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This is the start to a new novel/book i have begun to write in my spare time. It has its flaws and is very, very far from finished - so to speak ive barely started it - but, i decided to write it after reading twilight and descovering my love for fictional books involving vampires and romance. This starting point of my book is about a 389 year old vampire who, is the last remaining vampire ever, her partner and creater was destroyed with the rest of her kind and as she grieves over his death she finds that their love may not have been as requited as she thought as she runs from those who seek to destory her...


3. Home

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i would call it luck. But its not. I just know the scent of my kind better than anyother, better than humans. But, so to speak, ive found a perfect little cottage hidde in the forest's. I could tell it was vacant, though a vampire had lived here before.

some of us are civilized enough to stay in one place fr some period of time. Though others are not and tend to go from one place to the next with very short stays. But, no ones living here now. its Vacant. Perfect.

I suppose I really should have mentioned this earlier. Before, I got into anything. But I guess I don't know what's to come from my story. Whether ill find someone like Sam, fall in love, fail in my quest to live among humans, create myself a partner, succeed in being civilized in a climate full of humanity, find myself running again, getting caught...dying. The thought made me cringe and so I put it aside. I suppose I should really be writing this like a diary, starting with "Dear Diary" and ending in "Love Luce" That’s usually how it goes, right?
What I'm trying to say is I don't know what tomorrow will bring, I don't know if things will go to plan. All I can do is hope. And right now, I’m in need of a hunt.


I always feel terrible after hunting, as if i can feel the pain of my prey, can feel them suffering. Sam always said i must have some kind of super natural gift that i brought to this life.

I never listened to him, nor did i believe him.