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Missing Pieces

Have you ever felt that a piece of you was missing? That's how I felt ... until I met her.


3. Honking and Other Interruptions

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Step one in my plan to get out of Forks was to go to college, now I was on to step two, using college to figure out what exactly I wanted to do with the rest of my life. That’s why I went in undecided and took random classes just to get a feel for everything. I was always really good at math, not that I really liked it. I wasn’t sure what I could do with that talent. I was good a formulas and stuff I never really liked geometry and figures. So if it were up to me to determine my path I would run circles and end up nowhere. That’s why I set up an appointment with the academic advisor.

“So Ms. Clearwater,” the older plump woman sat across from me twirling her pen, “what do you want to do with your life?” She asked and smiled like she had said something profound.

“I don’t know that’s why I’m here to kind of figure it out.” I decided to be on good behavior I didn’t want the woman to think I was a bitch; I needed her to actually be my ally. God, I hated needing people.

“I know, but that’s the question you need to be asking yourself. So many kids come into college and they haven’t asked themselves that question. They take a major just because they think it’s going to be profitable but they don’t think about if they really love what they’re doing, because trust me if you don’t love what you decide to study you won’t want to work in that field.” She laughed and then looked down; something told me that she knew that one from experience.

“Well, I’m not really looking for success or a lot of money. I actually do like helping people … kids especially.” I just really started to talk when my phone started to buzz.

“Kids really? Have you looked at our educational program maybe you are meant to be a teacher?” I tried to envision myself in front of a classroom with a whole bunch of little hands in the air wanting to answer the question I just asked but my phone would not stop going off.

“I’m sorry Ms. Jones, apparently this is some kind of an emergency.” I grumbled and took my phone out of my pocket. It was Jacob, when I talked to him in person I planned to make sure he knew how I felt about his little interruptions. Then I received a text.


“Ms. Jones, I’ve to go it’s an emergency can we reschedule?” She nodded empathically.

“I hope everything’s okay?” She stood to show me out of her office.

“Yeah, it just probably nothing, but I do have to go.” I grumbled. As soon as I got out into the parking lot I called Jacob’s phone with the intention on blasting him. As soon as the ringing stopped I started in on him. “JACOB BLACK, you have some nerve! I have a life you know, you can’t just wail on my phone that way! When I get to you I swear I’m gonna kick your ass!” I screamed.

“Are you finished?” A bell like voice said over the receiver.

“Who is this?” I was now totally confused.

“It’s Alice, there’s been … well, there was a situation that went too far. Can you come to the house please?” For as cheery as her voice sounded there was still something off about that made me concerned, not about her but about Jacob.

“It must be serious for you to deceive me this way,” I grumbled, “I’m on my way.”

I arrived at the Cullen house a half hour later. I actually showed myself inside which was a most definite first. As soon as I entered I wished I hadn’t, I saw Jacob sitting on the couch, furious with both of his hands bandaged up. Nessie was sitting on Alice’s lap crying. She looked up at me and then ran up and hugged me.

“I’m so sorry Leah! This is all my fault!” As she drenched me with tears she sent images of what happened through my head. She showed me what happened. Jacob saw Nahuel laughing and joking with the child, and as he went to leave her he hugged her. Jake with his damned temper got in his face, once he thought Nessie was out of hearing range (obviously she wasn’t), Jacob threw the first punch, the second, so on and so forth. Nahuel never touched him.

“Wow,” I whispered, “it’s not your fault. You know the story The Three Little Pigs?” The girl maneuvered so that she could look at me.

“Yeah why?” She croaked wiping her eyes.

“Your Jacob is like the big bad wolf some times; he huffs, puffs, and tries to knock things and sometimes people down. I’m about to pass down a responsibility to you and you may be a whole lot better at it than me. You ready?” I got down on her level and smiled at her. I think she like when I was nice to her mainly because I rarely was, it was nothing personal, it was just I really didn’t like anything that really had to do with Bella as a typical norm. She smiled back and listened intently to what I was about to say.

“When you see Jacob about to do something or even say something stupid, you say SHUT UP JAKE or STOP BEING STUPID JACOB AND SIT DOWN!” She laughed but I was serious, I believed this kid had a lot of power over him if she had told him to stop he would have. “You try it!” I encouraged.

“SHUT UP JAKEY AND SIT DOWN!” She giggled and held her mouth after yelling.

