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Immovable Object

When a super-powered serial killer's little brother disappears in Seattle, she sets out to bring him back by any means necessary. Set in Eclipse. Canon through Twilight, New Moon, and beginning of Eclipse. Canon pairings. Alternate Universe. Original Character. Rating for violence and language.

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12. Immunization

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-Chapter 12: Immunization-

Things were touch and go there for a while at the mansion. Jacob and his two pack members left to go inform Sam about the training session, though he looked hesitant to turn his back on me. The party winded down shortly after; thankfully no one noticed a bleeding native kid exiting the Cullen mansion. That could be a little bad for their anonymity.

Almost word for word, like Edward said, Carlisle and Esme were quick to invite Ryan and myself to stay here with them. Once everyone learned of my brother's survival, it was pretty much unanimous – with the strikingly obvious exception of Rosalie – that the family would take in Ryan and teach him to control his thirst. From Rosalie's thoughts I could tell she respected the loyalty I showed to my brother; it just wasn't enough to warrant another complication in her life – she could barely stand Bella as it was. Jasper was wary of me – as is to be expected – but Alice's influence inevitably swayed him.

"Ready for that rematch, Ambrose?" Emmet asked, breaking me out of my thoughts. I pulled my knife out of the stream of water flowing from the kitchen faucet and inspected it for any blood. It looked clean, so I turned the water off and sheathed my knife before turning around.

"You must really love dirt or something, Emmet," I taunted. "Maybe I'll toss you into some trees this time – mix things up a bit." Emmet scowled as I brushed past him and headed outside.

"Edward is meeting us there with Bella," Alice said. The only other Cullen there was Jasper; I guess the other three were already there. "Follow us." With that, they darted off into the trees. I kicked off the ground and flew after them.

The clearing I followed them to was quite large – several football fields in both length and width. Though it was dark, I could tell there were several hundred wildflowers in bloom around the field. The Cullens plus Bella stood about twenty yards away; in the distance I could pick up the minds of the pack. It was strange, the hive mind of the Quileute wolves. I strolled over to the vampires and listened as Edward explained that the wolves had been holding back on the size of their pack.

Jasper's instructions on the destruction of newborn vampires were kind of pointless for me. They were also kind of obvious as long as one knew the logistics of it all. They were much stronger and faster than a 'seasoned' vampire, and usually went for the straight on attacks – brute force, if you will. Step one: don't let them get their arms around you. Yeah, I kind of don't plan on touching them at all. I may be able to kick a werewolf's ass in hand to hand combat, but even my enhanced strength and speed are miniscule compared to a vampire. I would be relying on my special abilities in combat as opposed to the physical.

The second rule was to not go for the obvious kill. Or we…would lose. His speech was very dramatic and I'm sure the wolves learned a lot from the demonstration the Cullens put on, but it was once again a useless piece of advice for me. A human girl wielding a hunting knife, capable of holding and ripping vampires apart with her mind, would be the antithesis of obvious. My shield, I knew, could withstand a newborn's attack, so it wasn't really dangerous for me.

But the wolves still wanted to see what I could do against a vampire.

Alice was selected to be my opponent. Everyone – myself included – was impressed by her easy win against Jasper. The small girl moved so fast I couldn't even see the action, and her gift made her practically a ghost in the wind against anything Jasper threw at her. Jacob's thoughts were conflicted on the match up. On one hand, he was angry at me for stabbing him – that's understandable, getting stabbed would probably hurt a lot. On the other hand, if I were to die, Billy would have absolutely no chance at ever walking again. Sam eventually assured him that it was better I go up against one vampire now and find out I could not defeat them, than to die in a battle with twenty newborns. They really had no clue how invincible I was.

The fight started and I already had my shield in place, bubbled out a meter from my body. Alice had yet to move; she closed her eyes as she did against her husband. I raised my hand and shot my knife at her from the hip, the blade whistling through the air, only to find purchase in the tree behind where Alice was standing moments before. She grinned at me as I retracted the knife in an elliptical path, aiming for her on the return pass. She dodged again.

Mentally, she was reciting a recipe for chocolate cake. Well damn, no help from Edward either. I decided to pull her toward me with my telekinesis, but she suddenly blurred out of sight to reappear to my left. She raised her hand to strike, and I saw in her mind herself bouncing off my shield. She hesitated, then bounced away to her starting point.

I made the decision to throw my knife at her again, but changed my mind at the last second and blasted her with my telekinesis. She flew into a tree, snapping it in half. I tilted the tree with my mind so it fell outside our fighting area while I waited for Alice to recover. She blurred into focus, her mind full of shock. I grinned before letting out a barrage of false decisions. Fly up – throw knife – toss with telekinesis – hold still. And around and around we go. Her eyes glazed over, her mind attempting to keep up with my entropy.

And then suddenly the training area was gone. Replaced by darkness – coldness. The door opened and my eyes were flooded with light. I was crying, but I could not remember why.

"It's time for your treatment, Mary. Are you going to cooperate or do I have to sedate you again?"

My body shook in fear, but I did not reply.

