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Forget Me

Edward and Bella are born and raised together, There life is sheltered and untouched by horror until tragedy strikes killing Bella's father in a horrible accident and everything they had is taken from them and Edward is driven insane trying to get back to her. and what they once had. All Human Twilight FanFic

(This story deals with Abuse , Drug use & Suicide, Please be prepared for this.)

9. Crash Course

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Edward Cullen

I pushed her into talking about it mainly because I was angry , and because she wasn't. I wanted to understand why she just seemed so apathetic about the whole thing. As if it was no big deal.

She told me how he ran at her and punched in the glass panels behind her. That he screamed in her face but at that point she still wasn't scared. She doesn't seem to understand that by this point in the story , he had already gone to far. But she spoke as if she had always been expecting this behaviour and I knew why she didn't answer that morning when I had asked if she was afraid of him. Because she was , but she didn't want to admit it.

I clutched the hand she couldn't see on to the mattress and dug my fingers into it through the fabric. I realised when she got to the part when she said that she tried to leave with her bags that he took from her and threw across the room , screaming at her that she was not allowed to leave him. I couldn't breathe listening to her , she sat away from me and wouldn't look at me when she spoke. I reached out and took her hand that she suddenly looked down at it when my skin hit hers.

"He looked like he was just so..., frustrated with me. I wasn't prepared for that. I thought he would be mad , I expected him to yell and brake things...but." suddenly as she looked down at my hand covering hers she closed her eyes and told me how she kept trying to leave even after he threw her things. That he was suddenly all over her slamming her back into the door over and over while her hurt her. But for the first time I was happy she would'nt look at me to see the rage that I'm sure filled my face as she explained that he told her she would be his. She became frantic and her tough exterior was gone revealing the damage done beyond her cuts and bruises. The hand I was holding shook and was suddenly pulled from mine to join the other that wrapped around her waist trying desperately to keep herself from falling apart. He slammed her face over and over into the door frame and left her on the ground. "I'm so sorry Bell." I said putting my hand out slowly to touch her arm.

"Why would he do that."She asked sounding clueless as she finally looked up at me , revealing the pain that covered her face. But I had no answerer's that wouldn't help now. My anger could do nothing for her. "He's sick in the head Bell , Its not your fault." those last few words started her shaking her head uncontrollably at me , "I did the wrong thing , I lied to him." I braced her shoulders as lightly as possible begging that she keep looking me in the eyes. "There's nothing you could ever do that deserves this Bell. He fucked up not you." I tried to be force full with my words so she would no that I was serious. There was nothing that deserved this , she horrified and I could see in her eyes that she didn't believe me. Instead she finally filled the space between us and crawled on my lap wrapping her arms around me.

She suddenly looked up at me in a panic and the distress in her eyes broke me in a whole new way. "You , I mean. You cant do anything Eddy." I looked at her all fucked up , and wondered where the line was for her. When did she decide this was OK. That it didn't deserve something in return. "Eddy promise me." "OK Bell , its OK. I wont do anything." I had to promise , I had to get that look out of her eyes. I had to get her heart to stop racing, Every time it thudded into my chest was like a knife stabbing me. I nodded to her , as if willing her to believe me. She fell into me and held me so tightly I was sure there would be bruise marks from her clutches, but it was as close as I could get to her so the pain was actually comforting.

She laid in my arms for what felt like hours crying. She said how he had prided himself on protecting her , she just couldn't see how he could throw away a relationship that meant so much to her. In the end she said they were friends But now some one who made her feel safe had hurt her and I had no way of telling her why he would do such a thing because I didn't understand hurting her. Not ever. No matter what she did. But I did understand seeing the one I love with some one else, and I never wanted to slam her face into a door frame. I didn't even want to smash his face in. Not before this Because I didn't want to hurt her. She obviously loved him , so why would he do this and ruin it.

She finally fell asleep holding me tightly , I sat awake staring ahead out the window. Hours passed and the room became so dark I couldn't see but finally she started to relax. I knew Emmett would of talked to Xavier by now and Dad had called the police. I was supposed to take her to make a statement tomorrow as well as get x-rays to assure nothings broken. I was worried she wouldn't want to press charges but even if she didn't it wouldn't matter. Xavier would find him faster then the police and I will give him what he deserves when he does, and she would be more then pissed off with me. I'm sorry about having no intention to keep this promise to her but I just couldn't sleep again knowing I didn't lay my fists into him. I just laid there as if I wasn't ready to explode. Why but.

I hated myself for not wanting to do as she asked , because it should be up to her how this is handled. But I just cant look at her with out wanting to kill him, Brake him down into nothing. I should just hold her close and keep her safe. I should be happy that she's here with me and nothing can take her from me. But I just cant stop thinking about her laying there on the floor covered in blood , hiding from me like I would attack her. Because she thought he had come back for her. I'm so sorry Bell but there's just no way Baby.

The sun would be up soon and I couldn't sleep , and I was moving around so much I was worried I would disturb her sleep or hurt her. So I slid out from under her and went over to the window to hang out it and have a cigarette. I looked around the yard and still couldn't believe I was here and this was all happening. I really did think I would never see her again for awhile there, That I would ever be home. I knew the meaning of the word now 'home'. I was stupid to think it was a place when its only ever been where ever she is. Now I could show her that, I could be something good for her. But I just wanted to beat the shit out of Jacob first.

Sleeping was optional for me. I found it better to just pass out from exhaustion rather then lay down for my eight hours every night. I snack down stairs and made myself a cup of coffee moving fast in case she woke up and I wasn't there. Emmett sat on the breakfast bench sweating everywhere like an animal. "Baby brother. You slept at all?" he asked grabbing his bottle of water. "Have you." I asked being a smart ass, Knowing he would of just gotten back from his morning run after he woke from a long healthy sleep. He rolled his eyes at me and slid from the bench. "She awake?" he asked looking in the direction of my room. I shook my head while I poured the big mug of black coffee. "You tell Xave." I asked knowing the answer. "Course, Its all taken care of Edward. Don't stress about it OK." How could I not. I took my coffee back to my room to fins she hadn't moved an inch. The sun started to rise and the room lit up slowly , I sat in the arm chair by the bed watching her sleep , planing and plotting as I starred at her.

Before I could move, Bell's hand searched the bed and her eyes snapped open looking around the room "Edward." I reached over and took her hand , her head turned revealing the marks that had settled on her face looking a hundred times more painful then yesterday. "It's OK." She relaxed back into the bed looking into my eyes. "You look tired." she whispered breaking the silence. "I'm fine." I said shrugging it off. "We need to go to the hospital , So you can get some x-rays." she nodded and sat up on the bed.

