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A Second Chance at Love

Bella dismisses Edward when he returns in New Moon. She moved on with Jacob, and promised Edward that he would find happiness and love someday. With the letter she wrote him in hand, he believes her and moves on with his life, in search of his love. Forty years later, he and the rest of the Cullens re-enroll in High school. Two new students throw his world out of orbit and he’s faced with the reality of the promise Bella made him. AU after New Moon. Edward is a little OOC because he doesn’t want to repeat history, otherwise, canon couples with the exception of Edward of course. Note: Jacob was a werewolf, but Bella wasn’t necessarily all human herself. Rated NC-17 for language and content in later chapters. Yes there will be lemons but not at first.


6. Chapter 6: The Palindrome of Bolton would be Notlob.

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Arbie POV

“You!” the crazed looking redheaded vampire hisses in our direction. My eyes and ears are scanning the area for Jeb, not paying her any attention.

“Who the hell are you and where is my brother?”

“I’m right here,” he replies, hopping down from a tree. Now that I am here, his strength has returned ten fold. The wounds she inflicted to get his blood are healing before my eyes.

“How did you get out of your restraints?” the redhead bellows, seeing the ropes she’d bound him in falling in pieces onto the ground.

“That is not your concern. Why did you threaten our mother with writing in my brother’s blood?” I ask, maintaining a calm demeanor. I glance over at Edward who is frozen in a state of shock. Recognition is painted on his features, telling me he knows who this woman is. Jeb goes to walk towards me but the redhead catches him by his ponytail.

“And where do you think you’re going?” she hisses. God, does she not know how to speak in a normal voice? I sprint to his side and wrench her arm from her body, making her fingers release my brother’s hair. She screams in agony and starts swiping at me with her still attached arm. I dodge each blow and manage to get a few smacks in with her useless arm gripped in my hands. A brief glance at Edward tells me he is still frozen as a statue. By now Alice and Jasper have arrived, their faces equally shocked.

“Victoria?” Jasper calls out. Apparently he knows this hellion as well.

“Give me back my arm, you twit!” she wails at me.

“Insulting me does not get you what you want, harlot. Now, who the fuck you are and why did you attack and kidnap my brother?”

“My name is Victoria,” she replies now using what I can only assume is her normal voice. It’s high pitched and screechy. Not at all melodious like that of any other vampire I’ve ever met. “And you look so like your mother.” I freeze. “Same eyes. Same dull brown doe eyes. Frightfully boring, that. A boring Bella Black Junior.” Alice and Jasper hiss at my sides.

“You knew my mother?” I ask, nearly dropping her arm, which would allow it to crawl itself back to her, and I can’t have that. I clutch it tighter. Alice strolls up next to me, placing a sympathetic hand on my free arm.

“Oh yes. Quite well. Your father too. Your weakling brother over there is the spitting image of him. Not quite as tall, and clearly doesn’t explode into a giant ball of fur at the mere sight of a vampire, but yes. Jacob Black Junior is he.” As she drolls on, her minions come out of the woodwork. Meaning they come out of hiding behind trees. Seven more vampires, all looking to be relatively young, given how bright their eyes are. Practically fluorescent. Yuck. They form a loose semi circle around us, probably trying to make it look like we’ll have no escape.

“What the hell are you rambling about?” Jeb asks. “Arbie, she’s done nothing but go on and on about giant wolves and dhampires ever since she nabbed me.” I shoot him a confused look before looking to Edward, who has not moved a millimeter since he set eyes on Victoria. Something was seriously wrong with this situation.

“Jeb, why don’t you start a fire?” I whisper to him in our own made up language. Being twins can certainly have its advantages. He does just that while Victoria looks on in horror. I sit down, cross legged next to the fire. “Victoria, why don’t we start from the beginning, shall we?” she hesitates. I rip one of her fingers off the arm I’m holding and toss it into the fire. “Lovely kindling, vampire fingers. Don’t you agree, brother mine?”

“Quite. Yes. Lovely kindling, The way it makes the flames spark just so. And that purple hue in the smoke is just beautiful,” he agrees. Victoria screams in agony again, demanding her arm back or she’ll kill me.

