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spanish infuenza



2. ninety one years later

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Ninety-one years, that is how long since the last time I saw my Bella. We fell in love as teenagers. When the Spanish Influenza hit, I was affected first and then Bella after refusing to leave my bedside was affected and it is my fault she is dead. One of my worst memories is her doctor telling me she had died. I refused to believe her doctor. Right after her death, my doctor (Carlisle who is now practically my father) turned me into a vampire.

Every year on September 13th (Bella's birthday), I disappear for the day and go to Chicago. Specifically I go to the cemetery and mourn for my lost love. Only Carlisle, Esme, and I think Alice know where I go. As much as I love my family, I am the most secretive about my past. I am not ashamed of Bella but I do not want many questions about her or to have to listen to their thoughts about her because it is already hard enough remembering her and how we shall never be again.

"Edward, will you be attending school tomorrow or are you going to disappear like you always do?" Rosalie, my sister asked in an annoyed tone. She does not know why I disappear each year and it annoys her since I refuse to tell her. She isn't afraid to display her distaste to me about not telling her.

"I will not be attending school tomorrow like I always do." I replied. Every year she asks me where I go and if I am going to attend school, which I do not on September 13th.

"Fine." She huffed and walked off. I returned to my book, Wuthering Heights, Bella's all-time favorite book. As a human the book annoyed me but the more I read it the more I seem to understand as to why my Bella loved it so much.

The clock down the hall stuck midnight. Happy Birthday Bella. Quietly I grabbed my keys and crept out of the house to my car and drove off towards Chicago.

In about three hours, I arrived at the cemetery. Grabbing the bouquet of flowers out of the passenger seat, I walked over to her grave and laid the flowers down. I know it is ridiculous but I like to think that when I talk to her she can hear me, somehow. I think it is just me wishing, hoping and thinking she is alive. Honestly this is the only time I allow myself to be vulnerable.

"Hello Bella. Happy birthday love! I really miss you. I know that I ask you this every year but if there was some way you could come back, I would appreciate it greatly. I love you my Bella. The only reason I am still here is because, I promised you I would try to live for you and I am. I love you Isabella Marie Swan Masen and should have been Cullen." I continued to sit there and tell her everything that had happened in the last year.

At about nine ‘o'clock p.m. I bid her a goodbye and began walking at a human pace around Chicago. I walked past all the places we were together. Our school, our park, our favorite secluded pond just outside of town, as I arrived at her house I stopped. There still is no one living there. I could still remember meeting her here for the first time. As I continued down the street, I saw my house, the one I wanted to make into a home with her. I still own that house I just can't bring myself to sell it. After looking at all of the places, I have memories of Bella it was midnight. I walked back to my car and drove back to Forks thinking of Bella and how I would do anything to have her here with me.

I took a little more time driving home. I came into the house around four-thirty in the morning. I headed into the house toward the music room. I sat down at the piano and began playing. Upstairs I heard a few people groan and Alice tell them to knock it off. I paused briefly to write down the notes before finishing it off. I wrote down the rest of the notes and titled it Bella's Lullaby. I had wrote this as human but until now, I couldn't get the notes exactly what they had originally been.

"Edward we have to leave for school now." Alice called from the garage.

"I will be up in a second Alice." I called back. I put a few things in my bag and went to the garage. I slipped on a coat to fit in with the human charade. Alice and Jasper joined me in the car. Alice was singing Aqua's Barbie Girl repeatedly in her head. I groaned as she started over for the third time. "Alice what are you blocking me from?" I asked before pulling into Forks High School parking lot.

"Nothing, I just really like this song." She smugly said. She is hiding something and I am going to find out.

"I'm sure you do." I said and exited the car.

"Wait, let me fix your jacket before you go in, it's been annoying me since you got in the car." Alice ran around the car just a little too fast and began fiddling with my collar. Jasper started laughing at me. I gave him a look and he was suddenly quiet. "Perfect," she mused when she finished dealing with my jacket.

"Thank you." I sarcastically said. Rosalie and Emmett followed us into the school. I grabbed my English stuff and headed off to my first hour class. I ignored the thoughts of the teenagers as I walked.

When I walked into the class, I was hit by the smell of another vampire. A female vampire to be specific. I listened and when I tried to get her thoughts, I hit a wall. It is like she is blocking me somehow. That is odd. Why can I not hear her? Normally I can hear everyone around me's thoughts.

Her long brown hair with loose ringlets hung over her shoulders. She turned around and I saw her face. Suddenly I was wordless except for the one question in my mind. How?