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Goodbye and Good Luck

Bella was changed, hoping to live happily ever after. But in real life, there aren't always fairytale endings. The human race has advanced over a few centuries, but with technological advances can come destruction. What will happen when secrets are revealed and the humans side with the wrong person? I accidently deleted this story so i had to repost it! I added more to it, too, so read it again if you already read it when i first posted it!


1. Good Luck

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1088   Review this Chapter

Darkness filled the air, it felt like every particle was being held in place, not being able to move or generate light. I shuddered, disrupting the stillness of the small enclosed shelter. A loud disturbance of air was heard over head, making me cringe. After hundreds of years of being a vampire, I still wasn’t accustomed to my ultra sensitive hearing. Carlisle said that I would get used to it, but I didn’t. I learned to block it out though. But I still felt like a freak among freaks. Over the years I figured out the reason Edward was so repulsed by changing me. I found out. Unfortunately it was the hard way. I had a little rebellion of my own for about a week. And the memory of it was still in my mind. All those people screaming out in pain…It was horrifying. I was horrifying.

I was brought back from my thoughts as Edward shook my shoulder. I nodded and stood up. We were the only two in the small metal shack. Our family split up, being fugitives and all. I thought happily ever after would be…happy. But all it was just a life of hiding and a romantic moment here and there. But those were few in numbers. Edward still held guilt for changing me. I always tried to reassure him. ‘Now, I get to be with you forever!’ I would say to him. But what I was thinking was ‘Now, I get to hide from maniac vampires forever’. And that was what I was doing. And what I was doing for the past hundred years.

We opened the shack door and looked around the area quickly. I frowned at what our Earth had become. A wasteland practically. After decades of peace treaties and double crossing, the humans had enough. And so did the vampires. Hannibal, a very…power-hungry I think is the right word, vampire revealed the secret of vampires to the world. And guess who the vampires under his command sided with? The humans with the most nuclear missiles. So a year or so after my change, a nuclear missile was sent towards America. And a few more after that. And a few spares were sent to Britain and Germany. But in the end, there was a huge pile of dirt where America was. Thankfully my family and I fled America before…it was blown up. But Charlie didn’t. Along with a billion other people including the werewolves, Renee and everyone else I knew. It broke my heart to see the cloud of smoke tower over what was once my home, but I tore myself away. Away from everything that held some memory of my humanity. And all I had left was my seven family members. And now I only had one, or at least until the others meet up with us. If they meet up with us.

We ran across the field covered in dead trees, plants, animals and…people. They all thought that the vampires would be the saviors of the human race. That the vampires would do their bidding. How wrong they were. Why would a creature then times as smart, strong and fast as you, be your servant? And all it took was one vampire to start the destruction of Earth and everything on it. Everything. That was why he started to build a space ship filled with live humans to travel to another galaxy somewhere. That’s right, humans had perfected space travel. They were going to send some people into space, but of course, some vampires came along and ruined it.

The humans tried to rebel a couple of times. Needless to say, that ended very badly. The human population was down to one billion. A far stretch from what it was. But not as bad as it would be in a month or so. Nothing would be as bad as Hannibal’s plan. Instead of one billion, try zero. Yep, his last goal on Earth was to rid of it of every human. But he would save some and take them to a galaxy far, far away to keep himself and his followers alive. But that was doomed to end in failure. For every vampire, human and every other thing on Earth. And that’s why Edward and I are making a stand. We gathered the rebel vampires together and the humans that were still willing to fight. It wasn’t a large army, but it was the best we could get.

We ran through the war torn landscape, avoiding being seen. We wore brown, so to camouflage with the dead trees and plants around us. But with my over sensitive hearing, even for a vampire, I could hear a missile being launched. I yelled at Edward to dive undercover, but he heard the order too late. The missile hit fifteen feet away from him and the blast sent him another twenty back. He landed with a thud on the ground, stunned. I ran over to him in panic and surveyed the damage done. Thankfully, only his clothes were singed and the rest of him was unharmed.

“You don’t know how lucky you are,” I told him breathless, realizing just how close to death he was. I helped him get up and we ran as fast as we could away from the area. The Rebellion wasn’t going too well. We were outnumbered with many of our vampires and humans getting attacked everyday. Hannibal had spies, too, to seek out our meeting places and ambushing us. It was hard to know who to trust, especially since there were a few vampires on the enemy side that could change the way they look. More then once a small voice in the back of my head yelled at me to give up and join the winning side, but my common sense kicked in a few seconds later. Hannibal’s plan could only lead to destruction. With no humans or any life on the planet, how will we all feed? Sure he plans on keeping a few humans alive, but how will he feed them or keep them safe from hungry vampires? His plan was bound to fail, but what if we couldn’t stop him? What if he succeeded and doomed the Earth and everything on it? It might be too late already. The attack we’re going to lead may end in destruction, or victory. It will be either one, but I hope for the later. If it isn’t, then goodbye Earth. Goodbye and Good luck, because you are defiantly going to need it.