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Alone cont.

A little background I hope you can forgive me Kippsyj I wrote this to go between Chapters 1 and 2 for a little background. Id love to work with you more on this. If your interested email me at darkchef64@msn.com


3. New Awakenings

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My eyes flicker open to see my Samuel, his golden eyes prying for a sign that Im alive and with him. Well maybe not alive persea but with him in my final state of being.......forever. Im thinking " Oh My God Im still alive!!"

Sam just kind of grins at me and says" Not quite Luce but close enough". He helps me to my feet and I notice my dress has been changed and my hair quaffed and to my surprise my eyes are a blood red. I turn back to him and he already knows what Im about to ask. "Luce, your a newborn. You are right now as strong as youll ever be but as time passes your eyes will turn the same color as mine." I am relieved and excited. Excited to try out my new powers as Sam had told me he had. He must have been reading me because he whips me around by the shoulders and says" Not yet my love first we must get far from here till much time has passed. It would be too dangerous to stay and surely to use our powers". " First we must get you some blood youll be craving it soon, we must hunt". This kind of scares me and I say to him" Samuel Im not sure I can drink someone. I dont want to kill anyone." With relief he looks at me and pronounces" Now Im relieved, I hunt animals always have and always will. Im the same, I never had the urge or stomach to hurt humans. So I have fed on animals for the better part of the time Ive had on this earth".

Now Im relieved.

I was put completely at ease by his statement. " Come Luce, Ill show you how to hunt, but first lets dress

for the occasion" as he tossed me a pair of pants and some hard bottom shoes. "Whats these for?" I queried.

" Youll see" he retorted with a grin. I looked at him not knowing what to say but I went into the bath and

changed clothes even more surprised they were my size. I walked out to the bedroom to meet Samuels gaze and

he once again grinned at me. Damn I wish I knew what he was smiling about. Id find out shortly.

We waited till after the sun set in the cozy village, the fog just starting to roll on to the hills and

dales. We slid out the door, peered around to make sure no one was watching. Sam looked at me and said "

Time for you to show me just how fast you are".

I felt my feet running benieth me barely touching the ground hand in hand with my love. I knew he was much

fasted and I could tell he was holding back. We darted between the trees in and out, in and out, before I

knew it we were miles into the woods. I felt Sam kind of pull at me to stop. As we screeched to a stop. I

whipped around quizzingly glaring at him. I was having so much fun I didnt want to stop I wanted to run and

run till I couldnt run any longer. The breeze rushing through my hair was so ecsilerating I felt my nipples

benieth my shirt slowly harden. I gazed into his barely visable eyes and I think he could tell that my

womanhood began to rise. " Ok my dear calm down its time to hunt now".

As we darted between the trees,hand in hand, he explained to me what we'd do and how we'd do it. With a

flash he was upon the bear even though the bear was in full gallop. I was amazed at his speed, enthrold

with it really. Before I could think he had it on the ground and looked up at me" Come my love its time, on

the neck, just let nature take over" he wispered. I flitted over stopping short with the bears flailing. "

Its alright Luce I wont let it harm you but you must feed soon". I bent over the animal and hesitated just

a moment. Just long enough for Sam to catch my gaze and nod. I felt the hunger rush over me like a ravenous

dog on a steak. I sunk my fangs into its neck and drank. I felt that warm coppery taste ease into my mouth

and ooze down my throat. I gagged but a moment in my revultion, not at what it tasted like but what I was

doing. It only lasted but a moment in time and the hunger took over. My frenzy increased as I drank and

drank till I felt the life drain slowly from the animal body. I picked my head up for just a moment to

catch Samuel gazing at me as if he was excited by my actions. Before I could get a word out he spoke " Sate

yourself my love it may be a while before we can feed again". I nodded and gave him that sheepish grin and

dove back into the bears neck till I could drink no more. I lifted my face and caught a glimps of the blood

running down the front of my shirt. Looking for Samuels gaze I caught it and he was smiling at me with the

most Cheshire grin Id ever seen. All he could muster was " Your a natural". I knew from that moment on that

I would never have to take the life of any human, I could feed myself. As I was lost in thought Sam shot

back at me " Go down to the creek and wash up. While you do Ill feed and meet you there".
" You dont need my help? I quizzed. " No my love, Ive been doing this a long time. Ill manage." as he

flitted away to feed. I sped to the creekbed to take off my shirt. Using it as a washcloth I dipped it

several times in the cold water and rung it out to dry it. By this time Sam was by my side,"Come Luce its

time to go". I knew from this moment on Id want nothing else but this. Samuel holding my hand, us dashing

back to town, slipping back to our room to make love like Id never before.