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Edward still leaves, but Jacob is not a warewolf. The La Push gang is in full fleeting swing, different, dangerous. When Edward finllay comes back, who will he be coming back to because Bella isnt there anymore


2. The true La Push Gang

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I sped to the beach near where Jake first talked to me when i came here. thats where everyone was meeting. the sun was shining through the thick contunuious maze of clouds that no longer bothered me. it was more than warm enough for cliff diving, i hoped that was in the plans for today. i kept looking in my mirrors on the side to see if charlie was following me. he'd done that before, just to make sure i'd arrived okay. but he wasnt. still i couldnt shake the feeling that someone was close behind me, following me. i shook off the weird feeling as i got closer to my destination. i could make out the outlines of my friends standing about.i skid to a stop, spraying sand. jake's entire face lit up with my favorite, shining smile.

"Bells..." he breathed as he came to me, nearly running from his spot near the shore. i slid my helmet off and whipped my hair out of the helmet shape. he reached me then, not hestating to grab me off my feet, my white van tennis in the air on my feet behind me. jake was huge, finally stopped growning just over 7 feet; still a tower to me. he kissed me, his full mouth melting into mine, his lips soft and warm. i kissed him back feverishly, running my hands through his long silk hair.

"Ugh get a room!" i heard the guys tease behind him. Jake slid me down his chest slowly, never breaking eye contact from me as he released me. then he grinned wickedly before turning his head.

"Oh shut your trap, you're just jealous." he snapped, at Paul as i looked behind him. paul with his anger, turned his smile into a frown. even though he had started it , he cannot take any lip back.

"You shut your trap!" he belted out. his entire face became red as he almost lunged at jacob, the boy needs help. Sam, the eldest, grabbed his arm fast.

"Relax, besides you started it." He commented wisely. paul looked at Sam for a moment before he calmed down. i shook my head laughing idely.

"Hello boys." i waved.

"Izzy!!!" yelled Seth. the youngest of the group. he made up the new nickname for me and it spread like wild fire in La Push, the only people who called me bella now was my dad and Jake.

"Hey seth." i laughed as he leaped into my arms. he was like a little brother i never had. always frull of energy and a joy to see. only 15 and almost my hight. i could see the trend the La Push boys were bred big. Seth, my joy, always tagged along despite the requests of his witchy sister.

"Come on seth mother said she'd need us." she said, never speaking to me as i never spoke to her. i could never for the live of me understand why she didnt like me, i'd only seen her a few times. at any rate i no longer cared to find out as long as she stayed out of my way.

"But leah, thats not for another hour and Izzy-"

"NOW, seth." she demanded. he glared his eyes at her then turned to me.

"Sorry, Izzy, gotta go. " he shurgged.

"See ya around kid." i said patting his shoulder length hair as he passed me. i looked at jake and he shurgged looking away, he knew something but didnt want to tell me.

"Hey Izzy, we have some dogs roasting on a fire over here, want one?" emily said, approaching.

"Sure, i'm starved." i admitted as i interlocked arms with her and walked to the fire. emliy became i new best friend, a sister. she was a lot like me, an outsider. she was from another reservation not far; leah was her cousin and when she was introduced to sam, this became her whole life. i could relate, it was my life now too. emily was beautiful, i used to envy her secretly when i would come around, but now i'm comfortable in my own skin. emily was about 3 inches taller than me, russet brown complextion that was smooth and shiney, perfect almost. long limbs that made ehr elegant, wide brown eyes a tiny nose and a wide delicate mouth. she smiled at me, her teeth were perfect.

Jake and Sam trailed not far behind us, as we walked toward the rest of the group, our gang. We were made up of mostly boys, the girls who tagged along were at most girlfriends of our members but none of them went as hard as emily, or as me. emily was more like the mom, made sure nothing got too crazy. she and sam werent that much older than us, 21 and 22 but they were wise in ways i never questioned. we werent bad kids, just wild kids. kids with enough energy to fuel a rocket ship....and for this we do wild things. adventrue junkies, adrenaline fiends thats what we were. and i loved it.

it started last here with my halloucinations. i would do anything to hear his voice. jake introduced me to cliff diving, rock climbing and anything else to keep my guns pumping....slowly but surely his voice went away; around the time that my feelings for jake started to surface. i came to peace with the face that i would never see edwards perfect face again. i turned to look jake deep in his eyes and i felt satisfaction rumble in my new heart.