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Missing Pieces

Have you ever felt that a piece of you was missing? That's how I felt ... until I met her.


5. Friends

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My house was now a war zone. My dear sweet cousin Emily had started making plans for her wedding to my ex and she wants my whole family to be a part of it. She had already asked me if I could be her maid of honor to which I did not respond. Her question was proof that there was such a thing as a stupid question. Now she was trying to persuade my mother to give her away and Seth to be a groomsman. Both declined out of respect for me. My mother did promise her however, that all of us would attend the event we just refused to be a part of it.

Even though my mother responded with class, Emily and Sam hadn’t given up. Sam was on our doorstep daily begging for our cooperation for his angel Emily’s sake. He tried to guilt us into it by telling us how she was crying because we weren’t supporting her. I couldn’t take seeing him grovel on her behalf. So for the past two days I’ve made the little Library of Forks my home away from home. I shifted on what I now considered my couch and attempted for the third time to study for the test that I had one week from Monday. I whispered the words out loud in an attempt to assist in my concentration. It seemed to be working. I had read through the majority of the second chapter when I noticed a familiar body in the distance. I got up, leaving my books, and traveled through the aisles to the table across the way.

“Hello leech,” I whispered. Nahuel offered me an uninterested glance.

“Oh hello Leah,” he said placing emphasis of his use of my name. I knew his name but leech had sort of become his nickname instead of insult. One day I’d have to make a point of bringing it to his attention. Not that I planned to spend oodles of time with him. I just kept bumping into the guy in the weirdest places.

“Why are you in the library? Isn’t the Cullen’s mansion full of books?” I invited myself to have a seat. Again, his stare seemed kind of annoyed.

“I wanted privacy,” he sighed, “their house is filled with tension. Granted I’ve caused most of it, but I can’t stand to be in that house and be insulted by your mate … I mean your friend.” He corrected himself and then went back to reading his book.

“So you chose to come to the library?” I said in disbelief. I don’t why I didn’t believe him, as I was kind of hiding out there myself.

“Yeah, it’s calm and quiet, which is what I need right now. Jasper gave me the idea to come here.” He looked up at me and closed his book. His golden brown eyes stared at me curiously. “What are you doing here?” He countered.

“I’m studying for a test,” I offered bluntly. It was no need to be secretive.

“I don’t see any study material or books?” He countered examining my empty hands.

“Good observation, papa leech! I left my stuff on the couch over there.” I pointed back and noticed the librarian right behind me.

“Miss Clearwater! Can you and your friend please hush your tones or exit the building please, a couple of guests have complained.” She warned with a frown on her face. I looked back at Nahuel he gave me a pissed expression. I could tell he wasn’t the type to like getting into any trouble.

“Don’t worry ma’am we were just leaving,” I said as I looked over to the half leech who now wore a face full of mass confusion. After the librarian left I stood up and grabbed his book. “Come on leechy pooh, I’m hungry and I don’t like to eat alone.”

“What makes you think I want to be your company?” His face was stern as he remained seated but I didn’t care he was coming whether he wanted to or not.

“In a nutshell, we’re both here, but neither of us want to be. So we should take a break, chill out, and eat something.” I smirked a little. “Admit it you’re a little bored aren’t you?” I came over to his side of the table and leaned against it.

“If you want my company you should ask for it instead of demanding it,” he said initially ignoring my question, “However you are right; I will accompany you to dinner.” He stood and exited with me.

“What is this?” Nahuel sat across from me with his nose wrinkled up at the delicious plate of food between us.

“Steak and cheese fries! They’re really good you should try some.” I murmured with a mouth full of food. He shook his head. “Dude, trust me. Everybody loves these. They have a taste even a half leech can appreciate.” I snickered.

“It looks vile.” He took a sip of his cup of water. He was that bland that he couldn’t even order a soda. “Besides, I’m not a particular fan of how eating makes my body react.” I clenched my teeth in an attempt not to burst into laughter.

