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Forget Me

Edward and Bella are born and raised together, There life is sheltered and untouched by horror until tragedy strikes killing Bella's father in a horrible accident and everything they had is taken from them and Edward is driven insane trying to get back to her. and what they once had. All Human Twilight FanFic

(This story deals with Abuse , Drug use & Suicide, Please be prepared for this.)

12. The Only one in the room

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Edward Cullen

There was nothing better then this week.

Even with everything that had happened this was the best week of my entire life.

"Dinner's ready." mum's voice echoed through the house at the worst possible time.

"Fuck" Bell said as she suddenly pulled her lips from mine looking into my eye's with understandable terror, For some reason we both froze.Whe we really needed to start finding our clothes.

"Bella , Edward. Did you hear me?." , Bells locked gaze left mine and examined us , "We'll be right there." She yelled frantically wrapping the sheet around her completely bare body and laying back down on me, to quickly reach behind me and grab her shirt and mine. We were both on our feet in seconds throwing each others items of clothing at each other as we found them on the floor. It had been no more then a month since we both laughed in there faces about them thinking we were having sex,

Now we were.

Constantly and we did not want any more of Mum and Dad's akward conversations about the facts of life about what I'm doing with my fiance....another thing we hadn't told them yet.

Meaning that we never had our hands off each other. I thought we were bad before but now it was ridiculous. There was no need for separate showers anymore and yet we were still in the shower at least twice a day. Bell was always so horrified of us getting caught in the act that she usually did drag me into out bathroom through the day praying the extra wall would help hide what we were up to.

But times like now when we were meant to be just playing video games before dinner , were the times when you just don't think.

She seemed to forget allot that it was not only us in the house , Until after when she would walk through the house staring at the ground in case they knew what we had just been doing. I could not help myself but laugh at how paranoid she was. I was sure nothing could be heard from our room , but she wouldn't have it.

We had to get out of there before she had a nervous breakdown.

Everyone definitely noticed that we were all over each other more then thought possible but assumed it was because we were just getting worried about being apart and in part that is true.

But honestly it was like there was no one else in the room but her.

Em was the only one seated when we ran down the stairs to the dining room thankfully they hadn't been worried about how long we took to come down stairs.

I had my arm wrapped firmly around her waist and when we sat down next to each other, her hand were on my face and mine on her thighs as she leaned into kiss me.

Our kiss was suddenly interrupted when I was lifted of the seat by the collar of my shirt. "C'mon , sit over here," Carlisle dragged me over to the other side of the table while Bell giggled. "What's the Deal?" I asked looking up at him as he sat me in the seat across from Bella , But Em leaned forward answering for him , "Probably wants to eat a meal with out having to watch you two go at it like animals." He said it almost to himself but loud enough to hear , Bell picked up a bread roll and threw it at his head , followed of course by him throwing it back. "STOP." We all paused before we even started arguing looking at Dad with his hands in the air.

Mum walked in and sat at the end of the table amused, pouring her self a glass of wine. "I want us all to just sit down and have a nice dinner." he said as I reached my foot out under the table to run up her leg. While smiling across the table at her I felt a sudden smack to the back of my head , "A 'G' Rated dinner" Bell continued to giggle at Carlisle while he sat and explained that we needed to be more organized ,

Bell looked across the table at me trying to see if I had any clue what he was talking about. "Even though you two are moving out doesnt mean your off the hook , We need to start making better decisions." He said half looking at me , "Because I dont know If I could handel five of you here running around like this." His serious face turned to a smile slowly and we realised.

The three of us were suddenly on our feet jumping around like idiots. Emmett and Jasper were only months away from finishing high school and going away to college. Emmett almost didn't mind that this was his second time around in senior year because it worked out perfectly that him and jasper could go away together. I wonder sometimes if he flunked out just to make sure of it.

They were coming home to finish up even though they were so close but Dad said Alice insisted it was getting very crowded at her grandmothers and they really wanted to see us.

