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Forget Me

Edward and Bella are born and raised together, There life is sheltered and untouched by horror until tragedy strikes killing Bella's father in a horrible accident and everything they had is taken from them and Edward is driven insane trying to get back to her. and what they once had. All Human Twilight FanFic

(This story deals with Abuse , Drug use & Suicide, Please be prepared for this.)

8. Darkness

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Edward Cullen

I wanted so desperately to get there and find her OK . To find her laughing at my worry , That I had it wrong , she was safe with him. Maybe I would get there and she would be out side getting ready to call me to come get her. But when I got there his truck was gone, the front door was wide open and the glass panels on it had been smashed in and fresh blood was everywhere. "BELL" I ran into the house screaming her name but she didn't answer , I ran down the hallway checking every room on the way "Baby where are you." I frantically yelled out to her but when I got to her bedroom I could see blood on the door and all hope of her being OK was gone as I heard her. I opened it to find her curled up in a ball on the floor in the corner crying and holding her face with her arms , covering her self as much as possible.

"Baby. its me , Its Eddy." She lay shaking on the ground, her cute white bottton up blouse that looked so sweet on her earlier was missing bottons as if someone had tried to rip it off her, Her hair was messy and knotted, All I wanted to do was go and find him , hunt him down and END him. I slowly walked towards her because she was in so much shock she couldnt seem to understand that I was here. She moved her body closer to the wall, sheilding her face from me with her arms then she started screaming, Horrified. Like she thought I would hurt her , her small frame pressed into the wall.

"BABY LOOK AT ME" I yelled tearing my voice over her pained screams , running to her side not being able to handel the sound for another second , leaning down ready to pick her up and get her out of here, "Baby look at me. Its Edward. Your safe Baby." Suddenly her screams subsided, but turned into agonizing cries as she cautiously looked up revealing the side of her right face covered in a huge bruise , the impact of what ever hit her, had split the skin over her cheek, Leaving blood smeared allover her face and still spilling from the deep cut..

I feel to my knees in front of her,

This was what she looked like in my nightmares .

She looked away from me with what looked like shame covering her crushed face as she started to pull at her torn shirt anxious trying to con seal her exposed chest with the shirt that was covered in bloody hand prints that weren't here's,

"Baby." I barly breathed out, Unable to comprehend how anyone could do this kind of damage to anyone and then leave her them all alone on the floor like she was nothing. I took my jacket of and wrapped it around her, covering her tiny body up, that she was anxiously trying to hide.

She couldn't stop crying long enough to breathe and I couldn't bare it. "I'm going to get you out of here OK." As soon as my arms wrapped around her she clung to me so tightly it hurt, So I just held her closer into my chest trying to hide this place from her as I ran ran out to my car. I put her in the backseat and laid her down and drove as fast as possible back to my house. "It's gonna be OK baby , We'll be home soon." I reached back and held her hand while I drove as she became quieter , I looked at her and could see she was laying there silently crying and the mark on her face was becoming worse and started to swell, showing just how hard the impact was when he smashed her face. I squeezed her hand and kept telling her she was safe and Carlisle will fix it, and I wont let him near her ever again , trying to keep her from passing out even though I wasn't really sure if she was hearing a word.

I pulled up outside of the house as Emmett was just getting ready to walk inside the front door. He turned to face me obviously angry. "Hey whats the fucking deal , I go to the petrol station and put 20 dollars of fuel in and I end up paying 80, AND 40 OF THAT WAS A BRIBE." I jumped out of the car while he yelled at me and ran to the back seat , "GET DAD, NOW." He looked confused by my words until I leaned in and picked Bells shaking body up in my arms then he turned yelling for Dad as he ran into the house.

I sat on the floor outside my bedroom while dad checked Bell out. Mum walked past me and knocked on the door taking in some medical stuff dad needed. She walked out a few minutes later and looked down at me. "She OK." I asked already knowing the answer staring at the ground unable to stop clenching my fists. "She wants a fresh shirt , I'm just going to go and find her something." I stood up when mum went into her room and ran down stairs , "Emmett" I yelled as I ran past him in the kitchen , he followed with out a word and got in the car with me. You could call me a coward taking my brother with me , who was built like a tank . He was huge , but so was Jacob compared Bell.

