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my knight

Cedric and Bella are going out. He goes to the Hogwarts school while she attends Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. The Triwizard Tournament is being held at Hogwarts. Bella is part of the Senior Delegation meaning that she is coming to Hogwarts. What will happen when a certain boy is called to represent Hogwarts?


1. chapter one

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I looked at Cedric. We were sitting in a tree waiting for Amos' friend and his kids. Cedric and I have been going out since we were 14.

“Arthur! It is about time, son.” Amos yelled at a man that was walking toward us.

“Sorry, Amos. Some of us had a bit of a sleepy start.” The older man who was wearing a hat said. “This is Amos Diggory, everyone. He works with me at the Ministry.”

“Bella, lets go.” I nodded. Then Cedric and I both jumped down.

“And this strapping young man must be Cedric, am I right?” Mr. Wealsey asked.

“Yes, sir.” Cedric shook hand with him. Then Mr. Wealsey looked at me.

“You must be Isabella?” I smiled.

“You are correct but I prefer Bella.” Cedric started laughing at me.

“If you want to get her mad just keep calling her Isabella. That is her button there.” Cedric said laughing. I raised an eyebrow and leaned toward him so I could whisper into his ear.

“Oh be quiet, Cedric or you’re not getting anything tonight.” I whispered huskily into his ear. His eyes were instantly clouded with lust.

“Uh, this way.” Cedric said very stable. I smirked and started laughing. All the men meaning the boys were looking at me like I was a piece of meat. Cedric noticed and put his arm around my waist. I chuckled at his actions as we climbed up the hill which held the portkey.

The blond girl with curly hair was first at the top of the hill. She looked confused. “Okay, get yourself into a comfortable position!” Cedric and I laid down onto the ground and put a firm grip on the boot. I heard the boy with the round glasses and scar on his forehead. Obviously that was Harry Potter. “Why are they all standing around that manky old boot?”

“That isn’t any manky old boot. It’s a portkey.” Somebody told him.

“Time to go!”

“Harry” Arthur yelled and Harry grabbed onto the boot at the last minute. Then we spun into the sky.

Cedric and I were laughing as we spun. Some of the others were screaming. I looked at Cedric and he smiled.

“Let go kids!”

The blond girl yelled, “What?!”

“Let go.” I told her. She and Harry looked at each other and let go. They screamed as they went down. I looked at Cedric.

“Come on.” Cedric and I let go but then started walking down. All of the other kids were laying on the ground. Cedric and I tried to hold in our laughter. It must have been their first time using the portkey. Cedric walked over to help Harry up.

When Harry was up Cedric ran over to me. “Looking forward to the game, love?” I laughed. I bit my lip.

“Very.” He smiled. I have been coming to the games since I was ten with my parents or Cedric's. Since I was 17 now, my parents have me come with Cedric. Then one of the twins walked up to us.

“Hello, mate. My name is Fred.” I smiled.

“Bella Swan.”


“What year are you both in?”

I answered, “We’re both in our 6th year but I don’t go to Hogwarts.” He looked confused. Cedric then answered.

“Bella goes to Beauxbaton Academy of Music in France.”

“Oh.” Then he walked away. Cedric looked at me and I shrugged.

“Well, kids welcome to the Quidditch World Cup!” Cedric grabbed my hand. Then we had to duck because of a person on a broom.

“We’ll meet you at the match.” Amos told Arthur.

“See you later, Cedric and Bella!” Fred yelled. We nodded and walked into our tent.

The tent looked fairly small but when you got inside it was probably bigger than a usual home. It was just the morning and the game was in the evening. We each had our own bedrooms but only two out of three would be used.

“Bella, Cedric! I will be going out, I have to greet a few friends.”

“Okay!” Cedric yelled looking at me lustfully.


Cedric grabbed me and brought his lips to mine. I moaned. Then he lifted me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He bent down to whisper into my ear.

“Now what did you say about me not getting anything tonight?” I giggled as he opened the door to his bedroom and threw me down onto the bed. I sat up and peeled off my jacket and shirt that I was wearing. I undressed till I was just wearing my matching set of underwear and bra. Then Cedric pulled of his jacket and sweater that he was wearing. Then his pants but left his boxers on. I got onto all fours and curled my index finger beckoning him to come to me. He got on the bed and hovered over me.

I kissed his naked chest. Then he bent down and started sucking on my neck. I moaned.

“Yes, Cedric yes.” I closed my eyes and turned my neck so he could have a better opening. Slyly he opened my legs and laid between them. He started grinding. I grabbed his face from my neck and brought his lips to mine once more and kissed him passionately.