“Very good! Way to make it your own,” I high fived the girl and then afforded a looked to my now broken alpha, “now go give Jakey a hug and run upstairs I need to talk to him and your Aunt.” She hugged him briefly and kissed his cheek.

“Feel better Jakey!” She petted his head and then ran upstairs. I went to check to make sure she went where she was supposed to go before speaking.

“Jacob, I think you should take a break from coming over here,” he started to protest and I held my hand up, “let’s recap shall we. Bella and Edward have only been gone for two days and you are here attempting to beat the hell out of some guy, that’s done you no harm.”

“He’s not just some guy he’s a disgusting leech!” His bandaged hands were now shaking. I imagined him turning into a big wolf broken front paws, I don’t why the image was sort of funny. I blinked a couple time to regroup.

“Yeah, so is the child your trying to protect and if you were really going to fight him … next time I’d suggest phasing that’s what it’s supposed to help us do kill leeches.” I rolled my eyes and slapped one of his hands and he yelled out in pain. “Oh stop bellyaching you deserved to be hit! I’m serious if you can’t play nice with the guy then don’t come over … your upsetting the kid.” My voice carried a seriousness that I hoped would make him understand his stupidity.

“I don’t want to upset her.” He sighed, I studied his face he was still frustrated, “I’ll make a better effort to make nice. The least he could do is back up while I’m around!”

“I had the same thought!” Alice chirped, “While Leah handled all the parenting stuff, I came up with this. This is your schedule Jacob this is when you will be allowed to hang out with Nessie and I have set up one for Nahuel as well.” She handed him both papers, “as you can see the time is setup equally and you both see her daily.” She giggled. “I can’t wait until she’s older so that this is less weird but until I guess you will both be the best baby sitters we never paid for.”

“Or two houseguest that damn near never leave,” I murmured from the audience.

“Very well put,” Alice smiled at me. I was trying to be nice to her but she still freaked me out the most.

“Yeah, I’ve been told my vocabulary is pretty colorful,” I yawned it was time to leave, “head to the car Black. I’m going to say bye to the brat and I’m meet you.” Surprisingly he didn’t put up a fuss about leaving he exited peacefully.

When I came back into the living room thankfully Alice was gone but the hybrid now took her place. He sat on the couch with his hands covering his face. “Hey I heard you had a little …,” he took his hands away and the bruises shocked me. I didn’t know he could actually look hurt. He had dark nasty spots all over his face. “I’ll get you some ice.” I ran into the kitchen. I quickly found a dish towel and filled it with ice. My hands were shaking something about the way his face had looked unnerved me. I reminded of how pissed I was when Seth got into his first fight at school. I went to return to him but he was already in the kitchen sitting at the table and staring at me. “Here,” I held the ice to his face. I made sure to be gentle now that I’d seen him so … human, he seemed fragile to me. I moved the ice pack around to different areas on his face.

“Why are you being so nice to a leech like me? A leech you told to fuck off?” He was angry but he kept his tone down.

“I’m sorry about what happened today,” when I spoke I felt like I had something caught in my throat. I attempted to clear it but it would go away. “Jake was a douche, I mean he was wrong, immature, and stupid. Nessie showed me what happened, you never touched him, and you were the better man.” I smiled a little. I hoped that I had lifted his spirits.

“Thank you,” he closed his eyes and sighed. Once his eyes closed I actually blinked I must’ve been staring. It was those damned eyes I swear he must have the power of hypnosis or something. “Your kindness has been refreshing and this,” he cupped his hand over mine while I still holding the ice to his face, “feels good.” He opened his eyes and looked at me again. “I didn’t know that you could heal bruises this way.”

“Really?” I frowned I thought it was common knowledge. He shook his head and then we both hear someone clear their throat.

“Jacob’s been honking,” Alice arched her eyebrow and then I looked at our hands and quickly put my hand down. I looked at his face the bruises were already starting to fade.

“That’s right I left the mutt in the car I hope I remembered to roll the windows down.” I laughed and so did they. “Don’t tell him I said that!” I went to leave and they walked me to the door.

“Goodbye Leah,” Nahuel uttered in quiet friendly tone, I looked back at him and frowned. I don’t why it was a normal response to what I was doing.

“Later,” I said half way to my car. I looked at my pathetic alpha in the passenger’s seat of my vehicle. He was the fourth reason I wanted to leave Forks, I was tired to cleaning up his messes.