Emmett didn't ask any questions until we pulled up at Jacobs house , "He's not here is he." Emmett asked looking over at me. "No , Wait here , I just want to get some of her stuff."he nodded and looked around anxiously as if we were doing a bank over.

It was easy enough to do , I went into her room to see that not far from where I found her was a suitcase , spilled out over the ground and next to it was her school bag. I gathered everything up , wishing he would come home right now , SO I COULD BRAKE HIS FACE. I tried so hard to control myself, but there would be no hope , not for for this. But he never showed up , I couldn't find anything else that had any trace of her so I left and got back in the car, Where Em waited in the drivers seat , he started the car and took off back home. "We are gonna take care of this right?" Emmett asked while he sped up to the driveway of our house. "Yeah , We are." , I said sparking up a cigarette and getting a few drags out of it before pulling up to the house.

I walked up to my room with her bags and found the door was open , so I went and and saw dad sitting on the side of the bed talking to her while she lay wrapped up in blankets , She looked like a Zombie. She glanced up at me and weakly smiled , Even though I really wish she wouldn't bother trying to look like every things OK , when it so obviously is not.

"I got your stuff." I said putting the bags on the ground by the door where I stood unmoving. Dad looked back at Bell and smiled patting the hand he was holding with the other. "Well , I'll leave you both to rest. But I'll be just down stairs if you two need me."

He got up to leave and rubbed my arm on the way as if he could see I was going to blow "There's an ice pack by the bed for her, Stay here now and look after her" I nodded and looked down as he left. Knowing he wouldn't of liked that I went back there.

I stood back from her , almost scared to approach , in case she didn't want me too. "You OK" I said not realising how my words would come out , but I couldn't look at her without wanting to cry , yell and kill all at once. "Come here" she almost whispered , looking at me like I was glass she could see straight through. She pulled the blanket back as I walked over to her and I crawled into bed with her and pulled her to my chest and wrapped her up in my arms where no one could get to her ,

I reached over and grabbed the ice pack and pulled back so I could look at her ,even though it really fucking killed me too see what had happened to her. "This is gonna hurt" I said sadly not wanting to cause her anymore pain, she nodded and closed her eyes while I slowly put the ice to her sore face , her eyes scrunched and she gasped as it touched her , grabbing my leg and squeezing it, I felt a tear escape my eye no matter how hard I desperately tried not too , she needed me to be stronger than this mess I was. I felt like I was waiting for a fight to come running at us right now , like we weren't safe here, but that's when it suddenly hit me no one was going to come and knock on the door and drag her from me and I would never let Jacob near her again.

The thought of him had me ready to go and look for him again , like I couldn't control it. "I'm gonna Fucking Kill him" I said unable to contain my self looking at her trying to bare the ice on her smashed face. , "Shh its OK Eddy." I shook my head at her trying to relax me "NO Bell , Its really fucking not." I scratched through my teeth trying to stay calm while I still held the pack to her face examining the damage he had done . She was still in shock , I could see it in the way she just looked at nothing and held herself , she was some where else, Some where horrible. I pulled the ice to have a good look at her , she looked down as if ashamed , "I look horrib..." "Your beautiful" I blurted out before she could finish. But she still looked down like she didn't want to face me and I couldn't stand it any longer. "Bell, Do you want to tell me what happened.?'

Bell's POV

I walked up to the front door and opened it not sure what I would find. He sat with his head in his hands , pulling at his hair. "IS IT TRUE" I jumped and froze in the doorway unable to move , How did he know. He ran at me and punched the glass panel on the door behind me "TELL ME".

I closed my eyes and gave myself one second to breathe. Then I moved past him as fat as I could and went to my bedroom and started to pack, everything I owned fit into the suitcase I came here with. I ignored him as much as I could , because there was no point trying to talk to him when he was like this. I grabbed my school bag and shoved my camera's and equipment into it , I could leave with everything I owned in two hands, Because he had broken everything else that I owned.

