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Izzy's Race

Bella has a secret she kept from the Cullen's. She has a twin sister named Ana and an older brother named Nico. Along with that she perfers to be called Izzy and speaks fluent Italian. She even has another secret she has kept hidden. The secret of Sebastian Swan and the Lily Team. What is it about these secrets that Izzy is trying to hide from everyone including herself. I do not own Italian. And anything in italisized is in italian with a translation being in pararentsis.


2. The Lilly Team

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Izzy's POV (Bella will be referred to as Izzy from now on)

"Bella-" Alice started to say.

"Please, Alice. it's Izzy while my siblings are here," i said with a smile.

"That would be a smart thing to do, pixie girl," a familiar voice said.

"Ty Lee! Oh, my god! You're here too! i can't believe it. Who else is here?" I screamed as I hugged Ty Lee my oldest childhood friend.

"Everyone! See, there is Yuri and Micah who are FINALLY together. I so owe you twenty bucks. Jasmine is asleep in Zoey's Porsche. Andrew is at the mansion setting up everyone's rooms, including yours, Izzy. So your coming," Ty Lee replied.

"What about..." I said quietly as a few tears fell down my face.

"Zac, he is at the mansion to...you can't blame yourself Iz. What happened to Seb wasn't your fault," she stated as Nico and Ana came behind me and hugged me.

"Sorellina. Morte di Sebastian non è stata colpa tua. E 'stato quello stronzo Antonio colpa. Abbiamo promesso di fargliela pagare per prendere tuo figlio lontano da te e sai Zac era altrettanto male come te. Mentre Seb maggio del trattato di un incidente che amava quel ragazzo tanto quanto voi. (Little sister. Sebastian's death wasn't your fault. It was that asshole Antonio's fault. We promised to make him pay for taking your son away from you and you know Zac was just as hurt as you were. While Seb may of been an accident he loved that boy just as much as you.)" Nico said as he helled me as tight as he could.

"I know...but even coming here didn't lessen the pain. He's gone...he wasn't even talking full sentences yet. All he could say was Mama, papa, Ana, and Niho...."I cried. "I will talk to you guys later. I should get home to Charlie... You know how he is. Edward could you take me home please."

"Sure, love." Edward smiled as he took my hand. I hoped at that point he wasn't able to speak Italian since Nico did mention Sebastian being my son.

"Wait, Edward, instead can we go to your house. If my old friends are going to be moving here permantely I should probably tell you guys about my past. Ty Lee, your dad paid for the mention right?" I questioned.

"Yeah, of course," she smiled as she fluffed her short pink dyed hair.

"Did he help pay for my cars to come here?"

"Yes, he did...including your Kawazaki Ninja 250r the pink one," she smirked.

"Hell yes!!!! I've missed my cars," I practically screamed. "I will see you guys tomorrow."