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Immovable Object

When a super-powered serial killer's little brother disappears in Seattle, she sets out to bring him back by any means necessary. Set in Eclipse. Canon through Twilight, New Moon, and beginning of Eclipse. Canon pairings. Alternate Universe. Original Character. Rating for violence and language.

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11. Come At Me Bro

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-Chapter 11: Come At Me Bro-

"Please?" Alice begged.

"No." I replied in a final tone.

Please! Come on, I never told Carlisle or Esme about Port Angeles!

I crossed my arms and stared her down. "I will not wear a dress. I do not do dresses. I'll wear what I always do: a t-shirt with cargo pants – no heels!" I amended as I heard what she was planning to spring on me. "I'll let you pick the color of the shirt."

"But come on! You'll look great in a dress, I've seen it." She finished with a pout, though it came off as something of a standard issued expression for her.

Definitely, Edward commented from somewhere in the house.

"I've agreed to show up at your party when I could be elsewhere having more fun; that is more than enough. Go find someone else to play dress up with." I exited my room and went downstairs into the kitchen to grab a soda before I went to go set up the downstairs area. It was graduation night tonight, and Alice was throwing a huge party afterward at their house. I had originally told everyone I'd stay out of sight and go off to Port Angeles again, but Esme insisted that I be there while Alice and Edward didn't want me off murdering people. It was a bit backward, a family of vampires who would be upset at me not going to kill some random person for fun.

Carlisle and Esme would be upset, Edward thought to me.

That woman is practically a saint. I'll admit I would probably feel a little guilty if I were to disappoint her, which is a little fucked up considering my lifestyle.

You could stay here, you know. Esme already thinks of you as one of her children, though I'm not sure she realizes it herself.

Well, it certainly wouldn't be boring living with vampires. Hey, what's with all the heart-to-heart? Usually you're off protecting Bella from me in case I decide to murder her.

Bella defended you, if you can believe it – I promised her I would give you a chance. Did you realize you don't reach for your knife anymore when one of us gets close to you? Your shield isn't up all the time anymore, either. You trust us, whether you want to or not, and believe it or not the rest of us trust you too. Well, most of us. An image of Rosalie and Jasper arguing over me popped up before he shook it from his thoughts.

I didn't bother to comment as I downed the rest of my soda and dumped the can in the trash, before heading off to look for something to do.

The guests had just started arriving in force. Small trickles of teenagers came in at first, and then larger waves as the hour went on. Their thoughts revealed their excitement at seeing where the Cullens lived. Alice had talked me into wearing a light grey button-down shirt to wear instead of a t-shirt, but I had won on the dress with heels issue. I was actually kind of glad I didn't skip the party, the Cullens were awesome hosts and the music was loud. It felt very relaxed, not at all like the horror show I knew she could put on all by herself.

The 'official story' was that I was a family friend from another state, who came to visit. A few of the guests wondered who I was, never having seen me in such a small town, but hardly any of them approached me to ask. I said nearly, because a boy by the name of Mike Newton seemed to take it upon himself to try to introduce me to everyone and get me more involved in the dancing part of the party. The girl he came with, Jessica, was not amused, and neither was I.

Eventually I heard the words 'bloodsuckers' somewhere in the sea of thoughts, though it seemed to be coming from outside. Sure enough, Jacob walked through the front door with two other wolves. Rosalie's volatile thoughts rang out over the others, and I had to crack a smile at how she actually preferred my company over someone else's. Bella didn't look happy to see them at all, actually; probably because she broke her hand on his face. I turned to go head outside to get away from all these thoughts when I was hit with one of Alice's visions.

"They'll be protecting a human girl," a male voice said. The images were not completely solid – shapes fading in and out and the outlines of the vision feathered outward into blackness. "First one to find her gets her." There were snarls of appreciation and excitement as a red shirt was passed around the numerous newborn vampires. I searched the crowd, noting that I could not find the beautiful young vampire girl I tried to kill.

It was on my second pass through that I saw him. I didn't recognize his face at first – it was more perfected and the eyes were definitely the wrong color. But there was no mistaking my brother, he was alive and one with the program it seemed. He took his turn with the red shirt and breathed deeply, looking every bit the monster as the vampire girl was.

