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Immovable Object

When a super-powered serial killer's little brother disappears in Seattle, she sets out to bring him back by any means necessary. Set in Eclipse. Canon through Twilight, New Moon, and beginning of Eclipse. Canon pairings. Alternate Universe. Original Character. Rating for violence and language.

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16. Legendary

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-Chapter 16: Legendary-

I was pretty sure I was dreaming. That was strange in and of itself. When I sleep, I never dream; my mind slips into darkness and I reawake to a new day. But there was no denying my surroundings. I was currently sitting outside the courthouse in the small town of Union, Missouri – it is the county seat in Franklin County and only about fifteen minutes outside my hometown. My grandparents used to live here in town.

If my sudden shift in locations wasn't a dead giveaway to my lucid state, the completely barren town would be. There were no cars anywhere – no people. Block by block down the grid-like structure of the town revealed not a soul. I glanced at the sky – cloudy and raining; as if I hadn't gotten enough of this weather in the real world. The rain was another clue. While it sounded like rain and gave the road and windows of the businesses surrounding me a glossy sheen, it was not wet. I ran my fingers over the bench I sat on – completely dry hands, and yet I was practically sitting in a puddle.

"Hello!" I shouted, standing up and jogging to the sidewalk.

"What are you doing in here?" I spun around in surprise, my hand going for my knife – it wasn't there!

My jaw dropped. Standing in front of me was Lexi, my roommate – my first kill. She looked exactly the way she did on her last day alive; light brown hair and a tanned complexion – although the shade of her skin looked much lighter than it did back then. Her eyes, though, were frightening. Instead of the dull forest-green they usually were, they were a metallic silver – there were no eye whites or pupil, just a solid gleaming silver that made her look like someone had shoved ball bearings in her eye sockets.

"Lexi?" I questioned, almost hypnotized by her stoic stare.

"Emily," she smiled at me, but it was nothing like her old chipper self. She looked tired and worn out.

"Why exactly am I dreaming of you here, in Union?" She started toward me slowly but said nothing. When she was two feet in front of me she looked up at me and extended her hand. I hesitantly grasped it – then dropped it just as fast.

Maybe it was because I was dreaming, but up until that point I hadn't realized my powers were missing. No thoughts or emotions came off her, I could not see her future, and I knew I would not be able to detect her lies. But as soon as she grasped my hand everything changed – and yet it was all so familiar. Suddenly the rain gave off a blue glow as it hit down on the pavement, and I could taste each drop on my tongue. Synesthesia. When I dropped her hand the world around me changed back to normal.

"You're in your own head," Lexi said.

I wasn't sure what to think, honestly. I was pretty sure this was just a dream, but from what I experienced with Lexi, it seemed like I was actually inside my own ability pool. I shook my head. That was just impossible; this is just a crazy lucid dream.

"Are there others here, too?" I asked the silver-eyed girl. She nodded, and pointed to the small gym across the street on the corner. I waved and walked across the street to the darkened business.

The door was unlocked and the lights came on at the flip of a switch. It was your standard exercise room – treadmills, aerobic equipment, and weight lifting machines lined the mirrored walls. There didn't appear to be anyone here after all. Slowly, I made my way to the back of the open room to another large mirror attached to a sliding door.

I took a few steps and halted completely. Staring back at me, where my reflection should have been, was an extremely pale man with long black hair. He was dressed in a long black cloak and I knew his name instantly, though I'd never met him – Aro, of the Volturi, mimicked my every move. My hand – his hand – darted to my eyes. I was familiar with vampires at this point, but Aro's eyes were something else.

They were not red. They were black – but not the black of a darkened iris from thirst. They were black all the way through, like Lexi's glossy silver ones. His empty black holes stared back at me and I took a step back – the mirror image did not; it smiled.

With a grin plastered on its face, the Aro reflection took a step forward – the mirror surface rippled and bent like liquid mercury. He stepped through the mirror like walking through a waterfall and crossed his arms over his chest. The mirror behind him formed back into a solid state, reflecting the actual room again.

"You can't run from what we are, Emily," Aro whispered. He raised his left hand and I lifted off the floor, my toes almost able to graze its surface. He advanced on me until he was barely a foot away. His face tilted up to look at me and I stared on in horror as his face shimmered away into another face. My face.

It was me – and yet it wasn't. Those same endless black pits for eyes stared at me hungrily. She raised her right hand, which held my knife, above her head. The tip of it was dripping what appeared to be liquid silver. Without another word from her or scream from me, the knife was driven into my heart.

