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Prophecy - Book 5 of Twilight Saga (Fan Fiction)

Refusing to follow the path laid out for her, Nessie unearths a plot that threatens her very existence. Once again the Olympic Coven must take a stand... but who can they trust? Gripping spin-off in the Twilight Saga Series as Bella and Edward struggle to keep their family together in a desperate bid to survive.

I would love any feedback at all on the Prophecy; something that i have loved writing and want to develop to be as good as it can be!!

5. Chapter 5: Jacob

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Chapter Five: Jacob

A text message from Carlie pinged through as I bit into a thick wholemeal sub. A problem. Okay, so why didn’t she just call me? I know we’re connected and all, but that doesn’t extend to the telepathy I share with my pack when we’re all in worf form. Convential methods of communication between Carlie and I still apply. I took a swig of Coke and pressed down on speed dial two.

It rung out. Typical. Now I wouldn’t be able to get her off my mind, before school cut out.

I imprinted on Renesmee - or Carlie, her middle name, as she now liked to go by - the day she was born. The feeling is hard to describe let alone explain but even when she was a baby, that first glance captured me in a totally new kind of web, and my heart solidified; it became whole for the first time in my life. She was never like them. She was the most innocent, angelic child I’d even seen. Her smell had the faint scent of theirs but somehow it didn’t repulse me; it intoxicated me. And maybe because of that, I wished Carlie could just tell me what was on her mind without worthless text messages pointing out that there may be a problem.

I was going to leave a message on her voicemail but my boss, Mr Mattherson, caught my eye. He was waving and flapping some documents in his hands. I tipped the remainder of the packet of potato chips into my mouth, rolled up the blueprints I’d been staring at for the past half hour, and made my way over to his office. It was old fashioned, with navy blue carpet tiles, one of those first generation suspended ceilings, not the type that had lights sunk into it or anything; there was still just a florescent strip that gave off a neon yellow glow.

“We got it!” He said, before I’d had chance to close the door behind me. “Or rather you got it, Jacob. This is a massive contract for Endermons. Well done!” He let the small docket of papers in his hand fall to the desk with a noise that sounded like a slap.

I shrugged. “That’s great sir,” still thinking about Carlie’s weird message. Was it something to do with Sue’s this Friday? She sure needed convincing. My father was getting milder in their interactions, if that was her greatest concern. Okay, the whole thing was totally devastating to him at first, but it shocked me too. He knew as well as I did that it should be forbidden; the kind of unwritten rule that had never needed to be aired, yet he and all the others he’d sought counsel from had all felt the burning urge in their hearts when they’d imprinted on their partners. They knew what it was like to feel a love so strong that everything else melted into insignificance. They knew how irresistible it was. They also knew the decision I’d be forced to make if they stood up to me, and I was grateful they didn’t ask, because above all else, they knew that if made to choose between the Quileutes, my people, and Renesmee Cullen, I’d pick her every time.

And so, despite the gossip spreading through the Reservation like wildfire, it came to be accepted to those in the know that I, Jacob Black, leader and alpha of the Quileute wolf pack, had imprinted on a vampire.

Mr Mattherson perched on the side of his polished mahogany desk; the only piece of furniture in his office, and the only reminder that the company employed a cleaner.

“Son, please call me Bert.”

“Uh, okay, thanks Bert.” I smiled at him.

“Now you’ve got to make this building stand, Jacob. This will be our showpiece; land’s tribute to the sea.” He waved his hands in front of him attempting to project the sleek arms of the boat’s hull that I’d have to draw up in steel. Another half an hour of strategizing and prep-talking and I was out of there and on my way, charged, to my desk.

I got a smile from Terry - one of our site manager’s - on his way out. He was Quileute too and was one of the reasons I got the job in the first place. He nodded as he passed.

“Its all on your desk, Jake,” he said, without stopping to chat. Before I’d even taken my seat I’d decided to make a start on the structural drawings first then give Carlie another call after school broke. I’d make sure Terry had his steel on order by the end of the week. Then I could rest easy over the weekend with Carlie.