But I think she just wanted to get him back to see me before everything went down.

Bell was overjoyed and it did make me happy to think of her having both Em and Jazz while I'm gone. I had still barely spoken to him even though Bell begged me over and over again to call him. I just didn't know what to say to him. When I did talk to him He was always distant and eager to get off the phone to me. Which did hurt but at the same time I just didn't want to talk about any of this on the phone.

I walked over to the bedside table and opened the droor looking for a cigarette I could sneak in before she walked up the stairs from having breakfast. "There's none left in that packet." I looked up to see that I was busted ,

"I thought you were quiting?" she said being a smart ass and strolling over to her hand bag and pulling a fresh packet out.

"I thought you never started" I laughed back at her taking the packet and lighting one up before she could answer, She giggled when I raised an eyebrow at me ,

"There Raven's , she asked me to hold them when we were shopping and forgot to ask for them back." , I nodded knowing it would be something like that.

I walked over to the window and started waving the smoke that followed behind me with it. While she walked up behind me wrapping her arms around my waist and resting her head into my back. I reached behind me with my free hand and pulled her closer and hug her as much as I could from this position. "Carlisle said that everything's fine and the truck will be there at 12pm." She seemed more nervous then anything about today.

I thought she would be happier but It was getting closer and closer to the preliminary hearing and every day that passed she seemed to get more and more upset , she was desperately trying to hide it from me though I did'nt know why. I did the only thing I could and kissed her , held her close and told her soon it would all be nothing more then a bad memory. I did these things at least a hundred times a day. Drilling it into her head so much that I prayed she would hear my voice ringing in her head when I was gone.

The storage truck would be arriving with all of Bell's and Charlie's things. The house had been looked over and was fine to live in , all we had to do was start getting it ready.

But for some reason she had been stalling all morning, Even though Xavier and everyone else would already be over there working. The kids that could buy anything jumped at the opportunity to get there hands dirty.

Raven had been especially nice to Bell lately I had noticed and I wondered if Bell was more worried then she was letting on.

Bell took forever to get ready and insisted at the last second she needed a shower ,

"My hair is all crappy I need to wash it really" I rolled my eyes at her and waved my arm

"Fine , but hurry or we'll be late for the truck arriving , I'm not sure if you have to sign something or not." she nodded biting her lip while I rambled which was suddenly brought to a halt when her robe dropped to the floor , She smiled and turned to walk to the bathroom door , she turned back looking at me like she was wondering what I was doing "Aren't you coming?" I knew she was just stalling even more but I still almost fell over trying to get to her.

By the time we got to our house the moving truck had come and gone, But the front lawn was full of furniture and the door way was surrounded by boxes that looked like they led all through the house. Makin and Marcus stood in amongst it all yelling at eachother so much they didnt notice us arrive.

"What makes you a Guinness that you know WHERE EVERYTHING GOES" Makin screamed while Marcuse stared at him with his mouth hanging open in disbelief. "LOOK AT THE FUCKING BOX , IT SAYS RIGHT THERE 'B.R'....I ASSUME IT MEANS 'BELL'S ROOM." I couldn't help but laugh at the sight , "What about Bath Room " he challenged back with a smile loving how crazy he was driving him,

by this point I was pretty sure punches were going to be thrown , "All these boxes are for the bathroom." Marcus stared at him like he was going to leap on him at any second ,

"HI GUYS" Bell said interrupting the obvious tension that was building. "Sorry were late." , Making slammed a box to my chest to carry as I walked in , Everyone was in the House trying to figure out where to start ,

"I know exactly where to start ,Let me call someone to do it for us." Xavier said pulling his cell from his pocket. Before Xavier could do dial Raven casually walked over and took his phone, She didn't even make eye contact before litterly throwing it across the room before turning back to face us.

