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Missing Pieces

Have you ever felt that a piece of you was missing? That's how I felt ... until I met her.


4. I Kind Of Like It

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I couldn’t sleep; I was still fuming about what that dog had done to me. At first, when I met him and Alice and Emmett referred to him that way I felt bad for him, but now I feel for the dogs he’s being compared to. What was his problem? I was simply showing the child kindness and getting to know her. Everyone here assumes I’m interested in some relationship with the child when she becomes of age, but that’s not the case. She intrigues me because we are the same breed, for lack of a better way to explain it. I was enjoying experiencing her young life and comparing it to my own. I thought my experience might be refreshing and helpful to her. However, my presence today had ended in the child’s tears. I was starting to think my Aunt was right we should return home. I planned to tell everyone tomorrow and leave by the next night fall.

I sighed and looked up at the full moon. The sky was clear for a change. I sat outside in the forest under a tree trying to calm myself naturally. I knew that if Jasper found me he’d correct the emotion but his effect was only temporary. I liked to be sure that I was completely over what I was feeling before reentering the house. I sighed and looked up at the stars. I believed in the heavens, and I believed that even though my mother had given birth to a monster, she was up there. She had to be because she gave her own life to make sure I had mine. It was because of her that I tried to be selfless. Even in my killing of humans for my thirst I tried to think of them. I tried to pick only the humans that were dying or seriously ill. I convinced myself that I was ending their pain. Today I had also been selfless; I didn’t kill that man child even though I easily could have. I let him pound on my face for a good ten minutes, never touching him because I didn’t want upset Renesmee. I was good, but I wasn’t sure I had it in me to be that good again.

The other reason I had come out here was to hunt. I thought that I would be in the mood to kill however I was too depressed to be effective. I sat there, picking at the leaves and enjoying the silence until it was interrupted by screaming in the distance.

“There’s too many people in my damned house! Why don’t you and Emily just go back to her little cabin and leave the rest of my family alone!” The woman screamed. I got up and immediately traveled closer to the ranting woman. I approached her; she was now sitting on the ground with her head in her hands.

“Leah?” I asked. I knew it was her I just didn’t fully understand her disposition.

“You’re dangerously close to the line again leech!” She murmured angrily from behind her hands.

“Aren’t you tired? Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” I questioned. I sat beside her, but not too close because I could tell that she was feeling kind of hostile.

“I would be sleeping and happy … if my house wasn’t full of assholes!” She groaned the lifted her head, and looked in the opposite direction, I saw as she attempted to secretly wipe her tears before she looked in my direction. “So what are you trying to commit suicide or something?” She asked, changing the subject.

“Excuse me?” I was seriously confused. There was no rope in my head and I was nowhere near that depressed.

“The line leech!” She reminded me. “Why are you so close to the line again? After I warned you! I don’t why I waste my breath.” She said, exasperated, plopping her hands on the ground.

“I’m not disobeying you intentionally. I’m not exactly sure where this line is drawn.” I said honestly. “I just go where I feel comfortable.” I shrugged, I felt very comfortable here. Something about the land seemed calm and relaxing.

“This is my favorite spot to come and think. It’s beautiful too and not many people come this way because it’s pretty much in the middle of the Cullen territory and our territory.” She explained. “I don’t know why I’m sharing this with you.”

“I know because I’m a vile leech!” I reiterated her ongoing point, ever since I had met her that word had been stuck to her mouth worse than her tongue.

“Not only that: you’re a stranger, you’ve only been here for like a second and I’m sharing private information with you.” She snickered.

“Well, you won’t have to worry about me telling anyone, since I won’t be around much longer. My aunt and I will be leaving tomorrow.” I practiced telling her so that I could prepare my excuses.

“Well that’s stupid.” She huffed. I was shocked by the expression on her face. She almost seemed sad.

“I think it’s a very intelligent thing to do. The Cullens have been very hospitable, but my presence is only making their everyday lives worse.” I countered.

“This is because of Jake,” she said bluntly, “he’s my alpha, and I care about him, but let me tell you something … and I swear to God if you tell anyone I’ve said this I will deny it and kill you myself! Understand?” I nodded and waited for her to continue. “I think it’s good for Nessie that you’re here. I think it’s good now because you know better than anybody what she’s going through, growing so rapidly, and having her hormones change so quickly. You can relate to her on a level that none of the other’s can. Also, in the future you will give her another option … everyone deserves the opportunity to choose who they’re in love with. It shouldn’t be some damned decision from the higher ups. It should come from here.” She touched her chest and closed her eyes. “You’re giving her a choice and she will thank you for it.” I studied the hurt and sadness in her expression. The frown covering her face started to fade as her hand dropped into her lap and she opened her eyes.

“I appreciate that Leah, thank you, but I don’t know if I have enough … tolerance to handle certain people. If he would’ve just listened to me when I tried to explain my intention toward Renesmee he may actually find my being here useful.” I stood and stretched. “I guess I should move away from your precious line.” I teased as I turned to exit the area.

“Look Nahuel,” she was now standing holding with her hand on my shoulder, “I already know you have the capability to be more logical than Jake. Don’t let him run you off!”

“Sounds as if you don’t want me to leave,” I teased. In a weird way, I didn’t want to leave her. I felt like Leah needed a friend, and the more I talked to her the more I thought I could offer her that.

“I’m trying to stop you from being a punk but see it how you want to.” She grumbled as she moved her hand off me, crossing her arms against her chest. I couldn’t help but chuckle at her fickle behavior.

“Okay,” I composed myself, “Leah, it’s been a pleasure as usual, but I’m going to head back to the Cullens’ house.” I said as I started to depart. “I hope you enjoy the rest of you night.”

“Hold on wait leech, I mean, Nahuel.” I paused and turned back to her. “Did it work?” I copied her motion and crossed my arms against my chest.

“Did what work?” I arched my eyebrow at her, and she scoffed, looking at me as if I were an imbecile.

“Are you leaving?” She took a couple steps toward me. I noticed how her dark eyes glistened under the moonlight. It was the first time I really saw emotion in them. Her eyes were probably the most attractive things I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know black oynx could seem so soft and vulnerable.

“I don’t know … I may stay around a little while longer.” I mused. “I’ll have to find things to keep myself preoccupied, I find myself becoming restless simply lounging at the Cullens.” I began walking back toward the house, and Leah walked with me.

“I think Jacob would be more than happy with you spending less time being cooped up in the house with his imprint boo.” She snickered. I nodded even though I didn’t give a damn how that mutt felt.

“Yeah, because I’m all about pleasing your mate,” I rolled my eyes. I’d notice that our pace was getting slower the closer we came to the house.

“Why do you call him that? I’m most definitely not mating with Jacob!” She growled. I stopped and laughed.

“I mean mate, in the sense that you two are close and cordial. I don’t mean that you’re having sexual intercourse.” I explained and then started walking again.

“You know you could just say sex you don’t have to sexual intercourse. It’s too messy an act to use such a proper term.” She countered.

“It is the correct term is it not?” I asked just making sure.

“Yeah,” she answered.

“Well, then I don’t think it matters as long as you know what I’m talking about.” I rebutted.

“You know what Nahuel? You’re a bit of a smart ass!” She giggled holding her sides.

“I’m sorry?” It seemed like an insult but she seemed really amused by it.

“Don’t be. I kind of like it.” We both laughed and then silence hit us both. She looked back from where we came. “I gotta get back. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around.” I watched as she faded into the darkness.

“Goodnight Leah.” I whispered as I turned to the house that I was less than ten feet away from. I had made up my mind: I was staying. Even with everything that had happened today, I still felt like I was home.