“Good luck with that,” I reply, calm as ever. “Now, I’ll say it again. Let’s start at the beginning.”

“He killed my mate!” she yells, pointing directly at Edward, who is still catatonic.

“Wrong!” Jasper chimes in. “Your mate as you call him, who never gave a damn about you, might I add, tried to kill Edward’s girlfriend. And we all killed him. In fact, Edward hardly touched him, as he was too busy sucking your mate’s venom out of Bella’s hand to do so. Please don’t tell me you’ve been wandering this earth for nearly half a century seeking vengeance.”

“James loved me!” she screams. Jasper laughs out loud.

“Oh for Zeus’ sake. I have had enough of your bellowing. Shut it or I will rip out your tongue,” I warn.

“What does any of this have to do with our mother and father?” Jeb asks.

“You’re just as thick headed as he was. Thick headed but still an easy kill.” She killed our father? What?! “And your mother? She may have been a dhampire, but there was way too much human going on in that little twit. Killing her was the easiest thing ever. Quite tasty too. I see why you were drawn to her, Edward. But that wolf, yuck, no thanks. I don’t know how you all drink that animal garbage.”

“Arbie, she just admitted to killing our parents” Jeb whispers to me in our language. Alsper we call it. An amalgamation of our first names. “What the hell is a dhampire?” he asks aloud in English.

“It’s a myth,” Alice states.

“Wrong! It’s true. Your Bella was one. A few generations removed, but she had the line. I did the research.” Victoria is back to screeching again. She said my mother’s name as if it were a disease. I tear off another one of her fingers and toss it to the flames. “Stop that!” she screams. Which causes the loss of another finger.

“Wench, you just admitted to murdering my parents. Do you really think I’m going to do anything you say?”

“Oh of course you will,” she replies, still screeching. “Because I’m going to kill you next.”

“Wow, and that’s going to get you what you want,” I state sarcastically. “You don’t tell someone you’re going to kill them and then expect them to do what you say. You need to say something like, if you don’t do as I say, I will kill you. Not you had better do as I say because I’m going to kill you. If I’m about to die, why would I want my last act on earth to be an obedience to my murderer? Are you insane?”

“Certifiably so,” Jasper whispers.

“Your mother called me insane too. Just before I ripped out her throat.” That is the last straw. I shred her arm and chuck the pieces into the fire. Exploding out of my skin I lunge at her, tearing her apart with claws that appear out of my fingernails and fangs that grow from my mouth. “What are you?” she screeches just before I rip out her tongue. Once she’s completely torn apart, I step away.

“I have no idea,” I answer. Staring at my hands, the claws retreat back into normal fingernails. The fangs have turned back into normal teeth, and whatever happened caused my pants and shirt to rip in a very hulk like fashion.

“Arbie, what the hell was that?” Jeb asks. “First let me say, it was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! But what the hell?”

“I don’t know Jeb. She just enraged me so much that I exploded. I was completely out of control, I just had to kill her.”

“I was about to do the same thing, but we both know you’re the stronger one. And that’s blatantly obvious now.” I realize her minions are still standing there. Many of them in attack mode. Jasper puts his hand on my shoulder, conveying that he has this.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, if I may have your attention please,” he says as if he’s a ringmaster. Maybe he was in his human life. Who knows? In the next moment, he removes his shirt, revealing a multitude of scars. They look to be venom scars. From hundreds upon hundreds of vampire bites. What on earth has poor Jasper been up to in his life. “Not a single vampire that I’ve ever fought has lived to tell the tale. Anyone wish to challenge me?” Newborn vampires being cocky as they are, jump at the idea of tearing apart what looks to be a seasoned veteran. A decorated General, if you ask me. He kills three of them with mere flicks of his fingers it seems.

While he’s busy taking care of the minions, I turn my attention to Edward. Once I get him out of his catatonic state, he has a lot of explaining to do. I surmised all along that he at least knew of my parents. It was just too much of a coincidence that Jeb and I were named after his siblings.

