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Moon Girl

Melody Swan, a fifteen year old teenager, leaves her family after an horrible accident. She's going to live with her father and half-sister Bella Swan. With their arrival, the two girls are sucked into a world they never thought existed. What happens when Bella finds out about the Cullens? What happens when they find out about Melody? And when is she getting her own happily ever after?

New here! my first fanfic! ^^Disclaimer: I don't have any intentions of copying Stephenie Meyer's Twilight and claiming it as COMPLETELY my own. I just like playing with her characters and the wonderfull scheme she created! This story is about Twilight but from another point of view and more characters. A few characters are OOC. I'm curious about any kind of reviews! Hope you enjoy!

1. News

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“Melody! Melody! Wake up! Wake up!”
I grumbled, turned around and tried to hide my face under the pillow. Before I could even exhale a breath, the pillow was yanked from my head, followed by the bedding. Damn, it was cold.
“Come on, sleepy head! It’s Christmas!”
Sometimes I wished my sister would just shut her mouth and leave me alone. But unfortunately, if she did, one of my other siblings would wake me anyway, so it was pointless to struggle against it. But since I didn’t feel the need to get out yet, I stubbornly stayed in my bed, even though it was cold as fuck.
“Geez! Melody, I know you’re awake! Get out of that bed!” I could hear in Skye’s voice she was close to dragging me, so I slowly opened my eyes, staring daggers at her.
“Finally! Why are you still in bed? Everyone is up already. Even Nate!” she said, ignoring my glares. She raised her eyebrows and stood there, tapping her foot. I rolled my eyes.
“I’m just tired okay? I’ll take a shower and then I’ll be downstairs.” I said in a small, sleepy voice. The real reason I didn’t want to get out, was because today I had to tell my siblings I had to leave. This would be my last Christmas with them. For now.

We were with ten of us. My two sisters and brother, my brothers- and sister-in-law, my three cousins and me. I was only left over.
I picked some clothes from my closet and headed for the shower. I turned it on and stepped under the spray and after a few minutes, I felt more relaxed.

My oldest sister, Scarlett, married with Adam Bright a few years ago. They met in Medical School and both work at the local hospital. They have a son, Denim. He’s thirteen years old and crazy about cars. Especially Volvo's.
Then we have my brother Nathan. He’s the ‘joker’ of the family. Always making fun of his babysister - me - and enjoying his life. Three years ago, he got married to his longtime girlfriend Layla Kennedy. Their daughter, Faith , is twelve by now. She loves shoes. It’s her obsession! Always buying new ones, it keeps going.
The second youngest is my sister Skye. If we couldn’t find Skye in the dark, you should follow the lighting flashes from her camera. She captures every major moment in a picture. In college she met Chris Johnson. Their daughter Alana is eleven. She’s very smart and shy, but very brave also.
My cousins always feel like brother and sisters to me. I’m just a few years older. They think it’s funny to call me Auntie Melody ,though….
Suddenly, the water began running cold and I stepped out. I quickly dried my body and threw on a red shirt and my favorite jeans. I blew my hair dry, pulled it up in a pony tail and slowly, unwillingly, descended the stairs.
"There you are! It’s about time, baby girl!” Nate beamed at me and jumped from his seat to give me a hug. I couldn’t help but feel miserable, since I was going to tell them I had to leave. I swallowed the lump in my throat and followed him to the table. I plopped down in my seat and waited for the others to join us. My siblings greeted me with a vocal symphony of ‘Merry Christmas’ and we sat down for breakfast. We ate together in silence, just enjoying the fact to just be.

After breakfast we gathered in the living room to open presents.I got the most silly things, but it's about the idea. After presents we went outside for a snow fight. There never was much snow in Los Angeles, but this year, we were extremely lucky. Well, they were lucky; for me it was only risky. Like always, the happy banter of my family started. Normally I’d join them, but I was trying to find the nerve to tell the news…
‘Something is wrong.’ I looked up to see Scarlett studying me.
“Melody? Want to help me out for a minute?” Scar asked me. Of course she knew something was going on. I was very easy to read. Too easy.
I nodded ad followed her into the kitchen and waited for her to speak. I nervously stood there, in my red snowboots and Santa hat, leaning against the counter.
“Melody ,what’s up? I know something is bothering you, please tell me?” she pleaded. I couldn’t look her in the eye. I stared ahead of me instead. Slowly I inhaled a deep breath and ever so slowly, I exhaled it. I couldn’t deny it anymore so I dropped the bomb.
“I have to leave. I’m going to Forks, living with Dad.“ I said in a soft raspy voice. My sister was silent for a moment. Carefully I looked up at her only to find her face deep in thought, but obviously blocking those thoughts from me.
I sighed before I answered her question. “I can’t stand it anymore. I truly love you guys, I do! But…I can’t….I feel…I don’t want to be so lonely any more. Hanging out with the kids is cool but, it’s different. And next to that, Mom told me once that it would be better for my…development so to speak. And the accident...the memories..they keep haunting me.” my voice was harsh when I spoke of my mother, but I needed to clarify what I meant.
Then Scarlett's face softened.” I already thought you felt lonely. And I think Mom," I could see my sister's pain, thinking about her, "is right, but we don’t want to lose you! We love you! We all do! And it’s fine by me you’re going back, but you do understand you have to live with Bella, right?” her last sentence was a bit hopeless. Yep, I knew I was going to live with my Dad with Bella.
Bella was our half- sister. In the middle of my parents’ relationship something had gone wrong, and my Father ended up marrying Renee Dwyer. Together they had gotten a child, Isabella. She’s eightteen, three years older than I am. She’s going to live in Forks as well, but her reason was because her mother wanted to travel with her new husband, whom was already her fifth.
“I know. Actually, I already talked to Dad, we already made a decision. I’m leaving next Saturday.“ I told her in a soft voice, feeling the tears welling in the corners of my eyes.
“Oh honey! Don’t cry! It’s okay. You’ll be fine. Just promise we can visit and we can call the whole time you know?” she chuckled softly. I felt a rush of relief wash over me.
“Sure as hell, you can!” I said her giggling. She gave me a big-sister hug and spoke again.
“Now, we have to tell the others…Oh! And does Dad already know? That it’s for sure, I mean?” She walked over to the doors to the backyard while speaking and I followed her.
“Dad already knows off course, he just wanted me to call him when I had told you. And Mom knows too.... She actually asked me if it was okay to text me once in a while.” I said smiling a little. Scar just nodded, ignoring me mentioning Mom, and kept walking until we found the others. They noticed us and stopped their snow fight, waiting for Scarlett to speak. It was always funny when they did that, like Scar was some kind of leader or something, which she probably was, since she was the oldest. She took care of us when Mom couldn’t. I was going to miss a mother figure in my life from now on.
“Hey Sweeties, listen up. Melody has some news to share. I’d like it if you let her speak first before you go arguing.” she gave them a stern look and I already heard the curiosity in their minds. After her ‘speech’, she nodded at me, encouraging me to tell them. I took a deep breath and told my family the whole story, from why till when.