"So I've cleaned all the wall's they are ready to paint " Raven said looking at the tins of paint and brushes ready to go. "So where should we start?",

"The Bedroom." Bell and I said at the exact same time.

Her cheeks went red and Raven exchanged a look with her that only a girl would understand , while the boys laughed and started heading up the stairs with everything not bothering to make any comment at the obvious moment.

I couldn't help but keep my eyes on her the entire day , feeling grateful I got to see her like this.

She was right.

She did belong here.

I noticed her hands glide over everything as if even her finger tips held memories, She didn't seem to realise herself how different she was since we started moving everything in her.

I insured her constantly that we should take our time , Only to do what she was comfortable for her, Seeing as she was going to be filling this house with all of the old furniture , and having to go through all of Charlie's belongings but it wasn't a sad time for her at all.

Bell asked we put all of the boxes filled with Charlies belongings in the study downstairs , She said she wanted to leave his room empty. I was more then comfortable with that , I don't know exactly why, but it just felt weird thinking of doing his room up as our's or using it for anything really.

After a few hours and getting allot of work done I noticed Bell hadnt come back from using the bathroom , I went down stairs after walking past the bathroom and seeing it empty. I walked over to the study where I thought she would be.

She sat on the ground with her back to me surrounded by his things and I suddenly felt like I should leave her alone.

I turned to walk away and go back up stairs.

"Eddy." , I turned back to apologise but she had her hand stretched out to me smiling.

I walked over to her side and took her hand sitting down on the ground next to her. "I was waiting for you to come down " she reached up and put her arm around my neck pulling me down so she could plant a soft kiss on my cheek.

"Look at this." She leaned in my direction , then without a second thought moved onto my lap making it easier to reach the photo frame sitting on top of a box.

I rested my head on her shoulder and looked down at the photo of Charlie holding Bell in the water when she was a baby , "That's at the lake house right?" she asked waiting for me to agree , I smiled "Your Lake House." she looked at me and her smile widened , "We should go up there , all of us. Raven would love it." I nodded and agreeded wishing it was sooner rather then later. "I'm sorry." I looked at her confessed by the apology. "What are you sorry for?"

She leaned back into me and put the photo down. "I no every time I make plans it makes you think about it." I wrapped my arms around her , "Don't be silly babe I'm fine really , It wont be long."

I knew she didn't believe my bullshit, but she let me get away with it anyway.

"Your doing so well with all of this Bell. I thought It would be harder for you moving back here." she shook her head before I could finish. "I know your worried about that , but I really love it here. It doesn't make me sad. I've missed him so much and now that were here its like I get him back in some way." I knew what she meant and I'm sure he did want her to end up in this house. We hadn't even moved in properly yet and it was obvious we were home.

"Look at this one" she said pulling another frame from the open box, It was me and her sitting on the sand when we were only babies. She smiled at the photo and traced her fingers over it. I placed a soft kiss on the back of her neck causing her to breathe heavily as she leaned back into me. "I feel horrible because I've been so happy." I turned her to face me to look at me , "Bell's never feel bad about feeling good. Do you think i'm not happy. I've never imagined that I could feel so.... " I couldn't help but laugh when I spoke to her because of the truth in everything I said, but for some reason what I thought was obvious to her was lighting her face up , "I just can't believe I get to Marry you Bells , I never thought we woul..." Her whole body turned on my lap and she firmly wrapped her legs around my waist while knotting he fingers in my hair and pressing her lips to mine. Her whole body pressed against me and I smiled into her kiss.

She was on top of me pulling my shirt up while her tongue traced my lips , grazing her fingers over my chest. suddenly she pulled me back up by my shirt so she could pull tear it off , My hands trailed over her body and with out even realising it I was in the process of unbottening her shirt.

"UGH NO , SERIOUSLY DO YOU TWO EVER STOP." Our heads snapped over in time to see Emmet slamming the door behind him completely disgusted.