“Edward,” I call out. No response. “Edward!” I call louder, shaking him lightly. Still no response. Fine. Be difficult. I raise my arm and slap him hard across the face. Finally. That wakes him up.

“Arbie?” he asks. I maneuver in front of him and take his hands in mine. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Victoria’s dead. What happened to you?”

“She’s dead? How?”

“Wow, you must have really been out of it. I killed her, Edward. With my own… claws and fangs apparently.”


“Trust me, I’m just as confused as you are. Let’s get back to the house. Jeb is calling our moms to come home. They’re almost here anyway. I think it’s time we all had a chat. And in case you’ve been wondering. Yes, I know you’re a vampire. And no, I’m not human.”

Edward POV

The last time I saw Victoria was when she, James. and Laurent found our family in the baseball field. The day that everything exploded into the biggest clusterfuck ever, as Emmett called it. I knew from James’ thoughts that he had Victoria do some recon for him, get Bella’s information and previous address. That’s how he knew where her house was in Phoenix. Beyond that I knew that Victoria considered James her mate, but he only saw her as useful. And a good fuck apparently.

The moment I laid eyes on her, I froze in my place. Completely unaware of everything around me. I couldn’t even hear anyone’s thoughts. The scene of James nearly killing Bella keeps playing over and over and over again. After an indeterminable amount of time, a hard slap in the face brings me out of the memory loop. Arbie is standing there, trying to get me to go back to the house with her.

Now Victoria’s ashes are burning in a fire started by Jeb, her body torn apart by Arbie, and her newborn minions burning in their own proper fires nearby. Courtesy of my warrior brother, Jasper. How long was I out for? And what the hell happened? And how long has Arbie known about vampires?

Back at Arbie’s house, I can smell three more vampires. “Get behind me!” I hiss, pushing her behind me, keeping my hand on her waist in a protective fashion.

“Relax, Edward,” she replies, pushing my hand away easily. “Those are my parents and uncle.” She enters the house with me close on her tail. “Come on in Edward, Alice, and Jasper.” Standing around the bloodied note that Victoria left are three vegetarian vampires. I had thought that us and the Denali coven were the only vegetarian vampires in existence. Clearly I was very wrong.

“Victoria did this,” one of them states. “I should have known she’d be searching for us. All this time, and now Jeb has been hurt.”

“Mama, I’m fine,” Jeb says, strolling up to her as if it were any other day, and his twin sister didn’t just kill a vengeful vampire. “Arbie healed me as soon as she got there.” The two women pull Jeb into a tight embrace that would crush any mortal’s bones.

“Arbie did what?” Jasper chimes in, asking the question I couldn’t verbalize.

“We’re twins. One of the quirky things about us is we heal each other when injured,” Arbie explains. The nonchalance in her voice is a wee bit disturbing. “Bree, Hwin, Shasta. These are the Cullens. Some of them anyway. Edward,” she begins, indicating me. I reach out to clasp hands with who she stated was Bree. “Alice and Jasper,” she finishes.

“It’s lovely to finally meet you. Though I wish it were under better circumstances.”

“What’s this I hear about Arbie killing Victoria?” Emmett calls from his approach up the porch steps. The door is wide open, though he stops at it as though he’s waiting for someone to open it.

“Emmett, dear what are you doing?” Esme asks, strolling up beside him, trying to figure out why he doesn’t just waltz through the open door.

“I can’t go any further,” he replies. “My feet won’t go past the threshold.” Esme tries to go through the open doorway as well, but finds that her feet simply will not make the move.

“I have to invite you in,” Arbie explains as if it’s the most common thing in the world. “Come on in, Emmett, Esme, Rosalie, and Carlisle.” I had wondered why she always addressed us individually when inviting us into her home. I had thought it overly hospitable, but there may be something more to it, apparently. She introduces the rest of my family to hers. “Mama Bree, I killed Victoria before she could tell me much. Once she said she killed our parents, I kind of lost it. Shoot now ask questions later kind of lost it, but clearly she knew you. Why don’t we start with that.”

