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Alone cont.

A little background I hope you can forgive me Kippsyj I wrote this to go between Chapters 1 and 2 for a little background. Id love to work with you more on this. If your interested email me at darkchef64@msn.com


1. Awakening

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I watched from a distance. I watched, helpless and abandoned. I watched as they lit the flame that would

mark his death. I watched as the flame licked at the wood that surrounded him to quicken its performance. I

watched him, his emotionless face was not completely empty. There were cracks in his mask. There was

something else there, hidden behind his emotionless mask. I watched as the flames danced around him,

stealing him from me. I watched him as he died.
There was something there, in his eyes before he left. And as I watched him burn to the ground, it came to

me. The last time he'd looked at me like that was when he thought he'd never see me again. When he thought

it was over. When he thought that I was dead. He had died in pain. Pain, that I was alone and pain because

we were never to be together, ever again.

Everything was perfect. Sam and I were happy. I, was happy for once and life felt good. It felt normal, the

right kind of normal. He was back and I was safe. Not that I had never been safe before. I mean what could

be more dangerous than a vampire? - A Lonely vampire, hiding from the world.
I enjoyed myself at first. The adventure was fun and I became easily fascinated by the smallest things. I'd

stand out in the dark at night and watch a young family enjoy a meal at a round wooden table in a small

cottage hidden in the fringe of the woods. I'd sit high up in the tree tops and look down at the traffic

that had begun to build but soon sun would rise and I would have to leave. To hide from the world once

The sun light doesn't do anything to me. It doesn't burn me to a crisp or make me sparkle like a thousand

diamonds were encrusted into my skin. It just made me look much more conspicuous. I stood out more. And

considering I'm being hunted down. I don't really want to draw attention to myself no matter how big or

But that was before Sam came back. And now, he's gone and he's never coming back. I never wished for things

to change. I didn't want things to change. I wish things had stayed the same.
My name is Lucinda, Lucinda Fall. Luce, for short.
I am 389 years old and I am frozen in the body of an 18 year old.
Oh, and I am also the last surviving vampire, ever.

I need to take you back a bit, to the year 1623. My mother Rene Fall and my father Reginald Fall are a

victim of their time. Drawn into the lives of a Post Modern England. My mother the perfect vision of her

time, mother of 4 children. Two boys 3 and 7 and two girls 12 and 17. She was not exactly the home marm of

today. She was more the mother of the day, maids at her ready and with father barely there she found

herself bored to tears more often than not. With my father sailing to the new world more often than not,

this left my mother to her devices. Meeting with the other ladies in London proper for tea and gossip and

me to look after my brothers and sister. Not that I minded much, I loved my siblings deeply but being

educated where my mother went I had that visions of seeking out the answers to the world. What did it all

mean? Would I ever find love? Would I ever have children of my own? Not that there werent any boys, just

none with any more thoughts than when they might find thier way into my nickers. I dreampt nightly of a

handsome young man of maybe 20 or maybe it just seemed that way by his attire of an older man. I dreampt of

us in a boat with me with a camisol sheltering me from the sun and he rowing us ever so slowly down the

Thames speaking poetry of lover and friends. I had this dream for almost a year straight. Almost to the

point that I would rush to my bed after dinner just to go back to that place where my dream man met me and

just talked to me in a soft voice, so lovingly. I couldnt get enough of his golden eyes gazing at my face ,

to the point where it literally aroused me in my sleep. I dreaded waking up and having to leave him and go

back to my boring life. My mother knew there was something wrong with me from a fairly young age. Although

my father would always tell me how beautiful I was stroking my long auburn hair and telling me how someday

