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Missing Pieces

Have you ever felt that a piece of you was missing? That's how I felt ... until I met her.


8. Certainty and Scrabble

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“How sure are you that this is really going to happen Alice?” I overheard Rose whispering in one of the guest rooms.

“I’m about 98 percent sure. Besides, wouldn’t it be marvelous? It’d be good to see the family grow!” I turned the corner and entered the room. Both women stopped and looked at me like I was disturbing them.

“Good evening, ladies,” I smiled and they both returned the favor, “I couldn’t help over hearing that your family would be growing?” I inquired. “How is that possible now that the majority of your coven is full vampires and female vampires can’t reproduce?” They both concentrated on making the bed and adjusting the pillows.

“We are quite aware of our predicament,” Rosalie grumbled, “We were talking about someone else.” I waited for details and then realized that she wasn’t going to give me any extra information. So I switched my line of questioning.

“Are you all expecting more company?” Rose nodded and looked at Alice.

“Leah will be staying with us tonight … of that I’m 100 percent sure.” She smirked. I stepped back a little, I was confused. I didn’t understand why Leah would want to stay here; she hated this place. Or so she had told me, it had something to do with the vampire scent being too strong.

“What would encourage her to do that?” I asked. I stared at the bed as they made it, I couldn’t really imagine her sleeping peacefully there.

“I’m not sure of the events that lead to it, but I’m sure that she will be sleeping in this bed tonight,” she looked at Rose and snapped her fingers as she remembered something, “Don’t let me forget to open the windows to air out this room for her.” Rose nodded and huffed. “Don’t huff Rose! One day Leah will be your best friend just as Bella is mine!” I looked at them both like they were insane. How can one speak of the future with such certainty? Also, how could Leah possibly be Rosalie’s best friend? Something about that seriously unnerved me. Maybe it was the fact that then I would have to split my time … I paused in revelation of my thought. Why was I so possessive over Leah’s time? We’d only hung out a few times; I definitely had no claims to her.

“I think the reason she’s staying over is because of Jacob,” Esme said bringing in a pair of her jeans and a tee shirt. “It is Jacob’s turn to spend time with Nessie.” I had completely forgotten about that schedule and my desire to hang with Nessie for that matter. It had been a day since Leah and I went skating. It was one of the deepest yet most fun days of my life. I wanted to see her again. I actually went to the library yesterday in hopes of approaching her, but I didn’t.

“Nahuel, are you alright honey?” Esme questioned while Alice and Rosalie snickered in the background.

“Yes ma’am, have any of you seen my aunt around?” I asked looking for a way out. I needed to leave so I wouldn’t sit around feeling anxious about Leah’s arrival.

“I believe she went to hunt with Emmett,” Rosalie narrowed her eyes at me. “I could take you to her if you need her.” I nodded appreciatively.

“Yes, that would be excellent, thank you!” She headed out the door and I followed her. As soon as we made our way outside Leah’s car pulled up. Jacob exited first followed by Leah. She had curled her short locks the look was most definitely appealing and complemented her bone structure.

“No, Jacob! You just asked me to drop your ass off! I have class in the morning and I’m not getting stuck here!” She fussed.

“Please, Nessie really wants to have a sleepover, and I know she’ll stay up longer if you hang out with us!” He was fussing like a child as he pulled her by her arm towards the door.

“You do realize how weird that sounds you want to have a sleep over with a child … that’s really what you want to do?” She looked at him in disbelief.

“For the hundredth time Leah, I don’t view her like that. I just feel like I need to protect her,” He explained and Leah rolled her eyes. It was the perfect response to his idiotic statement.

“What are you protecting her from exactly? She is living with her parents and family for crying out loud!” She huffed and went to return to her car.

“Leah please!” He grabbed her once more. I actually found myself hoping that he could persuade her.

“Fine, god damn!” She snatched her arm back. She turned towards the front door and her eyes focused on me.

“Where do you think you’re headed?” She asked as she approached me.

“I think the term you are looking for is hello,” I replied. As attractive as the female was she really had no manners what so ever.

“Sorry,” she said dryly, “Hello Nahuel, how are you? Isn’t the weather lovely? Where the hell are you going?” She said bitingly, and I couldn’t help but find humor in her behavior.

“I was actually going to accompany my aunt,” I answered as I focused on trying not to be elated to see her.

“Well, there’s been a change in your plans. If I have to be here then so do you!” She pulled me in the house behind her and I heard Jacob grumble something as he followed us in.

“Leah, if the leech has to go find his auntie, who are you to stop him?” He countered, giving me a look of disgust.

“If he really had to go he’d be gone,” she snapped, not allowing me to reply to the mutt’s statement. “Besides, if you’re gonna be upstairs drooling over baby leech then, at the very least, I want somebody logical to talk to.” She now stood beside me with her arms crossed. “Point blank, if he goes then I go.” I smirked a little. I was glad that my company meant that much to her.

