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Immovable Object

When a super-powered serial killer's little brother disappears in Seattle, she sets out to bring him back by any means necessary. Set in Eclipse. Canon through Twilight, New Moon, and beginning of Eclipse. Canon pairings. Alternate Universe. Original Character. Rating for violence and language.

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17. Epilogue

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Bella's wedding was beautiful. I don't use that word often and am more than aware that 'bella' is Italian for 'beautiful,' but it really was a nice ceremony. Alice did most of the planning, of course, but the rest of us did get roped into helping out with the heavy lifting – I got drafted into taste testing the 'human food.'

It wasn't without a few problems, though. Most importantly – at least to me – was that Alice practically fought me into a dress for the wedding. I wasn't a bridesmaid or any other important figure who stood up with Bella and Edward, but those bastards actually got me into a dress. I don't really know that much about them to be honest, except it was extremely uncomfortable to walk around in, hand absolutely no place to holster my knife, and was blue. Those bastards.

The other most important issue was my brother. Ryan did very well, or so I'm told, around Bella and me for short periods of time; but putting him around the large group of human guests for over an hour was just asking for disaster. He was frustrated with himself, but I convinced him to head out on an extended hunt during the duration of the wedding events.

Jacob had also gone away, except no one knew where he was – well, the wolves had an idea because of their hive mind, but no one knew exactly where. I guess he just couldn't stomach the fact that Bella was marrying a vampire and would become one himself. But even if Jacob wasn't here, Billy showed up – walking – with Sue Clearwater and her son, Seth. The official story was that he went to a specialist in Seattle for his nerve damage and got really lucky during the surgery. A complete recovery of the use of his legs.

I was pulled out of my reminiscing by Jacob's thoughts. Wait, Jacob? Oh, he decided to turn up after all. Edward took his new wife over to talk with the wayward werewolf under the guise of a surprise wedding gift. I smirked; Bella would be ecstatic to see her best friend.

Moving over to the food table, I helped myself to a few small sandwiches and a cup of punch. Wine was available, of course, but I've never been one for alcohol – it dulls the senses too much for my taste. Suddenly, I was hit with absolute rage from the direction Bella disappeared to.

He'll kill her! NO! I won't allow…

Oh, so Jacob was pissed at the whole 'real honeymoon' thing before she was changed into a vampire. Understandable, but I doubt Mr. Self Control would ever hurt Bella. The thoughts of the vampires nearby revealed they, too, were listening in on the argument. The relief in the room was heavy when Jacob got dragged away by his pack. I let out a breath and winced, bringing a hand up and over my heart. The spot was still a little sore.

After I had performed my miracle surgery on Billy, Carlisle caved and promised me samples on anything I would need in regards to vampires. Though I didn't catch any thoughts directly confirming my theory, I was pretty sure Carlisle was worried I would use the venom samples to turn myself into a vampire. Maybe if I were Bella, but if I really wanted to be a vampire I could just hold one down and extract the venom myself.

Carlisle also supplied me with a lot of money – like two-point-five million. I used Alice's ability to double it within a month, then bought a small company in Seattle with access to a laboratory as well as all the chemicals I could ever need. Esme was disappointed that I spent less and less time at the mansion, but I was in my 'creative zone' and my ability demanded that I understand vampire physiology. The vamily understood – see what I did there? I combined vampire with family.

The company – Brock Labs – was kind of amazing. Along with the chemicals, it contained state-of-the-art lab equipment as well as its own small medical wing. Over the years I had resorted to breaking into college labs to do my experiments, which was a huge hassle and was often limited in regards to the time I could spend there. The facility here was home to many scientists and chemists who were already working on various projects independently – and I had a master key.

I made sure to make use of the medical wing for my latest project. Of course, no one else was aware of my self-experimentation. They couldn't; not with Aro's mind reading ability. Alice knew I had surgery, and she knew I killed the surgeon after the procedure; but she did not know what it was for. She hadn't asked, and I would not tell. My thoughts were once again interrupted, this time by Carlisle.

"Emily," he called. "I'd like to introduce you to our cousins, the Denali coven."

"My name is Eleazar," an olive skinned vampire introduced himself. "And this is my mate, Carmen." He gestured to a Spanish woman to his side.

"Nice to meet you," I said, inclining my head.

"Oh my," Eleazar said," She is quite the anomalía." Why can't I read her?

"Mental shield," I supplied.

"But I…" A mind reader as well?

I smirked and nodded once in response.

Aro would be very interested in a human such as you.

The two succubae sisters that attended the wedding also introduced themselves to me. Tanya and Kate were their names. Irena didn't attend, as she was still upset at the Cullens for letting the Quileute wolves live after they killed her mate, Laurent. As far as I could tell, none of the Cullens let their cousins know about my true abilities. They assumed I was simply a telepath with a mental shield – I wasn't about to correct them.