He stood behind me grabbing at me harshly with his bloody hand. "You cant fucking LEAVE ME ISABELLA , AFTER EVERYTHING , YOUR GOING TO GO RUNNING BACK TO THAT LOSER." he tried to wrap his ars around my but I struggled free and turned back with my bags to leave , "Move" I tried to stay focused as he blocked my way but I was scared , I had never seen this frustrated hopeless look in his eyes. his hands were clenched into fists, Like Billy's used to be and I wondered why. "YOUR NOT LEAVING THIS HOUSE." He screamed in my face and refused to move from the door way. "You no who you sound like right?" I asked looking him up and down , seeing him for the mean controlling person he was , "MOVE JAKE , I'll come back and talk when you have calmed down." He grabbed at his face while I spoke and shook it anxiously, Like he was loosing what little control he had left, I had to get out of here, I tried to get past him again.

"YOUR NOT LEAVING THIS FUCKING HOUSE." I felt my eyes tear up , Because he was just like Billy and that I couldn't see it made me angrier and I wanted to just get out, and knowing I couldn't get past him made the walls start to close in on me. "What are you going to do LOCK ME UP IN THIS ROOM." He glared at me and I knew it was getting to him that I would ever compare them to each other , but then for a second I saw his mind tick over as he looked at the old large black trunk at the end of my old bed. Then suddenly his expression softened slightly. I looked over at the trunk , "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO PUT ME IN THERE" I screamed at him only to realise as my words fell out , he wasn't planning. He was remembering and now so was I as I started to move back towards the wall.

I could feel my heart crushing inside of me. "You left me in there." I almost whispered . "I couldnt get you out , He wouldn't let me." He yelled back instantly defending himself.

It rushed back and I remember the last time I saw Edward, The last time we were caught by Billy and the Police , He dragged me back and had a horrible fight with Sam but he came at me and grabbed me and pushed me into that thing and locked it so I was stuck as he shoved me in and I screamed and tried to grab on to anything to stop him from closing the lid to the trunk and saw Jacob across the hall in his room watching Billy force me into the coffin, but he did nothing . I couldn't breathe , I remember screaming and crying for what felt like forever. "Isabella I," He looked at me starting to apologise "HOW LONG WAS I IN THERE JACOB." He looked away not wanting to answer , He didn't want me to know how long he left me alone , He forced me to stay here , to stay with him , He let me forget my life , because my happiness didn't matter to him. I was a possession,

He acted like the cullen's didn't even exist. He made me stay here with him and go through all this, when he should of let me go, I should of left him here. "GET OUT OF MY WAY" I screamed at him but he fired up instantly and grabbed my bags chucking them at the wall. I didn't care I rushed at him trying to force my way past , Suddenly his hands were all over me "YOUR NOT LEAVING ME ISABELLA, I LOVE YOU."

I screamed and struggled against him screaming out for help , because I had realised I had no defence against him. "JAKE STOP" I screamed at him as his hand went up the front of my shirt groping me and ripping it open in the process , and his lips harshly kissed my neck as his hands squeezed me so hard I thought they had torn though my skin. "PLEASE JAKE." My begging seemed to do no good he slammed me into the door and in the process, smashing the handle into my lower back causing me to scream even louder as he pressed me into it harder and harder.

"YOUR HURTING ME JAKE STOP." his lips and hands continued and no matter how hard I tried to push him off it was no use. "YOUR MINE ISABELLA, I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU SEE THAT." He screamed as loud as he could in my face, Before grabbing me and forcing me to kiss him as he forcefully pressed his lips to mine. I could see the lust in his eyes when he looked at me and I knew what his intentions were, My friend was gone and in that instant. I hated him. I pushed against him again with all my strength, "YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU WANT TO ME JACOB , BUT I WILL NEVER BE YOURS.' suddenly he pulled away and looked at me like he wanted me dead. I had one split second when he looked at the ground when I thought maybe he just lost control and now he was back, But as I tried to take a step away from him he screamed in frustration and grabbed my arm so tightly I thought he would pull it off and his other hand gripped a fist full of my hair and then he smashed the right side of my face in to the door frame over and over "YOU CANT LEAVE ME" , He let go of me suddenly, letting me collapse to the floor and crawl to the corner to get away from him like a scared animal. He just screamed over and over, But now at himself, before smashing his way out of the house, like his father used too.

