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spanish infuenza



1. august 12, 1918

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Chicago, August 1918.

"Isabella Swan, I love you more than anything. Will you marry me?" Edward proposed as he knelt down on a single knee with a diamond ring in his hand.


Two weeks ago, Edward had proposed and today, the day before our wedding I was to spend the day with him. We could not be happier. Edward and I are childhood sweethearts, best friends until age fifteen and then we started courtship, now nearly three years later we are about to be married. He knows everything about me, at the same time if someone were to ask me any question on him I would answer in less than three seconds.

Edward's perfect, the most wonderful fiancée anyone could wish for. Without him, I don't think I could manage to exist Edward is everything to me.

As I approach his mansion, I brush off my dress before walking up to the front door. How odd? The front door is unlocked, it is always locked, and that is odd. "Hello? Edward?" I called as I entered. There was no response to my calls. On a hallway table by the calling card dish there laid a note addressed to me.


I'm sorry to tell you that I have been infected by the Spanish Influenza. I am heading towards the hospital. Love, please do one thing for me and do not go near the hospital. I know it is in your nature to try to do what is best for others and me. There is a feeling in my body that tells me if you go near the hospital or follow me in that you will be affected by the influenza. The survival rate is so low, I don't want you to be exposed and even have any chance of dying at all. I love you Bella, my Bella.

Love forever and always,


P.S. I'm always yours, no matter what I swear it.

As I read the horrid letter, I began to hysterically sob while sinking to the floor. Not Edward, it cannot be. He had reassured me multiple times that he would not give in to the illness and would not be affected. His father and mother had already both succumbed to the influenza. The survival rate is part of the reason we are getting married tomorrow. It was my idea, I was terrified when his parents succumbed that we could be next and nearly demanded we get married closer than when we had planned originally.

I must see him. What is the quickest way to the hospital? If I run, I could be there in mere minutes. I have to see him.

Forgetting about ladylike manners, I tore off down the street towards Chicago's only hospital. Arriving in ten minutes, I entered the hospital and walked to the front desk. "What room is Edward Masen in?" I urgently asked the nurse.

"I'm sorry miss; I can only give that sort of information to family members." She replied with an attitude I do not like.

"He is my fiancé; we are supposed to be married tomorrow. What room is he in?" I asked again annoyed.

"Oh, so sorry miss; he is in room 206." She informed me. I took off running towards his room.

Upon entering I saw him lying there looking... fragile and sick, not like my Edward. "Edward," I was unable to say anything else.

Edward turned his head to look at me standing there. "Bella, *cough* why are you here I asked you not to come. If you get sick I'll never forgive myself." He spoke weakly. Why should he blame himself if I was to get sick? It would not be his fault. Then again, he tends to shoulder everything bad that happens.

"If I am to get sick it would not be your fault. Besides I will not get sick and you will beat this." I comforted him. He will beat this illness. He must.

"I love you Isabella Marie Swan Masen." He said taking my hand.

"I love you Edward Anthony Masen." I said and began to cry, he looks scared almost, along with looking fragile. I have never seen my Edward scared before. He has always seems so strong, brave, and fearless, always ready to comfort me. What if he can't fight this and he dies? Edward noticed my tears and pulled me down to lie with him and he wrapped his arms around me in a comforting gesture. I laid my head on his chest.

He began to hum my lullaby. The corner edges of my vision faded as I fell asleep in his arms.

I awoke the next morning in Edward's arms with a headache and I feel uncomfortably warm. "Edward, my head hurts." I felt him tense around me.

"Bella tell me what else is wrong and do not downplay it." He urgently ordered the fear was very evident again in his hoarse voice.

"My throat is dry and I'm warm. Why Edward what's wrong?" I rotated myself around to look at his beautiful face. He started shaking his head as if to say no.

"Bella, I think you have the influenza too. I'm sorry it is my fault, I should have sent you home, you wouldn't be sick now." He wrinkled his face in disgust with himself.

"It is not your fault. No, matter what I would have gotten sick. Getting sick was inevitable." I told him and kissed him.

The nurse came into the room and Edward requested a bed for me explaining that I was now sick too. I was half-sleeping in his arms as the conversation happened. Vaguely I heard someone arguing with him about moving me into my own bed. Edward refused to allow me be moved anywhere. I continued to lie in his arms after the nurse had left and even then. He's my rock, my protector, the one I'm the most happy with him, my best friend, Edward is whatever I need and whenever I need it. For that, I love him.

When I awoke some hours later, the first thought in my mind is Edward. "Edward, how *cough* are you feeling?" I asked him. He tensed as I coughed.