"It is inevitable," the other Emily whispered. I choked, spitting up blood – no, silver? A bone-deep chill ran through my body and the world faded into black.



"Wake up, Emily!"

"Emily!" I jolted up, breathing hard, to find my brother standing over my bed with a worried expression on his face.

Is she alright? Jesus, she was screaming and thrashing…

"I'm OK," I told Ryan, wiping the sweat from my forehead and sitting up. The alarm read 5:30 – much too soon for me to get up on a usual day. But, I knew I would never get back to sleep, so I reluctantly pulled back the covers and swung my feet onto the floor. "Just a bad dream."

"So how are we going to do this?" Jacob asked, wheeling Billy up to the Cullen mansion.

"Carlisle set up a room for us to use," I explained as Jacob lifted his father out of the wheelchair and carried him up the steps. "He has all the medical equipment I could need for the procedure."

"Procedure," Ryan scoffed. "You're not even a doctor."

"Come on," I said, ignoring my brother, "Let's get set up and get you walking, Billy."

A few hours after I had woken up from my nightmare I decided to call up Jacob and tell him it was time for me to fix his father's nerve damage. Carlisle was excited to see me work my magic; so far nothing he or any other doctor could do would have helped. Ryan was skeptical – the only times he had heard of me opening someone up was when I was pulling abilities out of brains. Jacob was concerned – at first he refused to have the procedure done here, surrounded by 'leeches.' I convinced him by threatening not to do it at all. Obviously he caved.

"Will it hurt?" Billy asked, laying face down on the surgery table with his shirt off.

"Yes." I responded. Fear and panic surged in him, though his outside did not betray his emotions. "I can't put you out; I'll need you awake to provide feedback as I go along." He nodded, his thoughts revealed his determination to go through with this.

Truth be told, repairing the nerve damage was easy with Ryan's ability coupled with mine. It was easy enough to repair the individual nerves and make the connections flow again. The hard part was finding the damage – that was also the most painful part. Thanks to Jane's generous donation, I could 'ping' Billy's brain by focusing her gift through his legs instead of on his body as a whole. The phantom pain would lose connectivity at a certain point along the path, and I would go in and fuse the damaged parts back together.

"Ahh!" Billy let out a scream. He had been doing so well at keeping them contained. I had gone through most of his spinal cord already and the pain from Jane's gift got stronger each time I used it. Billy breathed deeply and steeled himself again.

"Almost done, Billy." I said.

Thank God… Jacob thought from downstairs.

I pushed the pain on Billy again and found the last disconnect. I quickly repaired the damaged nerve and took a step back from the table. It was quite an interesting site to behold. While I didn't use a knife or other instrument, and while Billy had no open wound, tiny patches of his skin was red and bruised. They would heal with time.

Amazing. Carlisle thought, catching a twitch of Billy's toe. I smirked at my work.

"You're all done, Mr. Black," I said it a mock doctor voice, flipping over a clipboard that had been lying on a table. "Let's see how we did."

I lifted Bella's shield from my mind and mentally asked Edward to let Jacob know he could come up. I helped Billy sit up on the table, his legs dangling off. Jacob walked through the doorway with anticipation and hope shining through.

"Can you wiggle your toes?" Carlisle asked, seemingly taking over now that my job was finished.

Billy's eyebrows scrunched as he concentrated. The toes on each foot scrunched and relaxed, then wiggled slightly.

"Dad!" Jacob exclaimed, moving closer after seeing the evidence of my awesome work. "Can he walk?" His question was aimed at me.

"I wouldn't let him walk on his own just yet," I suggested, pointing out the large bruises on his back. "With a walker or with help, sure; but give it a week or two before expecting him to walk on his own. Repairing the damage took a lot out of him."

"Thank you." Billy breathed, tears pooling under his eyes. Joy and wonder hit me from both Jacob and Billy, and I found myself smiling along with them.

"You're welcome," I said with a nod. "The rest is up to you, though. I didn't fix your diabetes, so keep that in check or you could find yourself in a wheelchair again."

"I will," Billy said, lifting his legs slightly.

"You'll also have to come up with a story for the miraculous recovery," I noted. "Or continue to use the wheelchair in public."

"We'll think of something," Jacob said. He moved toward me and grabbed me up in a hug. Thankfully I heard what he was thinking of doing before he moved, or else he might be the one with nerve damage. "Thank you so much."

"A deal's a deal," I said as he released me.

"We won't forget this," Billy said as Jacob supported most of his weight. He was excited to be on his feet as they moved downstairs and back to their car.

I knew they wouldn't.