Her body was obviously stiff and sore but she didn't seem worried about it. "Can you pass my bag." I got her suitcase and put it in front of her o the bed and sat next to her , "I need to find something with a hood" she said as she pulled out each item of clothing one by one, checking for something she could use to hide her self with. "You've got nothing to be ashamed of Bell." I examined her as I said it and could see she didn't believe me , she looked up frustrated. "I just don't want everyone to look at me." her hands started to shake and it was clear this was too much for her. "I have allot of Hoodies , I can get you One." She stopped and looked up at me with relief. I excepted that I couldn't do anything but as she ask's right now. "I need a shower she said giving up on going through her clothes.

I put a fresh towel and my bathrobe in my bathroom for her and couldn't help but follow her to the door half waiting to catch her in case she was more hurt then she thought.. She stood at the door for a long moment before closing it. I got dressed while she was in there and sat on the bed to put my shoes on. As I tied my laces I head the sound of a vibration , I turned to see Bell's bag on the bed and remembering my phone that was in the front pocket. I reached in and pulled it out to see a text from Xavier, 'It's all under control. Don't do anything. I'll call soon' the bathroom door open and I placed the phone on the side table.

"You get a phone call." she asked nervously looking at the phone. "No. Just a text from Xavier, Making sure your OK." She nodded biting her lip as she slowly dried her hair with the towel. The bathrobe dragged on the ground behind her when she walked over to my wardrobe "So where's this Hooded Jumper." she asked while she kicked the robe from her feet. "I walked over beside her and retrieved my smallest grey jumper and helped her carefully put it on trying to avoid her injuries. the jumper looked ten times too big for her. the sleeves hung, I reached down folding them up.

"Bell," I tried to think of how to put this very delicate situation. She held her other hand out for me too fix with obvious amusement in her face which I was about to take any happiness from. "After we go to the Hospital , I was thinking we could stop by the police station." she didn't answer she just snatched her hand from mine and walked over to the bed rolling her other sleeve up herself. She dropped onto the bed and pretended she didn't hear me. I didn't get it. why did she want to protect him , why couldn't she see what I did. She was protecting him and I couldn't get it through my head...Why.

She looked up at me and straight back down again , I'm sure she just saw the confusion that covered my face and It was obvious she didn't want me to push it. "Bell , I know you care about him , but." suddenly she was on her feet and facing me. "Shut up. I don't want to talk about him. Not to you or anyone else. You don't know him." the sting of her words just made the confusion worse "Bell he hurt you." the anger in me started to boil. She shook her head to herself. "Its not that bad." she whispered lightly only making it cut deeper. I took a step towards her to comfort her not being able to help myself when I see her upset. She raised her hand at me , stopping me in my tracks. "Can you just wait for me downstairs while I get ready." I looked at her for a long moment waiting for her to change her mind but she just looked away , leaving me to know I wasn't going to win today.

I left her to get ready to go to the hospital and went the kitchen to wait for her. Mum stood at the bench with a more then nervous look in her face. "Good morning " she said as I sat myself across from where she was standing. Dropping my face into the bench. "Not so good." she said as I moaned into the bench top. "She won't go to the Police." "I didn't think she would." my mother added causing me to look up at her shocked. "Why?" she sat a cup of coffee in front of me. "Because deep down she might not blame him. She might think she caused it... There are allot of reasons she feels like she shouldn't press charges." my mother was calm and collected when she spoke. Her words did match my earlier thoughts about how Bell explained what happened and she was defending him. I had no idea what she was going through or what was going through her head. But I do know when she's lying to me, The story she told me had gaps. I heard it in her voice when she reached parts when the story stopped flowing out of her mouth and she was very careful with her words. I don't think she was creating parts, just skipping them. Once again she was just worried about everyone but herself.

I heard Bell coming down the stairs and my mother become more anxious. I turned to see her standing awkwardly at the door way with her hood pulled up covering her face as much as she could, with her thick black curls helping as they flowed out on both sides of her face. "Could I fix you something Bell." Mum asked wanting to do something for her but Bell just shook her head. They were both so uncomfortable around each other and I really didn't have time to analyse it. "Do you want to go?". I asked looking over my shoulder at her again. she nodded and turned for the front door giving a small wave to Esme that she returned silently. It was not the big happy reunion that we had all hoped for. It was uncomfortable and awkward and I could see it hurt Bell , but she didn't want to talk about it or anything else. We got to the Hospital after a long wordless drive , she looked out the window or down at her feet and I couldn't help but get the feeling that I should of asked if she wanted someone else to take her. Then I felt a wave of sickness rush through my gut at the feeling of forcing her into something or making her feel worse then she does.

When we got close to the Hospital I watched her pick at the fabric on the sleeve so anxiously that she didn't notice the car stop or me get out of the car , I opened her door and she almost ignored that I was even there and honestly I couldn't handle it anymore. I knelt down in front of her , and hung my head in defeat. I could of ground my teeth into dust at the thought of saying it , but I wasn't going to force her into anything so I had to just be there for her. "I'm sorry. You said you didn't want to press charges and I should of left it there." her expression finally softened and she looked away trying to hide the tears that were filling her eye's. "We don't have to go in right now, you can take all the time you need." "I'm ready Eddy." she whispered before I could finish. I moved back and took her hand helping her out of the car , I loosed my grip to let her know she could let go and for a second I was sure she didnt want me here until her whole body pressed firmly to my side and her arm wrapped her arm around my waist. I carefully put my arm around her shoulder and led her inside , seeing as she had no intention on looking where she was going.

I was happy she had her head down and couldn't see people pointing and staring , this looked bad, I knew that. I didn't really give a shit what people thought anymore. Anyone who thought I could do this to her could go to hell. I went to the front desk and explained what we were here for and the nurse directed us down the hall where a lady waited for Bell. "Hello Bell , I'm Maggie. I'll be taking your x-rays for you. It shouldn't take to long." she added on seeing Bells obvious distress. The lady seemed overly nice, thanks to dad I'm sure. Bells arms left my waist and she walked away from my side to follow Maggie into the private room. She paused biting her lip again , looking in my direction but not in my eyes. "I'm gonna wait right here, I wont move." she didn't answer but it seemed to help her because she made her way through the door that was closed quickly behind her.

I sat in the waiting room and done just that , but while I waited for her I noticed my foot tapping anxiously and my hands clenching and rubbing together. It was because she was gone. I hadn't even noticed through the rage of wanting to kill Jacob, that there was this huge sense of relief. My body seemed to slow down again, Only now that she was gone did the anxiety come back, I didn't realise till now that it ever left to beguine with. Even if it subsided when she was by my side it was still there, still apart of me. I still needed to talk to her. I had to tell her everything even though a big part of me wanted to shut up, But all it would take is a good look at my arms or chest , if she closely examined them, she would see the hidden scars that bulged through someone Else's art work.

We sat in the car for a long minute before I even put the key in the ignition. I looked over giving her a look , raising my eyebrows. "I want to go home now." I nodded and started the car not questioning her at all , I just squeezed the steering wheel until it hurt the whole way home. There was no point in getting angry over something I obviously didn't understand. That didn't stop me from being angry but.

