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Benjamin. An ancient vampire who leaves his life to find the Cullen's, adapts to their life, falls MADLY in love with a girl, and seeks help from Edward. A story into the mind of the male vampire during his infatuation with what he thought he hated most: humans.


1. The Decision

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The smell of fresh, untouched blood lingers in the air. Within seconds, venom sears up the lining of my throat. I can nearly taste it.

Suddenly, my vision shifts. I can see it--the elk, only 400 yards away, standing proudly in a clearing. What a stupid animal, I think slyly. The least you could do is make this fun for me.

I walk slowly toward the animal. At least, I think I move slowly, but after years and years of constantly running, all things seem to move slowly. I've been here forever, that is not about to change. When you have all the time in the world, literally, you don't think much about moving fast.

As I pace in the direction of the thoughtless creature, another scent catches my attention. A calm, elusive scent that seems too grounded to be the stench of blood. I pause for a moment. It is a scent that I know, but am not so accustomed to. I have smelled this before, but where?

My eyes stayed locked on the creature only half the original distance from me. The great elk seems to feel my presence, even with being so far. I sit, shocked. How can a stupid animal know I am there? I stand by for a moment, and let my mind ease into the heart of the animal, and feel its feelings.

The heart, I think, it's beating too quickly. How can this elk be so alert? I hear no other creatures surrounding it. The smell of comfort continues to press my senses, nearly drowning out the progressing heartbeat of the giant mammal. Suddenly, at a speed only visible for a vampire, a tiny, whtie creature leaps from the outlying forest and grounds the animal. My heart, which is still inside the giant elk, begins to feel the greatest discomfort possible. It fades slowly and surely, keeping my knees locked to the ground. I wait for a moment, catch my breath, and pull my emotions out of the animal. When they return to me, I am at my full strength again. I look up to see the animal, pinned to the ground nearly 170 yards from me, underneath a small, dainty little girl.

Yes, a girl, with visible features. Her eyes are red, outlined with dark lashes and heavy, dark brows. Her hair is thickly framed around her heartshaped face, a simple shade of white, but its length seems endless. She does look like an angel, draped in white cloth. But those bloodred eyes, and that dark red mouth, dripping with blood, make her a soulless vampire.

She sees me standing closeby, and proceeds to stand. Like a small, light angel, she floats towards me. I quickly send myself into her heart, and feel a sense of satisfaction overcome me. She is well fed and highly excited to confront an individual so much like myself.

"Hello," she says quietly. She is standing barefoot at the edge of a small ridge, overlooking the clearing and its pine trees. Although she is several yards from me, I can hear her voice perfectly. "What brings you here?"

"Food, and game," I respond. "It's a quiet place to hunt. I've been here for nearly thirty years."

She widens her smile quietly. "Well, do you get visitors much?"

I was not a socialite, and it seemed as though she couldn't tell. I didn't want to be bothered by other travelers, and human agitated me. She was simply another vampire, and I'd confronted many nomads, but never one dressed so extravagantly. I recognized her emotions. She felt elated, poised. Why did she look so much better than others?

"Not very," I lied. "You must be the first of the year."

"Well, I congratulate myself then," she said, laughter in her voice. She seemed sincere, confident. "My name is Josephine. I live in a small coven out in Vancouver, there's only three of us. We're not members of any society either, just building our refuge out in the cold."

"Wise," I contorted. "I'm Benjamin." A small moment of silence lingered while she leapt like an angel from the ridge and made her way across the tree land toward me. Within a moment, she remained unmoving at my side, looking out of the forest beside me.

"Well, Mr. Benjamin," she whispered, "what is your story?" She was young, and very innocent. I could see the details of her heart--she had been a wholesome human being, and continued to be a very faithful and committed young vampire as well. Why not tell her, I convinced myself.

"I was born in France in a wealthy home, watched my parents as they were slaughtered to death by the prisoners broken out of the Bastille in Paris. My home was burned to the ground, all my earnings stolen, and I stampeded by the crowd. All I remember was a young, ravenging vampire who took me out of my element and made me his companion. We no longer hold the bond, and I've been out on the vast countrysides of every imaginable continent. Is that a fair story?"

She laughed regally, but it was inaudible to human ears. "Quite," she replied. Suddenly, her heart grew sad. "So you have been alone your entire being?"

I never liked hearing that I was alone. Whenever I caught myself hearing it in my mind, I would turn my emotions to more pleasing things. "Yes," I said quietly. "I do not need any friends. We are all nothing but soulless mistakes anyway."

This made her heart ache more. It ached for me. I waited her for response, but heartbreak and silence filtered.

"Well, sir," she said at last. "I wish you the best of your journeys. But, I also wish to convey to you... there is a family closeby my setting. They live in a town--Forks, Washington--a town of humans. They are a lawful and respecting coven, there are many of them, and they live well off. I can assume it would be an honor to return to the real world for you."

"The real world?" I replied quickly. She grew nervous for a moment, and then quickly returned to her peaceful state.

"Yes," she said. "A world of living. They attend schools, they uphold marriages, jobs...some have even managed to produce a child, a half-human. It astounds me."

I was intrigued on instant contact of the words. Immediately, the idea of being alone ceased in my mind, but my emotions knew what was best. Suddenly, I felt the sense of personal satisfaction flood me as I took my heart out of hers.

"I am perfectly content to be alone," I said. She looked at me with her wide, curious eyes. The blood color had faded slightly, and a cleaner gold was filling it.

"If you were so content to being alone, you would not so greatly oppose the slaughter of humans," she said, and before I could even reply, her body was gone. She had leapt from my side, and her steps were being heard as they rapidly disappeared. She has left me with nothing but a name.

As I made my slow return to a nearby cave, I contemplated her words. You are fine here, I thought. There is no individual above you, and no risk of being demolished. Besides, you work better alone.

But the thought continued to press at me. It begged for attention in the back of my brain, so much that I could no longer resist. Within several weeks, I had made my decision. I would be leaving my beautiful, personal forests of Newfoundland and sending myself away on a search for something I had never intended to search for: vampires.