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Midnight Sun - Continued...

As many of you know, Stephenie Meyer intended on writing a book called 'Midnight Sun,' sadely a large portion of one of many draft copies was leaked, illegally over the internet. Sadley, the book then went unpublished. Due to this i am now going to attempt to continue on her story. The Link Below is a link, Stephenie Meyer herself has published legally onto her blog which has been copy righted as she felt that it was right to let her fans see atleast a rough draft of what would of been a world wide best seller alone with the rest of her Twilight Sage. Link: http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/pdf/midnightsun_partial_draft4.pdf As i have still left you wondering about what Midnight Sun could possibley be, well, its Twilight. But Edwards version in stead of Bella's - see what i mean about how it would be a wwbs?! - anyway the link above will take you to the 12 chapters from Stepheniemeyer.com and as it never got finished...i am going to TRY and finish it for you. Ill warn you now...its going to take some time, Edwards story seems to me like it may be a few pages longer than Bella's, but i hope you enjoy this first part and please please PLEASE leave any feed back for me to improve!

Being just 13 years of age, i hope you enjoy my version of what i think would be close to Stephenie Meyers thought on the book and how Edward would see things from his perspective and train of mind. This is about Edward version and side of Twilight continuing on from the leak of 'Midnight Sun' that was never finished nor published, i truely hope you enjoy!!

1. Chapter 13: Confessions

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That night, I watched her sleeping from the far corner of her room, sitting in her rocking chair like the night before. She looked peaceful, drowned in sleep like that. I smiled, knowing she would be happy now and I was suddenly overwhelmed with an urge to be happy with her, simply because she was I happy, I felt I should be the same. Earlier as I'd entered back through her window into her room, she'd whispered my name, as soft as a breath, freezing me in my trance. I don't know how long I'd stayed like that, froze, half inside, half out, ready to bolt at the first signs of her awakening, but I guess it was long enough to know that she was definitely asleep as she rolled slightly to the center of her small bed signing, deep in sleep.
She slept much better than the night before, much more sound. She didn't toss and turn with her blanket tangled between her legs, she lay, her damp hair drying across her pillow, her body, the shape of a ball beneath her blankets and her blanks lay across both her bed and herself keeping them safe from the chill outside.
Like every other night, time went to quick. Soon the sun began to crack throw the clouds warning me that Dawn would soon come. Slowly - for me - and reluctantly I gathered my thoughts and headed for her window stealing one last glance at her before dashing out into the darkness. The sky was already covered by a thick layer of clouds, daring the sun to try and peep through. I smiled, looking up at the higher trees brushing past me. Feeling my feet beneath me, brush across the ground, almost flying.
When I got back home I could hear the sound of Esme and Alice talking among themselves, Jasper stroking the keys of the keyboard beside one of many computers positioned around the house, Rosalie flipping aimlessly through ever Chanel known to man and Emmett, sitting beside her making rude remakes at whatever shed settled long enough for him to notice. Carlisle was the only one I couldn't hear - Both ways - he must be at work. Nobody noticed my disappearance or if they did, they thought nothing of it and so, before I could be attacked by a force also known as Alice who, had noticed my return, I dashed upstairs changing swiftly into a new set of cloths, making it out of the house at to the garage within under a minute. I flew to my car, reversing out of the garage and speeding onto the main road.
I cut the engine on the curb just out of sight from Bella's house, turning down the window as i did so, listening to murmured voices - not straining to hear - the rustle of a newspaper, running water, clanking of cups, Mugs and bowls, footsteps inside the house, someone bouncing upstairs, sounding in a hurry and someone sluggishly making their way to the door - Chief Swan, Bella didn't walk like that.

I watched, feeling like a spy or peeping Tom, as Chief Swan backed out of the driveway turning his wheels exceedingly slow on the gravel before he turned the corner, making his way to work. As soon as he was gone I turned the engine back on and turned to corner rapidly, reversing into where Chief Swans Cruiser had just been and cutting the engine in time to watch Bella swing the front door open and see her eyes widen slightly in surprise. She didn't hesitate today, she made her way quickly to the car, opening the passenger door and climbing in before turning tome.

She was obviously waiting for me to say something as I reversed out of Chief Swans drive, as if I needed to look where I was going. Slowly I turned to her, smiling.

"How did you sleep?" I asked, as if I didn't know how we'll she'd slept, i grinned wider as I waited for her response.

"Fine." She said staring right at me before turning a faint rose red and turning to look out her window. I listened to the sound of her heart drumming inside her chest, listening to its quick pace waiting for it to slow. She must of been doing the same because finally she turned around, not meeting my gaze and asked,

"How was your night?"

"Pleasant." Was my only reply. While smiling in amusement knowing that if she knew just how pleasant my night had been, shed...she'd do the opposite to what I expected. If I told her about what I did at night, she'd go running, running for the hills, running anywhere but here. But being Bella, she'd probably be flattered or something ridiculous like that.
I continued to reverse out of the drive, 'checking' to see if it was clear to proceed.
I looked back at her from the corner of my eye and saw her looking straight ahead.

"Can I ask what you did?" She asked, not turning to me, her voice even, as though she wasn't paying attention. What I would do to know what was going round in her head right now!
I turned this time, so she could see me. I waited for her to turn and look at me before answering her.