We got back to the house that was thankfully empty , I knew Dad would be at work and Mum was probably shopping but I wondered where Em had gone too. I walked into the kitchen as Bell tried to hurry of to the bedroom , "Bell." she paused in her slow sprint and turned to look at me. I pulled a stool out from the bench. "Can you please let me make you something to eat." her still angry expression soft end at my words and she casually walked over to the bench and sat down.

I didn't want our Reunion to be like this. I wanted her at least to be less furious at me. I made us both a sandwich and poured some drinks and sat beside her. "Can we go for a walk." She whispered breaking the silence after having a few bites. "Are you sure your up to it?" I asked after watching her stiff movements all day. "Sure , its just a walk , it will probably help." I didn't argue with her , We finished up and made our way outside , she walked a few steps ahead of me as we passed the drive way but she froze in her steps for just a second as if she was re-thinking the outing. I filled the space between us and curled my fingers into her's. "Its OK." I said looking down at the worry on her face , she looked back up and me shaking it of as if she felt silly. We walked into the forrest and started making our way up the hill. She started babbling happily on the way to my surprise , Through the mass of bruises she was actually smiling. She told me she remembered her birthday when I rescued her and ran off into the woods. She was proud of how two kids so young could be hidden for so many days. She remembered everything I cold see that now , even the little things that never mattered to anyone but me or her.

The walk to the cliff edge was allot longer then I remembered , though we rarely walked it when we were younger. "I hav'nt been here since that night." she said as we entered the clearing that would lead us to the spot that held our childhood. This place might as well of been our church. The place where we never lied.

I should of seen it coming I guess.

She took me right to the edge and looked out as the warm breezes flew softly at us. She sat down hanging her feet of the edge and I did the same. "Your not afraid anymore." she said looking at my feet hanging next to hers. I nodded and slid my hand over to her's.

"Spill." she said looking me straight in the eyes.

"Now, here." I said looking around. trying to change her mind , even though I knew there was no better time or place then now and here.

"I couldn't...." I stopped talking as soon as I started and felt my heart race at the thought of her hating me for the horrible things I have done, The fact that I was not going to tell her what I did after I left the hospital. There was a year between now and then and eventually she would put the pieces together but I couldn't pile that on to her as well, not now. I wondered what it was that she ever loved about me , I obviously never deserved her, my presence has never accused her nothing but chaos.

"You can talk to me Eddy." my eyes closed at the way she said my name like we had never left this spot, like we had just woken up after a long sleep , after a nightmare and she wanted to know what it was about. I tried to steady my breathing but knew it was probably not going to happen. I looked down at my feet and refused to meet her gaze , ashamed of the tears that were filling them , I told her how after that night I just couldn't handle it. It was all too much to have lost her and Charlie in such a way. It broke me , I couldn't eat or sleep , I just got so angry and bitter and let it tear me apart and in doing so it tore my family apart because I didn't want anyone's help, I just wanted to dwell in it. To the point where I just saw no other way out.

I told her I felt responsible for Charlie's death , She tried to interrupt and comfort me , But I talked over her and told her that none of it mattered , she rubbed my hand soothingly while I spoke until I got to that Sunday morning. I couldn't look at her but I felt her whole body freeze next to me as if she knew what was coming. I took my hand from her's and took my shirt off and held my arm out in front of her. She gently took my arm tracing the scars that were so visable once you knew they were there. She moved my whole body towards her to see my chest , I moved willingly but couldn't look at her still. I didn't want her to see my red eyes and tear soaked face. I have no right to feel sorry for myself over this , I needed to apologize to her.

She looked dazed staring at my disfigured chest and arms and It hurt so much to see she was crying silently as she gently grazed her fingers over my skin.I wanted to talk to explain myself before she left again but I couldn't breathe through the gasping sobs that came out with each word "Bell , I'm Sor..." Before I could finish her arms were wrapped around me and pulled me into her chest. "Don't say sorry." she whispered making me cry harder into her neck. "I love you , I love you , I love you." she repeated the words over and over into my ear while I fell apart realising she never had the hate in her that I feared so much. The anger I expected never came because she always saw me. My regret now is the wasted time on expecting a rage that would end us both. But the rage was all in my head, She cradled my body kissing my neck and hair and ran her fingers over my scars on my bare skin urging me to see there was no need for my apologies because she didn't see the betrayal in it that I did. She only saw the sadness and probably the coward, I was the only person here who couldn't forgive what I had done.

I never once told her how bad everything felt , when I should of. She was the strong one. I wanted to save her so much. But it wasn't fair because I never once let her see , I never let anyone see. I cried in her arms for what felt like forever because it had been so long since I let anyone in enough to try and repair the damage done. Her words of love healed and covered the scars better then any tattoo because she took the shame that covered them away.

We walked back home slowly enjoying each others company. Her hand moved continuously over my back soothing me assuring me with every moment that she didn't hate me but if anything made her understand everything more and we didn't have the tension of every hidden mistake between us anymore. But even with everything that had happened it was the calm before the storm. The weight that had been lifted would soon be replaced, I had made sure of that. She glowed at my side not having a single second where she wasn't touching me , When we walked thought the door everyone was in the kitchen having dinner. Bell dragged me in there direction even though I just wanted to keep her to myself right now. She looked back at me and smiled as we walked in to the kitchen. Esme looked shocked and the conversation they were having stopped as we entered. "Just in time." Mum said serving up two more plates. She sat next to me and twirled her leg around mine under the table and every now and than she would rest her hand on my leg. I should of told her sooner I realised as laughed with them , she didn't wonder why anymore. she understood the time was my fault and no one Else's , especially not her's. I never stopped wanting her. I didnt think it would mean so much to her , but that was stupid to think. Everything that kept us from being how we all were right now was important.

The dinner went allot longer then usual because they were all hanging on to every word she said. She was funny and happy just like when she was younger. The whole time we were all together at the table we laughed and cracked jokes. I couldn't talk much because I couldn't really believe any of this was happening. Everything still fit like it used to. We were still a family after all of it , it would just take time to find our place again.

"Do you like this one?" she asked holding up another DVD while I dried off after having a shower. I looked over at the old horror film she held up. "Um , How about something funny." I asked wrapping my head in the towel drying my hair. "hmmmm funny." she murmured as she continued to flick through the collection. She must of made a decision because she moved over to the DVD player and laid back on the bed , resting the bowl of popcorn on her stomach. I laid beside her and listened to her talk through the whole movie , commenting on every scene as I laid back and listened to every word like it was the most important conversation of my life. She laid her legs over mine and pushed her side as closely to me as possible and it didn't take long before I had to except I was exhausted and the closer her warm body got to mine made me even sleepier. I could hear her giggle in to my chest over the parts of the movie she found funny and with that brought on a wave of peace that forced my eye lids to give in with out their usual fight.

The smash of the glass caused me to throw my body into the direction hers was laying only seconds before, my eyes flashed open to look and see I was protecting no one , she was gone. My head snapped to the window where I heard the glass smash. T o see the window had been broken and Jacob stood beside it holding Bell's lifeless bloody body in his hands. He smiled evilly at me before smashing her face into the remaining shards of glass on the window. I leaped out of the bed at him screaming her name.