“Victoria created me,” Bree begins. We all gawp at her. “I had just turned eighteen, gotten out of the foster care system and was about to start my life when I was in an accident. I later learned that she was the cause of the accident. And when my body never turned up, everyone assumed animals carried me off to parts unknown in the forest. Which I guess is common in Washington state.” We all nod our agreement. “She was creating an army of newborn vampires to assist her in what she said was territory take over.” Jasper clenches his hands into tight fists. “I actually never met her face to face until the day of the battle. Her right hand man, named Riley was the one we dealt with. Or who dealt with us of course. I’m sure you all know how unruly newborn vampires can be. She would bite us, as Riley was too young to do so and not kill us, then she’d leave. He said our thoughts weren’t safe, and that we shouldn’t know what our leader looked like yet. Or even her name. He told us there was a clan of vampires that inhabited the area, and she wanted it for herself and for us. She told us that all we had to do was kill their guard dogs, and the land would be ours for the taking.

“Your coven was long gone. She knew that, but neglected to inform us. She created us to be a diversion for the giant dogs that were protecting her real goal. Your parents.” She said that last sentence gazing upon Arbie and Jeb like she was confessing to a heinous crime. “I arrived on the scene to see many of the newborns torn to pieces, some burning in fires, but the most shocking thing was the horse sized wolves that lay in piles throughout the field. They must not have known how many of us there were, or didn’t know how to fight us. Riley was screeching victory, just before Victoria beheaded him. Riley thought she loved him, which is why he did everything he did for her. Following her around like a puppy, obeying her every word. Only for her to kill him once his usefulness had run out.

“Once Riley was dead, she kept chanting ‘long live the Cullens’ over and over again. That is how I knew the name of your clan. She went absolutely crazy and started wearing one of the wolves’ heads as a hat. It was quite possibly the sickest thing I’d ever seen. When she finally landed eyes on me, she gave me a task. She said to go to a house and destroy the evidence. ‘Everyone who ever knew of her existence must be dead,’ she stated. I wasn’t sure who or what she was talking about, but I’d have done just about anything to get away from that carnage. I’d made friends with some of those vampires. I went to the address, not having a clue what to expect. I walked into a room and found two babies laying in their cribs, fast asleep. it didn’t occur to me that Victoria sent me there assuming I wouldn’t be able to control my bloodlust and kill the children.” We all cringe at her statement.

“But it never occurred to me until later that the children didn’t appeal to me because they had no scents. All I could think of was that Victoria must have killed their parents. Who else would leave their helpless toddlers abandoned in their house unless Victoria was involved? I just knew that I had to take them, run away and never look back. I never tried to find anything or help Arbie and Jeb find anything because I worried that Victoria would be lurking about, knowing that I hadn’t killed the children as charged.

“A few days after I ran away, I found Hwin and her brother Shasta. They were as immediately taken by the children as I was, and of course Hwin and I were rather taken with each other,” she gives her mate an adoring glance. “We raised the children as our own, and after not very long, we learned that they were most definitely not normal human children.”

“How do you mean?” Carlisle asks. “I don’t mean to discount your story, Ms. Bentley, but the Bella that we knew was in her teens over 40 years ago. If Arbie and Jeb were her children, and they were killed when they were toddlers, the timing doesn’t add up.”

“Well that would be true if they were normal human children. They aged faster than most human children. About twice as fast. And once they reached the physical development of 16 year olds, they stopped aging all together.”

“Jeb and I are 36 years old,” Arbie says warily. She gazes at me, with a worried expression on her face. Well that explains a few things, Rosalie thinks. A similar thought train is echoed by every member of my family.

Carlisle transitions into investigative mode. “Bree, you mentioned that you saw giant horse sized wolves when you met Victoria at the clearing?” Bree nods. “The Quileutes must have been shape shifting again.”

“Shape shifting?” Arbie and Jeb chorus in unison.

“When we lived in that area in the 1940s we came upon a pack of giant wolves. They were from the local Native American tribe. A few members of the tribe carried a gene that allowed them to phase into giant wolves in order to protect the tribe from ‘cold ones’ or vampires as we’re more commonly known.”

