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Immovable Object

When a super-powered serial killer's little brother disappears in Seattle, she sets out to bring him back by any means necessary. Set in Eclipse. Canon through Twilight, New Moon, and beginning of Eclipse. Canon pairings. Alternate Universe. Original Character. Rating for violence and language.

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10. Trolling About

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-Chapter 10: Trolling About-

Still no calls or texts from my brother. The obsessive checking was not beyond my notice. Vampire's could use the phone, right? Why didn't he just call me? If I was being honest with myself I was petrified of losing my brother. The thought was not a new one, but each time I checked my cell phone my psychotic break grew more and more near the surface. What would I do if he were dead and gone from this world? Would I bum around with the nice vampire family? Would I go on a vampire killing spree?

I didn't know, and didn't want to think about it, so I decided to go annoy Rosalie for a while.

"What do you want?" Rosalie hissed as I entered the holy temple that is her garage. Stupid humans interfering with my family. First Bella – who wants to throw away her humanity – and now a fucking psychopath!

"I was wondering just how large the mirror must be under that car for you to spend so much time in here," I said, leaning against the garage wall.

She growled, but didn't say anything.

"Why are you so against Bella becoming a vampire?" I said suddenly, flipping around a pair of pliers with one hand.

"Stay out of my head!" God! As if one Edward wasn't enough.

"I don't think I hate myself enough to be another Edward," I said, completely ignoring her verbal request. "Besides, I really want to know. Your whole family seems to loath vampirism – with the exceptions of Alice and your husband. You look at humanity like it's the Holy Grail – as ironic as that might be."

"I don't expect you to understand…" Rosalie started, and I could tell already she was border lining on a guilt trip or a sad story.

"No shit," I cut in, sliding down to the ground and sitting cross legged with my back to the wall. "That's why I asked you."

"She's throwing her life away to be with my brother," Rosalie said, the crank of a wrench followed her words. "She's giving up a life full of normalcy – a life of children and grandchildren and growing old." She slid out from under her car and sat against the frame, wiping off a smudge on her cheek.

"So because you can't have those things," I said, leaning forward and putting on my fake-pondering face, "you have decided to pick the mate of your vampire brother to live vicariously through?"

"I'm trying to help her!" Rosalie said in a forceful voice, standing up and clenching her fists. My shield slid into place as a precaution. "She doesn't know what it's like, she has everything I could ever dream of and she wants to die!"

"Vampires aren't dead." I shrugged, not bothering to raise my voice above the level I was speaking at.

What the fuck does this human… "You pick that to argue back with?"

"Your other point was kind of stupid, Rosalie." I said slowly, looking her in the eyes. "Bella's not exactly an idiot – at least from what I've witnessed – she's been beaten and bitten by a vampire, abandoned by your family, gone to stop Edward from committing suicide, and is planning on marrying him as well. She looks the type who would think things through."

She glared at me, but her mind revealed she was actually processing what I said.

"And no, Vampires are not dead. You may not have a heartbeat, but then again neither do trees. A corpse can't regenerate or think or talk. If I stabbed you with my knife," I pulled out my blade. "Your wound would heal over after I pulled it out. You're a living vampire, not a dead human."

Rosalie looked away from me and walked out of the garage. She was reviewing our chat in her head as she made her way off to her room to ask Emmet to go hunting with her.

"I understand you had quite a talk with Rosalie," Carlisle noted from his desk as I flipped through his volumes of vampire history and knowledge. I put the book down on a table and turned to him.

"Yes, I did." I said. I took a seat at the front of his desk and leaned back. This was beginning to be a habit of mine, talking with Carlisle. He was extremely knowledgeable on…well, everything. Especially vampires. I knew practically everything there was to know about the human body, so moving up the food chain was the next logical step. "And she's not the only one of your 'children' who is a little messed up."

"You're speaking of Edward," he said as a statement. I nodded.

"I think it's kind of funny that he thinks he has no soul." I said.

"You believe he does?" Carlisle raised his eyebrows. His thoughts drifted back to his numerous debates over the subject of heaven, hell, and vampires.

"There is currently no scientific evidence on the existence of a soul," I said, sounding like I was reading off a textbook. "I think it's hilarious that the ginger vampire is the one with a soul problem – as if the odds weren't already stacked against him."

Carlisle's lips pursed as he tried to keep from laughing, but I could hear his internal chuckle. What do you really want to talk about?

"Perceptive," I noted. "I wanted to ask you about perhaps – in the future – providing me with a few samples for my research."

"What kind of research?" He asked, but I could tell he already knew. After all I was just reading a book on vampire physiology.

"Vampire biology," I answered. "My ability…at times it's like being chained to a comet. It's a very obsessive compulsive oriented gift. Right now it's telling me I need to figure out everything about vampires." I shrugged. "I've pretty much exhausted the human body in terms of what I can learn."

I'll think about it. Carlisle thought to me. It really didn't make much difference to me. I'd get what I wanted one way or another, and I'd eventually have to dissect a vampire anyway to complete my mental index. I could get my samples from the unlucky soul I would dismember. Are you really capable of fixing Billy Black's nerve damage?

"Yes. I won't know exactly how until I have him on the slab, so to speak, but it's not so far off from my HLV serum."

"No, I suppose not." Carlisle murmured, his mind drifting off into the repercussions of extending a human's life indefinitely. I took this as my cue to leave.

"Thanks for the talk," I said as I stood up and exited his study.