She fell into me laughing , "We should probably go and help everyone." she stood up over me but I remained unmoving looking up at her buttoning her shirt back up. She reached down to take my hand and help me to feet. I stood beside her putting my shirt back on and went back up stairs with her.

Raven was the only one still in Bell's freshly painted room , while the rest were in the bathroom and hallway painting , Emmett stood by himself with his hands in his pockets and Xavier laughing beside him as he tried to steady his hand to paint the door frame , Bell walked over to Em and kissed him on the cheek as she past him to go into her room and talk to Raven , "Hello brother" she said with a giggle , always being her own special brand of smart ass.

"What's up Em?" I asked treading lightly seeing as he looked like he was actually really pissed of at me.

"I need the receipt so I can go and pick up that furniture." He said not meeting my eyes.

Em had offered to pick up our new bed and book shelf, That Bell and Raven picked out when they went shopping, since Em had a Ute he offered to get them today , But now I could see he just wanted an excuse to run.

"It's in my wallet ." I said patting my pockets and looking on the floor everywhere trying to figure out when I last saw it.

"Got it" Marcus yelled before entering the hallway , "I'll go with him and get some lunch for us." , They all seemed to have this smile they were trying to hide from me and I didn't no why.

I could hear Raven and Bell's laughs coming from the Bedroom as Em and Marcus left. I walked in to find Bell was laughing so hard she could barly breathe as she fell into Raven. "What's so funny" I asked enjoying the sound of her giggles. "Raven can tell you this one" she said through her uncomfortable smile. Raven looked up at me trying to be serious , "Em's got a bit of a problem."

Suddenly Xavier and Marcus were by my side , "Sorry , I just want to be here for this one." Xavier said as I raised an eye brow at them wondering why they rushed in , not even stopping to drop there paint brushes. "Em told us he walked in on you too downstairs making out.' "So?" I asked confused.

"Em can't really handle seeing you too going at it." Raven paused like she was trying to find the right word's but Xavier took over ,

"It's all just a little to 'Jerry Springer' for him." Suddenly I understood why Bell was laughing through her weird expression.

"And this is funny to you all?" I asked even though I was half laughing too.

They all shook there heads , But Xavier cracked his serious expression first ,

"Mostly I just wanted to be here when you found out your brother thinks your committing some kind of incest with his sister" I ammidently smacked Xavier in the back of his head way to hard to be considered playful , but he didn't stop laughing. "It will be fine Edward he just needs to adjust." Raven said with Bell nodding next to her agreeing.

"This is so fucked up." I walked over to Ravens open hand bag and raised a eye at her ,

"Go for it babe." Raven said with a smile. I reached in and took out a cigarette. Bell smiled but rolled her eyes at me , letting me off the hook.

Quiting was a lot harder then I thought and I hadn't told anyone else but Bell I was trying, but at least I had a lot of distractions.

When it got late we ordered chinease food and sat downstairs eating and talking. The living room was completely finished , We had all decided to give up for the night and go home but Em had brought a new TV and after he had set it up , less then an hour passed and we had all fallen asleep in front of it while watching a movie.

I woke a few hours later to find no one had moved except Bell , She had fallen asleep on my lap with her head resting into my chest. I could hear a faint noise coming from up stairs. I stepped over the bodies scattered across the floor and went up to see what she was doing at 2.30 am.

I rubbed my eyes open as I walked down the hall to our room to find she was already half way finished putting our bed together alone.

"What are you doing?" I asked tired and confused trying to focus through my still blured vision.

"Stupid instructions are in German or something." I would of laughed if she wasn't so frustrated and I couldn't see that she had been crying recently. I walked over and slowly plied the alan key and instructions from her hands , "You don't need em," I said dropping the small while book on the ground. It took less then ten minutes for me to finish putting it together while Bell sat on the floor and watched , only moving to pass me screws and panels for the base. I grabbed the mattress and threw it onto the base with a thump proving to myself that it was put together strongly. The bed didn't move an inch.