“When Victoria said Bella’s name, she said Bella Black not Swan. She must have married Jacob after we left. Arbie and Jeb must be Bella and Jacob’s children,” Alice says. “Carlisle, didn’t you say once that the alpha of the original pack was a Black as well?”

“Ephraim Black, yes.”

“Well does it not make sense that a descendant of Ephraim Black would also have the wolf gene?”

“Alice are you saying that our father shape shifted into a wolf?” Jeb asks, his tone full of disbelief.

“Yes, that’s what I’m saying, Jeb,” she replies. “I was not there the first time they started shifting, but I remember an odd stench at Bella’s house before we left after she du- after she broke up with Edward. I thought it was a neighbor’s dog, but now that I think of it, it had to have been Jacob.”

“Well what’s all this dhampire business about?” Arbie asks.

“The dhampire legends stems from the idea that a male vampire can impregnate a human woman,” Jasper begins. “Their child is a half mortal. And any offspring of that child is called a dhampire. Victoria is claiming that your mother was one, and therefore you would be too. Though the legend states that the more generations between the original half mortal and the current descendant, the fewer vampiric traits they possess.”

“The Bella we knew showed no vampiric traits other than pale skin and her ability to block Edward from reading her thoughts. Though she did that unconsciously.”

“It is possible that if Bella were a dhampire, that her mating with another supernatural being would awaken those vampiric traits in their offspring,” Carlisle offers.

“Which would likely explain absolutely everything about us,” Arbie states.

“If you don’t mind, Arbie, what are these traits you’re referring to?”

“Well, we don’t age. We stopped aging when we were eight. Though we appear to be about sixteen. We haven’t aged a day since then. We can survive on human food but we do need to consume small amounts of blood here and there, or humans start to smell mighty tasty. We’re abnormally strong, fast and graceful. Our skin refracts sunlight in a similar way to yours, though it’s not as obvious. One of our abilities is that in order to gain access into our house, you have to be expressly invited in by one of us.”

“Vampires only? Or anyone?” I ask, speaking for the first time since the introductions. I feel like I’m still in a mild state of catatonia.

“Anyone,” she replies. “I meant it the other day when you said if you were a burglar that I just invited you in. when I said, ‘only if you’re a burglar named Edward.’ Remember?” I nod. “It’s true. Even when the house is empty, no one can come in unless one of us says so. We don’t even need door or window locks for that reason. And this could just be a twin thing, but we’re able to heal each other. And being near each other makes us stronger. Though I’m stronger than he is.”

“And apparently at least you can sprout claws and fangs and kill vampires with ease,” Jeb states.

“What?” Bree and Hwin chorus.

“When Victoria admitted to killing our parents, I lunged for her without even thinking about it. Claws stretched out of my fingernails and I felt fangs grow in my mouth. It was very odd, but I felt unstoppable. I killed her in a matter of seconds. Tearing her flesh apart like butter.” Why the hell wasn’t I coherent enough to see that?

“Arbie there’s one more thing,” I whisper into her ear. “Though I’m not entirely sure if you want the rest of your family and mine to know.”

“Would you like a sound barrier?” Hwin asks, chiming in for the first time. Arbie nods and before I realize it, I can no longer hear anything from anyone in the room. Thoughts or aloud. My panicked expression alerts Arbie.

“Mama Hwin can create sound shields. Making us in our own little sound proof area. We can’t hear them and they can’t hear us,” she explains. “Now what is it you wanted to tell me?”

“The other night, at the ah… hotel. When we were ah…”

“Making love?” she finishes with a blush and a half smile.

“Yes. That,” I agree, taking her hands in mine. “You um… bit me, and I distinctly remember hearing a gulping sound, like you were drinking my venom.”

“Oh that. I think I did.” She looks down at our entwined fingers.

“Have you done that before?” I ask. “Drank vampire venom?”

“Not exactly no,” she replies. “Our mothers wanted to know if we were immune to venom once, so they took some of our blood and mixed it with venom in test tubes. The venom transformed the blood, but not into vampire tissue, into a venom-blood hybrid type thing. So then, after quite a few experiments, they injected us with it, and it made us even stronger.”

