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Missing Pieces

Have you ever felt that a piece of you was missing? That's how I felt ... until I met her.


7. Quite Graceful

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“So where are we again?” Nahuel asked as we walked from my car to the skating rink. I pulled my keys from my pocket and looked for the right one.

“This is Blaze Roller Rink. My dad knew that guy that built and owned this place. My dad actually helped him build the place. He and my dad were really close that’s why he gave him a key so that he could use the place after hours,” I explained as I unlocked the door, “anyway the dude got sick and now his younger brother runs it but he doesn’t care if Seth and I use it from time to time. I worked here a couple of summers ago. It was pretty cool a fun laid back job.” I walked over to the D.J. booth and cut on the lights and music. Nahuel seemed taken off guard by the colors and sound.

“Have you ever been skating before?” I asked as I joined him in the middle of the rink.

“No,” he said, “is it a fun activity?” He looked around again and then covered his ears. I forgot about his super sensitive hearing, I turned the volume down but only a little. I wanted it loud enough so that I couldn’t think about how icky I felt inside. At least I didn’t feel as bad as I did earlier. I thought that I was going to explode inside from the hurt of just feeling abandoned. My mother didn’t leave her room and Seth was out of the house before I could even begin to think about asking him to chill with me. I hated to admit but the leech had really saved my ass.

“I think so,” I headed toward the skates and rollerblades. “What size are you?” He looked at me confused and I rolled my eyes. “Sit down.” He sat on one of the benches; I kneeled down and took his shoes off. I looked on its tongue it read size twelve. “Whoa,” slipped pass my lips, the saying big hands, big feet, big dick came to mind. Not that his dick concerned me but it did make me wonder if it were true. I shook of the thought of leech meat and stood.

“Is something the matter?” He gave me a concerned glare. I was a little unnerved with where my thoughts had been. At least I didn’t look at his package. As proper as he was if he had caught me staring at his crotch he probably would’ve have wanted to leave immediately. As much as I hated to admit it, I was leaning on the dude right now so I didn’t want that.

“Nope, just getting your skates,” I came back and handed him the skates and he gave me an amused expression.

“Are you not going to place them on my feet like you took the others off,” he smirked, “I rather like being waited on.” I rolled my eyes at him and sat down beside him and put on my rollerblades.

“Don’t get too cocky leech,” my eyes got big at my slip, “whoops sorry.” I gave him a cheesy grin hoping that my goof ball face would make him laugh so hard that he didn’t care.

“I guess today it’s alright,” he looked down at the skates now on his feet and clicked them together. “Are you going to teach me how to use these?”

“So you really have never skated before?” I don’t know why I was in a state of disbelief. It’s not like he was from around here and there were tons of humans that didn’t know how. I guess I just thought that vampires kind of knew about everything.

“No ma’am.” He smiled at me playfully.

“This is going to be so fun,” I giggled, “you’re gonna fall on your ass!” The thought delighted me for some reason so much so I clapped in anticipation.

“My getting hurt would amuse you?” He arched his eyebrow seemed a little annoyed.

“Well … in this case yeah,” he rolled his eyes, “I don’t think you falling on the floor a couple of times will going to hurt you. It’s just gonna look funny. You ready?” I said offering him my hand and he took it.

“I guess,” he stood up and close to me. It wasn’t until then I really took in how tall Nahuel was. I mean I wasn’t short myself but he towered over me. I pulled him off the carpet and onto the glossy wooden floor. He wobbled a little then balanced himself.

“You good?” I giggled as I got in front of him. “Here give me your other hand and I’ll pull you.” I pulled him around the ring a couple of times, like I had done with some of the younger kid I had taught.

“I think I’ve got it now,” he let go of both of my hands and for some reason I didn’t like it. It made me feel kind of … empty. I continued to skate backwards so I could watch and hopefully see him fall on his ass.

He maneuvered the ring like a pro and I was kind of pissed. I was hoping for some comedy and I was completely let down. “Why are you frowning?” He tilted his head perplexed. “Am I doing something wrong?”

“I that you were gonna tank and fall at least once leec … I mean Nahuel!” I crossed my arms and then switch my direction so that I was now skating in the same direction as him. He sped up so that he was beside me.

“Would it make you feel better if I fell?” He huffed out at my ridiculousness.

“Yeah I think it would,” I teased and he laughed a little.

“Oh, oh no,” he pretended like he was slipping and then fell back. I didn’t laugh but couldn’t help but smile.

“Did that please you?” He asked as he positioned himself to a sitting position.

“Nah, not as much as if you were just clumsy,” I answered honestly.

“Will you help me up?” he said reaching up to me and obliged him and the dumbass pulled me down with him.

“What the hell Nahuel?” I yelled at him but his laughter was so infectious that I found myself laughing too.

“Now that pleased me thoroughly!” He teased. We both lay in the middle of the rink. “Leah, how do you move backward that way?”

“I don’t know a lot of people can do it,” I stopped looking at the lights and twisted my head so that I look at him. “Do you want me to teach you?” I started to get up and he grabbed my hand.

“In a while … can we just exist here for a bit longer?” I nodded and relaxed. I was starting to feel like I was doing something sort of taboo, him simply holding my hand shouldn’t affect me the way it did. Was I starting to read too much into this … maybe I was simply over analyzing the situation, I had the tendency to do that.

“Sure leechy pooh,” I closed my eyes and laughed, “that’s the last time I promise!” I squeezed his hand a little and then let it go.

“Yeah right!” He huffed and then he laughed a little. “You know you look … you’re quite graceful Leah.” I turned and looked at him and his eyes were a bit to serious for my liking. I felt this odd tension that left me momentarily silent.

“Thanks I guess?” I was a little confused by the statement. Obviously he realized that I was because he started to explain.

“Jacob stomps around the house but you glide when you move … not that I watch you frequently … or him for that matter.” He shook his head as if he were embarrassed by something. He was starting to stumble over his words.

“I get your point,” I sat upright, “regardless of whether Jacob and I are the same species of supernatural weird, I’m still a woman and he’s still a man- like- figure.” I scooted away a little hoping that some distance would bring clarity back into my brain. I needed to think logically, I was vulnerable. Today had really taken its toll on me and I was clinging to the one person that was there for me. That was the only reason our dynamic was changing.

“Trust me I’m aware of your gender,” he smirked and I think my glare shocked him into thinking he spoke out of turn, “I mean you’re whiny like a female.” We both laughed off the weird tension growing between us.

“My point was I’m supposed to be graceful dummy!” I punched him in the shoulder. “Come on we’re wasting precious time here! Oh, you know we should race!” I stood easily; he did have a little trouble getting back to his feet.

“Leah, give me your hand,” he ordered.

“Oh no dude, we’ve been through that before,” I started skating around him in circle, “come on, I’m waiting!” I sang.

“Once I’m upright and composed I’m going to get you!” He finally accomplished his goal and frowned at me. “Thanks for your help!” He hissed.

“Yeah, yeah catch me if you can leechy pooh!” I sped off and he quickly followed.

“I thought you were done calling me that!” He yelled to me, then grabbed me by the waist and began spinning me around. “What do you have to say to yourself?” He shook me. He had never held me this close and I allowed myself one glance into his eyes.

“Whoops!” I said breathlessly. A glimmer of whatever it was growing between us showed itself when his focal point lowered to my lips. He quickly put me down and we started play once more but I was being to think the damage had been done … and this feeling had to be terminated