"Eddy , Wake up." My eyes opened shocked by her voice and touch. She cradled me in her lap with her arms around me "I'm right here Eddy." I couldn't help but grab on to her afraid she would disappear and I would be Left clutching a pillow. I wanted so badly to not be this mess , but this was it. This is me , it was obvious now that lie's get you no where. So instead of shrugging it off , I stayed there in her arms, the place that I had craved for so long. Until every part of that dream had faded.

"Are you going to school today?" she asked in amongst our rambling as we remained unmoving from the position I woke in. "No , I want to stay with you." I said rolling my head slightly to look up at her from where my head rested on her lap. I looked over and realised I had slept allot longer then I thought and the sun would be up soon. "I need coffee" Bell moaned pressing her face into my hair , "You want?" she asked as her body started shifting under me , "Stay in bed , Let me make them." I offered dragging my body of the bed before she had a chance to get up. I stretched out and leaned down to grab my shirt of the floor. Before I stood back up I could feel her standing behind me , running her fingers over my back. "Its a swan" I turned to see her expression , but I couldn't read it. she smiled faintly and bit her lip. "Too much?" I asked raising an eye brow at her wondering if the branding of my symbol of her on my back was to extreme , that's why I hadn't showed it too her. She shook her head , "I love it.".

After making the coffee's I brought them back up to find Bell had put another movie on , she sat snuggled up in the blankets on the middle of the bed. I passed her a cup that she took holding it with two hands close to her chest warming her hands with it. She was engrossed in one of the trailers and with out thinking I went over to the window opening it and picking out a cigarette and my lighter from a box on the book shelf. I lit it hung out the window like usual. "What the fuck are you doing?" she said playfully behind me with shock. I turned and smiled at her. "Nasty habit." I hung out the window again keeping the smoke out.

"Can I have one" she looked up casually walking beside me. "Do you smoke" I asked doubtfully. "No, but I want to try one." I shook my head and flicked it out the window. "There crap. There's no point to them." she rolled her eyes at me sipping her coffee. "Why do you do it if it's stupid?" she added being a smart ass. "I've do allot of stupid crap." I reminded her.She dropped back on the bed and watched the movie, making a point not to look at me. I would of smiled at her if her bruised face wasn't in full view now the sun had come up. I walked over and sat beside her.

"Why do you want something so stupid." I asked trying to understand but she just shrugged still looking straight ahead. Then I wondered why I ever started and It hit me. "They wont make you feel any different." she looked over at me finally showing me her big brown eyes that I adored. "I just want to try something. I'm 16 , i'm allowed to be an idiot." I understood now. I smiled at her "You really want to do this?" she nodded and put her hand out. "Just like when we were kids and you got me drunk for the first time." I got up while she spoke and walked over to the book shelf pulling a box from the top. She eye'd it knowing it wasnt where I kept my smokes.

"I'm serious" i said through her giggles as I re-told something I saw on a reality TV show "He said I would rather see you take a shot of heroin then smoke a cigarette, At least you'll get a fucking hit out of it." We laid on the floor with our feet in the air pressing into each others, like we used to do when we were kids. talking crap to each other while we passed a joint back and forth. Our bare feet warmed in the air as her toes scrunched into mine trying to tackle me. "Did you ever see that movie where..." honestly I could listen to her talk about nothing forever. The mere sound of her voice seemed to wash over me in a way I didn't ever think was possible.

It wasn't long before she started laughing uncontrollably at everything and I couldn't help but laugh with her over nothing. Her feet dropped from mine and she was suddenly pulling her self so she was hovering over my desperately trying to form words between hysterics,

"Do you....Rem..remember...that time." she couldn't even finish the sentence and I couldn't stop laughing long enough to ask her what she was talking about. The bedroom door suddenly swung open and we both were instantly silenced by shock. Dad stood towering over us and we couldn't help but start laughing , Bell collapsed on to my chest and my head back onto the ground. "Are you both high" he said with obvious amusement. "Your mother wanted me to ask if you wanted pancakes. I'll tell her yes." he said laughing shaking his head and closing the door. "Busted." she said controlling her laughs for a moment. She looked into my eyes and noting was funny suddenly.

"I fucking love you." she said sweetly, I reached up to touch the side of her face he hadn't taken his anger out on and ran my fingers into her hair "I fucking love you more." I whispered. She leaned down slowly and pressed her lips to mine, kissing me slowly and passionately as her hands ran over my chest.I could feel her tongue glide over my top lip as I grazed my teeth over her bottom one , urging me to pull her body to me as fast as I could, filling any unnecessary space. "I missed that," she whispered as she slowly pulled away with her eyes still closed. "Me too." I said looking up at her wiping the curls from her face. She rested on my chest for awhile before looking up me, "You said there was no one else when you were away?" she asked almost carefully. "Only ever you Bell." I answered confidently hoping to crush any doubt. "So you've only ever kissed me." she said asking if the fact was true. I had never really thought about it like that. The thought of kissing anyone else but her never entered my mind. "Your my 'only ever' everything Bell." I said smiling.

That's when the fun seemed to beguine.

Week's passed with out any real problems. We never went back to school for anymore then a few hours at a time because it just seemed stupid.Dad pulled me aside and asked what we were doing and all I could do was smile "Having fun." he looked at me and I think could understand the significance of that. I was no A grade student and never would be. The part that pissed dad off was that Bell and I both had extremely high IQ's , we just had no desire to use them. Bell often had long talks with Esme alone , I didnt know what they were talking about and didn't ask , But they both always seemed to look worse after the conversations. I had apologised to dad for smoking pot in the house , He went over the health risks like the doctor he was before finally smiling at me, "Your 16 , Besides. I think I can Handel my son rolling around on the ground laughing." it was sad to realise it he wouldn't even remember what my laugh sounded like.

Bell and I took things very slowly, like we both wanted. We spent our weekends with Xavier and everyone else, Bell always dragged Emmett along with us for the fun. It all felt impossibly perfect. Everyone loved her of course. Raven took an instant liking to Bell , They were always laughing at their own private jokes and making arrangements that only involved them and no one else, Which Bell loved.They had all been bothering me constantly about my birthday coming up in July and how they wanted a party but I would always deflect by asking what we should do for Bell's , seeing as it was only a few months after.

Bell and I spent every Sunday searching different parts of the wood for Scout but every time we came back empty handed it was starting to look like all our efforts were in vain. Maybe Bell was right and she really was gone, But I would never admit it to her. I constantly remained hope full for her and pushed her to keep looking. Almost every night we saw everyone , Bell would often arrange for the three of us to be picked up so we could drink and not have to sleep in the car until we were sober enough to drive.....So we didn't have to do it again anyways. I must admit at first I was more then a little jealous of how much time she spent with Raven and everyone else, It started to feel like we were never alone.