I would find a nice young man my mother never said a thing about my looks, in fact I dont ever remember her

even telling me that she loved me. I guess that why when my father was away, and that was often I felt very

alone to my thoughts and dreams.
I open my eyes on a Saturday morning In early August 1623, awoke to damn the world over the fact that I

had left my mystery man in my dream. I just wanted to fall back to sleep except for the fact my little

sister Audrey is jumping on my bed trying to get me to awaken and play with her. After about 5 minutes of

cajoling her into leaving me alone she finally heads for the door and I fall back to my pillow in hopes of

noding back to sleep, that beautiful sleep that brings me back to him.
As I put on all thill the layers of clothes a girl of my time in the fall briskness I am still thinking of

the man of my dreams to the point I catch myself smiling in the mirror. Audrey innocently asks me" What are

YOU thinking about?" "Oh nothing" I respond as I skip out the door and down the stairs of our Cambridge

mansion. "Mother Im going for a walk!!" I yell out not even waiting for a response. As I meander around the

lake near our house, I catch a glimps of eyes staring back at me. I turn to catch those eyes again and my

heart literaly skips a beat. Could it be? Noooo, thats a dream and I continue on down the lake path parisol

in hand. All of a sudden, I feel a hand on my shoulder. I whip around and catch those eyes, those haunting

GOLDEN eyes. I suddenly feel lightheaded and fight not to pass out but eventualy the more I fight I fall to

the ground passed out. Some time later I wake up, open my eyes and there he is. The man of my

dreams......with the golden eyes. I gasp as I kick myself back a few feet scared yet excited. I almost

think Im still dreaming.

"No your not dreaming" in that calm but soft masculine voice. Oh My God I must have said it out loud I

think to myself. " Are you alright? You dropped your handkerchief"" he softly says to me. He sticks his

hand out to my holding my handkerchief. " Thank You kind Sir, my name is Luce and yours is?..." " Samuel,

Samuel Cullen but you may call me Sam in fact I insist" he replys. As I am catching my breath I am so

excited that Im not dreaming I look at him in what can only be described as a young girls flirtatious grin

or so Sam would tell me later in life. We walked around the lake many times for what felt like a lifetime

talking about life, love and the theater. I so lost track of time it was turning dusk before I realized how

late it was. I couldnt remember when I had felt so alive before and I didnt want it to end EVER. I looked

at Sam and coyly asked him" Sam, do you believe in love at first sight?" I unknowingly had my hands to my

lips because I couldnt believe I had just said that. " Luce, Im not sure if I believe in that but I do

believe that there is someone for everyone and I believe I might have found mine" I was giddy at his

answer. I think I actually started shaking. Sam being the gentleman he was just whipped off his jacket and

draped it over my shoulders. I smiled back and yearned for him to just hold me and tell me this wasnt just

all a happy dream. " Luce, its not a dream, I believe I said that already" smiling back at me and resting

his arm around my shoulder pulling me closer to him just as I had hoped. " I didnt say that" rolling out of

my mouth. " No you were thinking it" once again smiling that soft smile. I wish I could see those eyes

clearly but by this time it was so dark I could only make out the outline of his eyes, but I knew they were

there. " Sam if I tell you something can you promise me not to be taken aback and run away?" " I know

about the dreams Luce, I put them there" I step back from him, not scared but taken aback the waay I

thought he would be. " Its ok Luce, I saw you about a year ago in this very spot and Ive been intreged ever

since" " Who ARE you?" I ask. " You wouldnt believe me if I told you" " Try me" I respond already knowing

the answer. " Luce, Im over 700 years old and Im what you would call a vampire" Sam told me so softly and

confidently because it was like he knew Id be alright. And I was. "I knew it" I wispered. "Why?" " Why the

dreams? he asks as I nod in the affermative. " I had to prepare you, had to let you love me on your own as

I have loved you since the moment I saw you and I thought it was the best way". It was if the weight of the

world had been lifted of me, for I thought I was going crazy. "I believe I do love you Sam, Ive known it

before I even met you" " Well thats great Luce because I dont think I could make it another 100 years

without knowing you love me" I pulled Sam to me as I looked up to his eyes and finally saw those beautiful

golden eyes in the pale moonlight.I was finally fully awake.