"I can't even put a stupid bed together myself." Suddenly I felt like a complete ass. I didn't even think that my helping would piss her off. I turned to see her looking down at her fingers fidgeting with the fabric on her shirt. "Hey , " I said leaning down and scooping her up in my arms , I threw her onto the bed playfully and jumped on after her. "You could of done it alone Bell and besides I've done this before , not that long ago actually." I said trying to cheer her up. "What really wrong Bell , I know it's more then the bed.' I said quietly as I leaned over to kiss her cheek.

"I'm sick of feeling defenceless." I looked at her confused by her statement , "Your not , you got me." she smiled lightly at my words but I knew what she was thinking.

"Are worried you'r going to be scared when I'm gone." she nodded still not meeting my gaze , I hated knowing how my stupid mistakes were going to hurt her in way's I never thought.

"I want to show you something." I grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet , I walked into Charlies room and got the only box that was in there , That I had put in his wardrobe when I realised its contents. I walked beck out and asked bell to follow me downstairs treading quietly so we didn't wake any of them.

I placed the box on the ground and pulled one of the black heavy cases out. "I think it's this one." I said passing it up to her. She took it and started to undo the buckles on the case , "What is it?" she asked trying to pry it open , before I could answer her she had pulled the lid of revealing her gun that Charlie had brought for her and trained her to use. "Holy Shit." she said frozen staring at it.

I stood behind her helping her hold the unloaded gun "Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, with the foot opposite your dominant hand about a step past the other foot." I said as I put my hand on her thigh moving her leg into position , waiting for my words to kick in.

She knew this.

I knew it was in there some where , just like everything else."

"Blade your body and stand with a slight lean forward. Make sure you’re firmly balanced. The elbow of your dominant arm should be almost completely straight.

Babe, your knees should not be locked but slightly bent" I said rubbing the back of her leg urging her to relax her tensed body.

Her head turned back to look at me almost horrified, "How do you know all this?" I laughed at her and shook my head ,

"I only know what you taught me." She smiled slightly at my words and got back into position again. I was surprised myself at how much I remembered.

Slowly she started to remember what she was doing , But asked me to keep on talking to help her remember her fathers words that she had told me when she was young and I was re telling her now.

She still seemed nervous with the heavy gun that used to look light in the tiny hands. I shook my head to my self at her it and ran my hands down her arms so my hands were wrapped around her's and the gun.

I kissed her kneck lightly and got my lips next to her ear as suddenly the chain around my neck that she brought me felt like it was chocking me whn I thought of some one hurting her.

"When Billy came and tried to take you away from us the first time do you remember what you did." I pulled back to look at her face still looking straight ahead scanning through her memories trying to remember and I saw the exact moment when she remembered.

"time firing with your breathing. Take a breath, exhale half of a breath, and then squeeze the trigger" She said softly but confidently and focused , pulling the trigger over and over.

I took a step back and had a good look at her holding the gun , "You don't have to worry it's not loaded." she laughed still aiming the gun, not turning to look at me. "Trust me Bell getting shot is the farthest thought from my mind' She lowered the gun and smiled at me "perv" she said blushing like always when she reaslised I never took my eyes off her.

She knelt down and pulled the gun apart obviously remembering everything and placing it back into its case.I knelt down next to her and picked the heavy box of guns up.

I stood holding it tightly to my chest turning to walk back inside. "Why did you show me this?" she asked quietly behind me. I turned back , "So you know that your not defenceless, Your the strongest person I no....Your my hero Bell" , I said simply , smiling at her not wanting it to be a big deal knowing she would dismiss what I was saying.

Even though it was true.

"I kind of get why he taught you all this now." I blurted out before she could say anything.

"Why?" she said following me as I started to walk inside , I looked over at her and the healed scar on her cheek and the others that trailed down her neck that I could see allot more now she was comfortable to tie her hair up like it was right now , showing off my name that was tattooed behind her ear.

