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Immovable Object

When a super-powered serial killer's little brother disappears in Seattle, she sets out to bring him back by any means necessary. Set in Eclipse. Canon through Twilight, New Moon, and beginning of Eclipse. Canon pairings. Alternate Universe. Original Character. Rating for violence and language.

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14. Welcome to the Thunderdome

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-Chapter 14: Welcome to the Thunderdome-

Light was only just able to filter through the clouds when I arrived in the field. Alice was searching the future – nothing new there – while Jasper hovered over her, ready to rip apart any newborn to approach her. Rosalie wasn't inspecting her nails for once – though that may be because there were no reflective surfaces around. Emmet looked – and felt – stoked out of his mind to fight; he wore a superior grin. Esme and Carlisle were standing together holding hands and looking off toward where the newborns would be coming from.

Oh my…what is that smell? Is that the pet?

Blood blood blood.


"I hear their thoughts." I called out. Deep growls echoed through the trees – the wolves were waiting to ambush the newborns as they ran toward us. The Cullens took in a shallow 'v' formation and stood erect, waiting. I pulled out my knife and gave it a spin as my shield fell into place. "Here they come."

There was nothing graceful about their appearance, unlike the Cullens. They were blindingly fast, yes, but with that speed came a sort of wild and untamed jerkiness to their movements. It was like watching a zombie attack in fast-forward.

A large newborn flashed toward me with a feral grin, arms outstretched to grasp me, only to be reflected away by my shield. I quickly hovered him vertically above the ground and speared his neck with my knife. His head fell to the ground as I withdrew my blade.

Mine! A mind shouted behind me. I turned and caught the scrappy newborn that was lunging at me with telekinesis, he hung in the air for half a second snarling and snapping at me. Using my shield as a wrecking ball while I held him in place, I thrust it outward. The air rippled as the field burst on contact, sending body parts whistling back and embedding themselves in trees. One of his legs hit a female, sending her toppling into the jaws of a wolf.

Another came at me. I drove my knife under his chin and into his mouth cavity; I twisted my arm and pulled – his head detached. I bent down to get my knife and did not see the vampire approaching me from the other side. A searing pain shot through my left arm and my shield pushed out in reflex, sending the white blur backward.

"Bitch!" I yelled. I took a deep breath and targeted every part of the newborn's body my mind could manage. The vampire – a brown headed teenage boy – opened his eyes wide when he realized he could not move a muscle. I let out a scream and pulled with all my might. When I opened my eyes, a thin sprinkling of dust covered the grass – it sparkled as a ray of sunshine hit it.

I retracted my knife to my hand and suddenly gasped in pain. My left arm felt like it was on fire! I raised the limb to get a look and saw dark red blood seeping from a crescent shaped bite mark above my elbow. I holstered my knife and grasped my wound with my right hand. Oh god, it's the venom!

"Fuck!" I exclaimed. There wasn't any time to waste, though. I would rather be a vampire with a brother than a human without one.

Come on, come on, where are you? I needed to get to higher ground – air – in order to see better. I leaped into the air and hovered fifty feet above the ground. It looks like we are winning, over half the newborns were dispatched. A jolt of fear shot threw me at the thought my brother may have been one of the 'dispatched.' Shaking my head and clenching my teeth, I tuned into the thought-tornado below me.

Boom! Ha, dead.

Left. Right. Evade. Decapitate.

Esme! NO!

I turned in the direction of the thought and the thick cloud of panic whipping past me. There he was, fighting Esme, of all people. His form was shifting in and out through the pain of the venom. Esme was pinned to the ground by nothing, with my pale-skinned brother bending down to decapitate her.

"Ryan!" I shouted, wrapping my shield around me tightly and dive bombing into my brother. He snarled as my shield popped, sending him soaring into the trees. A wolf jumped in after Ryan. I caught him mid-air and slammed him into the ground. Something snapped – hopefully it was his leg and not his neck.

From the thoughts and emotions in the field, I could tell we had won already. Only one or two newborns remained besides my brother. A twig snapped under my foot as I ran into the trees after him. Ryan was crouched, visibly shaking as he stared at me. Not at my eyes – at my wound. I pushed a cloud of calm and peacefulness at him while resetting my shield. But there was no way I could fight him like this.

I dropped my shield and concentrated on Ryan's body. I took hold of him and flung him back onto the field. "CARLISLE!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, my voice cracked at the end. I stumbled back past the tree and watched my brother get back up, ready to lunge at me. Ready to feed. I fell to my knees, but I took Ryan with me to the ground.