She sat on the end of the bed in a fitted black sweater and tight jeans , She looked amazing. The marks on her face had almost completely cleared, The only marks on her face were the marks under her eyes from not sleeping. It seemed the night I didn't have nightmares, she did. We were light sleepers luckily and woke each other up from our own private hell and for that I was thankful. Because there was nothing better then waking and seeing her here with me. "So , Yeah we walked down and she was just glaring at me." Bell said finishing her story while she finished tying her laces. "Why?" I asked confused as to why she was getting evil looks from Leah , when they used to be such good friends when they were younger. "I thought Leah and you got on well?" I asked leaning up against the headboard playing video games , That I decided to play since her and Raven were going late night shopping. "I hav'nt talked to leah in years , but its no reason to look at me like that." I got even more confused wondering why she and Leah didn't talk anymore, and casually asked while I played the video game, "You have a fight with her or something?" she looked down for a second, pausing in thought. "Jake didn't like her , It was just easier not too see her."

That's when I shut up. She can go where she wants and do what she wants. I was not going to be some ass hole who tried to keep her all to myself. She loved being with them so much because it had been so long since she was 'allowed' to have friends. She ran into the bathroom when the sound of a beep came from outside. "OK , So um we might be awhile, Raven wants to check out this new shop, and then she will have to try everything in there on." she yelled from the bathroom before walking out holding her hands out by her sides. "Do I look OK" I paused the game and turned my head to look at her. "You look gorgeous Bell." She smiled and blushed falling onto the bed next to me , wrapping her arms around my neck bringing my lips to hers just as the sound of the beep came from outside again. She pulled back looking guilty , "Have fun baby, See you when you get back" I said pressing my lips to hers between every couple of words. She smiled widely at me and kissed my cheek in a rush before grabbing her hand bag and running out the door.

Emmett came in not long after Bell leaving , "Was that Makin's Car outside" He asked obviosly wanting to know what was happening. "Yeah , Raven and Bell are going shopping in Port Angela's" he nodded bored by my answer and sat in front of the bed picking up the other controller.

"Dude YOUR GONNA FUCKING DIE, RUN RUN RUN." Emmett yelled at me as I tried to ignore him and run to safety , But it was too late. The grenade was thrown right beside me...then boom. "I win again." He said throwing the controller on the ground in victory. I shook my head laughing at what I can only assume is Emmett's's happy dance. "Well , you got any weed." I'm not too happy to say that the answer to that question lately was always yes.

We had all decided to hide it allot better from mum and dad so they didn't get to worried. I pointed up to the usual spot on top of the book shelf and Emmett started chopping up with the unusually large scissors that only made the task harder. "Why don't you just roll a joint" I complained at the amount of preparation that went into smoking it through a bong. "Your turning into a real stoner Eddy." he said knowingly at me while I starred at the slowness of his hands thinking 'i would be done by now and we would be stoned'. "I mean you cant even be bothered getting a mix ready." "I'm not lazy it just seems stupid." really I think he was right. I was far to lazy to be bothered chopping up and all the rest of it. "I think I heard a car" he said packing the weed into the cone piece and lighting it up. The door open when Em was punching down his second cone, coughing on the smoke loudly like always.

"Really , a bong." she asked dropping her bag on the floor and coming over to sit on my lap. "No Bell not you too. Tell me you not a Lazy stoner." Bell laughed at Em like always and leaned forward taking the bowl and bong from him. "Em , I would rather be a lazy stoner then a hardcore one. You do this to get the job done quicker , Soon you'll be carrying hash cookies around so you can be smashed twenty four seven,". I loved how comfortable everything was, I loved watching them bicker like a brother and sister that have never left each others side. The three of us watched a movie together Until Em started to snore at the foot of the bed that he was draped out on, Bell woke him by blocking his nose and when he struggled to breathe she slapped his face. We both fell over each other laughing at his expression. "You two are twisted." he said rubbing his cheek and telling Bell he would get her back as he left to go to bed.

Bell and I finished watching the movie. When it finished I flicked the tv of with the remote, "Well that was crap." I moaned about the horrible romantic comedy but when I looked down it was clear she was far to stoned to do anything and I was pretty sure she had had a few drinks with Raven when she was out. I leaned over her and turned off the bedside light when I saw that she was out of it and stayed sitting up to pull my shirt off , "Eddy" Bell moaned next to me half asleep pulling at her skin tight jeans , I threw my shirt on the floor and unbuttoned her jeans and started litterly pealing them off her like I did most nights with out thinking , laughing telling her I can't believe that she could possible be comfortable in something so tight . She smiled with what i'm sure was relief as I pulled her feet out, I tried to speak even though I was in no better state then her ,"Arms up" I pulled her sweater of leaving on her shirt underneath , I pulled my jeans off and threw them on the ground with the rest of our clothes and layed down loving the feel of the skin on her legs rubbing over mine as she cuddled up to me.

Allot of our mornings started with either her screams or mine. Today was no different. I laid on my side with my back to my door , Her head pressed firmly to mine "Breathe baby." she pleaded as her leg wrapped firmly over my waist and her hand moved over my back and into my hair running her fingers through it.I hated the way I shook and my heart pounded. I closed my eyes tightly trying to get rid of the images that flooded my mind trying to drag me back down again. "Hey." her hand came to the side of my face. "Open your eyes and look at me." She asked urgently , I opened them cautiously like always, horrified it wasn't a dream , or that she wouldn't be there. That her voice was something I had dreamed up like when I was in the hospital and I went so mad I could see her.

When I opened them she was right in front of me, So close I could feel her breath hit my lips. I pressed them to her's finishing the process that started our day. I couldnt help myself. As soon as I gave up trying to get rid of the fresh terror that drowned me , I could not help but grab a hold of her and kiss her , running my tongue down her neck to her collar bone. I would hold her as tightly as possible and run my hands all over her body , her legs would always wrap firmly around my waist proving to my mind she was really here and she chased my nightmares away. The fear of going to sleep was gone because she would always be next to me when I woke now.

"For fucks sake ,It's this way" she argued with me , "Bell i'm telling you we went over that way by the edge" she shook her head at me, "Fine, fuck it, Let's go your way." I gave in, it was just easier.Even if we were going the wrong way.

she walked eagerly up the mountain a few steps in front of me. The hormonal teenager in me couldn't help but stare at her ass move in front of me even when we fought over everything.If anything she was actually kind of hot when she was mad. I smiled at the thought. "We split up." she said stopping in her tracks after walking for a few minutes. She turned around to fast , before I could meet her eyes or catch on to what she was talking about. "Are you looking at my ass again." she said laughing. I shrugged and smiled at her , honestly not being able to help myself. She walked up to my and wrapped her hands around my neck. "We split up that night , I followed the stream and you went along the cliff edge." I smiled at her recollection, she was right , the fight was over nothing. "Come on pervert" she said taking my hand and dragging me with her.