I curled my self into the corner as far away from the chest as possible , I remembered why I started to sleep in his room now , why I was so scared to be alone in here , why my mind associated Billy with darkness. I was stuck in there for days screaming and crying like an animal , But no one came to save me , Jacob says he couldn't get to me , but he just didn't love me enough to call the police on his father or tell the social workers we weren't safe. He doomed us just as much as Billy.

All I could see was darkness , I couldn't hear anything and for I knew he had buried me alive. I was stuck in there wondering what he was going to do to me , wondering if I would ever see Edward again. Wondering if I could keep myself alive long enough to get back to him.

He would come back to finish what he started. Just like Billy and Mike always came back. I couldn't pull myself to my feet to run , I dragged myself to the window and tried to pull myself up but it was nailed on the outside still and as I tr , and I couldn't leave the room, I was so horrified that he was out there waiting for me. I tried to stay quiet as if I thought it would hide me. I hopelessly covered myself trying to disappear. Wanting so much to be in Edwards bed with his arms around me. To be anywhere but here.

I could hear yelling in amongst my cries that I desperately tried to stop as the yelling became nearer and I heard the door open ad some one move towards me. I screamed uncontrollably because of the pain that was coming. I wanted to fall in to the cracks of the floor, I didn't want his hands on me crushing me like I was nothing. I pushed my body back into the wall trying desperately to put as much space between the two of us as possible , Wishing I could pull myself to my feet and run but I just laid on the ground exposed and alone. I tried to pull my knee's up to my chest to cover where he had torn it open to cover myself at the thought of his frustrated grip all over me.

"Baby look at me. Its Edward. Your safe Baby.", I looked up at him praying my mind wasn't playing tricks on me, I needed him so badly to be here and the thought of looking up and seeing Jacob felt like such a real possibility , He feel to his knees and I saw the complete rush of pain enter his eyes as he viewed mine. "Baby" he barely whispered , his voice filled with horrendous pain and rage in his voice, His eyes examined the damage done to my face and I desperately tried to cover up my exposed body where he had torn my shirt, wishing so much that he wasn't seeing me like this, I felt so horribly ashamed and small and I could not look at him.

Suddenly his jacket was around me, covering me and warming my frozen skin . He put his arms around me and lifted me up and got me away from this nightmare, I Clung to him tightly as if I might fall into the chest when he was carrying me past and be stuck in there again. I was panicking but I couldn't move , it was like I was sedated suddenly. Stuck in daze that left me a statue. He laid me so gently in the back seat that it was a shock in it self to feel his gentle hands replaced by Jacobs violent ones. The way he laid me in the back seat like I might brake , even though I was already shattered. He grabbed my hand while he drove right when I started to feel like I was suffocating ,like he knew , or maybe he just felt the same. "It's gonna be OK baby , We'll be home soon." , I wanted to believe it would be OK , But he was the only sign I saw of that and how could I really expect anyone to do so much for me.

The car came to a stop and his hand was suddenly slipped from mine , I could hear yelling and I closed my eyes tightly again wondering what could possibly be happening. My chest hurt from breathing so hard and trying to contain it to once again be as silent as possible. The door opened suddenly and so did my eyes but my heart slowed in an instant to see Edward leaning in and pulling me up and back into his arms. I pulled my self to his chest as tight as possible once again and closed my eyes as quickly scared of the unknown , wondering if he was near by , Or anyone who could see me that would tell him I was here. I could hear voices , talking to me and asking me questions but I couldn't answer and I was far to scared still to open my eyes until I started to feel his body disappear from me.

