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Prophecy - Book 5 of Twilight Saga (Fan Fiction)

Refusing to follow the path laid out for her, Nessie unearths a plot that threatens her very existence. Once again the Olympic Coven must take a stand... but who can they trust? Gripping spin-off in the Twilight Saga Series as Bella and Edward struggle to keep their family together in a desperate bid to survive.

I would love any feedback at all on the Prophecy; something that i have loved writing and want to develop to be as good as it can be!!

7. Chapter 7: Carlie

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1027   Review this Chapter

Chapter Seven: Carlie

The route from school to the Cullen’s place is four turns off the main drag in between Serocco and First Street. I was used to the traffic on the freeway on my way back from school: impatient drivers full of anger for a world they felt had let them down. Kids weaving lanes like they were at the gumball rally, and old-timers causing unnecessary tailbacks that they weren’t even aware their appalling driving had created. I rarely noticed any cars in particular; just let them sweep around me like a dull hazy mist. But today, one caught my eye. It was the one that had been following me from the school gates.

The volume of cars thinned at the turning onto Trury Lane. Aside from our house, this route only led out to the national park, and there was not much demand for that in the latter hours of such an overcast day. I did a double turn and went in a loop. I thought I’d lost it for a while, and nearly brushed it off as my over anxious imagination but then I noticed it again. It was dark blue and it kept its distance from me.

I sped up for the turning into our driveway then as soon as my car disappeared from sight of the road, I killed the engine and listened.

Our driveway is so discreet it is almost invisible; mature, unkempt trees mask a long tunnel-like path that winds for half a mile or so before approaching the main house. From within the camouflage of the forest I waited in silence for the car to pass, but all I heard was Rosalie’s voice, which resounded from the house. It was higher pitched than usual.

“Is no one listening to me?” She said, her voice clear but faint from the distance between us. “I really think we need to start making plans.”

“I agree,” Emmett’s voice rung out, a deeper, throatier tone.

“You have to agree,” Jasper said.

“What do Bella and Edward think?” Alice said.

“They’re not here often enough to even warrant a vote,” Rosalie snapped back. “Take your pick, Montana, Wyoming or British Columbia,” she continued. “Personally, I vote in favor of Canada.”

“I don’t,” Emmett said. “I still say the States.”

“But we’ve done the States, haven’t we Alice? Jasper? Esme? Carlisle? We’ve been everywhere. We’ve done it all a thousand times. Nothing is new anymore, nothings even in the slightest bit interesting and I’m sick of it and most of all I’m sick of it here. I hear what they say when I leave a store or drive past them in the street. Their suspicions are raised. We’re officially ‘weird’ now.”

“They’ve always thought we are weird,” Alice added, quickly.

“Well, I can’t stand it anymore,” Rosalie said.

Over the clipped tone of her voice, I heard the roll of a motor as it passed the driveway. It did not turn in. I waited a moment more before putting the car back into drive and cruising ahead towards the house. It was nothing, and why would it be; who would want to follow me?

“And they think it’s odd that we neither work nor seem to do anything,” Emmett added, trying to add fuel to Rose’s argument it seemed.

“And better they don’t know what you do,” Esme said.

“Enough of this nonsense Rosalie,” Carlisle spoke up. “You know why we’re not moving.” His voice went particularly quiet. “We can’t move... at least not yet. So you better find yourself a hobby, get a job or go on vacation if you’re bored.”

The driveway swung round to the left and the corner of the house came into view. They didn’t say any more. I slowed, waiting for the garage doors to open then pulled into an empty spot and sprung up the stairs from the garage. They were all in the dining room around the big marble table.

“Well I think you should holiday in the Maldives, Rose,” Carlisle said, in a different voice altogether. “It is truly beautiful and the snorkeling there is world-class.”

“Hi guys,” I chirped into the tense room.

Rosalie huffed and walked out forcing a smile at me as she went. “You win, the Maldives it is,” she muttered.

“There you are, Carlie,” Esme said, ignoring Rose. She stood up and came over to squeeze my shoulders. Her deep honey golden eyes glistened. Behind her Carlisle was already on his feet.

“It’s time to go,” Carlisle said, taking Esme’s hand.

“Bye darling,” Esme said, over her shoulder. She added ‘theater’, by way of explanation before being whisked out of the room into the darkness of the garage, her warm auburn hair glinting under the last of the hallway lights before it disappeared completely.

Jasper, Alice and Emmett stayed motionless at the table. Perhaps considering our next home, I wasn’t sure. Of one thing I was certain, I wasn’t to be consulted in any of their discussions. I never was. But it was what Carlisle had said that intrigued me the most, ‘we can’t move… at least not yet?’ What were we all staying here for?

“I don’t know how they do it,” Jasper said, after a moment. “Two hours in that house of torture with all those humans, it makes my throat hurt just thinking about it.”

“You know you probably wouldn’t be so bad in the theater after all this time,” Alice said. She went quiet and when I looked over, they were both peering at me.

“Carlie, what’s news?” She jumped up to where I stood in the threshold. “How was school?”

“Fine, I guess.”

Jasper, motioned out towards the hall. I followed him into the sitting room where Rosalie had already taken a spot on the long sofa, still po-faced. Emmett joined her, sinking a kiss into her neck. Alice and Jasper took the couch nearest the door and I took the armchair in the far corner. Alice had been sitting for barely a second when she jumped to her feet again.

“I’ll get it,” she said.

Get wh—,” Emmett started before the doorbell chimed.