“Do you feel comfortable sharing that with everyone? My family knows what happened with us, only because they can apparently see it written all over my face.”

“Yes, I’m okay with sharing some details with them. Just, let me do the talking okay?” I nod in agreement. She gestures to her mother to remove the shield.

“Okay, everyone. I think I may have some more insight into how I was able to kill Victoria so easily,” she begins. “The other night, I um, bit Edward, and inadvertently drank some of his venom. Mama, as we know, vampire venom makes Jeb and I stronger. I think that having recently ingested some, gave me some kind of a power boost. What do you think, Carlisle?” Emmett has a shit eating grin on his face. Arbie glares at him, and the look melts away rather comically.

“I think if you truly do descend from a half mortal, as suggested, then yes, the introduction of vampire venom would only increase the exhibition of your vampiric traits. And if you’re able to sprout claws and fangs, that I think that would be your wolf genes making themselves known. At this point it seems like you vampiric traits have outweighed the wolf ones with the exception of your height and builds. The wolves that we knew were nearly seven feet tall in their human forms, and completely ripped with muscle. Even more so than Emmett here.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard my father use the word ripped in relation to muscles in my entire existence. “As far as sixteen year olds go, you both are much taller than average, have about twice the muscle mass and clearly your intellects are astounding in comparison. Even beyond your 36 years. I’d imagine you can retain information much in the same way that we can, yes?” Arbie and Jeb nod.

“When we first me, and we had that getting to know you quiz in calc class, you visibly flinched when I told you the names of my siblings. Do you remember?” I ask Arbie.

“Yes, it surprised me big time,” she replies.

“Do you mind if I ask what your initials stand for?” I ask.

“Alice Rosalie and Jasper Emmett,” Arbie replies. My siblings jaws drop. “It would appear as though our parents named us after you. But how did they know you?”

“We knew your mother,” Esme replies. “I never met your father, but my husband and Edward had a few times. Bella was very near and dear to our hearts. The only human to ever captivate us so. Before you that is.”

“Bella was my first love,” I admit. Arbie’s eyes widen. “I left her for her own safety. You know fully well how dangerous our world is for humans. Even vegetarian vampires.” Arbie gives one stiff nod. “When I came back to check on her, she had moved on. With your father. She convinced me that what she and I had wasn’t love. She told me she knew that I’d find love someday, but that it wasn’t with her. I believed her, and forty years later, I found you. Or rather, you found me.”

“Can we pick up this conversation another time?” Arbie asks. Looking at everyone in the room except for me. “I need… I need some time to think.” She glances at me on that last word and disappears up the stairs and into her room. I’ve ruined us. Not that I would have every lied to her about loving Bella. How was I to know that the love that Bella promised I’d find would be with her own daughter?

Arbie POV

Edward was in love with my mother? Does it get any more Twilight Zone than that? I know I’ll need the full story before I make any decisions to stay with him or break up, but wow. I’ve seen a lot of weird things in my 36 years, but this definitely takes the cake. Not long after the Cullens leave, Jeb saunters into my room. “Arbie, are you okay?”

“Yes and no,” I reply.

“How does it feel knowing that you’re dating our mother’s old boyfriend?”

“Weird, Jeb. It feels really, really weird. What do you think the odds me being given a leave of absence from school are?”

“I just did that for you,” Uncle Shasta says as he comes into the room. “I figured you could use a few days space from the Cullens to sort through your thoughts, yes?”

“Yes, thank you Uncle Shasta.”

Okay, now to assess. One thing I know for sure is that I’m madly in love with Edward. I can’t think of anything that will ever change that. The problem is, do I let the love cloud my judgment of this situation? Or do I try and put the love aside and look at it rationally? He loves me too. At least he said he did. I don’t think he’d lie about something like that.

He told me that he’d only dated one other person, and that they never went further than chaste kisses. That had to have been Bella, right? Alice said that Bella broke up with Edward, as she had moved on with Jacob. In the middle of my thoughts, my phone buzzes with an incoming text message.