"We have him!" A voice exclaimed. I could not see any more. My hand was still on the bite mark. Wait, I remember from Edward's thoughts that he sucked the venom out of Bella's hand. I could do that!

I kept my muscles locked – knowing if I relaxed for a moment I would lose all control of my body. Without taking a breath I focused my mind on the venom in my body – on my bloodstream. And like an industrial snakebite kit, I pulled it out. It bubbled and singed as it contacted my skin, but the pain was nothing like the inferno on the inside. I pulled harder, refusing to give in. Eventually – it might have been seconds or minutes, I could not tell – the pain disappeared, replaced with the singing of the venom on my bare skin.

I took deep breaths as I sat on the ground. The air was permeated with a sweet incense smell – but it was too thick to be pleasant. Cold arms gently prodded and tugged on my left arm. The skin surrounding my wound felt like it had been branded. Ha, I probably wasn't too far off. Carlisle's thoughts invaded my mind; he was bandaging my arm. I had gotten the venom out.

"Ryan?" I whispered, not even bothering to open my eyes.

Safe. Alice thought to me. Jasper has him pretty much sedated. I watched my brother through her eyes. He looked almost drugged, his head leaning to the side, completely immobile.

I opened my eyes after a few minutes and surveyed the damage. The field looked…well, it looked like a battle took place. Deep gorges scarred the ground and a few craters were visible as well. There was one main fire still smoldering, the purple smoke rising up into the sky; two other smaller ones were visible off to the far end of the field.

"Are you OK?" Bella's voice sounded from my right. I turned to look at her. She was leaning against Edward and seemed to feel as tired as I was.

Suddenly, I was hit with images of a redheaded vampire with her newborn minion fighting with a wolf and whoever's thoughts I was reading. Edward? Yes. Well, it seems like Bella had an exciting time as well.

"I'm fine," I said, pulling myself to my feet and holding my wound. It was only throbbing now thanks to my accelerated healing. "And yourself?"

"Doing better than you," she joked, trying to lighten the mood.

I was about to tell her it was only a flesh wound, when I picked up the thoughts of four others approaching fast.

Volturi… Edward thought to himself.

I looked over to my brother's incapacitated form and gritted my teeth. Jane was with the group that was coming. Bella didn't know it – actually, I'm the only one who did – but her gift could do a lot more than serve as personal protection from mental attacks. Fully developed, she would be able to cover those in the immediate area with her shield – anyone she chose could be immune to Jane and Alec's powers.

Her ability was fully developed in me, though. If I protected the Cullens and my brother from the Volturi, they would try to recruit me; and when I wouldn't join them they would try to kill me. If I played the weak human – If I played Bella's role, they would try to kill me. The Volturi were strong in number but especially in ability, and I found myself wanting that power. I would not join them – my personality didn't really thrive in working under someone – but I would want to meet them. Meet them, and acquire them. I shivered at the thought of wielding the power of the strongest vampires in the world.

Everyone was worried and nervous as the four guard members glided up to us – exactly like in the vision – and most of their thoughts went to my brother and I. The Volturi didn't give second chances, Edward's thoughts whispered, and Ryan would probably be destroyed for being a part of the newborn army. They would have to go through me first.

"Hmm," a bored voice rang out. I couldn't quite see her yet, but I recognized her from the Cullen's thoughts as Jane.

"Welcome, Jane." Edward said in a normal voice, no hint of the venomous thoughts he directed toward her in his voice.

The four of them – Demetri, Jane, Alec, and Felix, I learned from Carlisle's thoughts – stopped several meters in front of us. Jane's eyes swept past the Cullens and Bella before hovering over me. I focused, expanding my personal protective shield – as well as Bella's mental one – across our entire group.

Did they adopt another human? Caius will love to hear about this. Jane thought. The other three had similar lines of thinking. Her eyes continued to my brother, who was 'awake' now, but still in a sitting position in front of Jasper.

"I don't understand." Jane spoke to our group, moving her eyes back and forth between Ryan and me.

"The situation is…complicated," Carlisle answered. Emily, are you certain you want your story revealed to them? I nodded. "Emily's brother," he gestured to Ryan, "was transformed and brought into Victoria's army. Emily assisted my family and myself in the destruction of the newborns, with the agreement that her brother was to be spared."

"Victoria?" Jane questioned.

