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This is the start to a new novel/book i have begun to write in my spare time. It has its flaws and is very, very far from finished - so to speak ive barely started it - but, i decided to write it after reading twilight and descovering my love for fictional books involving vampires and romance. This starting point of my book is about a 389 year old vampire who, is the last remaining vampire ever, her partner and creater was destroyed with the rest of her kind and as she grieves over his death she finds that their love may not have been as requited as she thought as she runs from those who seek to destory her...


1. In the Begining

Rating 2/5   Word Count 437   Review this Chapter


I watched from a distance. I watched, helpless and abandoned. I watched as they lit the flame that would mark his death. I watched as the flame licked at the wood that surrounded him to quicken its performance. I watched him, his emotionless face was not completely empty. There were cracks in his mask. There was something else there, hidden behind his emotionless mask. I watched as the flames danced around him, stealing him from me. I watched him as he died.
There was something there, in his eyes before he left. And as I watched him burn to the ground, it came to me. The last time he'd looked at me like that was when he thought he'd never see me again. When he thought it was over. When he thought that I was dead. He had died in pain. Pain, that I was alone and pain because we were never to be together, ever again.

Everything was perfect. Sam and I were happy. I, was happy for once and life felt good. It felt normal, the right kind of normal. He was back and I was safe. Not that I had never been safe before. I mean what could be more dangerous than a vampire? - A Lonely vampire, hiding from the world.
I enjoyed myself at first. The adventure was fun and I became easily fascinated by the smallest things. I'd stand out in the dark at night and watch a young family enjoy a meal at a round wooden table in a small cottage hidden in the fringe of the woods. I'd sit high up in the tree tops and look down at the traffic that had begun to build but soon sun would rise and I would have to leave. To hide from the world once again.
The sun light doesn't do anything to me. It doesn't burn me to a crisp or make me sparkle like a thousand diamonds were encrusted into my skin. It just made me look much more conspicuous. I stood out more. And considering I'm being hunted down. I don't really want to draw attention to myself no matter how big or small.
But that was before Sam came back. And now, he's gone and he's never coming back. I never wished for things to change. I didn't want things to change. I wish things had stayed the same.
My name is Lucinda, Lucinda Fall. Luce, for short.
I am 389 years old and I am frozen in the body of an 18 year old.
Oh, and I am also the last surviving vampire, ever.