“Arbie, I know you probably don’t want to speak with me right now, but just know that I will tell you anything you want to know. I will never keep anything from you. I promise. And I love you.” My heart soars at those last three words. That information tells me that even if I did break up with him, I’d be miserable for the rest of my life. Edward is my mate, and I his. That much is for sure. I just have to find a way to not let this little, or rather gigantic hurdle, ruin us.

At the same time, I need to figure out what the hell went on with Victoria. Could it be as simple as that I am an amalgamation of a vampire, human, and wolf? I had always suspected I was at least part vampire, based on my strength, speed, and slight craving for blood. And the whole claws and fangs thing is out of this world. I stare at my finger, willing a claw to appear. Nothing happens. For the next five hours I stare at each finger, trying anything I can think of to make it happen.

Closing my eyes, I think of the incident. I was so angry, I saw red. Pure unadulterated rage. Trying to replicate that emotion, I recall the words that Victoria said. She called my mother an easy kill. The wench. When I open my eyes, I see red again. I look down at my hands and can see the claws stretching out of my nail beds. My mouth is forced open by the fangs that jut out from my canines. I’m still wearing the ripped clothing, so I don’t ruin any more clothes. My muscle mass at least doubles in size, and I grow a good 4 inches in height at least. “Jeb!” I mumble, trying to take with these saber teeth sticking out of my mouth.

He comes bounding into the room, and gapes at me as if I’ve sprouted a second head. And given my current appearance, that wouldn’t be too far fetched. “What can I do for ya, monster?” I growl at him, in a very animalistic way. He backs up a few paces. I point to the measuring tape that’s sitting in my craft box. He gets the hint and pulls it out first pushing me up against the wall. He makes a mark on the wall at the top of my head. I wrap my hand around my arm, gesturing that I want my arm diameter to be measured as well. He follows suit, measuring my upper arms and forearms, the length of each finger minus the claws, my midsection, each thigh, calf and foot. Once I’ve calmed down enough, I shrink back into my normal size, claws and fangs disappearing once again.

“Man, that’s freaky, sis. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to do that.” I shrug in response. once I’m back to my normal size, we measure everything again. The comparisons are astounding. I did grow four and a half inches in height. My arms diameter nearly doubled, same with my legs. My waist stays about the same, but Jeb noted that the muscle definition in my abdominals increases by a large margin. “You’re like she-hulk without turning green.”

“Funny,” I reply, punching him in the shoulder. He yelps in pain and rubs his shoulder. “Sorry. Guess I don’t know my own strength yet.”

“Guess not. I’ll be sure not to make fun of you for a while then,” he jokes. I stick my tongue out at him rather than causing him physical harm again.

I give myself until Friday before contacting Edward. I want to be one hundred percent sure of things before moving forward or backward or any direction. I know I need to hear his full story, and try and investigate my ancestry as best I can. And if anyone can help me find information about my parents it’d be the Cullens. Bree, Hwin and Shasta all agree with my decision. Jeb doesn’t particularly care one way or another. I was always the one that was more interested in finding out our history.

He’s happy being who and what he is. The fact that he rarely works out and maintains the body that he does makes him the envy of every teenage boy in existence, and desired by every teenage girl. I’m the one that is all about finding out our history. Particularly since I’m apparently dating my own mother’s ex boyfriend.

I text Alice first, not sure where Edward stands with me after my four day silent treatment. “Hey Alice. Do you think Edward wants to speak with me?”

“Of course he does! He’s been moping about here for days worrying about you! The full return of EmoWard. Call him!”

I do just that, he answers on the first ring. “Arbie?” he answers.

“Hi Edward.”

“Oh thank God. I thought… I thought you’d never speak to me again.”

“I know Edward, I’m sorry. I just needed to do some thinking. Um. I withdrew from school, as you may be aware. I won’t be going back to that school any time soon. Would you be interested in meeting at the meadow for a chat?”

“Sure. Anything. Um, do you remember where it is?” he asks.

“Yes. I know exactly where it’s at. Two hours from now?”

“I’ll be there,” he agrees. “And Arbie?”

“Yes, Edward?”

“I love you. With all that I am.”

“I love you too Edward. More than anything. I’ll see you in a couple hours.”