I instantly panicked and reached for him screaming his name. "Baby open your eyes and look at me" he said as he pulled me close again."Leave me with her for a minute" I opened them and looked around trying to see who he was talking to through the tears. We were alone and he was here with me , I was in Edwards room on his bed that he had placed me on , realising that he was safe and next to me trying to gently hold me while I pulled at his shirt frantically. "Breathe baby" he whispered gently rubbing my shoulders trying to soothe me. "Your safe. I promise you. He can't get to you here." My heart started to finally slow and stop feeling like it was going to burst from my chest.

"I'm never going to let anyone hurt you again." I reached out to him and wrapped my arms around his neck wanting so much to stop myself from crying. His hand rubbed my shoulders but as they slid down to my lower back I couldn't help but let the pained scream erupt from my mouth, his hands suddenly repelled of me shocked from the sound , he pulled head my into his chest gently again , but leaned forward slowly lifting up the back of my shirt to reveal where Jacob had repeatedly slammed me into the door handle "Fuck" was all he said painfully as he examined the area , "Baby , Can we let Carlisle come in. You need a doctor."

I nodded into his chest , only thinking now about my breathing and trying to steady it , so maybe the room would stop shaking. "Dad" Edward yelled out urgently and with in second I heard the door open but I couldn't bring my self to lift my face from his chest or stop clutching his shirt. I didn't want anyone to see me like this , but I wanted the pain that covered my face and every where else to stop. I felt the bed dip and realised he must of been sitting on the other side of the bed. "Bell , its Carlisle." all my fear of him left when I heard his voice , I turned slightly to see him with love and compassion in his eyes , "Bell can I have a look at your cheek. I just want to see how badly your hurt." I breathed heavily but forced my self to lift my self from Edwards chest , Edwards tried to help me move but I could see that he was horrified to touch me.

Carlisle looked over my face lightly touching it in spots , "Your going to need some stitches Bell." He looked down at my shirt as he spoke and saw the blood that covered it, "Bell , where did this blood on your shirt come from" I closed my eyes at the question remembering what happened. I tried to answer but the words wouldn't come out and my heart started to speed up again. "Its not her blood." Edwards clear voice came from behind me explaining the red hand prints that covered me. "But she's hurt. Her backs bruised". I forced my eyes open again and looked at Carlisle sitting in front of me. "Bell , Do you mind if I have a look." I nodded and closed my eyes as Edwards hand slid my shirt up showing him where the mass of bruises on my back were. "Bell are you hurt any where else," He asked while leaned back again to look at me. I nodded and held my myself together to keep from falling apart , "Edward would you go and get your mother to bring in my things now. Maybe you should wait outside for a moment while I examine Bell a bit more."

I didn't argue with Carlisle, I was a little relieved he asked Edward to leave even though I didn't want to be away from him for a second and feared I would stop breathing if he did leave ,I was scared he would see the rest of the scars that covered me and I could see in his eyes that he wanted to tear Jacob apart , and If he saw my horrible body , I could not see him sticking around for an explanation. He stood up slowly and walked to the door but then stopped and turned to look at me , he was just afraid to leave me as I was to watch him go. "Its OK." I whispered to him as calmly as possible , he didn't answer , he just nodded and looked down at the floor making his way out closing the door behind him.

"Bell , Ive got something here for the pain , it will help you to relax as well while I do the stitches." I nodded looking up into his eyes. He tried so hard to be professional but I could see he was stressed and the sight of me brought the same expression on his face that Edward held. Esme brought things in for Carlisle and placed them on the bed side table quietly while Carlisle looked at my cheek. She stood behind him for a moment looking down at me. "I'm alright." I assured her , as I saw her eyes starting to fill with tear , she lightly nodded. "Do you need anything sweet heart." she asked wanting to help. "A shirt." I asked , but my voice broke when I spoke to her. She walked out and left Carlisle to start stitching up my cheek, He started wiping it off lightly , removing the blood. "Can you feel this Bell." "No" I answered, The shot he gave me had kicked in and I started to feel like I could barely hold myself up, When I heard the sound of a Car outside , even the drugs could not stop me from becoming stiff and anxious at the thought of someone coming to drag me away , Carlisle saw my distress and got up to look out the window, "Its Edward and Emmett , There leaving." he suddenly looked as anxious as I did a second ago. "Don't worry, He wont find him."