"Because if there's any way to keep the one you love safe...you take it.".

We went upstairs and laid across our new bed , with her tightly pulled to my chest. She fell fast asleep as soon as we got comfortable.

I on the other hand couldn't close my eyes and relax , I couldn't stop thinking about how she said she felt defenceless. I knew she was worried he would come after her while I was gone but I had already made arrangements to make sure she was not left alone. It would be easy enough , especially with everything that needed doing around the house , Everyone agreed not to let her out of there sight. I hated asking anything of raven and Xavier behind her back but I knew she would hate me for asking. She is always so worried about being brave that she can not except that she hates being alone.

I wanted her to be able to kill him if she needed too. I know that probably sounds horrible. But if he some how got past everyone , I wanted it to be as easy as pulling a trigger. I didn't want him to get anywhere near her.

It took three days to paint the whole house , the outside was being done by professionals seeing as Xavier insisted on it. But it didn't stop there. Bell and Raven had a hundred idea's for each room and I spent more time with them both then i'd like to admit in 'Bed Bath and Beyond'.

Esme had just gotten a job as a photographer , We were all really happy for her. Seeing as we were all grown up , Carlisle started working more at the hospital and mum said the only reason she quit was so she could be home with us when we were little but now there was nothing stopping her. I had spoken to her alone about Bell a few time's voicing a few worries that I had about my leaving her. Mum assured me she would be safe over and over but it didn't stop me from freaking out.

I woke to the sound of muffeled cries. It took me a few seconds to realise that it wasnt a dream before rolling over in the direction of the noise to find Bell tangeled in the sheets and her face pressed harshly into the mattress "LET ME OUT".

"BELL WAKE UP." I lightly shook her trying to wake her , As soon as my hands were ever on her she would struggle to brake free from my grip on her , and her eyes would snap open and for a second she would look at me like she thought I was going to kill her.

Her body moved as fast from me as she could but I reached down and pulled her back to me before she collided with the head board again.

I rubbed circles into her back for almost an hour before it became obvious she was far to shaken to go back to sleep. "Do you want to go for a drive?" She rolled over and nodded silently at me.

We started to walk quietly downstairs so we didn't wake anyone , Suddenly I heard Bell stop behind me , Looked over my shoulder to see her , "Wait for me at the door , I just want to get my Sweater" she turned back up to her room while I walked the rest of the stairs and over to the door to wait for her.

"What the FUCK are you doing." Xavier had swung me around to face him , before I could answer or get over the shock of seeing him so angry with me for standing at the front door, Bell started coming down the stairs. We both looked up to see her quietly rushing down the stairs going through her handbag , completely unaware of us. "OK" She said as she looked up expecting to see just me. Xavier quickly let me go and moved his body away from mine slightly suddenly relaxed. She jumped in shock but quickly smiled at him.

"Are you coming with us?" she asked awkwardly with a slight laugh because of the look on his face , "Yeah he is." I said grabbing his arm and pushing him out the door. Bell suggested we go and buy breakfast for everyone. I didn't ask Xavier why he looked like he was going to punch me before Bell came down the stairs ,

I decided to save that for later.

By the time we made it into town after taking the scenic route we were all allot more awake. Bell and Xavier bickered over what to get from the store the whole way.

Usually it drove me mad but lately I had been enjoying it. I had been noticing more and more that the lot of us seemed to getting on each others nerves more then usual , But we had all been living in each others pockets lately and it was hard to get used to, as well as the stress that came with my having to go to court and the lack of sleep from trying to get a house ready to live in. Things were more then a little tense, But they continued to smile through it.

Jasper and Alice would be here later in the afternoon so Bell , Emmett and I had made plans to go to Mum and Dad's house to meet them when they arrivied.

