i said hopfully. I knew how much lizzie loved real school and it touched me she would give it up for me."Really" she said. When we got home she rushed me up to our room knowing i didnt want someone to see me like this."Lets get you cleaned up then i will call the school and tell them we will be home schooled from now on, Ok" she said while aplying cover up to my red and puffy face."Ok" i responded almost like a upset child. Still sensing the hurt in my voice lizzie switched from best friend mode to mom mode "dont worry you dont ever have to see him again if you dont want to" she cood while patting my back comfortingly. "you just watch this will be great plus we will have more time for work" she said happily.

The Next Week

This was going to be the biggest mission in our lives. We had the chance to be the first humans ever to kill a vampire. And i knew exactly who it was. Victoria. She had finally tracked me down to somwhere in new york and went on a murder spree. As you well know my incorporation specializes in the justice if wrong doers. When our boss asked who wanted to stop her i imediatly stepped up. Because i was the first person up i got to lead the hunt and assigned every one flame frowers. This raised a few questions from the rest of the group but because i was the leader on this mission i quickly silenced these protests. We would be leaving to hunt her today and i new exactly were she would be. I had charted the recent killings by her and noticed a pattern quickly, she targeted all the places i was most likly to be and when she didnt find me she would kill some one so i knew she was after her. Tonight she would show up at the high school by midnight and this time i would be waiting ready to torch her."Hello earth to bella" said lizzie shocking me out of my thoughts. "Oh sorry" i said" must have zoned out". "So whats the plan for tonight" she said."We wait till midnight, go to the school, get our torch on, go home, its that simple." I said plainly. "Well we better gett going" Lizzie said"its 11:50."K lets go"I said seriously. We rode silently to the school and entered the cafateria. There she was. We had her cornered, even as a vampire their was no way for her to get past us without being torched. She was as good as ours untill it happend. Thru the window came 5 beautifull pale people who supplied just enough distraction for Victoria to escape in to the sewers. Some thing happend during this. All the heart ache the cullens had left me with was suddenly replaced with an undieing and passionate anger. While I still loved them with all my heart i just couldnt ignore it any more. For the past three years they had made life for me pure torture. I would never forgive them for that. I was furious beyond belief and it was olny getting worse. Thats when i blacked out.