We tried to moved as fast as we could because we needed to get back before any one got worried. It felt like we had walked forever and Bell kept insisting we run because she was determined to reach the spot we went to when we were younger , the highest on the mountain we had ever gone to , one of the last places we took Scout too.

One of the reasons I get so frustrated on these long hikes was because eventually we would reach the spot that she envisioned this wolf waiting for her , When the only thing I envisioned was her walking home upset again. I hated seeing that look flash across her face, It drove me mad I couldn't find Scout. Some nights when she and Raven would go for a Girl's night, I would wonder around the woods looking for her myself, praying that I didn't have to keep watching her wondering around the woods to find nothing but heart ache.

In the late afternoon when we finally reached the clearing we found that there was nothing here but memories. She whistled and yelled her name out at the top of her lungs , looking around desperately. I walked up beside her after giving her a moment to realise Scout wasn't here. I pulled her into my arms and rubbed her back kissing the top of her head. "We've looked everywhere." she said as I started dragging her back in the direction of home. "We will find her Bell, Were just not looking in the right spots." Because she's so far gone its not funny. I had to keep re assuring her. I couldn't let her think she didn't do all she could to get her back. But if Bell was right and Scout really did listen to her when she said to leave and not come back then she would be gone forever. "I screwed everything thing up , she thinks I hate her." I put my arm around her waist and pulled her close to my side. "She doesn't think that." I said reassuring her , I looked over to see she was biting her lip again. "Bell what is it." she looked down for a long moment with the most horribly sad look on her face. "Let's run." It wasn't a question , before I could answer she took off into the dark wood. We were in a hurry so I decided to drop it and run the rest of the way with her.

Thankfully we got home in time for dinner , So no questions about our where abouts where asked. Bell sat across from mum like always talking about nothing imparticular while Emmett flicked pea's across the table at me. "Boys" Dad almost yelled before the food fight broke out. He smiled across the table to mum and it warmed my heart to see him look at her like that. I never realised how much my brothers and Bell's happiness affected theirs. Finally I saw them sneak touches and kisses , falling in love with each other again because they could finally stop and worry about them selves instead of us all the time. For a few week I didn't understand why mum was always bringing in food and making huge dinners up , I thought she was just excited about Bell being back. But it wasn't that at all. I came home a few days ago to find bags of clothes in my room that she had brought because the others had started to get tight. Finally after five years I finally got my appetite back , I didn't realise until now just how skinny I was , my ribs were visible and it was obvious that I wasn't well , but now my skin had color and my body had filled out. How could they worry about stupid things like bed times and lectures when everything finally started to look bright again.

Mum had finally started to unpack everything after being here for months , but only because I asked her to go through the boxes with me and help me find the right one , it was almost impossible. But while we were finishing up and Bell and I started to head for our room we were stopped in our tracks. "Edward I found that box you were looking for , " I turned to smile at her seeing dad behind her. "Let's go up and have a look Bell." Bell looked over her shoulder waiting for me to come with her. I nodded to her and she continued on her way. Dad didn't say anything he just turned and walked to the front door. I followed and sat next to him on the step. He lit a cigarette and passed the packet to me. I looked up at him , not knowing what to say. "Cut the shit Edward." he said with a smile. I took one and lit it up. He asked what my plans were for school seeing as I just decided to not go. "Its just not for me dad, Not right now any way." I loved that he understood me and excepted my choices but it still felt like him and mum were treading on egg shells around me. Like they were afraid to upset me. He babbled on about how we could go back when were ready , when the times right. But now more then anything he just wanted his family to be happy.

"Edward , I need to ask you something." I knew he hadn't just gotten me out here to talk about school. It was just his ice breaker. He couldn't seem to make eye contact and I got a bit sick wondering what was wrong. "This morning before I went to work I heard you yell and I went to you room and," he paused and I didn't understand why, why he looked so incredibly uncomfortable. "I was probably just having a bad dream." he nodded and looked over in my direction. "I'm sorry I just barged open but the door was open and I just didn't think and." He continued to babble while I tried to click on.

I knew Em must of walked out with out closing the door before he went to bed , and I t didn't real bother me if it was open because........Oh god. "Dad i'm not..." "Son I just want to make sure your careful and your both ready." I realised that he would of seen her bare leg wrapped over me with her fingers knotted into my hair. "Dad" I said despretly trying to interrupt his rant. He finally paused and listened to me."I'm not having sex with Bell." he seemed shocked at the casual use of the word but he did believe me. "Your right , were not ready. Well i'm a 16 year old boy so....But if she's not ready, were not ready." He smiled and looked almost proud. "That's a relief , I mean the last thing I need is a baby running around the house." I laughed at him and how far ahead his mind had wondered just from seeing her thigh over me. Suddenly I was a teenage father. "Dad its Bell. Its not some girl I brought home from a party. Its Bell." I said laughing at him and leaving his side to go up to my rrom to find my mother just leaving and Bell giggling with fresh tears on her cheeks.

The boxes remained on the floor unopened. We had been ambushed. "Hey pervert." she said as she started to laugh again. "When we do have sex we are so using protection , Your mother painted a very scary picture" I laughed at her and jumped on to the bed on top of her , "When we do hey." I whispered kissing her neck. "What don't you want too." she said almost embarrassed , I collapsed on her laughing , I looked over but she didn't seem to find it funny. "Bell , I want to do it as soon as you do. Only when you do. But until then." I started kissing her insuring she knew I wanted her more then anything or anyone. I m not going to say it wasn't hard being so close to her her half naked and all over me , but even if it was difficult , I wouldn't trade it for anything. Any moment I was close to her was worth any price.

Bell started rolling us some joints and pouring up some drinks with the bottle of Vodka she got Raven to buy for her. We were going to save it for Friday night when we were all going out but this was a special occasion. I opened the boxes and pulled out album after album after album. Our whole child hood was there laid out in front of her. We cried and laughed as we retraced our steps. Even I dint know how many photos there were of her and I, "I love them" she said as her fingers traced the images of us and our families. They looked like clips out of a happy movie , Even the memories that seemed so perfect in my head barley seemed real. "These aren't your favourites." I said as I continued to go trough the boxes until I found it. Her book that she left at the cliff edge that night. I passed the old tattered book to her. She held it in her hands staring at it , like it was sparking to her. "Are you gonna open it." i asked breaking her daze. she smiled and opened it revealing the picture of her with Charlie and on the other page a picture of her and scout when she was younger.

She lingered on the page and I thought she was looking at the picture of Charlie. "She was beautiful" she said touching the image of scout. Reminding her of the pain of not finding her again today. "You really never saw her again after that night." I asked making sure.She bit her lip and I knew there was more to it. She looked down with a flash of guilt , getting her drink and finishing it off. "Bell." She looked over , "A few years ago near the reservation , but I ran from her...I didn't no." she was starting to get upset and It was obvious that she felt guilty but I couldn't think about that. I jumped to my feet dragging her with me. "What are you doing", "Put your shoe's on. we have to go." she looked more then confused but still started putting her shoe's on , I started to go to the bedroom door to leave, "EDDY , SMOKES." I realised she had a joint lit and I had a smoke hanging out of my mouth , "Window" I announced walking in the other direction with her.

