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Immovable Object

When a super-powered serial killer's little brother disappears in Seattle, she sets out to bring him back by any means necessary. Set in Eclipse. Canon through Twilight, New Moon, and beginning of Eclipse. Canon pairings. Alternate Universe. Original Character. Rating for violence and language.

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3. Predatory

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-Chapter 3: Predatory-

It had stopped drizzling by the time I landed on the roof of a coffee shop. The city hadn't totally gone to sleep, but seeing a person out and about at this time of night was rare. The stoplight at the intersection to the left was blinking red; not exactly a high-traffic time of night. I looked around and didn't see anyone anywhere. Great, that meant I got to play the bait. I jumped off the roof and floated down to the sidewalk. The slight buzzing of the street lamp was the only sound I could hear, and I suddenly found myself doubting anything was going to happen tonight. I walked a few meters down the street and took a seat on a bus stop bench.

I awoke to a shrill scream and a sudden bang in the distance. "Damn it!" I cursed out loud. I had fallen asleep in fucking Seattle at…what time was it? I pulled out my phone. 1:50 AM. I put it back in my pocket and took off into the sky in the direction of the noise. It wasn't that far away or that hard to find; it was an alleyway. I landed on the roof of the building next to it and peered down.

Now, there aren't a lot of things that shock me. By all counts I'm one of the country's most successful serial killers. I've stabbed, decapitated, and rended apart my victims without batting an eye – save the first few, but give me a break I was inexperienced. But this, this young girl – only a few years younger than me by all appearances – held a limp man in her grasp with her mouth buried in his neck. The man was still breathing shallowly but made no move to free himself, his only movement coming from his arms when the girl jostled him about. To the left of those two, there was a woman's body lying on the ground with her throat slashed out and her limbs pointing in awkward positions. I took in all of this in two seconds.

Apparently I wasn't very subtle about my landing, because the girl dropped the man to the ground with a thud and spun around so fast I wondered if she hadn't been facing me to begin with. She tilted her head back to look up at me and…snarled? Yes, she snarled and bared her teeth at me. That's the only way to describe it – like an animal. The street light across the street illuminated her face enough for me to get a look at her bright red eyes and beyond republican white skin. She was absolutely beautiful – if I weren't sitting here and watching her in real life I would say she was photoshopped for sure. The dribbling blood on her face that was slowly moving down her face only added to the illusion.

In another blur of speed, the beautiful girl leaped up to the roof I stood on and crouched down low. She growled and her nostrils flared at me. Then she lunged.

The girl rushed me again, stabbing at my chest with her knife frantically. The psycho was fucking grinning!

"Leave me alone! Help!" I cried out to anyone that might hear. Thank God for my shield. Her swing was repelled with a crack as she took a step back. "Please hold, oh God please! HELP!"

"I can hardly wait," the girl said to herself as she thrust the hand not holding the knife toward me. Suddenly I was spinning. A sickening crack, and I was thrust into nothingness…

She was repelled back five feet – her fingers digging into the roof as though through foam. She growled again, but this time she didn't have the time to lunge at me. Using Ryan's power, I threw her back down to the ally below and jumped down after her. She was already on her feet and lunged again. Damn, she was fast! On reflex, I drew my knife and hurled it at her – focusing to give it extra force. It went through the center of her chest and she shrieked in agony, clawing the air. I extended my hand and pulled the knife back out telekinetically. The girl, hand pressed on her wound, took two steps back and was suddenly gone. I sighed, taking a look around to make sure nobody saw the craziness that just took place, and turned back to the man on the ground.

He was gasping for breath on the ground, seizing and jerking and trying – frailly – to escape. I approached him slowly, rechecking my shield once again. Suddenly the man let out a wail completely unfit for a guy his size – it was absolutely frantic. I'm not completely sure he even noticed I was there.

"Please! Oh God please kill me!" the man screamed. He let out another scream.

I took my knife – still in my hand – and drove it through his neck, severing his spinal cord. The man didn't move again.

"Vampires. Fucking vampires? A gang of vampires?"

I had gone straight to sleep when I got back to my hotel room that night. The next day I didn't venture outside, instead dedicating my time to figuring out exactly what was going on here. It didn't take me long to reach the conclusion that the thing I fought last night was a vampire. She sure wasn't human. Plus the whole sucking-the-blood-out-of-people thing kind of gave it away. That and the red eyes. Ok, that and the red eyes and the killing at night. Let's not forget stabbing her in the chest with a knife. Vampires, really?

Looking on the internet didn't yield any worthwhile results about vampires – at least on the public sections, but I didn't have any ideas where to hack into to get legitimate information – so I settled for continuing to research what I knew: unexplained murders and deaths. But I'm nothing if not thorough, so I set an automated query to look up anything related to 'vampires' and 'blood drinkers' in the northwest part of the country and continued my research. The two bodies weren't reported last night, so they were probably moved – by the vampire girl or another in their 'gang' I'm not entirely sure. Moving on from that dead end I broadened my search to all of Washington.

Bingo. Quite a few deaths and disappearances were reported all over the Olympic Peninsula – not that far away from Seattle. Most of them were reported as animal attacks; hikers mauled by a bear or attacked by wolves. Not too beyond belief, but I was looking for absolutely anything to go on at this point. There were four reported animal attacks so far this year, and it was only the beginning of May. Compare that to 2004's three reported animal attacks or 2005's two, and I seemed to be on the right track.

My computer beeped at me and I opened up my search query. Huh, I got a few hits. Two were worthless: a vampire bat article and the synopsis for a horror movie that was a couple years old. The third, however, was a potential hit. It was a link to a book on Quileute legends. Surprisingly, it wasn't 'vampire' that scored the hit; 'blood drinkers' was highlighted in a short – very short – summery of the book's contents.

"Cold Ones?" I asked myself. I hadn't actually touched the vampire girl's skin, but it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine it would be cold to the touch. Is that what that meant? Either way, it was a lead. If I was going to kill these monsters I needed to know how. I already knew knives to the chest didn't work; falling from a second story building and blunt force trauma was also out. But what about the sun? All the killings did take place at night.

Bah, I had to stop speculating. I was using outdated information and rumors, and that's not good enough to draw such bold conclusions from. I did a search for the book and found it for sale at a local book store. I'd stop by tomorrow before I headed out northwest and into the Peninsula to look for more information. I loathed the fact I was moving myself so far away from my brother, but going in half-assed and oblivious did absolutely nothing good for Ryan. And I was a lot smarter than that.