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Just one look and he surrenderd himself to her, this was it, she was his forevermore. She knew it too as she also surrendered herself to him... Too a dark, passionate and mysterious love story."


1. Disturbed

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is my third fanfiction and it’s completely based in the Twilight timeline. It’s from Edwards POV. Hope you enjoy reading it. And thanks a lot to TheInescapableFate for Beta reading it and pointing out where I could improve.

I gazed out of the open window of my car. It was Sunday night, the first Sunday since the starting of another school year. Thick clouds blanketed the sky, obstructing the stars and the glowing moon. It was going to rain, a heavy storm maybe. The trees skipped by me as if a movie being played at a super-fast speed, as if water was running through a watercolour painting. The lines in the road whizzing by, becoming one, whipping my short copper coloured hair into my amber eyes.

I love driving fast; it makes my surrounding alive, because it makes me alive; which is something that I will never be again. That's the only exciting thing about my existence, speed. I don't even need a car to achieve the break-neck speeds I love, I am much faster than it- but I love my Volvo. I was driving at a speed of 200mph when suddenly my bionic ears caught wind of a sound- a slight murmur. It was a voice, a sweet melodious voice, the kind of voice which you get to hear at some musical plays, each time it spoke it sounded like music, like notes to a symphony. It was trying to tell me something. I tensed and strained my ears, which was not something I generally had to do, the voice gradually grew louder.

"Shit, slow down. For heaven's sake, please."

My golden eyes widened, I immediately pulled into the shoulder and stopped my Volvo, shutting it off. The voice was so close…so close…as if it was coming from somewhere near me. This voice was different, it wasn't a physical voice- of a person speaking, nor was it the thoughts of people- their inner voices. This was a complete entity, spate from everything yet not physical. And it was in my head.

"You shouldn't drive like this; it's scary, rather dangerous- and quite frightening." The light musical voice trilled on.

I clenched the steering wheel and looked around for any sign of people- none. And even if one were hiding, I would have known. My senses we're beyond that of even human comprehension. I closed my eyes and rested my head against the back of the seat. I took a deep breath- unnecessary, but helpful.

"If you will drive like this, I swear I'll never sit with you again."

The voice continued on- despite sounding disgruntled the voice was still light and airy. I could feel the emotions building inside me. I knew just one thing that this voice was definitely coming from me. I could just feel it. My emotions were tangled. I didn't know whether I should have felt angry, scared happy or crazy.

"You scare me."

That simple statement resonated deep within me in a way I wasn't familiar with, or comfortable with. It made a cold shiver run down my spine, I could feel the darkness seeping in, cloaking me in its slimy cold. Evil was here, in this mind set she sent me in.

I scare her. The sentence rung in my head, like a loud bell ringing. That was all she had said and it brought forth a feeling so foreign, so wrong I couldn't explain it. In all my hundred and some years I hadn't ever experienced anything like that before, and that didn't sit well with me. The world started closing in on me and I felt myself being dragged into the far darkness of my world, of the dark evil world where I belong. I pressed my hands on my ears and squeezed my eyes shut, in a vain attempt to stop the voice, to not hear it anymore. I knew that wouldn't do anything. I could hear too much.

My eyes flew open as the rain finally began its journey from the clouds to the earth coming in torrents. The sound of the raindrops against the car was confining opposed to the eerie silence that filled everything else. I sat silently, trying to control my thoughts and my ragged breathing.

The voice was gone.

That voice was gone

I knew whose voice it was, it was that voice, which I had so desperately wanted to run from, it was that person who I never wanted to be a part of, whose part I couldn't be, yet I was dragged to it, like a magnet, like a moth to the light. I knew I couldn't stay away from her, but I had to try, try and get away. But I was damned well trying and would continue to try. I couldn't be with her, but I wanted her. These thoughts, this inner argument drove me crazy. It had just been a week and I had already suffered enough. My mind played these kinds of double games with me. If I dot my "i" I can steal a quick glance at her, without anyone noticing. I hated these kinds of games, but my mind wouldn't agree.

Sighing I climbed out of the car into the continuous icy sheet of rain. It instantly soaked me through, it didn't matter though, and the cold didn't bother me. I hardly felt it- my skin alone felt like ice. I leaned against the side of my Volvo; closing my eyes I let the rain pelt me further, wishing this rain could just wash away my sins and award me with humanity, which I had lost long ago.

I gave a mirthless laugh; I knew I shouldn't have closed my eyes, because whenever I do, there's just one person who I could see. The girl with a heart shaped face and chocolate brown eyes.