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Remembering Leah

No one really had any love for the female wolf. They found her to be a bitter “drag” to be around. So they left her in her hell to morn the life she should have had. She constantly felt she had to prove herself that’s what made her take on the last newborn during battle. Only one wolf tried to help her, Jacob, but he was too late. The newborn crushed her cranium against a boulder and rendered her unconscious. Her body instantly went back to its human form and Emmett and Rosalie finished off the newborn. Alice covered the female shifters body and tried to revive her. Nothing, I heard nothing from her thoughts. I only saw blackness. We all would have thought she was dead if it wasn’t for her heartbeat. “The Volturi, she needs to be removed before their arrival. I will come to her after we are finished.” The pack removed her . . .


3. Leah's Eyes

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“One more time Leah!” Carlisle said placing photos of her family and friends in front of her.

“Dr. Cullen, I promise you I’ve got it we don’t have to do it again.” She begged but he insisted.

“I just want to make sure that you are comfortable with the people around you. Tomorrow could be extremely stressful for you.” She nodded catering to Carlisle, I found the whole thing amusing, there was nothing wrong with Leah’s short term memory, matter of fact her comprehension of facts, photos, and literature was really fast.

“Who is this?” Carlisle held up a picture of Quil and that’s what she answered.

“And . . . that’s Jacob, Paul, and Embry . . . all people who could be at my mother’s house as well as Seth who of course is my brother.” She didn’t mention two important names Sam and Emily and I sent a look Carlisle way. I asked that he and Emily not come to this meeting, the thought and I immediately understood, like me Carlisle believed that Leah’s black out mainly came from abruptness in her break up with Sam. Hell, calling it a break up was really an understatement. He wanted Leah to remember it on her own in bits in pieces if possible as to lessen the blow.

“I know this may seem silly to you Leah, but I truly do believe it’s necessary.” Carlisle sympathized.

“I’m not annoyed or anything Dr. Cullen, I’m just frustrated with this whole deal. I understand why you want me to be aware of the people around me.” She picked up Embry’s picture, “Some of them don’t seem so bad.” She smirked at the picture. I wonder if I’ve ever dated any of these guys? Her thought caused my involuntary laughter she looked at me as if I were crazy.

“You should see the way you are looking at that picture!” She put the picture down still staring at it.

“I feel like I have a connection with him . . . all of them really.” It must’ve been the bond of the pack.

“You must have all been very close during your youth.” I sighed knowing that I was partly lying.

“How old am I Eddie?” She asked bluntly.

“Nineteen.” She nodded.

“And how old are you?”

“Seventeen.” I lied again and she laughed. “What’s funny?”

“YOU are not seventeen. You are at least my age.” She sighed and then thought. “Maybe they got your age wrong in your paperwork when you were adopted or something.”

“No, I’m pretty sure I’m seventeen. Why would you think differently?” She shrugged and her brown eyes caught mine. Not that I compare Leah to my Bella, but it was something about Leah’s eyes it must have been the strands that glistened like silver running through that kept me captivated, at times she put me in a trance. I now knew what it felt like to be dazzled.

“I don’t know Eddie, you don’t act like a teenager. Most teenage boys are all hot to get into somebody’s pants . . . but not you.” I smiled at her and forced my stare to the wall behind her glancing at the time on the clock.

“How do you know that? I mean I go see my girlfriend every night how do you know that we aren’t intimate?”

“I don’t know I can just tell.” She responded as she picked up an apple and bit into it.

“You’re right. I guess it’s just the way I was raised.” Then she laughed again.

“Now what’s funny?”

“No offense, but you must have joined the family later in life because all of your brothers and sisters have very healthy sex lives.” I couldn’t help but laugh. “No seriously Eddie,” she moved in and whispered, “like all night long I hear them!”

“Me too.”

“Does it ever make you . . . umm . . .,” she looked down as if she were embarrassed to ask her question.

“Do the sounds arouse me?” I finished it for her and she looked me in the face again waiting for the answer. “They used to but I’ve lived with them for a very long time.” I smirked, “I should ask you the same question since you were so invasive.” A grin spread across her face.

“I never asked that question, you just assumed it was what I was going to ask!” She countered and from her point of view she was right. I didn’t say anything, I did however take the time to notice the clock again, it was getting late and Bella was probably expecting me but part of me didn’t feel like going tonight. “ . . . but . . . it does.” She murmured, “does that mean I’m like some kind of pervert?”

“No your human, why do you think there is such a wide selection of erotica people get off on seeing and hearing other people . . . sometimes.” I shook my head I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation. “Is that why you are up so late at night?” She nodded.

“All I do is toss and turn if I try to sleep . . . I have to find way to distract myself.” I had headphones in my room that I was tempted to give her but I selfishly didn’t because I preferred her be awake when I got home.

“I’m sure you’ll think of something.” I said looking at the clock again, this time she looked in the direction of the object that distracted me.

“Is it Bella time, Eddie, by all means don’t let love wait!” She giggled. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

As expected when got to Bella’s room she was sitting up waiting for me. She greeted me with a kiss that she meant to have been more passionate than I allowed it to be. “Edward we are engaged I think our make sessions are allowed to be a little more intense.” What was with females tonight were all their minds settled in there pants.

“You know my take on the subject Bella.” Was all I said as I made myself comfortable at her side.