I pulled up outside of the store and we all went in , Xavier offered to push the shopping trolley which lasted for five minutes , I went out get eggs and when I turned around Bell was hanging off the front of the trolley while Xavier ran down the isle until the store manager asked Xavier to wait in the car while we finished. She seemed really happy most of the time. Not just happy but content. She reminded me of that little girl I left here more and more. She seemed unaffected by the rude lady at the cash register , she talked about nothing imparticular while the lady took my money and glared at us.

Xavier strolled across the car park with a tray of coffee's from the diner and a smoke hanging out of his mouth that he had just lit. I walked over ad took it off him , unable to help myself. He smiled and held out the tray for me to take a coffee. We drove back home and they talked crap the whole way , I wondered if they were secretly trying to drive me crazy. All of them , they all argued constantly. over nothing.

Everyone was awake when we got home , Raven , Em and Bell went into the kitchen to cook. I tried to get Xavier alone to talk to him but it was impossible. By the time we had all had breakfast and showered it was time to go to our parents house. Bell suggested the three of us just walk through the woods to save driving, We ran through racing each other to the door step , We fell over each other trying to win while Dad stood by watching us with a confused look on his face. I knew why , because every time he saw us we were all either arguing or competing in some way and he was silently watching us all go stir crazy in that house. But still there was no point in worrying about it because no one was budging. In fact we were adding two.

Bell ran into the kitchen and kissed mum hello , "I think there is mail for you there Bell." mum said pointing to the pile of envelopes on the kitchen bench while I walked over and kissed her cheek and insisted we wernt hungry , "Speak for your self." Em roared as he entered the kitchen walking over to greet mum, who he now towered over.

No one seemed to notice Bell becoming more and more nervous by the second waiting for Jasper and Alice to arrive , It made me me nervous with her. She had been excited about him returning home for the summer all week , she spoke of nothing else. But now with in minutes of his arrival she was seconds from tears.

We all stood on the porch as Alice's shiny red car beamed down the driveway towards us , But I couldn't take me eyes of Bell. As Alice and Jasper jumped out Bell expression instantly changed and she launched herself into Jasper's arms. It was the happiest reunion we had had because all the missing pieces were finally in place.

Bell instantly fell in love with Alice. They sat together on the lounge talking while mum and dad prepaired dinner and I sat with my brothers at the table talking. Jasper had a million questions about everything that had happened since we got back to Forks. I had forgotten how funny he was when put next to Em. I never realised until right now just how much I missed having both of my big brothers around.

Even though she was smiling and laughing I didn't buy it. I had tried three times to ask her if everything was OK but she brushed me off and rolled her eyes at my anxiousness. But I knew something was wrong because I felt sick to my stomach for no reason other then the occasional look I would catch on her face.

We had been here for hours and every one was getting tired, I decided to take my chance to slip out. Bell was on the porch with Alice enjoying the evening breeze , "You ready to go home?" She looked up and for a second bite her lip before answering me, "Sure."

Em decided to stay there for the night , I hadn't really noticed he had not slept here since we moved into Charlie's house...Like I would notice one extra person, After saying goodbye to everyone Bell obviously started stalling while talking to Alice trying to arrange her and Jasper coming over and meeting everyone. Eventually I wrapped my arms around her waist and started dragging her off into the woods while Alice laughed and waved.

I set her on her feet and as soon as her eyes met mine she forced a smie "Race ya home." she said qiuckly before I could react to her running off into the darkness having found another way to avoid what ever was wrong.

I eagerly chased her knowing running would only get us home faster but when I finally arrived in the backyard I found everyone in the backyard sitting around a fire laughing and talking. Bell sat by Xavier and Makin already playing referee to there meaningless arguments , Raven strolled over to my side casually with a cold beer and a lit cigarette , "She beat you." she said with a smile as she held the beer out for me. I took it and laughed "She always beats me."