I jumped out and put my arms out trying to help her out , realising as we moved just how drunk we are. She fell into my arms and we both went into the ground. "What the fuck are we doing." she asked laughing trying to get to her feet. "We are going to" I stopped and looked at the two of us falling over each other heading to my car , "Walk." I said turning her to around with me to walk in to the Forrest. "Why can't we drive" she winged dragging her feet behind me. "Tell me where were going , its rude to drag a drunk girl into the woods at one in the morning." I laughed at her dark humour wondering why it wasn't obvious. "Were going to the Cliffs by the reservation". "She's not at the reservation." she argued slurring her words, "Are you sure , Have you called her for her there." she paused for a split second , realising what I did in the bedroom , She let go of my hand and took off in front of me , speeding through the Forrest at the thought that I was right.

Unlike when we were younger she was easy to keep up , We made it to the border and she suddenly stopped , I turned and rushed back to her side feeling stupid for not thinking. She breathed heavily and I knew it wasn't from the run. I took her hand and urged her to keep walking with me. "Your safe baby , No one's going to get near you." she smiled and took her hand from mine wrapping it firmly around her waist leaning into me as we walked.

I could feel her tense as we got closer to Jacob's house , even though we knew he wasn't there and no one had seen any sign of him in town. I knew she had a hundred paranoid thoughts of him being near by. "Em said he spoke to Jasper yesterday." she smiled at the thought of her missing brother , "He and his girlfriend Alice went on a road trip on the weekend." I told her everything Em told me about there trip and the funny things that happened along the way while we quickly passed Jacob's house. "Eddy , I want to run." she admitted scared while I babbled. "No , It will just freak you out more. There's nothing to run from , your fine." I reached into my pocket pulling out a joint and lighter. "Here." I said passing it. She pulled me down to her level kissing her cheek.

I know it was wrong to influence her drug addiction , but I knew Bell. There was a reason she felt the need for this crap and until we sorted that out, why not let her have something that makes her laugh and relax. A doctor would just give her Valium. I covered the lighter while she lit it and she did the same for me while I lit another cigarette up. After hours of stumbling around in the dark we finally reached the cliff edge , wishing so much that I wasn't horrified of driving drunk with her in the car because I was exhausted by the time we got there.

"Now what , She's not here." she said looking around , I shook my head and stumbled over to her racing her shoulders , "Scream Bell." She rolled her eyes and I realised she had finally lost hope. she shook her head and closed her eyes "SCOUT COME HERE." she screamed at the top of her lungs , "See," she got ready to do the whole 'I told you so' thing when I grabbed her hand at the sound of the rustle in the bush. There was the part of me that thought it was Jacob. But I was more then ready for that.

Even in the dark Her white fur glowed as she ran through the woods to us leaping into Bell knocking her of her feet licking her face while Bell laid stunned. I stood over them laughing when I looked over to see the pup that Malcolm had talked about , She was no longer a pup but. She was huge and her blue eyes sparkled in the moon light. "Bell" she was obviously distracted by Scout excitedly jumping all over her. She held her close pressing her face into her fur. "Bell." she looked up and then into the same direction as me. The wolf sat alone under a tree watching the happy reunion , Bells smile widened even more if possible. "Come here." The wolf took a few slow steps reluctantly , I knelt down next to her calling the pup with her. Scout sat with us as if urging her to know it was safe. She walked over and met Bell's face smelling her , before rubbing her face into Bell's chest and kneeling down in front of her like Scout. She was there leader , Scout had been waiting for , she never listened to Bell , she was always close by watching her. She didn't even realise the pup knew her. She knew her scent , they had just been waiting near by for her to come and get them.

We all started the long walk home. She stopped me frequently to press me into a tree and make out. She was so happy she couldn't keep her hands off me the whole way back. This was just what she needed after the last few weeks , Not just one wolf following her closely behind but two. I helped her through the window and she pulled me in after her and we both stood back smiling at each other waiting. Scout leaped in followed quickly by her huge pup. We looked at each other and collapsed onto the bed, completely exhausted and unable to stop laughing.

"Now there's just one thing missing" she said as he laughter subsided. I looked over smiling knowing exactly who she was talking about. "Jasper will be back soon for the holidays." She smiled and closed her eyes and rested her head on my chest at the thought of everything finally falling into place. We fell into a deep sleep one that that my terrors couldn't creep into. I woke up early to find the two wolf by the window excited by my movement. I opened the shutters for them so they could go out and then went to the bathroom and turned the taps on to take a shower , I got out and put my jeans on that were lying on top of the clothes hamper , Bell must of decided they were dirty. I gave them a smell check and chucked them , I opened the door slowly hoping not to wake her seeing as we had been up so late , I walked over to the dresser to find a shirt , As I slowly opened the door trying to be as quiet as possible I heard her murmuring something in her sleep behind me. I turned dropping the shirt I had in my hand and ran over to her knowing what was coming.

It was horrible. I had to hope the sound of my voice shocked her awake because other wise it meant having to touch her. "Bells WAKE UP." The look of terror flashed over her face and suddenly her arms were waving everywhere. "BABY WAKE UP" I yelled hovering over her as she suddenly started screaming and crying hysterically "LET ME OUT , LET ME OUT." I braced her shoulders and shook her. She scrambled away from my touch that instantly shocked her eye's open but were covered by her tiny arms trying to shield herself from who ever she thought I was. I hated it , seeing her like this. I hated feeling like she was scared of me , that when I touched her when she was having nightmares my hands might as well of been some one Else's.

"Baby come here." her arms came down and her eyes blinked open trying to see properly , realising it was a dream. She leaned forward to start crawling back to me but I couldn't wait , I reached out and picked her up holding her close to my chest. "What are they about Bell." she pressed her face into my neck , she never answered me. She wouldn't tell me why she always screamed 'let me out' begging over and over. I thought maybe she was having dreams about Jacob not letting her leave the house that day. But the state she wakes in sometimes is so much worse then then the state I found her in on Jacob's floor. Sometimes it would take her days to break the thought of what ever plagued her. It seemed the more upset she got , the more we had to go out and party. Anxiety was a pretty big deal when we were put together , Neither of us were calm , neither one could settle the other , not really. All I had to do was say 'come on' and she would follow blindly because unless we were both completely smashed of our faces we never sat still.

It drove me mad wondering what it was she was keeping from me. But this time I refused to push her because of my own anger . I had to wait until she was ready. Something told me it wasn't that she was waiting until she was ready to talk about it , more like she was waiting until I was ready to hear it.

