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Unexpected love

Edward is hurt and angry that Bella keeps going to see Jacob that he seeks comfort from his human 16 year old adopted sister Lilly. What will Edward do when just days away from his and Bella’s wedding Lilly find out she’s pregnant? Who will Edward choose Bella or Lilly and the baby?


1. guilt and shocking news

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I sat on the bed in my room waiting for Bella to return from seeing that mutt. We’re supposed to be getting married next week, which I should be excited about but I’m not. In fact I’m having second thoughts about the wedding for two reasons; firstly I’m fairly certain she’s cheating on me with that mutt and secondly because I feel guilty about sleeping with my adopted sister Lilly. I hate myself for not just hurting Bella but also for disrespecting and taking advantage of Lilly in a moment of weakness. I was hurt and angry that we hadn’t spent any time alone since the mutt returned to forks. One phone call and Bella goes running into the arms of the mutt, it makes me wonder if she really does love me. What happened between me and Lilly was my fault because I was the one to make the first move. To be honest if I said I regret sleeping with Lilly I would be just lying to myself because I don’t. In fact I can’t stop thinking about her. I've decided I'm going to tell Bella what happened I can't marry without telling her the truth. I was bought out of my musings by hearing Lilly throwing up the third day running. I rushed into the bathroom finding her slumped over the toilet seat looking very pale. She looked up at me then leaned over the toilet seat again to throw up again. I sat down behind to her and held her hair back.

"Are you ok Lilly?" I asked worried once she had finally finished. This is not normal she should not be throwing up three days in a row.

"I'm fine Edward it's just a bug" she snapped at me. In fact she's been snappy a lot lately. I've also noticed her scent is different and she's eating and sleeping more. I think she should go and see Carlisle today.

"I think you should go to see Carlisle today Lilly" I voiced my thought out loud. She just glared at me but said nothing. I tried listening to her thoughts but she was blocking me. Something is not right she never blocks me unless something is really wrong.

"Why are you blocking me Lilly?" I asked concerned.

"Maybe I want some privacy" she retorted. But I could tell she was lying.

"Please talk to me Lilly? I mean you used to talk to me all the time but now you avoid me. Please just talk to me? I begged.

"What do you expect me to say Edward? Every time I see and talk to Bella I feel so guilty. How do you tell your best friend that you slept with her fiancée?" she whispered as tears started running down her face. I felt so guilty because this will affect her relationship with Bella.

"It's ok" I said as I pulled her into a hug to try and comfort her. I continued hold her as she cried into my shirt. I was so glad the house was empty right now.

"It's not ok" she whispered as she pulled away from my embrace and left the room. I followed behind her as she headed as she headed into her bed room.

"Where's Bella this morning?" she asked as she sat down on her bed. I could tell she was stalling but I wasn't going to give up.

"She’s with that mutt. Please talk to me?" I asked getting impatient as I sat down on the bed with her.

"Edward I don't know how to tell you this and you may think I'm crazy for thinking this but I think I'm pregnant" she whispered. With that one sentence it clicked. The throwing up, the mood swings and eating and sleeping more were all signs of pregnancy. One question ran through my mind was could Lilly really be pregnant with my baby?