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This is the start to a new novel/book i have begun to write in my spare time. It has its flaws and is very, very far from finished - so to speak ive barely started it - but, i decided to write it after reading twilight and descovering my love for fictional books involving vampires and romance. This starting point of my book is about a 389 year old vampire who, is the last remaining vampire ever, her partner and creater was destroyed with the rest of her kind and as she grieves over his death she finds that their love may not have been as requited as she thought as she runs from those who seek to destory her...


2. Present

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I love running. Running for the hell of it. I love the speed and exhilaration of it. But not now. Not while they were out there, looking for me.
When I say "they" I mean the killers who hunt down my kind and slaughter us. I'm the only one left and now, I'm their prize. They find me and its game over. Game over for my existents. Game over for my kind.
Running now, there was no exhilaration. No enthusiasm. Nothing. Just running. Running, because it was my only option.
They’re not looking for me yet. But it's only a matter of time before they realize I'm out here. And then, the hunt begins.
Who are these monsters? You really want to know?
Their Humans. Those who know about my world. They'll follow me, when they realize they missed one when destroying us all.
I know it's only a matter of time before they realize I'm out here and they start to hunt me down. I have no time to waste and I have to keep running, even if they haven't found out yet, I can't risk getting caught.
Worst of all, I need to hunt. And soon. I'm slowing down and I just need a place to stay. My throats burning with a thirst I have no control over. And it's getting out of hand. Right now, anything with a beating heart and blood running though it's veins will soften my pain…
I've been going too long without blood. I've tried human food and it's not exactly appetizing but I found it keeps me going. The burning in my throat never stops, but I've had it that long that it’s part of me, I can't soften it or stop it. May as well get used to it.
I don't like hunting. Killing. It's not really me. I hate to think of the loss, the pain it would cause their loved ones. - What? I may be as hard as stone and cold as ice but my hearts there. No matter if it's still beating or not.
I loved Sam. We were partners. Though now and then when we would sit together, watching the sun go down sitting on a cliff face, he would have a glint in his eyes that I never understood. I used to wonder if he was planning to leave me someday, that he didn't love me the way he used to, that this, us, I, wasn't enough for him. I always pushed the thought aside and tried to think no more of it. But it always came crawling back. Entering my mind, when I began to doubt the look in his eyes. Doesn't matter anymore I guess. Not like I'll ever know. Not like he planned to die that day. To ever die.
I've considered finding a new partner, a friend, someone who I Could share inhumanity with but, I hate to think of taking someone’s life away. I couldn't do it. Same as the hunting. It's not me. Besides I wouldn't know where to start. I just know that you have to... to bite. But from the story's Sam told me, it's almost impossible to stop. He said he was close to killing me, when he chose to change me.
This is going to sound crazy. Like I've lost my mind, which I guess I have. But, I'm going to school. Ok. That sounded crazy. But yes school, high school. I am going to enroll into the 11th grade. I haven't been around people for a while. From a distance of course. But I'm not sure how I'll... Cope. Beating hearts, blooding rushing through veins...
No. I will cope. This has to work.
I've found myself in England. And to be more precise, a small village called Norwich. It’s nice here. England isn't known for sunny weathering so I should last here. This will be the last place they'll look for me. They'd never think me stupid enough to enroll in a high school as an everyday student.
It's not like I don't have somewhere to stay, the scent of my kind is fading, but it's still there. I'll find somewhere to stay. I don't need money; it's not a problem for me.