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Benjamin. An ancient vampire who leaves his life to find the Cullen's, adapts to their life, falls MADLY in love with a girl, and seeks help from Edward. A story into the mind of the male vampire during his infatuation with what he thought he hated most: humans.


3. The Cullen's.

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Finally, a home. I couldn't remember the last I'd been indoors, enclosed in an area. Especially one as brightly lit and beautifully manicured as this. Every aspect was flawless.

Now I sat comfortably, admired by the surroundings. Alice brought me in joyfully, her eyes alight with humor and her steps springy. She was genuinely excited.

"Esme, this is Benjamin Granger. "

"Welcome, Benjamin," a nearby woman said. She had kind, chestnut eyes and a heart shaped face. The dealings of her heart were peaceful and wholesome. "Are you a long time friend of Alice's?"

"Not particularly," I replied. I could sense there were others leaning into the conversation. Alice pulled me into a nearby living room, holding politely to my arm. There they were--all of them. I counted seven, including myself. Two blonde men, one of them brawnier and greater in human age, the other particularly light and sensitive in the heart. Alice leapt to his side and pulled him forward first.

I shaked six hands overall. The final man, the brawny blonde one who introduced himself as Carlisle, offered me a place on the couch and spoke first.

"Well, Benjamin," he said kindly. He had a serious aura about him, but a sincere likeliness and kindness. There was some sort of fatherly stronghold he held, a sort of heirarchy. "What brings you here?"

"I have been informed of your coven," I said earnestly. "After living so long on my own, I figured I'd investigate your status to see what it was like."

"I can tell you," one woman announced drolly. She was beautiful and fair-haired, but had a drawling expression on her face and an envious marking in her heart. I turned to face her. "If you're wondering, we're all just the undead living in a normal society."

"Cheer up, Rose," the thick, tall man said. "Don't listen to her. She's a bit more negative than we'd like." Rosalie rolled her eyes.

"Well, aren't we all just wastes?" I replied harmlessly. Almost all of the spectacles laughed somewhat.

"Where have you been living?" Carlisle asked.

"Newfoundland," I replied comfortably. "I was raised as a human in France. My parents were slaughtered in the Battle of the Bastille, and I was left in the streets to die of a trampling. Some other vampire took me, recognized my potential, and raised me in the outlying vastlands of Scotland. I left for Canada sometime after 1812, making it to Nova Scotia for several years. After living in the outer forests, I relocated to Newfoundland, just for something different. Nothing ever did feel different, but I was forcing myself to enjoy change."

"You have lived alone your entire life?" Carlisle replied. I nodded. Esme touched her heart, welling with emotion.

Before anyone else could speak, the sound of a door opening alerted our senses. No one made another move, which surprised me, but the presence of another vampire was felt. It was so strong, it couldn't have been just one. Another one?

I shifted my eyes to admire the next two creatures entering the room. Two red-eyed vampires, each with dedicated hearts, emotions high for each other, casually took their places inside. The man, his intriguing hair windswept and tall, thin figure gliding in, seemed unpleased with my presence, but he suddenly became neutral. He reached back and swept an arm around his companion, a beautiful, slender woman with her dark hair cascading and her face piercing and young. Carlisle stood to introduce them.

"Benjamin, this is my son, Edward, and his wife, Bella. Where is Renesmee?" He was now speaking to them. Renesmee, I suspected, was the half-breed.

"La Push," Bella replied softly. Her heart... was untouchable. I held my curiosity for a moment, wondering why no emotions could be detected from her. It was then that I noticed Edward staring at me, his eyes laughable. He seemed to mock me. The interior of his heart was knowingly humored, and I felt a sense of defeat. His eyes bore into me, and his heart became understanding. Immediately I felt as though I understood everything without knowing a single thing. I dropped my attempts of locating Bella's feelings.

"Jasper and I are going to go hunt," Alice said suddenly, her hands resting on Jasper's chest. He was satisfied, and she was excited. She cast another pleasing look at me.

"Aren't you going to say goodbye to your guest, Alice?" Rosalie taunted. Alice raised her eyebrows, her heart feeling victorious.

"It doesn't look like he's going anywhere," she said, smiling. The two of them then disappeared. Rosalie look disgusted. Her heart was filled with hopelessness of change. She did not want any disturbance, I could tell.

"Well, Benjamin," Esme said, "you have traveled a long distance. Why have you come here, besides curiousity?"

I pondered this for a moment. How do I confront the fact that I was intrigued by the idea of a half-breed? But then I thought more... maybe this wasn't my reasoning at all. Maybe I was so lonely, that anythings startled me and made me leave my environment for one that I could share with others. Maybe I was done with being out there alone.

This made me feel weak. I shook it out of me and faced the question.

"I've never seen such a large coven," I explained. "I just.. don't know anything about myself. I don't know anything about being a vampire, besides, you know, blood."

"Blood," Emmett laughed. "Curse it." Rosalie hit his stomach, and he rubbed it pathetically, mocking her.

"Well, we're happy to answer any questions you have," Carlisle inquired. I nodded, making another look around the room. Suddenly, the idea hit.

"I think I'd like to try my hand at this," I said, "just for a little while."

"At what?" Bella asked curiously. I would never be able to tell the truth sincerety of her heart, but I could see it in her face.

"I would like to try living out here, in this environment, among humans. I know it's not impossible, I've done it all my life."

"You've never killed a human?" Esme asked, intrigued. My answer hardly inflicted me pain.

"No," I replied, "I've killed tons."

The crowd grew silent. Rosalie seemed more interested, as well as Emmett, for two different reasons. Esme and Carlisle both quickly grew nervous, but Esme was not one to judge harshly. Her eyes wandered over to Edward and Bella watchfully. Carlisle's heart grew sympathetic as he stood and walked near me.

"But I never wanted to end those lives," I continued. "I never wanted to be a killer, but when you're out there alone for so long, feeding off of animals... even the mere scent of human blood is like encountering a long lost friend. How can you stand to not embrace it?"

Carlisle was suddenly at my side, his hand resting on my shoulder. He felt sorry for me, but strong and considerate.

"Stay with us as long as you'd like," he replied. Esme was smiling passionately behind him, and her heart was warm with love. I could feel the warmth of many other replies, besides Rosalie, who seemed to seeth in her disapproval. She wandered away.

"Thank you," I said timidly. "I'll do anything it takes to meet your standard."

Esme rose from her place and walked toward me. "The only thing we require is a friend out of you, Benjamin." She linked closely to Carlisle and they smiled.

It was then that I realized, I had never felt so at ease.