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Forever starts now...or does it?



1. Chapter 1 - Carlisle

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I gently rock the tiny child in my arms. My baby. When I got bitten I had to accept the fact that I would never have a biological family but Lilly proved me wrong. She was very strong during the whole thing. I smile fondly but sigh softly. As if the child could sense my sorrow it opened it’s eyes and looked straight at me. Such a brilliant shade of blue. “Morning baby girl.” I kiss her head and Esme hands me a bottle so I can feed her. Alice went to persuade her to come home and they arrived to witness the birth of my daughter. Now she treats her as her own. God bless Lilly for giving me such a beautiful gift to love and to cherish. God bless her. “What shall you call her, my love?” Esme asks me. “Um how about…. Charlotte?” “It’s beautiful, darling.” she rubs my shoulders and kisses Charlotte’s head.