"She created the army," Edward said, tilting his head toward the mountains. A small purple tendril of smoke could be seen in the distance. "She was taken care of as well."

"A human assisted in the destruction of a newborn army?" What a joke. He was still a part of the army and will be destroyed.

"Yes." I answered simply.

Impossible, she is almost as frail as Edward's still-human pet. Jane grinned inwardly as she imagined torturing the information out of Ryan and me. "There are no options for those who break the rules." She sent a predatory glare at my brother and me.

Carlisle's nervousness spiked. "As you wish." Emily, please don't attack them…

I sent Carlisle a wave of reassurance and protectiveness. I would not directly attack them – physically, that is. He nodded at me and we both turned to see what Jane would do – or try to do.

"It appears that you've done our work for us today," Jane said, and directed her gaze to my brother. "For the most part. Out of curiosity, how many were there? They did quite a bit of damage in Seattle." We gave them every chance and yet the Cullens are still alive.

"Eighteen, including Ryan." Carlisle answered, gesturing to my brother.

"Impressive." Too impressive.

She was planning on torturing the information out of my brother. Bitch! I focused on her mind, ready to yank her ability for myself the moment she concentrated on using it.

"You there, Ryan," she spoke to my brother. His thoughts turned to panic and his eyes widened. He thought he was going to die. "Is what they said true? How many of you were there?"

His eyes darted to me as he remembered who I was. He said nothing, refusing to help Jane. Jane grinned widely and her eyes flashed. Suddenly there was a pressure surrounding my mental shield. I replayed her thoughts in my mind, concentrating on what she did to her other victims. It was much easier to acquire than Bella or Edward's gifts. It was actually kind of funny; without knowing it Jane had given me an extremely powerful weapon against her.

Jane's thoughts turned to confusion before swirling into rage; the other guard were wary, their eyes shifting from Jane to Ryan. She turned and glared at Bella, believing she was the one to blame – which, in a way she was. The Cullen's thoughts were also confused – they all had a very good idea what Jane could do.

"Your powers won't work with me," I taunted, tapping the side of my head. "But you shouldn't have to ask my brother how many newborns there were. Why didn't you ask Victoria when you talked with her a few days ago?"

It was kind of hilarious. Her mind actually blanked out for a second; kind of like a computer being reset. She snarled at me and I laughed out loud. Mentally, she was thinking of ways to destroy me – she was close to having her guard simply destroy the entirety of our group to be done with us. But she was conflicted – Aro would figure out what she had done and who she had killed. He would be very interested in someone who could block abilities.

"Caius will be so interested to learn that not only is Bella still human, but you have let another one in on our secret."

"The date is set," Alice chimed in.

"And it's really your fault I found out about vampires if you think about it," I added. "If your guard would have done their job and killed off the newborns, instead of betting on them to destroy the Cullens, I would be none-the-wiser."

"Emily," Carlisle said softly, "if the Volturi had knowledge of the newborn army, they would have taken care of it themselves. Isn't that right, Jane?" I could tell he didn't really believe what he was saying. He knew I could hear what she was thinking.

"Of course," she replied, appearing slightly offended by the notion. "Felix, take care of that," she gestured to my brother, "I want to go home."

Emily, I love you and I'm sorry. Just kill me and leave her alone. Ryan's seemingly last thoughts; he was resigned to his fate. I'm not sure if he couldn't remember how badass I was or if he overestimated a vampire's strength. The Cullens all looked to me in panic, seeing what I would do. I shook my head and crossed my arms over my chest.

Felix strutted forward, only to hit an invisible wall and stagger backward. He snarled at the air and started forward again – harder – only to run into the shield bubble. "I'm very sorry about your rules being broken, but I won't allow you to harm my brother." Demetri and Alec eyed the area Felix could not cross with measured eyes. Alec reached out to touch Jane, though he did not speak.

"I'm sure we'll see each other soon," Jane said, before the group of Volturi retreated into the tree line in a blur of motion.

Ryan was beginning to get nervous around all these new vampires. I'm sure Bella's scent mixed with mine wasn't helping at all, either. "Ryan," I said, drawing his blood-red eyes to me. "You can trust the Cullens. Let's go back to their house to talk about…things."

He nodded and I looked to Carlisle. "We'll head back, then. Edward, you should get Bella home. We don't want to stress Ryan's control."

"Come on, Bella," Edward said, gently positioning the girl on his back before running off in the direction of Forks.