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Izzy's Race

Bella has a secret she kept from the Cullen's. She has a twin sister named Ana and an older brother named Nico. Along with that she perfers to be called Izzy and speaks fluent Italian. She even has another secret she has kept hidden. The secret of Sebastian Swan and the Lily Team. What is it about these secrets that Izzy is trying to hide from everyone including herself. I do not own Italian. And anything in italisized is in italian with a translation being in pararentsis.


1. Entrance of Ana and Nico

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Bella’s POV

“Hey, look! Doesn’t that person look just like Bella?”

“Yeah, she does. Who are they? He is so hot!”

“Bella, come look! Three cars just pulled into the school parking lot. When the riders got out one of the girls looked just like you!” Angela said when she saw me walk behind her along with Edward and Alice.

“Really, let me see,” I replied, but as soon as I saw who it was I was screaming and running towards them. “Ana, Nico! Mio fratello e mia sorella. Che diavolo ci fai qui? Non che io non sono content che tu sia qui ma perche? (Ana, Nico! My brother and sister! What in the hell are you doing here? Not that I’m glad you’re not here, but why?)”

Ben cara sorella. Ci stiamo muovendo qui. Tutto il Team Lily e in moviemento qui. (Well, darling sister. We are moving here. The entire Lily Team is moving here.) Non ottengo un abbraccio Izzy? Dop tuto io son oil tuo fratello maggiore. (Don’t I get a hug, Izzy? After all I am you big brother.)” The man I was currently standing in front of laughed. Oh, how I missed my big brother, Nico.

Oh, idiota grande! Vieni qui. Mi sei mancato cosi tanto due. Ana devo farvi conoscere il mio fidanzato Edward. Potrai farlo amore. E sua sorella Alice e cosi tanto come Maria. (Oh, you big idiot! Come here. I’ve missed you two so much. Ana I have to introduce you to my boyfriend Edward. You’ll love him. And his sister Alice is so much like Maria.),” I laughed as I hugged Ana tightly.

Un fiadanzato! Izzy hai un ragazzo vorrei incontrarlo. (A boyfriend! Izzy you have a boyfriend! Let me meet him!)” my sister squealed. I knew she would do that.

Naturalmente e possibile incontrarlo. Va a questa scuola come me. Solo che non so se paral fer favore cosi Inglese Italiano o memo. (Of course you can meet him. He goes to this school like me. Just I don’t know if he speaks Italian or not so English please.)” I replied leading my siblings to where the Cullen’s stood in shock. “Edward, Alice. I would like you to meet my older brother Nicodemus or Nico for short. And my twin sister Anabella but when we are together she goes by Ana and I go by Izzy. It’s the name I used back in Phoenix.”

“Bella, darling. I didn’t know you had siblings. Or that one of them was your twin. Or for the matter that you spoke fluent Italian,” Edward stated kissing my forehead.

“I know Edward. And I’m sorry I never told you but, I felt that my life in Phoenix was best left in Phoenix. Something happened there that I can’t ever forget and only my siblings, team, and mom know what happened. As for the Italian well, my mom insisted that my siblings and I learn when we were kids. So we did and we stuck with it.”