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Alone cont.

A little background I hope you can forgive me Kippsyj I wrote this to go between Chapters 1 and 2 for a little background. Id love to work with you more on this. If your interested email me at darkchef64@msn.com


2. The Change

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A few weeks of meeting Samuel at the lake was my dreams come true. He had told me he stopped sending me

them so my sleep was settled sleep. I also believe he had something to do with that. I was so happy I never

let the thought of what he actually was creep into my mind, not that he wouldnt have known it. I wasnt

afraid and he knew that too. I think he was looking for someone too. Someone to share his eternity with,

his lonliness, his fears. I wanted to do anything I could to help him with that so we sat in that small

rowboat day after day telling me about his 700 years of life, loves and pains. I listened intently chiming

in when nessesary to salve his internal strife. I thought less and less about the fact he was a vampire and

more of him as someone who made me happy. In time, although he continued to meet me almost daily, I sensed

that he wanted to tell me something but it just pained him to say it. While he talked I daydreamed of Sam

and I doing all the things he told me about ,together. The day before my 18th birthday we sat on the beach

-like area of the lake on a blanket, his head in my lap, he looked at me lovingly and a little pensively

and said" Luce, you do realiize what I am and what I do to survive dont you?" " Of course I do Samuel, it

just doesnt matter to me " I responded. " I know you think about being like me from time to time" he

retorted. " Stay out of my mind, my love" I said grasping my lips realizing what I had said. "Its alright

Luce, I know what you meant" he quickly responded trying to ease my uneasisness. " Samuel I have thought

about what it would be like but Im a bit afraid of how much pain there would be" I wispered back at him so

not to draw any attention from anyone nearby. " Im not going to lie to you Luce, it Will be painful at

first, but it eases with time. Youd fall asleep and when you awake youll feel stronger than you ever have"

he explained. This exilerated and frightened me a little. I think Sam saw this and held my hand a little

tighter. " Luce, Im not saying I would ever put you through that, I care about you too much" " And if thats

exactly what I want? What do I have to lose? You know how I feel about you." he nodded " Then why not?" He

quickly turned too face me, almost too fast, I didnt think he could move that fast, "Because Id be taking

your mortal life, do you understand that?" " I do" I calmly responded. "But we havent even.... you know.

How do you know this is what you want?" Samuel prods. " Samuel, you are the man of my dreams and I believe

Im the woman of yours." I say knowingly. " I see it in your eyes my love." "Thats not fair, Im the one who

reads minds" as he chuckles playfully. From that moment on I knew without a doubt Samuel Cullen would be

the love of my life and with any luck my eternity.

In the following weeks Sam would try every excuse he could muster not to turn me. I came back defiantly

with this is what I want and if he loved me as I knew he did he would change me. Finally he relented

helping me set a date shortly after the turn of 1624. I had told my parents and siblings I would be going

to Madrid for my first year of college. Im not sure if they believed me but my mother never said a word

about it and my father had set sail once again for the new world shortly before but not before taking me in

his arms and letting me know how proud he was of me. Those words were my only consolation to the fact Id

never see any of them again. But I was starting a new adventure, one that would take me to the ends of the

earth and I would be around many many more years after they were all but ash. We set the time for late

evening the night after my boat was to sail to Spain. I met him in his hostel room after dark. He had

petals layed out all over his bed, blood red with some white ones intertwined. Silk scarfs garnished each

bed post. I looked to him questioningly," Trust me we will need them". I totally trusted him. The only

thing I said was " When its over I want to make love to you to seal our bond" I believe he actually double

-taked and said " Id have it no other way my lovely Lucinda." I kissed him deeply and shrank to the bed in

his arms. We kissed on those petals for what seemed an eternity, finally as he softly kissed the nape of my

neck he slowely strapped me spread eagle to the posts of the bed. Finally he looked deeply into my eyes and

said " Ready my love?" I nodded in the affermative and he ever so slowly dug his fangs into my neck trying

to be as careful to cause me as little pain as possible. I felt my head spin and my neck boiled with the

worst pain I had ever felt. I knew he had prepared me for this but It was far worse than I ever imagined.

After what felt like an eternity he pulled away me shaking uncontrolably and convulsing in pain. Suddenly

just as my consiousness left me I felt him enter me. It is not like it was the first time but it was

nothing like anything Id ever felt as his thrusts wafted me into unconsiousness and eventually death. And I

never in the whole time it was going on was I afraid. Just the opposite, it was a exultant relief.