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Missing Pieces

Have you ever felt that a piece of you was missing? That's how I felt ... until I met her.


2. Leech Overkill

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Usually I hunted with Emmett or Jasper usually because they were the most intense hunters in the house. I preferred Jasper’s company to Emmett’s, nothing against Emmett he just used too much slang it made it hard for me to have conversations with him. I knew English as well as four other languages but slang killed me in any language except my natural tongue.

“What’d she call you?” Jasper asked now finished with his four legged victim.

“A half leech freak boy. I’ve been around Jacob enough to know the insult behind the leech part but what exactly is a freak boy?” He frowned as if he were giving some thought.

“Knowing Leah it could mean anything,” Jasper dismissed the insult and went back into hunt mode.

“She was good with Renesmee, is she a mother?” I asked and Jasper looked at me confused.

“I don’t think so, why so many the questions about someone who insulted you?” He questioned and I frowned I had no real reason. I figured it was because I sat at the Cullen estate for a while and the routine had become a bit monotonous. Meeting someone new excited me.

“She’s cute,” Jasper looked at me as if probing for a response.

“I didn’t notice,” I responded quickly. I really hadn’t taken in much of her appearance her eyes and her stare had been intense. Her complexion was smooth and her tongue was vicious.

“Really,” he said in disbelief.

“I’m sure I’m old enough to realize when I find someone attractive Jasper. This isn’t that kind of situation. I was just curious about a new being in my space that’s all.” I said closing the conversation.

“Well, if you could befriend her that would be great. She always has such waves of sadness and loneliness coming off her.” I looked at him and he smirked. I guess it was because he knew that I was curious about what made the woman so sad. “A lot of things have happened in her life since our species appearance on her land. I can understand how she feels that our kind is directly related to her misery.” He frowned. “It is regrettable, but she makes it hard to feel but so sorry for her when she asks so bitter.”

“What happened to her?” I asked.

“Uh … her father had a heart attack that is rumored to have been caused by our kind, she lost the love of her life, she became a monster, and she lost her best friend to my brother’s daughter … or at least that what she thinks.” Jasper sighed, I guess he was bored by his own words. “I guess if you look at it from her point of view she deserves to be bitter.”

“Just a little,” I whispered there was this weird scent in the air, odd but mouthwatering.

“I’m headed this way,” Jasper pointed in the opposite direction of the aroma, “you coming?”

“I’ll meet you in a second,” I said following the scent and now hearing the heartbeat that belonged to the aroma, I couldn’t tell what the animal was but I was sure to be quick when I drained it, leaving only its corpse. I heard something rummaging behind some brush I crept slowly to the area and then attacked. The female started to scream I quickly covered her mouth with my hand, she squirmed as I pulled her to me. She fought against me violently once she realized I was stronger than her she gave up the battle. That delicious scent was her? She finally went limp. When I uncovered her mouth she slapped my face.

“What the hell is your problem?” She growled.

“I thought you were an animal!” I tried to defend myself there was no excuse. I did almost kill her. “I’m sorry Leah.”

“You should be,” she grumbled, “you are mighty close to our land Leechy man.” She insulted me.

“I have a name you know you could try using it at least once.” I watched her face as her mind wrapped around what to say next.

“Why should I when I enjoy insulting you so much?” She countered, “Besides, I’m just calling a spade a spade.” She went back behind the bushes and threw her black tank top on. It wasn’t until she covered herself that realized how bare she had been, not that it mattered.

“Excuse me?” I asked and she looked at me confused.

“What are you that unaware of what you are? You are a Leech!” She laughed again.

“No, I get that. Trust me you’ve used the term more than enough. I don’t understand the terminology … calling a spade a spade?” She frowned and then understood.

“Calling a spade a spade is like saying that I’m just calling you what you are.” She explained and then rolled her eyes. I leaned closer to her. Her eyes were so dark it was hard to depict the emotion behind them without really looking for it. “What are you doing?” She backed away a little.

“Studying you,” I answered honestly, “you are a weird being Leah. You see how I used your name let’s see if you can use mine.” I snapped and she smirked at me.

“Alright, I’ll try,” she frowned and got up in my face, “you Nahuel, are a cocky little bloodsucking bastard. How was that?” She arched her eyebrow.

“Better. I think.” She went to walk out of the area and I started to walk with her. It was her turn to issue me a look of confusion.

“What are you doing? If you step foot on our land you will be killed!” She pushed at my chest, ineffectively I might add.

“Are you seriously concerned for my well being?” I searched her face for truth. She wouldn’t give me her eyes. Not that it would have mattered I really couldn’t read them anyway.

“I don’t wish death on anything. You’re half human after all.” I pushed further I didn’t like having limitations.

“Stop! Stop Nahuel please!” This time she looked at me. I could tell she was serious.

“Very well, I’ll stop but only but only because you Leah Clearwater just admitted to caring about the well being of a leech. That was a huge step for you! Should I rub behind your ears or something?” I burst into laughter and she walked off. She stuck her middle finger in the air then stopped and turned around.

“In case you didn’t know that means fuck you!”

The whole ride home I was annoyed. I believed this woman had insulted me again but I wasn’t sure. The last time I checked the term fuck meant to have sexual intercourse with, it wouldn’t make sense for her to yell out sex you. What did it mean? I most definitely wasn’t going to ask. Once inside I planned to find the nearest dictionary with quickness. “Great drama,” Jasper said as approached the house. Edward, Bella, the dog, and the resident princess all sat in the living room waiting. A calming sensation went through me and I looked at Jasper.

“Edward and I are going on a second honeymoon. We know this is kind of sudden but the last one was kind of detoured we won’t be gone long, a few days maybe a week at best.” Bella said as she rubbed her husband shoulders. I looked to the child and she seemed completely content with what was being said so I didn’t understand who they were concerned about.

“I want everyone on their best behavior while we are gone!” Bella warned. “I have left Rosalie in charge of Renesmee. She will lay down the rules in regards to everything that concerns my daughter.” Jacob nodded like a good little boy.

“We’ll be leaving tomorrow morning.” Edward added, “sweetheart would you like to help us pack!” She nodded and hopped off Jacob’s lap and grabbed her father’s hand. After the child was in the back Jacob took the opportunity yet again to get in my face.

“It would be great if you disappeared before they came back. I could help you arrange it if you like?” He smirked.

“Why do you keep forgetting that my presence here in Forks saved the child’s life you should be grateful not hostile.” I countered.

“I’ve said thank you several times, now get out!” Jacob growled, he was ready to strike and I was more than ready to defend myself.

“Is there a problem?” Aunt Hulien descended from the upstairs. “Nahuel, may I have a word?” She touched my shoulder out respect for her I backed down.

“Yes ma’am,” I looked at her warm reddish amber eyes. She was having a hard time committing to drinking animals. I followed her into the kitchen and she sighed preparing herself to deliver some news.

“Don’t you think it’s time we leave?” She asked concerned, “we are causing these good people unnecessary grief.”

“We are doing no such thing! The only one causing grief is that dog! All I have wanted was to get to know the young lady.” I fussed.

“You’re causing that young girl stress and discomfort and it’s not fair! If you have an ounce of feeling for her you would leave with me tonight.” She pleaded, “I’m already packed we could leave tonight.”

“No disrespect, but you never unpacked your bags. I know you don’t want to stay if you want to leave you are free to but I wish to stay a while longer.” She sighed in disappointment.

“Very well, I will stay with but I have a bad feeling about this.” I smiled at her and hug her.

“How many times have I told you that you worry too much? Everything will be fine I’m doing nothing wrong. Fate has brought us here and I will stay until I figure out its purpose.”