I then hooked a finger on the side of his boxers while he unclasped my bra and brought down his boxers. We sat up. I put my hand around his length and started moving my hand up and down. Cedric started to moan and started to suck on one of my nipples but played with the other one. Cedric's eyes closed and he was moaning louder meaning that he was getting close. I loosened my hand and he opened his eyes. Then he flipped me over onto all four’s and brought down my underwear. He stepped right behind me and slowly filled me with his length. I was moaning underneath him.

“Faster, Cedric, faster.” I beckoned. My fingers were clawing at his sheet as he went at a faster pace. Then finally I fell from Mount Everest. I moaned. Cedric pumped into me until he came to his release.


Cedric and I finally laid down. Our breath was uneven. He looked down to me.

“I love you, Isabella Marie Swan.” Then he bent to the desk which was right beside the bed and grabbed something out of the drawer. “Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever, would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?” He showed me the ring. I gasped.

The ring had a thick band of gold. The ring had an ancient look to it which made it beautiful. The gold made a web around two round red stones. Then I realized that he was still waiting for an answer. I smiled.

“Yes.” Cedric blinked.

“Yes?” I nodded. “Really?” I laughed.

“Yes! Now stop asking before I say no.” I laughed and kissed him. As we kissed he slid it onto my finger. We didn’t get out of bed till 3 hours later. We had to go to the game.

I was getting ready when Cedric came behind me with something very hard below the belt. I laughed as he started kissing my neck.

“Cedric, stop. If we keep going at this rate, we’ll never be able to go to the game.” Cedric sighed. I turned around and grabbed his face and brought it to mine. “Later okay. We’ll finish what we started three hours ago.”


“Now go finish getting ready.” I told him. He nodded and started up.

“Are you all ready now?” Amos came in. I nodded.

“Yes, Father we’re ready.” Cedric said. Amos looked down at my finger then smiled.

“So you finally asked huh?” Cedric turned beet red but nodded. I laughed. We walked out of the tent and met up with Mr. Wealsey's group. “Ah, Arthur! You ready?” Mr. Wealsey nodded then looked at us.

“You two seem to be glowing. I wonder why?” Cedric and I smiled and then I put my left hand forward to show the ring. Cedric put his arm around my waist. All of the girls screamed and started bouncing. I raised an eyebrow. Arthur started laughing. “Amos, would you like to stay at my tent? I bet it would be much quieter.” I felt the blood rush to my face. Cedric just laughed and kissed my cheek.

“Father, I think that I might agree with him there.” Cedric smiled and held onto me tighter.

“Oh, that is rubbish. Now that is why they made the silencing charm.” Everyone started laughing when he said that. Cedric and I just shrugged.

“Well come on!” Amos told us as we started to climb the stairs.

Harry was right behind us when someone started talking to him below. Cedric and I turned around and there was the Malfoy’s. I sneered in disgust. My family naturally didn’t like them. My family knows that Lucius was a deatheater working for you-know-who. Once Lucius let go of Harry we continued to climb the stairs.

The game was enjoyable enough despite the fact that the Malfoy's were sitting behind us. Thankfully our tent was in a location that it wouldn't get burned down if you-know-who's free deatheaters were to have too much to drink. When the game was over Cedric and I decided to head back to our tent for some peace and quiet.

We were lounging on the bed when the screaming started and I rolled my eyes casting a protection shield around the tent. Cedric shook his head and wrapped his arms around me tighter securing my wand arm against my side. I rolled onto my back breaking his grasp and waiting for the screaming to stop, before I spoke.

"Our parents both work at the ministry and I already know what is happening this year at Hogwarts but do you, Cedric," I asked, and he shook his head.

"No I don't but you could tell me right," he asked slyly.

"I could, but I won't ," I said, getting up.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me back down onto the bed, climbing ontop of me. He pushed me into the mattress and pressed his lips to mine, gently running his tongue over my bottom lip. I opened to him and let my breathing stop as our tongues battled for dominance. I let my senses be intoxicated by the smell of him and I completely surrendered to him.

I turned my head to the side and he immediately pulled back. "What's wrong beautiful? You've never done that before," Cedric asked.

"You're weakening my resolve for me not to tell you," I whispered, and he rolled onto his back, quietly crossing his arms over his chest.

I sighed, got up and ducked into the attached bathroom, quietly closing the door behind me. He didn't bother to call me back so I figured he was really mad at me. So when I thought he was asleep I left the bathroom and went into the room next to his to sleep.

"Bella ," Cedric called, to me from the doorway to his room. He sounded desperate, but I ignored him, just wanting to be alone and I turned to close the door. He was right there with a pleading expression on his face, that made my heart break, but I stood my ground and turned away from him.

"Bella, love, I'm not mad at you. I understand why you won't tell me. Now please come back to bed with me," Cedric begged me.

"Give me some time to think," I whispered, in an effort to keep my voice from breaking. I didn't hear him move, but suddenly he was there wrapping his arms around me and turning me to face him.

"Bella what's wrong," he asked wiping away the tears that formed in my eyes.