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Edward still leaves, but Jacob is not a warewolf. The La Push gang is in full fleeting swing, different, dangerous. When Edward finllay comes back, who will he be coming back to because Bella isnt there anymore


1. Not just Bella

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"Edward is never coming back." I told myself again as i looked into the mirror. it had been nearly a year, and it didnt even hurt me to say his name anymore.
"Edward is never coming back." i sneered at myself again. it was like i was trying to intentionally hurt myself, but this last year has been life altering. i graduated with the rest of my class at Forks high school but i was barely interested in going to collage. i hardely ever see or even talk to my old Fork friends and i spend all my days down in La Push, with Jake. He's been amazing. Not what i wanted, but everything i needed and now i want him more than ever. he's not that far behind me, even though i've been 18 for a bit and he's just reaching 17, his talents make him seem older. i looked into the mirror and smiled . my thick, dark, chocolate brown hair was longer than its been in my life, reaching just the middle of my butt, it was a bit wild. i shook my hair out and ran my fingers through it. i wore a plain white tank which hugged my ripped abs, that i got from my time well spent in La Push. to match i wore ripped sorts that showed of my well shaped legs. i grabbed my leather jacket off my bed and put my helmet under my arm.
"Not to late tonight Bells, its supposd to storm." Charlie warned. Eventually he found out about Jake and my little secret but i'm 18 technically i can do what i want. after arguing and me staying with billy for 4 days he finally gave in, making me promise to be very careful. my mother's rath was much more harder to dodge, she actually threatened to come herself and drag my bike into the nearest lake. i reasured her that Jake was a wonderful teacher and i was being careful. she wanted me to buy every safty wear known to man; i reluctantly bought a helmet and my huge truck sat in the driveway druing the dryest months of the year.
"Sure dad, if it starts raining before i can make it back, i'll prolly crash there and i'll call you." i promised.
"Bells..." he started, his face becoming wrinkled with worry. as differnt as a i was now compared to last year, i still had the softest spot for my dad. i went to him and kissed his forehead which was covered in worry lines.
"I promise dad i'll be super careful. i'll be fine, i love you." i told him. his choclate eyes melted and he nodded, in defeat. i walked out the door, hurrying now before he could start up again. he reminded me where i got my worrying from. i sped away on my bike, without looking behind me, rushing to see Jake.