There was never a day that went by that I didn't think about how much I wanted that son of a bitch dead , Even when her bruises healed and her stitches were gone. The scar on her cheek was a constant reminder of how she looked that day pressing herself into the wall desperately trying to put as much space between us as possible. Sometimes it was like she could read my mind , Because she constantly asked me to promise not to do anything when he was found. She would get so worked up over it that I always gave in to her and made promises I had every intention of keeping.....for about two seconds and then it passed. I could not imagine myself not doing it. How was I meant to just go about my day while that prick walks around like he's some kind of fucking hero.

The Scout and her pup Bell named Rage because he barked at everything , he was grumpy and not playful at all. But Bell said he was like a big Bear he was soft on the inside he had just grown in the wild so thought it was understandable he was a bit on edge. They slept in the room with us most nights but most days they would wonder off up the mountain. Bell was happy just knowing they would be back. They were not domesticated , not even Scout was anymore. Bell said it almost made her happy because they are not the kind of animal that would be happy feeling as though they have to stick by your side all the time, They needed to be in the wild running free.

We walked down the driveway late on Saturday night on our way into town. Dad's car slowed beside us. He was just getting home from work, He has been doing long shifts that he said he wouldn't. He had been trying to get Bell to come and talk to him about something important , but it was always in passing because we were always leaving when he got home. Bell didn't seem to worried about it and I assumed she had some idea what he was talking about. But when I tried to ask her about it she changed the subject to my up coming birthday. "Bell , Were not going to the city for my birthday , There's just no fucking way." She grabbed my hand at my constant fear of something going wrong. "C'mon grandpa please , Xavier can get us into the Night Club , and I can wear that red dress." truth be told the thought of her in that red dress had me ready to give in to her once again. She had brought it the last time she went shopping with Raven . The red piece of fabric looked like nothing when she held it up to her body hoping it would fit. Truth be told I was more interested in playing grand theft auto then watching a fashion parade , but when she walked out in that dress covered by a leather jacket. From then on its been impossible to get the image of that dress clinging to her body revealing every curve.

"I'm calling Raven." I grabbed the phone from her hand and stuck it in my pocket. "Were walking." , Raven , Marcus and Emmett were all waiting at the cinema in town , waiting to see some new action movie Bell had been waiting for two months to be released, Even though I'm pretty sure she just wanted to go to the movies all the time because she loved the popcorn they had. I felt sick at the thought of how familiar all this felt. Except I could replace the Unicorn movie with a blood thirsty one. Raven was a great driver , drunk or not. But still there was just no fucking way. I didn't really give a shit if she complained the whole way , i'd sooner carry her.

By the time we had reached town we were having fun , I chased her up the side of the road in the direction of the park after she took my cigarette of me and stuck it in her mouth , intentionally trying to piss me off. I caught up to her and wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her back to me and taking my smokes back. I took one last drag before flicking it and swinging her around to face me. By the time we reached everyone else I was carrying her on my back ,

Town was filled with kids wondering around , It was the first day of school holidays , Not that it meant anything to us. Emmett was finished High school now and was going to be closely followed by Jasper , He had called and said he wouldn't be home for the holidays. He and Alice had plans to go away with friends and he didn't want to pass it up.

They all sat by Marcus's car drinking and carrying on. Raven ran up to us when we caught her eye. "My Swan is here." she yelled grabbing Bell's arm and pulling her in for a hug. She was obviously as high as a kite which was going to be good for us. "c'mon let's get in the back of the jeep." she said dragging us both with her to the parked car the was surrounded by everyone drinking and laughing. Bell loved this whole scene that we were apart of , I could tell she felt like she belonged with these people. They had never judged anything either of us had done , they had done everything they could to help us and Bell would love them for it forever. Raven opened the backdoor for us to climb into when Xavier's arm was suddenly around my neck while the other hand ruffled my hair. "C'mon man I want you to meet someone" Bell stopped and looked back at me waiting for me to follow. "Go ahead babe , Be there in a minute." she smiled and closed the door after Raven jumped in. There were always people with them I didn't know but they were always pretty awesome and all loved Xavier so any friend of his was one of there's.

I stood talking to the group of boys about maybe giving the movie a miss and going down to the beach and having a fire and just relax down there. The group parted to let Bell walk through to me , She stood in front of me and slipped her hand in to my front pocket pulling my wallet out, Everyone kept talking around us. "You going to get popcorn" she smiled and leaned up to kiss me, "It's the only reason I wanted to come" she said giggling , "I'll be right back," I was ready to follow her until I saw Raven and another girl waiting for her.After a few minutes the loud voice of one of the boy's stoppped us all tlking "Alright Fuck it, Let's go to the beach." , We had already decided to go it was just now that we were waiting for some one to move the plan along.

I started to walk over to the cinema to tell the girls we were going when I saw them coming out the doors , They didn't see me so I kept strolling over wanting to get my hands on her again. The three of them were laughing when suddenly from behind them Mikes loud voice yelled out to Bell, without noticing me near by. "SLUT." . Bell paused in her tracks and Raven and the other girl turned instantly to face him in a rage but they were far too slow. I ran at him past Bell and the others. I could hear screaming and yelling , realising Mike was not alone when I felt a sudden blow to the side of my face. With in seconds all of the boys were beside me beating the shit out of mike and all his friends that got involved. I grabbed a hold of Mike again once his friend was pulled off me and repeatedly punching his face in over and over.

I could hear Xavier behind me screaming at me with Bell to stop but I just couldn't help myself. The sound of the sirens snapped my head up , dropping him on to the concrete and turning to face them all. "SCATTER , NOW!". The group separated in a second all running in different directions. I ran with Bell down an ally way as fast as I could. We hid for a second in a dark corner, "Which way." she asked ready to run again even though it sounded like there were cop car everywhere. I was a complete fuck Whit. I had the cops after all my friend who unlike my were all under the influence of drugs. "Come on we can cut through the park."

I just wanted her out of here right now and away from me. Just with that thought the sound of a siren got closer and closer. I grabbed her hand and ran with her down the street when a jeep came through the darkness with there lights off screeching to a halt in front of us. The back door swung open just as the cop car started to come around the corner and we had seconds until they would see us and now there was no doubt. If that cop car comes around that corner they will see the car filled with all the people I love. I picked her up and none to gently passed her into the backseat and slamming the door behind her , she screamed out to me and Makin's head came out the window looking at me wondering what I was doing. "GO MAKIN." He shook his head, "Do you want a crash course on what's going to happen if you don't get in the FUCKING CAR." He knew exactly what I was dong "GET HER OUT OF HERE MAKIN." he looked at me enraged debating in his head what I was asking. , "FUCK." was all he yelled at me before he sped of and I ran back in the direction I came. Towards the siren.

With in a second of coming around the corner the cop car arrived and pulled up in front of me, they swarmed me throwing me into the car and hand cuffing me. I fucked up. But at least I got them out. They would be long gone by now and when I was finally put into lock up waiting to be bailed out I was sure of it because none of them were in here but me, I was more then a little relieved. Even in this cell I was more worried about the fact she was going to kill me, then knowing I was going to have to go to court over this shit. I didn't really like my luck.