"So what's wrong with her." she asked taking one last puff of the cigarette before passing it to me. "You mean why does she get in the middle of those two all the time" I said half laughing but Raven shook her head and wiped her now hot pink hair from her eyes, "I know ecactly why she get's in the middle of that."

I raised my eye at her interested in what her thoughts were. She looked over at Bell knowingly between the two boys who where now arguing over the name of the street they used to live on was called but the constant moving had clouded there memories. So hell had broken loose while Bell helped them come up with an answer.

"Because she knows only when you feel like you can yell at someone and have them not walk out on you...Is love. I wonder how long it's been since she's had such freedom, To even speak her mind with out having to fear the unreasonable consequences"

I paused lookiing at not seeing a referee anymore but some one who was in love with the people around her. They held nothing against her , judged her for nothing and no matter what she did or said they would always stick by her side. before I could smile at the though I was interrupted by Raven. "That's not what I was tallking about but and you know it?" I shrugged looking at her ,

"Something must have happened , I mean she was fine when she left and when she came back she looked like crap"

"I don't know." I answered as I watched Bell quickly try to sneak inside thinking I didnt notice. "But Im going to find out." I slipped past Raven and went inside upstairs after her , I heard the bathrrom door close a few seconds before I came in. Knowing she would only dismiss me I opened the door frustrated with her hiding from me when something was obviously wrong with her.

But when I swung the door open I only found her staning in front of the mirror glaring at herself in the reflection like she furious with who she saw looking back at her.

She swung around to look at me and I could see she was clammy and seconds from crying , her cheeks where becoming redder and redder as she struggled to slow her breathing.

"Can you knock!" she snapped at me before trying to turn her back on me. I instantly pulled her close and took her face gently in my hands. "Your Scaring me , Why won't you tell me what's wrong?' I asked softly no matter how much she frowned at me.

Suddenly she took my wrists and moved her hands from my face harshly not seeming to care If I hurt her while she tried to move from me as fast as she could back over to the bench hanging her head when she caught a glimpse of her self again braking my heart to see her have such self loathing. "Baby what is it?" I asked again still shocked by her sudden move from my embrace.

"IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE IT'S NOT TRUE" She screamed suddenly with pain and hurt , she turned to look at me again while she yelled but her eye caught the mirror again and her reflection in it , Before I could move or react her small fist collided with the glass smashing the mirror in to pieces from the rage full impact. I wrapped my arms around her tightly and pulled her away from the glass surrounding her. She struggled and screamed against me as I pulled her slowly on to the tiles on the other side of the bathroom , She looked into my eyes panting like she wanted to punch me in the face but It couldn't shield the obvious hurt , I looked down for a second to see her hand was covered in blood.

"Jesus Bell." She looked down at her hand like a zombie staring at the blood flowing down her arm. I grabbed the towel and wrapped it firmly around her hand while she suddenly started trying to calm me down. "Eddy, I'm OK. I'M Sor.." I couldn't think straight when I saw the blood on her wrists and on the tiles. It was like a mixture of my two worst nightmares. The vision I had of her wrists bleeding after I had tried to kill self were right here in front of me in the flesh and she didn't seem to care. "Eddy stop and look at me." I didn't listen to her. She's in shock and now so am I. I picked her up and ran down the stairs blocking her out completely while I sped down the road to Mum and

"EDDY LISTEN TO ME" I Grabbed her from the car and ran with her inside , Everyone seemed to be asleep but I could see the light on in Dad'd office , I ran in with her tightly in my arms and placed her on the lounge not even looking over to see hm , "DA DA DAD SHE'S HURT." , Her free hand was placed lightly on the side of my face trying to calm me. All I could see was his hands suddenly unwrapping the towel to reveal her bloody hand.

"Edward I need you to look at me." I could barley hear him even though he was right next to me. I couldn't stop looking at the blood and suddenly I couldn't breathe , no matter how hard I tried. I grabbed at my chest and in an instant everything went black.