The vision shifted; now the group – army – was attacking Forks. The battle itself was somewhat blurry, but I could tell nearly half of the town's residents were killed off. We would win, it seemed, but one of the Cullens would die. Most of the time it was Esme, but Emmet and Carlisle's deaths also shimmered in and out of existence in the fog of the vision. I couldn't see Ryan anywhere now. Suddenly, the entirety of it imploded on itself and the vision collapsed.

"Emily, are you OK?" Newton asked me, a hand lovingly placed on my shoulder. I shook him off and darted to the staircase, where Bella stood near Alice.

"What did you see?" Bella questioned.

"Not here." Alice replied, motioning up the stairs.

What in the hell is that? Jasper thought. All that hope and fear… His thoughts trailed off as I walked in the room and I realized he was taking in my emotional state. Oh. Mighty strange levels of emotions you're putting out there, Emily.

The Cullens and Bella were all gathered around the room that I had surprisingly never entered before; it was some sort of common area. Jacob and his wingmen stood as close to the doorway as they could as everyone – well, everyone without amazing powers – waited for someone to speak.

"The decision has been made." Alice said, her eyes still unfocussed as she continuously searched the future. The thoughts in the room exploded into different conclusions – some correct, some assuming the Volturi, and others expecting Victoria. "The newborns – they're coming here to Forks."

"Excellent!" Emmet exclaimed. Finally some fun around here.

"How many?" Carlisle asked.

"Over twenty," Alice responded. "The numbers keep changing – they're fighting amongst themselves."

Panicked, I reviewed the visions Alice had to make sure Ryan was still in them. Thankfully he was.

Don't worry; we'll help your brother. Edward mentally assured me.

"Wait, what the hell is going on?" Jacob cut in.

"An army of newborn vampires," Carlisle explained to Jacob. "They're the ones who have been behind the murders in Seattle. Any idea what they're after?" He asked the last part to Alice.

"They were passing around Bella's shirt." Alice replied. Oh. So the Cullens were the target…or was it Bella, herself?

My ability started crunching the data. Someone was out to kill Bella and possibly the Cullens. Someone she's met, obviously. The Volturi? No, not directly; they wouldn't risk exposure to hide behind an army. They would kill the Cullens themselves. Hiding? Someone is hiding behind an army. Victoria? She wasn't seen in any visions of the future, but according to Edward she is after Bella directly for her mate's death. There are holes, but without more data Victoria keeps popping up as the puppet master.

Bella thought the same thing. Edward said to me.

"…get yourselves killed!" Bella exclaimed. I could tell I missed a large part of the conversation. The wolves wanted to fight? Excellent – wait, I needed to make them aware of my brother's survival.

"We'll need to learn how to fight newborns – Jasper has experience in this area." Carlisle said seemingly to himself. He glanced at Jacob. "Do you think Sam would agree to a…training session?"

"What time do you need us there?" He replied with a prideful voice.

"Three AM?" he questioned, glancing around for any objections. Jacob nodded and moved to the exit.

"Jacob," I called. He turned around and glanced at me in question. "My brother is a part of that army. He wasn't killed." A few of the Cullens behind me gasped, but I wasn't paying them any attention. I tuned into the three wolves' thoughts.

Leech. Dead-. Discussing. It's not her brother any more. Kill it all the same…

Without twitching a muscle, I tossed all three wolves into the wall and held them there. The wall groaned in protest as they were pressed by the invisible pressure. "I will kill anyone who harms him."

Esme gasped while the vampires in the room stiffened. I felt Jasper's calming influence seeping into the room, but I held them still. "Emily…" Carlisle started. I shook my head and looked back at the wolves, who were currently straining to get themselves free. I raised my eyebrows, waiting for Jacob to comment.

"If she attacks with the rest of the leeches we won't have a choice." Jacob spat out. With one fluid motion, I brought out my knife and drilled it into Jacob's left shoulder before driving my fist into his stomach, knocking the wind out of him and keeping him from shouting out. A red stain started to creep outward on Jacob's upper arm underneath his shirt.

"You probably won't be able to do anything against him anyway if he's still himself enough to use his ability – he'll crush you from a distance." I said, retracting my knife from his shoulder and letting the three of them drop to the ground. "I'll deal with my brother, but don't think I won't kill you if you engage him."