The time soon came for the newlyweds to head off to the airport for their honeymoon. Edward hadn't told Bella where they were going, but of course I plucked it from his head. He was taking her to a tropical island near Rio called Isle Esme – an actual island actually owned by fucking Esme. I didn't even know that was legal to own an island for yourself.

The two lovebirds dodged – or tried to dodge – the rice as they ducked into the car. Emmet and I had some fun aiming at Edward's head with the flying rice; if he had been human they would have embedded themselves in his face. They drove off and that was that – they were off to their island getaway. I shook my head, focusing on not spying on the nighttime activities they had planned for each other as I made my way through the crowd to my room to change out of this monstrosity of a dress.

"Unfrigginbelievable," I muttered.


-What We're All About-

We haven't quite hit the 30,000 word mark yet, so I figured I'd put a little extra at the end to both fill that space and answer some questions none of you have been asking.

Emily's Ability Pool (as of Epilogue)

Intuitive Aptitude – Original ability. Emily immediately understands the structure, mechanics, physics, etc. of any physical phenomenon, mental construct, or object she encounters. It manifests as a severe sense of envy or obsession, not completely unlike a vampire's drive to feed at the sight or smell of blood. Through differences in the brain maps of her victims, Emily can pinpoint the cause of a meta-human's special abilities and then apply them to her own brain.

Telekinesis – Manipulation of physical objects through mental direction. This is Emily's most-used power (aside from her original one). With it, she can lift, arrange, manipulate, and throw anything from single cells to entire buildings. The range of this ability is restricted to those objects Emily can see or otherwise detect, though the distance is limited within 1-2 miles at most. Emily's dexterity is several times that of her brother, and as such can fly and perform delicate surgery with the ability.

Synesthesia – The linking of the five senses. Emily experiences sensations of all five senses though she may only perceive one. She can literally taste colors or see musical chords.

Eidetic Memory – Total recall of all memories and events experienced in perfect clarity (ie: photographic memory). Similar to vampiric memory, Emily has the capability to remember everything she has ever seen or experienced. This ability extends to memories she experienced before acquiring it.

Force Shield – Protection from physical attacks. Emily's shield protects her from any and all significantly large objects. While she can shrug off bullets or direct blows from a vampire, the shield will not protect Emily from vampiric/meta-human abilities. It will do nothing against elements and compounds in their gaseous form (air, poison gas, etc.) or extreme temperatures. She can stretch this shield away from herself to protect others.

Lie Detection – Detects deceit in the minds of others. This is a mental ability and is useless against Bella's mental shield. When someone says something that is not truthful to Emily, a shiver or jolt-like sensation will go down her spine.

Telepathy – Identical to Edward Cullen's ability.

Precognition – Identical to Alice Cullen's ability.

Mental Shield – Identical to Bella Swan's potential ability.

Pathokinesis – Identical to Jasper Hale's ability.

Illusionary Pain– Identical to Jane Volturi's ability.

Emily's Physical Abilities (as of Epilogue)

Accelerated Mental Processing – Synthetic (HLV). Emily's brain is capable of processing data roughly 1.15 times that of a vampire. Her mental processes are limited to one line of thought, however (as opposed to a vampire's ability to multitask several lines of thought).

Superhuman Strength – Synthetic (HLV2). Emily is capable of pressing approximately 900 lbs.

Healing Factor – Synthetic (HLV/HLV2). Emily heals all wounds at approximately 40 times normal speed (20 times with HLV). This ability also grants Emily agelessness, halting all aging at the maximum physical age of her body (~19).

Knife– Composed entirely of Divinium. The metal cannot be broken down, damaged, or altered, except by another object composed of Divinium.


Did you get the idea for Emily's ability from Heroes?

Yes, I did. Sylar had the same ability (mostly) in the show Heroes. I was a huge fan of Sylar, but I wanted to apply his ability to my own character. Emily's stolen abilities cannot be shut off, however. She keeps what she steals.

What about the knife?

The knife design was kind of a mix between Supernatural and X-Men. Divinium is basically Adamantium. I thought about having a knife like Ruby had in Supernatural, but decided against it. While it would be cool to have a knife that could kill anything, it would quickly become overpowered. I settled for a knife that could cut through anything, but would still not kill everything.

What does HLV stand for?

HLV = Hyper Lethal Vector. I'm a Halo fan.

Will Emily be mated to/imprinted on blah blah blah?

Immovable Object is not a romance story. It is an action/fantasy/adventure. Emily is a sociopath and a serial killer. She's getting better at being a human being since meeting the Cullens, I'll admit, but it would be completely out of character for her to fall in love. If it does happen, it will be because the story needs it to happen to move forward, not because it's expected of me to write.

So there will be a sequel?

Yes. I don't give a damn about how few reviews I have (although getting them is awesome). This story came to me in two parts and by God it will be done!