Jacob was long gone , It would take him days or maybe even week to recover from this , I saw the look in his eyes and I knew him, After he gave him self some time, he could justify what happened and think he deserves another chance, He would actually believe that I could trust hm again. Carlisle stitched my cheek and checked out a few bruises scattered on my body, Luckily not getting a good look at any of my more hideous scars. "How do you no he wont find him." he asked while pressing around my ribs looking for damage.

"I just no. Jake's long gone.". He nodded and removed his hands from me but taking my hand in the process. "I'm sorry we left you here." I shook my head and squeezed his hand, My memory wasn't great but I did remember one thing clearly. "I told you to leave , I lied and told you I was safe." his eyes became red and he looked sick with himself. "You were a kid." "It was out of your hands Carlisle, and I wanted to save him because I thought I could deal with it alone." he looked at me and understood what I wanted for him , that he was unwell and wouldn't help himself because I was like a illness that was killing him , Xavier had told me once that he thought Edward's heart would be the end of him , it kept me awake at night , what could happen to him if things got worse for me , I never told him anything. But I didn't have too. He had known me since the day I was born , He knew my secrets and my faults , No one could look at me and see through my smiles but him.

His love for me radiated of him with every movement he made. People described him as being dangerous when he was younger , without knowing him. With out knowing he just couldn't handle the love. It drove him insane. Because he felt everything so strongly and he didn't know what to do with it , it burst through his seams and bunt him on the way. If anyone who ever doubted his heart ,or said he felt no compassion could see him now , they would see what Ive seen my whole life. That even his inperfections were perfect. Because his anger, his rage, everything was just a result of his love, the consequences of a broken heart.

He walked through the open door while I told Carlisle I wasn't in pain anymore. "I got your bag's" he said as if that were his only reason for going back there. Carlisle got up and left us alone, I pulled the blanket back for him so he would know I wasn't scared of him. I wanted him close so badly it hurt. Thankfully as soon as he got in he pulled me close again and I could feel his heart pounding in sync with mine. He reached over and grabbed the ice pack that I was dreading , "This is really going to hurt." he said through his teeth like it killed him having to do it. I closed my eyes tightly and tried to prepare myself but as it hit my skin I couldn't hide the pain from him , and then he couldn't hide his from me. He shook under me and told me that he was going to kill him , the words fell out of his mouth with rage and sadness that no matter how hard I tried, I could not make him feel better. "Bell , do you want to tell me what happened" that was definitely not going to make him feel any better. That's all I really wanted right now.

I want to take these marks of my self for no other reason then to take his pain away. I don't want to lie to him , I'm not even sure if I could, But when I explained Jacobs actions , I knew he was going to loose it , but I don't think not telling would stop that. "Bell." I looked up and saw a tear roll over his cheek , he stared at the blood on my shirt then down at my hand resting in his, "What is it Eddy". "Bell, Did he,....I mean," he shook his head and looked at me tying to find the words but he just couldn't get through the pain, "No" I answered quickly not wanting him to wonder how far Jacob went. "He stopped himself." his face became serious and I could see he was trying so hard to remain calm, "Bell did you think he was going to rape you." I bit my lip and knew I had to tell him everything even though it would be hard , but there was no point in trying to hide anything from him , I needed him to understand that this wasn't his fault or even Jacob's. "He just lost it for a second." he looked at my face and tensed his jaw "Looks like it might of been a bit longer then a second". he said trying to remain calm , but I could see he was ready to blow , also that not saying anything was not an option. He needed to understand that Jake isnt like this. But the thought of him screaming made me want to close my eyes and cry at the thought of the trust I lost , the love and friend that now means nothing. "If I tell you what happened today , you have to promise you wont go running out that door after him. I need you to be calm." My words came out so much more pained then I wanted and as I closed my eyes and tried to find the words , panic set in.