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Edward still leaves, but Jacob is not a warewolf. The La Push gang is in full fleeting swing, different, dangerous. When Edward finllay comes back, who will he be coming back to because Bella isnt there anymore


3. through edwards eyes

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In all my years I've never seen such a beautiful sight. My God how i've missed her. I promised her that i would disappear. it was especially hard, harder now for my love has grown with my longing. hardest because she's so close but i made a promis. i watch her in her room, staring at herself. she looks differnt but yet the same. her hair is longer, rougher than i've ever seen it, she was alway trying to contain it before but now it seems free. she seems free. Bella was never out of shape but now she seems more in shape than i've ever seen her. lshe's been working her muscles more now than ever, and a cofidence loomed around her like never before. i watched her exchange words with charlie as she left the house. on a bike. an protective anger filled my being, i made her promise not to do anything recklass. but she was so sure. she had experience with the bike i watching in facination as she kick started the engine wit ease. she took off at full speed. i immediatly began to worry and i didnt hesitate to follow behind her. her hair flung back behind her under her helmet and i could smell her flowery scent. So strong to smell, especially since i'd been away so long. i longed to touch her to apolgize for my idiocity. but this girl was differnt. she was not just my bella. i stopped short when she corssed over to la push territory. i wanted to follow but idnt want to risk starting a war over my curiousity. i went to the woods, getting as close to the line as i could while still seeign and hearing bella.