“Nobody likes to shit Nahuel, there are worse things to have to live through; trust me. What makes you so special that you shouldn’t have to?” I teased. I slid the plate over to him. “Come on, you know you’re curious.” He sighed, giving up, and took half of a fry, shoving it in his mouth. The corners of his mouth went up as he appreciated the taste.

“It isn’t awful,” he commented. I rolled my eyes. He liked it he was just stubborn, I could tell.

“Is that all you’re going to say? Fine then you can’t have anymore!” I pulled the plate back over to my side of the table. I could see the disappointment on his face.

“Okay, okay they’re good, good enough to suffer the consequences,” He laughed. “Now if you’d please split your plate.” He attempted to pull the plate towards him a little but I wasn’t letting it budge.

“Whoa, whoa now you’re saying things I don’t understand leechy … split my plate?” I asked. “I hope you’re splitting the bill!” I countered as I took another fry.

“Didn’t you invite me? Isn’t it custom for the invitee to foot the bill?” He smirked, knowing he was right.

“Ass,” I murmured under my breath. Even though he annoyed me I found myself smiling at his comments. Well, him in general, he just had this vibe about him that made me comfortable, I figured it was just another mechanism he used to lure in innocent humans so that he could suck the life out of them. However, since I was neither of those things it was just a bonus to have someone to talk to that made me feel at ease. Everyone else in my life was causing me stress. Who knew that a leech would be my savior? I moved my plate to the middle of the table so that we could share.

“This is nice,” he mused, “I rather like your company.” He carried a worried expression on his face.

“If you’re enjoying yourself why do you look so funky?” I shoved one more fry in my mouth.

“Oh, no reason I was just waiting for you to be offended or to insult me … because it’s in your nature to do so.” He said moving my drink over to his side of the table. “Is this a cola?” I nodded.

“Yeah, it’s a Pepsi because Coke is disgusting!” I gagged at the thought of drinking one.

“May I?” He went to lower his lips onto my straw.

“EW! Use your own damn straw! I don’t know where you’re mouth has been!” I teased and he rolled his eyes and took his own straw from his own glass and placed it in my glass. He cringed at the taste and immediately took his straw back. “Different strokes for different folks I guess.” I took my drink back. “Maybe you should try Sprite?”

“Why would you drink something so nasty?,” Nahuel wiped his tongue off with the napkin.

“Why are you knocking my drink? I could knock what you drink I could call that nasty but I don’t!” I huffed.

“Trust me, with all the leech comments I’m completely aware of how you feel about my thirst situation.” He looked offended again.

“Dude, if we’re going to hang out, you have to lighten up. Okay?” He looked at me, confusion in his stare.

“What makes you think that we’ll meet again?” He asked. “I mean in this social an atmosphere?” He shoved the plate towards me with the last fry on it. He was a gentleman that’s for sure; Jacob or Seth would have snatched it without thinking twice.

“Dude, you’re making me think that you’re not having an awesome time!” I smirked at my own sarcasm. I shifted a little in my seat. I didn’t know why but it unnerved that he might not actually want to hang out. It was a major blow to my ego I guess.

“You’re company has been enjoyable,” he uttered slowly, “I just thought your kind was opposed to being social with us leeches.” He looked down and frowned.

“I think allowances are being made. I mean look at how Jacob is making himself look stupid to spend time with little leech lite. I don’t think that they can treat me any differently for having a meal or two with you.”

“Seems logical to me,” he folded his hands together. “If we are going to become mates, or rather friends, I have one request.” He arched his eyebrow and brought his lips up into a grin.

“My God, first outing and you’re already making demands.” I teased and he snickered.

“It’s not a demand it’s a request … I want you to call me by my name and nothing else. No more leech or leechy man! Agreed?” He stuck his hand out for me to shake.

“What about Leechy Pooh? I like that one.” I joked.

“Leah,” he warned in a nagging fashion, his hand still extended.

“Fine that’s a hard request but I’ll seriously try,” I placed my hand in his, “Friends?” I smiled sweetly.

“Friends.” He smiled back at me.