"I'm fine. Are you feeling better, love?" Edward asked. Out of the corner of my eye I caught the time; six' o'clock. I groaned. "What's wrong Bella?" Edward asked tensing at my groan.

"We missed our wedding; we're supposed to be married now." I complained. He chuckled before making a comment "We're *cough* ill and you are complaining about the fact we missed our wedding." I nodded.

I began to trace the shape of his face stopping as I reached his beautiful green eyes I frowned. There are dark circles under his eyes. "When *cough cough* was the last time you slept?"

He shrugged. "I was too worried about you to sleep." I frowned at that. "If you do not sleep than how will you get better?" I do not want him making himself sicker by not sleeping because he is worried about me.

"Next time you are asleep *cough* I will sleep. Is that *cough* what you want me *cough* to do next time you are asleep?" He asked having to stop in between words as he was coughing.

"Yes and now if you would sleep that would be helpful." I suggested. Honestly when was the last time he had slept.

"I *cough* will later, whilst you are sleeping." He spoke the promise evident in his voice. I nodded once before falling back asleep.

I began dreaming of the day Edward and I will get married. It is bright, sunny, and there are flowers everywhere. It is a small wedding but a quaint, quite, little wedding with only our close friends and family there. I walk without tripping, down the aisle to Edward. My father is there, walking with me. He kisses me on the cheek before giving me away to Edward. We proceed through the vows and after I say, "I do," Edward turns into dust. I scream once as everyone is gone and I am suddenly in front of his grave as a widow. I begin sobbing as I see his grave there in front of me. Someone begins walking towards me with a knife pointed towards me. I scream again.

I jolt awake. I am no longer in Edward's arms. Where is he? I sit up straight and my eyes dart around the room for Edward. "Bella, honey what is wrong?"

"I am okay, *cough cough* I had a nightmare." I tell him. "Come here." He gestures over to me. I nodded and crawl in with him. Protectively he wraps his arms back around me.

"Promise *cough* me something." I say a few minutes later. "Anything my Bella *cough*"

"Promise *cough* me that you *cough* will get better *cough* and live." I asked him to promise me.

"I *cough* promise you. *cough* you have to *cough cough* promise me the same thing." He requested of me, barely staying awake.

"Yes I promise. *cough* I *cough* love *cough* you." I told him and promised him.

"Thank you. *Cough* I *cough* love you too." He said before falling asleep. I heard my doctor come in and force me into my bed. Later I heard him come in and something was jabbed into my arm, a shot. I suddenly could not move any part of my body. Someone around me spoke "I am sorry but Isabella is dead, my deepest condolences." WHAT? I am not dead! I can hear my heart beat!

The person continued to push me out of the room. They lifted me up and began to run. Eventually they set me down. I felt their teeth graze my neck before they... bit down. Instantly a burning sensation filled my body. I could not move as the fire burned on and on for what seemed to be an infinite amount of time. When the fire finally began to die down I could move my fingertips first and then slowly I could move other parts of my body and could see out of my eyes as they slowly opened.

Everything was suddenly so... clear. There was a new color, one I have never seen before and it is beautiful. There are absolutely no words to describe it other than beautiful. I stood up, faster than ever before. I quickly turned around and seeing everything in my suddenly perfect vision, I caught a note written on a piece of paper. Hesitantly I opened it and it reads:


I was your doctor. You know are a vampire. There are a few rules; do not tell anyone other than a vampire, and avoid sunlight with humans around. You are invincible, nothing can harm you even the slightest bit. You are never aging, ever. You do not sleep. You may hunt animals or humans, completely your choice.


There was no name written on the letter. I shall never know who turned me into a vampire.

Edward. I can never see him again. He shall think I am repulsive and according the letter, I shall want to eat him. That thought alone sent me down to the ground in sobs, no tears but dry-sobs racking my chest. He is everything to me and I cannot see him anymore. Just thinking about never having the ability to see Edward again makes me want to kill myself, which of course I am unable to do.

What do I do? I made a promise to Edward to attempt to live somehow. Never ever shall I drink a human's blood. The idea is still utterly repulsive to me. Animal blood is not repulsive in my mind, it shall be the same as eating steak or chicken except I am to drink the blood not enjoy the meat of an animal.

I will banish myself from any hint of civilization in attempts to never kill anyone. I will live alone in the wilderness, at least until I am under control enough to never eat a human. My doctor was a vampire so I must be able to somehow master self-control and not kill any human being.

I will spend my existence existing for my one true love, Edward Anthony Masen. I swear on my father's grave that I shall never fall in love with anyone and my heart shall always belong to my Edward, no matter what.