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Unexpected love

Edward is hurt and angry that Bella keeps going to see Jacob that he seeks comfort from his human 16 year old adopted sister Lilly. What will Edward do when just days away from his and Bella’s wedding Lilly find out she’s pregnant? Who will Edward choose Bella or Lilly and the baby?


3. Time for the truth

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“What’s going on?” Bella asked again when we never said anything. I must be seriously losing my touch because I never heard Bella approaching. I heard Bella gasps as she saw the positive pregnancy test in Lilly’s hands.

“I’m so sorry Bella” Lilly whimpered. Bella just stood there her facial expressions changed from shock, to hurt and to anger in a matter of seconds. Bella just stood there in silence as Lilly continued to cry in my arms it was about half an hour before she eventually fell asleep.

“I’m going to put her to bed” I told Bella as I gently picked her up. Bella just ignored me and silently headed down stairs. I took Lilly into her bedroom and laid her gently on the bed. I watched her for a few minutes longer to make sure she was ok before heading down stairs to talk to Bella.

“Is she ok?” Bella asked as I entered the kitchen her voice seething with anger.

“She’s fine she’s fast asleep as we speak” I answered her. I noticed my voice sounded a bit nervous hopefully Bella wouldn’t notice. But this was Bella we are talking about.

“What’s going on Edward? And don’t bother lying to me please? I just want truth” Bella seethed.

“Ok Bella I will tell you the truth. But please let me explain please?” I asked her. Bella is really going to hate me after this. Bella just nodded and waited for me to continue.

“What’s going on between you and Lilly? For the last six weeks I’ve noticed you two have been avoiding each other. Then when I come home today I find her clinging on to you for dear life. Why?” Bella asked me when I didn’t say anything. It was now or never.

“Because I’m the one that has got her pregnant” I said rather bluntly. Bella just stood there eyes wide with shock.

“What? How could you Edward she’s 16!” Bella raised her voice slightly not wanting to wake Lilly. It was my turn to be shocked this was not the reaction I was expecting. I was about to apologise when Bella cut me off.

“Just answer me one question truth ally why did you sleep with her?” Bella asked raising her voice slightly. If it’s the truth she wants then it’s the truth she will get.

“Bella the truth is I don’t know where our relationship is going you’re always with Jacob. It’s like I’m the back seat guy. We never spend any time together anymore. The night I slept with Lilly I had planned a lovely meal for you so we could spend some time together but you blew me of to go and see that mutt. I was so hurt and angry that I turned to Lilly for support. I did not mean to take advantage of her like that it just happened. Lilly was there for me when my fiancée wasn’t” I told her quietly trying to control my temper.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know you felt that way” was Bella’s smart response. I thought Bella loved me obviously not.

“I thought vampires couldn’t have children?” Bella questioned changing the subject. One thing that was clear in my mind I was not going to marry Bella next week because I don’t know what I feel for Bella anymore and I don’t know what feel for Lilly either.

“Bella I don’t think we should get married next week. I’m just so torn right now” I told her.

“What? Edward I love you please don’t do this please?” Bella begged. That just made me angry.

“YOU DON’T LOVE ME. IF YOU DID YOU WOULDN’T SPEND ALL YOUR TIME WITH ANOTHER GUY!!!” I exploded. In the time I’ve known Bella I’ve never lost my temper with her. Bella just stood there shocked.

“So you’re saying the weddings off?!” Bella shouted. All could do is nod when we heard a gasp from behind me.

“What do you mean the weddings off? Is it because I’m pregnant? This is my fault” Lilly cried. I was instantly at her side trying to calm her down.

“Lilly sweetheart calm down stress is not good for you or the baby” I said in my most calm and soothing voice.

“You know what you are right this is your fault you good for nothing slut!!” Bella screamed at Lilly. Bella was just about to attack Lilly but I gently pulled Lilly behind my back and crouch down protectively in front of her. I was not going to allow Bella to hurt my mate or my baby.

“Leave now Bella or I will not think twice about my actions” I growled at her. Right now I just feel like I want to kill her because she threatened my mate and my baby. Wait a minute did I just call Lilly my mate.

“I see you’ve made your choice Edward. And you know the irony of the situation is that the night I agreed to your marriage proposal you refused to make love to me until we were married and yet you managed to get this slut pregnant” she laughed humorously. I was so angry that she called Lilly a slut yet again that I was seeing red and ready to attack.

“GET OUT NOW!!!” I screamed at her unable to control my temper any longer.

“Fine Edward I will leave but mark my words this is not the last you will ever see of me” she smiled evilly at me then took of my mother’s engagement ring leaving on the kitchen counter and walked out the front door slamming it behind her. I waited until Bella’s car was out of the driveway before I stood up from my protective crouch.

“Are you ok Edward?” Lilly asked sheepishly from behind me. Just she sound of her voice made me feel calmer. I turned round to face her and noticed she was shaking and had tears running down her face. I gently wrapped my arms around her in a comforting manner.

“I should be the one asking you that question, but yes I’m fine. I will always protect you and our baby no matter what” I vowed.