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June Elliott leaves her life in Manhattan for a simpler one with her aunt and uncle in Forks, Washington. However, after encountering William Cullen, a new member of the infamous Cullen clan, June begins to wonder what is in their minds, since they are the only people that she seems to feel connected to. After developing a relationship with the kind hearted Renesmee, his so-called "sister", June grows with the family. One encounter changes her entire view when she realizes what they truly are. With painstaking recovery comes revenge, heartache, and terror as June is hunted and lusted over. Her small town, rural life becomes exciting as she unites with wolves and vampires in an entirely new world.

I might be discontinuing my other series... this will be part of a new one! It's a break-off story! Enjoy!

3. La Push

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There are so many things I just do wrong. I'm one of those peole, the stupid ones. I never had good friends, hardly any that cared to listen, none that were sincere enough to treat me like a friend in a public setting. I was inevitably alone my entire life, glued to the past. Why did I need to come out of a shell now, and throw my naturally uptight New York spirit into a cool, relaxed setting?

Was this going to drive me overboard?

The rest of my classes passed by as expected. There were no genuine surprises, nothing more than the same handful of students that I'd seen over and over again today. I felt accustomed, mainstream. And yet, the talking continued with the stares.

By Tuesday, the buzz had barely taken a hit. In fact, I started to wonder if my whole ballerina drama was making a widespread sweep. A lot of girls straightened up around me, trying to look fitted, graceful. Could I possibly be imagining it?

"There's a lot of talk about the ballerina," Everett whispered during fourth period. I had been so preoccupied inventing reasons why Renesmee Cullen wasn't at school that I barely heard his sentence. "Hey," he said. My attention was averted.

"Oh, yeah, really?" I asked. Why, people? Rumors are not exactly fun.

"You're a prodigy now," he said, laughingfaced. "The entire student body went home and Googled you."

My face was turning red. I sighed and pushed myself against the hard back of the chair, determined to forget the thought. "Exactly what I need," I muttered. Everett let out a small laugh and shifted his body to face me.

"Hey, you're a looker. The people love you."

Did he just tell me I was a looker? Just for that, my eyes continued to bare a hole in my binder.

Fourth period flew by me. Lunch was almost identical to Monday, but lacked one significant difference.

"Looks like the Cullen's are out of town again," Brady informed. A few nervous eyes watched the table for a moment. I watched it for a moment. Sure enough, five empty seats. "Must be on another camping trip or something."

"You know, that'd be fun," Megan said, fidding with her water bottle. "Rett, don't your parents own an RV? It would be kind of cool to go out camping in the forest." Everyone started agreeing, making their opinions known. I sat by, silently eating my food.

"What do you think, June?" Alex asked. "Camping trip next weekend?" My face grew hot. I stared around at their wondering expressions.

"Oh, I don't know." Me plus camping was nothing short of an impossibility. I hated the woods, I knew that, and I hated small, enclosed areas and sleeping on the ground. Nothing seemed to add up. "I'm not really an outdoor person." A few faces lit up.

"What about a beach campout?" Everett offered, raising his eyebrows. The conversation shifted. They all started frantically planning a camping trip to La Push beach. Alex amused everyone with a family camp experience, Megan expressed her concerns about high tide, and Tasha began fervently divying tasks.

"What do you say, June?" Brady asked, less enthusiastic. Did he even like me?

"I guess the beach would be better than the forest," I said. "And if it's not too far, maybe."

"Not at all," Tasha beamed. "Ah, yes, it's planned. Food assignments, everyone?"

And so the lists continued to spill out from her notebook. Awesome, I thought, a trip with normal people. To a beach. The only real beach nearby. Can't be too bad. At least it gave me something to look forward to. Already, two days in Brooke and Tony's house and I was ready for another brief change.

....chapter 3 to continue!