“I’m just saying that watching me sleep has to be boring for you. I would love to give you something to think about while I sleep.” She eyed me seductively as I stared in her brown eyes hoping to get the charge that I got earlier tonight but was left empty handed.

“I think about plenty.” I countered and the first thing that popped to mind was Leah so I hoped she didn’t ask about what.

“Like?” I groaned inside knowing that I was going to lie to protect her ego.

“You of course, marrying you, and starting our lives together.” She smiled and laid her head on my chest which was an indicator that she was headed to sleep. More and more that’s what I wished for. I did feel badly about lying to her I just knew that she would take it the wrong way.

I was drawn to Leah but I never imagined us being romantic . . . I just find aspects of her refreshing. Not that she wasn’t beautiful, Leah by far was one of the most attractive women I’d ever met. Her body had just the right blend of firmness and softness that I found appealing. The same aspect colored her wit. She was just not the girl that I expected her to be and that’s what leaves me so mesmerized. Today’s conversation had thrown me for a loop, her talk of sex, actually had aroused me slightly but I had been smart enough to know when the conversation should end. I also knew that it wasn’t necessarily the person I was talking to but the circumstances. I mean I could relate to her situation since I’ve been there before, its not like I imagined her body in her little short thin blue night gown, tossing and turning from her sexual frustration . . . that’s not what I envisioned at all. I looked down at my soon to be wife, I loved her. Why was I trying to make things so difficult for myself?

“Don’t ever leave.” She murmured as she tightened her grip around my waist.

“Never my love,” I kissed the top of her head. I snuck my hand in my pocket and started my count down until 5AM.


I went to Leah’s room to find her sleeping with her book in hand. “War and Peace, my Leah, you do have a warped sense of enjoyable reading material.” I whispered to no one. I noticed something white in her ear. I moved back a few strands of ebony hair to see more clearly. She had put cotton in her ears. I pulled the first piece out; my action was enough to jostle her from her sleep. She groaned and turned away from me.

“Do you know how long it took me to go to sleep?” She murmured against her pillow.

“Sorry.” I lied, “However, since you are awake can you answer what made you pick War and Peace?” She turned back to me.

“The book was large either I was going to be captivated by it or I was going to knock myself unconscious!” I laughed and so did she. “So how was your date?” She said sitting upright and giving up on sleep because I didn’t plan to let her.

“I never think about it as a date . . . but it was good. Can I ask you a question?”

“You always do Eddie, that’s how conversations are born.” I detected a little arrogance but it was more attractive than annoying.

“If the shoe was on the other foot would you be upset if Bella were living here?” Leah frowned.

“I can’t answer that one. First, I don’t know what Bella and my relationship was like in the past. I mean I don’t feel anything negative for her now obviously. I would hope I’d understand, but are you asking me to imagine it from your girlfriend’s perspective? Like for me to pretend to be your girlfriend?” I nodded.

“I wouldn’t care . . . if I was confident in the relationship. As nice as Bella seems she doesn’t strike me as the confident type that’s why she wouldn’t like it. I mean it’s not like we are even attracted to each other nor do we act like it.” I think her mind was still in shock over the question I had asked.

“I’m glad you wouldn’t. I wish you could explain that to Bella.” She laughed.

“She’d only be more pissed at you for telling me . . . you wouldn’t want me to talk to her about it.” A small silence grew between us, not because I didn’t have something to say, I always had something to say to Leah I was just trying to figure out how to say it.

“You don’t find me physically appealing Leah?” She gave me the strangest look.

“What?” I loved when she said exactly what she was thinking it was like an echo in my head.

“Just based on looks would I be your type?” She looked at me.

“With you kneeling down I can’t get the full affect. Stand up.” She smirked and I did as she requested, she chewed on her lips as she considered me. Mentally she admitted that I was kind of attractive.

“Nah, not my type. I mean you’re okay but your hair kind of throws me off.” She giggled.

“My hair!” I laughed too.

“Yeah I don’t get it. Do you dye it that color? And what color is it supposed to be exactly? Red? Brown?” She shrugged. “It’s just weird.” She laughed some more and then yawned.

“Well it’s my turn to critique you!” My ego was a little hurt but I was still having good time.

“Oh no Eddie, I didn’t ask you to, you asked me to!” Even though she was still laughing, mentally she was seriously apprehensive of the thought of being judged.

“Come Leah, it will be fun.” I sat down on the bed and stared at her face. She looked away from me the whole time I stared at her. I didn’t need to see her standing I had her body and its movements committed to memory, I was just disappointed I was missing her best feature. “Leah, look at me.” She shook her head I took my hand and placed it under her chin and forced to. “Any man would have to be blind or crazy not to see the beauty in you.” I meant to smile but I was fighting off urges that I was trying keep hidden in my subconscious. Her stare dropped to my lips and her heart started to beat really fast.

“Well . . .,” she closed her eyes quickly, “you’re hair is still weird!” We both laughed off the tension and I made my exit allowing her to sleep. As soon as I closed the door behind me I smell the scent of my two sisters both in their robes.

“I heard you both had very loud evenings.” I arched an eyebrow at them and tried to exit.

“Edward you know we have to talk.” Alice seemed a little disgusted but I read the thought in her mind as disappointed. Rosalie was there just for the drama at hand.

“Right now.”

“Yes right now!”