“As long as you plan to spend the whole night,” Jacob sighed, defeated, and her eyes bugged out of their sockets.

“What, the whole night? Jacob, have you lost your damned mind?” She yelled. “I thought you just wanted me to stay here until the kid conked out!”

After Leah’s outburst Esme flew into the room, concern coloring her expression. “Is something the matter?” She assessed everyone as she waited for an answer.

“No, we’re still discussing sleeping arrangements.” Alice uttered cheerfully, Esme gave her a knowing smirk and then sat on the couch.

“Oh, well if you do plan to spend the night Leah, we have a guest room made up and I’m pretty sure that we can find you something to wear. Once it gets but so late you probably won’t feel like traveling anyway.” She frowned and looked down as the woman spoke. I think she felt like she was being backed into a corner. If I didn’t like it, I knew she really had to be pissed to the point of hating them all.

“You don’t have to decide now,” I said in hopes of comforting her, “you should just see how the night goes.” She looked up at me and smirked.

“Yeah whatever,” she huffed. “Do they have any decent food in this place?” I guess that was her way of letting me know that their peer pressure had worked.

After Leah raided the kitchen and settled on some veggie chips that she complained about lacking flavor, she and I headed up to Nessie’s room. Nessie was overjoyed to see us both. Jacob of course wished that I were dead, however I didn’t have any plans to die tonight so he might as well get over himself.

“So do you wanna play a game or something? That’s what most people do at these things.” Leah questioned as she looked around the girls room.

“Sure!” Nessie beamed as she bounced over to Leah and hugged her. Leah patted her awkwardly on the back and shifted out of the young child’s hold. “You’re hair is different … better!” Nessie commented as skipped over to her close and looked up at the games she had.

“I’m glad I have your approval kid,” she said sarcastically. Her eyes darted over to me and then focused back to the floor.

“Yeah, it makes you look more girlie,” Nessie continued, completely oblivious to the fact that Leah didn’t care what she thought.

“I think my boobs make sure that I always look like a girl!” She teased the girl who was now dragging a chair over to the closet. I wouldn’t have been sure what she was talking about if Leah hadn’t gestured her breasts. I denied myself the awkward, automatic urge to stare, but at least I knew what she called them.

“Fat men have boobs too!” Nessie stated and caused Leah to hold her sides, in tears over her laughter. I think the statement shocked Jacob, I wasn’t sure if he even realized that the girl knew what ‘boobs’ meant.

“Wow, I really wasn’t expecting you to say that! You may be alright after all chick!” Leah said, stifling her laughter.

“Yeah, you too,” she was too focused on picking a game to be overly happy. “Does everyone like monopoly?” She asked.

“I will love anything you pick,” Jacob smiled at the girl, she looked over her shoulder and smiled back.

“Shocker there,” Leah murmured and I snickered.

“Stop picking on Jake … it’s not his fault!” She sighed and returned her focus to the closet.


“Yeah, let’s play that … it’s shorter and I have class tomorrow.” Leah commented as she moved down from Nessie’s bed to the floor.

“Let’s play in teams!” The child marveled over her own idea. “Boys versus girls!” She clapped and Jacob immediately began to frown.

“How about shape shifters versus vampires?” Leah countered, but she didn’t really seem thrilled by the idea.

“That’s not fun … that’s just reality.” Renesmee countered as she thought it over. “How about my Jacob and me versus Nahuel and you?” The child offered. Leah looked over at me and shrugged.

“If it’s cool with you, it’s cool with me. I should be a lot better at this game than chess,” she smirked a little and we all repositioned. She now sat beside me.

“That’s good because I can’t say that I’ve had the pleasure of playing this game,” I spoke hesitantly, hoping that my lack of knowledge wouldn’t hinder her from wanting to be my partner.

“Don’t worry you can’t be much worse than Jacob,” she laughed, “He’s dumb as a brick.” Jacob threw a wooden game piece at Leah’s head and she caught it effortlessly. “Oh and he’s immature too!”

“Okay, are we ready?” Jacob said playfully and Nessie giggled.

“Yes! Let the best couple win!” The word couple sent an odd twinge down my spine. The statement was logical: we were coupled for the game, but with the new urges I had for my “game partner” I wished she hadn’t said it.

“You okay leech?” She used that word, but her eyes seemed genuinely concerned. I nodded and focused on the letters in front of me. “You better not freeze up on me I need your head in the game!” She giggled and nudged me.

Renesmee received the first turn, and of course she place a word on the board that would slap me in the face: love. That’s what I was doing, I was loving Leah, or I was at least falling very quickly for her. The question now was how do I get rid of these feelings that this woman would refuse to share.