I shook my head and my eyes blurred back into focus. I was kneeling on the ground with Alice and Carlisle crouched down next to me.

"Emily, are you alright? What happened?" Carlisle asked.

"She acquired Alice's power." Edward answered. "She got a glimpse of Alice's past in the asylum. It was…well it's a blessing she can't remember what happened to her."

My eyes blurred back into focus again. Carlisle and Alice crouched down to my level – again.

"I took Alice's power." I replied. Alice's mouth dropped open, before she grinned widely. Carlisle's eyebrows shot up into his forehead.

"Fascinating," he commented.

I stood up and shook my head. The wolves were all looking at me – hell, everyone was looking at me. "It was my own fault," I said. "I started to rapidly change decisions…I guess I accidentally started to understand how her power worked."

"But with Edward you had to concentrate to copy his power," Alice retorted, scrunching up her nose in confusion.

"I think it's because of Edward's power I was able to take yours so easily." I said. "Reading minds isn't as…comprehensive as my usual method, but it seems to make the process easier."

"But what happens if one of the newborns has a power out on the field?" Jasper questioned me. "Or what if you take mine? You were down for less than two seconds, but that's more than enough time for someone to finish you off."

I tried searching the future using my new ability, but found it blank. The wolves! Of course. There was no way to check to see if I would unintentionally absorb another power during the fight. "It's a risk I'm going to take. There's no way I'm sitting out of the fight." I explained with conviction. "And as for taking your power, Jasper, we can take care of that problem before the battle."

Wait. Are we missing something here? Jacob whined, unable to talk in his wolf form.

"Emily's ability," Edward started to explain to the wolves. "Well, it's difficult to explain…but the simplest version is that she can take on the abilities of those around her."

That's one hell of a simplification, Edward.

He cracked a half smile in response.

"We're supposed to fight with her?" Rosalie spat out, giving me her best care bear stare. "She's going to get us killed. If not by the Volturi then from her having one of those spas-attacks during the fight." At the mention of the Volturi, Edward's thoughts went to Bella, and how she faced off against Aro and Jane without their powers affecting her. Mental powers had no effect on her, and the thought made my ability whirr to life.

"Bella," I started, ignoring the small argument Rosalie was having with the rest of her family about me.

Edward growled and narrowed his eyes at me. "You can forget it." He said thorough clenched teeth.

"Yes?" Bella questioned from her place on the ground. She was using the huge Jacob wolf as a pillow.

"Would you allow me to…acquire your power?"

"My power?" She questioned, her eyebrows scrunching together.

No. No no no. You won't hurt her.

"I don't need to hurt her, thanks to Carlisle's idea and your power," I answered out loud. Jacob narrowed his large eyes at me. "Her shield could block the surge of memories I get when I get a new ability."

"And what if it doesn't? You said it yourself," Edward replied, raising his voice. I made sure to secure my shield. "You have no idea how your own ability even works!"

Jasper's calming waves hit him and his shoulders slouched slightly. "Even if it doesn't work," I said, raising my hands to show I didn't mean any harm, "her gift would be extremely useful to me. What if one of the newborns has a power of their own, like Alec or Jane?"

Edward flinched visibly, while the Cullens cringed.

"I'll do it." Bella said, her voice soft, but with a tone of conviction. I nodded and strolled over to where she sat.

"Bella, love, you don't have to do this." Edward said, blurring over to her and kneeling down. Jacob growled loudly at his close proximity but did not get up.

"It's not like it will hurt her, Edward." I tried to reason. Honestly, his protective nature was really wearing on my nerves. "Besides, after I have her ability you won't have to worry about me killing her. I would already have what I want."


I nodded and sat down cross legged in front of her. I let my ability loose upon her, holding back the urge to kill. Her mind was completely silent – no ringing or white noise, or cavity – it was like she was not there at all. I pushed harder, but still nothing.

"Should I do something specific?" Bella asked.

"No." I replied.

Bella opened her mouth to ask her question, but I shook my head and answered her before she asked. Just like I had learned, only mental gifts were blocked by her mind. Alice and Jasper had no problem with their powers. I fed this information into the swirling depths that was my ability. It digested the data and spit back up a potential solution. Like Alice's precognition to the wolves, so was Edward's telepathy to Bella. All I needed to do was see around her.

I turned up Edward's gift and picked up every thought around me – save for the girl in front of me. Their thoughts rippled out like sonar, less clear the further out I went. I focused on the negative space that was Bella's mind and pushed. And suddenly I had it. Her shield was so similar to the physical one I already had. But yet completely different. It was always on – I could feel the protection and safety wrapping my mind as my brain connected the correct synapses together to mimic her gift.

The memories started to flow and my mind grew hazy. But unlike before, I pushed it back – like one would shield their eyes from the harsh light of the sun with their hand. It was not perfect, and I caught a few stray thoughts and memories, but the haze folded back. This time I did not collapse.

I turned my head to Edward and lifted an eyebrow. He tilted his head downward to listen.

I can't hear you.

I smiled and stood back up.

"Thank you." I told Bella. I found I actually meant it.