"No." I said, grinning. "Today is mine."
I put the car in gear and began ton speed down the road that would lead us to school.
Just like yesterday I asked her question after question still curious by even the smallest things. I asked about her family, her Grandmother, her school friends and i asked about her mother, her hobbies, what they'd done together in their free time.

When I brought the subject to the topic of boys. She began to blush a deep crimson red while reassuring me she'd never dated anyone in Phoenix, I didn't by it. I truly was stunned to find how much her life had lacked of romantic history. I mean, look at her!

"So, you never met anyone you wanted?" I'd asked in tone I didn't even recognize…I wouldn't be...be jealous? Would I? If she was lying to me? Just being kind so I didn't get hurt, right?

"Not in Phoenix." She said, her voice sounded even, she was a pretty back liar after all. - I would know. Her eyes, deep brown eyes that I could stair into next to a burning building and not even notice it's presence...looked gorgeous and inviting and...Innocent. Wow. So she really meant it. I pressed my lips together into a hard line. We now sat, in a busy cafeteria full of children talking and eating all just a buzz in the background. I looked out of the window to our left, not seeing it. I saw Bella take a bite from her bagel obviously taking advantage for my pause. I guess in her case, I had be throwing questions at her all day at quite some speed.
I slowly turned my gaze to her, changing the subject.

"I should have let you drive today." I said looking down at our tray full of half untouched food.

"Why?" She demanded.

I sighed. " I'm leaving with Alice after lunch."

"Oh." She said blinking looking slightly bewildered and...Disappointed? "That's ok," she continued, attempting a smile, "It's not that far for a walk."
I frowned at her, impatiently, "I'm not going to make you walk home. Well go get your truck and leave it here for you."

I don't have my key with me." She said with a sigh, as though that, we're a problem. "I really don't mind walking." - When would she listen to me and grasp that she wasn't walking...anywhere, so long as I had something to do with it. I shook my head, looking down. "Your truck will be here,, and the key will be in the ignition - unless your afraid someone might steal it." I chuckled, imagining someone actually attempting to steal her rusty old Chevy.

"All right." She agreed, pursing her lips. God! She had no idea how beautiful she looked…how mouthwatering she looked and smelled... No. I looked at her, studying the way her eyes were focused on someplace other than the cafeteria. I smirked, knowing she would be thinking about where she'd last seen her car keys, or how I'd get inside her house for a starter. Oh, she knew so little about me and what I was capable of...

"So where are you going?" She asked, side tracking me and for that, I was grateful.

"Hunting." I answered grimly. "If I'm going to be alone with you tomorrow, I'm going to take whatever precautions I can." I explained feeling as though I were pleading for her to change her mind and cannel yet, wanting her to continue as we'd planned. She was stupid for taking such a risk. Being alone with me was like a death sentence if I let my guard down for one second. I couldn't make any mistakes, not now. I couldn't do it. I wouldn't do it. Half of me had already decided this, she was too special, too much of my life now to loose. The other half was undecided. The vile, repulsive monster inside me hasn't choice Bella's fate. I knew I had to leave soon. If things went...bad tomorrow. I'd have to leave and never come back, not till I knew she'd be safe from harm, from me. I ached with a pain that would surely be strong enough to kill any human knowing the fate I was lying out. I would prove Alicia wrong. I had to.

I looked up at her, trying to persuade her with my eyes or as she said I could, 'dazzle' her into agreeing with me and cancelling. "You can always cancel you know."

She looked down not meeting my gaze. I wanted to reach over and tilt her head so that I could see into her eyes, try and understand what she was thinking. But I didn't. I couldn't. No more mistakes.

"No." She whispered, glancing at my face. "I can't."

"Perhaps you're right," I murmured bleakly. Perhaps it was too late, maybe Alice was right. Maybe I could change fate...

"What time will I see you tomorrow?" She asked cutting into my depressing thoughts and once again, for that, I was grateful.

"That depends...it's a Saturday, don't you want to sleep in?" I offered, glad for a distraction.

"No," she answered quickly in response. I strained against a smile; over joyed to see that she would rather spend her morning with me, awake than unconscious...and unaware of my presence.

"The same time as usual then," I decided. "Will Charlie be there?" I asked.

"No, he's fishing tomorrow." She beamed as if shed planned everything perfectly.

My voice was much sharper than I meant it to be, "And if you don't come home, what will he think?"

"I have no idea," she answered coolly.

“He knows I’ve been meaning to do the laundry. Maybe he’ll think I fell in the washer.” I scowled at her and she scowled back. I couldn’t believe she was letting things go ahead, potentially planning her own death and giving it the ‘ok’ as though it were nothing.

We sat like that as I calmed myself, concentrating on the shape of her face, the unconscious crease between her eyebrows, how her eyes help mine, the depth of her brown eyes that seem to hold all my answers, the set of her nose, her lips…

What are you hunting tonight?” she asked, giving up on her adorable attempt at a scowl, once again cutting into daydreaming and making me want to scream aloud as to what was going on inside her head.

“Whatever we find in the park. We aren’t going far.” I said, my miserable mood changing into amusement at her casual reference to my normal realities. It was so much easier having her know, I didn’t need to wear my mask anymore, she accepted me for me and it ‘didn’t matter’ what I was, not to her.

“Why are you going with Alice?” She wondered, oblivious to how deep in conserntration I was about how she had come to the terms of deciding, ‘It didn’t matter.’

“Alice is the most…supportive.” My scowl returned as I spoke, my eyes flickering between Alice, Bella and our table, too quick for Bella to notice.