Later that evening, I already started to pack some stuff. I only needed to pack the things I brought over to Skye’s, since me and my siblings were staying at their house for Christmas and winter-break. At home, where I live with Scarlett and Adam – correction, lived – I’d pack the rest.
I’d called my Father earlier and he was genuinely happy that I was going to live with him. He already told me that I didn’t had to worry about my new bedroom – A woman in Forks ,apparently, was an interior designer for a living and she would design my room. I was surprised they even had an interior designer in Forks. Charlie - Bella and I prefer to call him that, even though he doesn't like it
- asked me which colors I liked and if I wanted carpeting or wooden flooring. I answered him that I liked royal blue, deep purple or hot pink, and that I’d like wooden flooring but that carpeting would fit me, too. The other things I left for the designer to figure. I also agreed with him to send my belongings by plane. It wouldn’t be very easy to drag all of that.
Telling my other siblings went easier then I had thought. I was afraid that they would prevent me from going, especially Nate. He was always Mr. I-take-care-for-my-little-sister-don’t-mess-with-me, and he could be very convincing. He was angry and pretty upset, although he told me to go, because he knew it would be better for me to get away from the cuddling couples and grieving memories for a while. He actually didn’t say that out loud, but it was perfectly clear for me.
I sat down on the bed letting my head fall in my hands, sighing deeply. Sure, I was glad to go live with Charlie, and I knew my brothers and sisters were going to visit me once in a while, so I wouldn’t really miss them too much, but I was a little concerned about the ‘Bella is going to be there too’ thing.

Bella was Charlie’s fourth daughter. There had been a time that my parents kind of divorced. I don’t really understand the situation, but it was obvious that they weren’t together any longer. My Dad married shotgun with Renee Dwyer, a whimsical woman from Phoenix. With her he had gotten Isabella Marie Swan. Less than a year after Bella´s birth, they divorced again. Renee hated Forks and wanted Charlie to go live with her in Arizona, but he didn´t want to leave, because of us. She didn’t like his choice and left him the following day, and took Bella with her. I don’t really know what happened after that. What I do know, is that my parents got back together and…made…me. So, here I am.
I let myself fall backwards against the mattress, rubbing my eyes roughly. The fact that I had to live with Bella kind of freaked me out. Okay, she was my half-sister, we were kind of look-a-like, but from the inside she was so much different than me. I didn’t really like it to look like her, but I truly loathed it, that I automatically looked like Renee. It was creepy since she's definitely not my mother. And she never will be. Renee Dwyer is a selfish bitch. Always judging people, nagging people, always wanting to be the focus of interest. It makes me sick how she treats other people. And Bella was kind of the same, but yet still different. But I was sure she would change at some point. Renee, her mother, was always being sweet, shy and polite from the outside, but her thoughts told the opposite. Suddenly I feared that Bella and I had to share a bedroom. Yes, we got along, even though I knew she didn’t like me that much, but still… Nah, I think Charlie would understand that we need our privacy, especially with me there.
“Baby Swan? Already done with packing? Want to join us? We’re watching some movie.” I opened my eyes, which I had closed during being lost in my thoughts, and saw Layla, my sister-in-law, standing in front of me, smiling shyly.
‘I hope she joins us, Nate is pretty upset…’ she turned her eyes towards me ‘Melody please? Let us enjoy your presence for as long as we have you here.’ She looked a little teary eyed. I knew I had hurt them, and I hated myself for it, but it was time to think about myself for once. I nodded at her and followed her downstairs. Together with my family, I made this Christmas perfect. I tried to push away the unpleasant thoughts and enjoyed the last few days in LA before I would leave northward.
I went shopping with my sisters and went to a baseball game with my brothers. My cousins wanted to bake cookies, cake and pie and I loved them for it. I was going to miss those little crazy kids. Even though I was their aunt, it felt more like we were siblings. Maybe that was because I was much younger than Skye, Nate and Scarlett, my real siblings. Hell, Scar was thirteen years older than me and her own son was two years younger than me. It made sense. I was in between my adult siblings and my not-yet teenage cousins. A weird situation. And I'm wondering, where do I belong, forever?