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Immovable Object

When a super-powered serial killer's little brother disappears in Seattle, she sets out to bring him back by any means necessary. Set in Eclipse. Canon through Twilight, New Moon, and beginning of Eclipse. Canon pairings. Alternate Universe. Original Character. Rating for violence and language.

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5. Into the Doghouse

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-Chapter 5: Into the Doghouse-

"I don't know what you're talking about." Sam replied in a very unconvincing lie.

I was thrown backward and pinned to the wall. "What…what do you want!"

The girl stepped through the doorway and casually walked toward me. "I just want to ask you a few questions," she said looking me in the eye.

A shiver went up my spine "You're lying…" I said with wide eyes. The girl just grinned.

"How about a tribe of werewolves?" I asked, cocking my head to the side.

Sam shot Seth a murderous glare that would even frighten me a little. "What did you tell her?" Sam all but snarled at the smaller boy.

"N-nothing, I swear!" Seth exclaimed, taking a step back and putting his hands out in a gesture of surrender.

"He really didn't tell me anything," I started, shaking my head, "I figured this out on my own. Look, all I need to know is how to kill them. I need to know their weaknesses – if they have any – and which of the myths about them are true."

Sam shook his head and plastered a condescending smirk on his face. Oh boy, I know where this is going. "Why? You want to find a leech so they can turn you into one? They'd bleed you dry and-"

I cut his speech off by knocking him back twenty feet with my telekinesis. He hit the ground hard and rolled a few more feet, then jumped up – trembling and glaring at me. I pressed him back down onto the ground with my mind. "Look," I began again, "I didn't ask for your opinions or insinuations. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself but I'm in a hurry. Tell me what I want to know before I rip you in half."

"Holy shit…" Seth mumbled out. Sam growled at me, although it wasn't very affective as he was currently lying on his back in the sand. I lifted my arms out to my side to show him it was his move and released him. He pulled himself back up slowly and eyed me for a few seconds.

"Seth," Sam growled out, "go warn Billy we'll be by with…company." Seth nodded without a word and sprinted off into the tree line before exploding into a giant wolf.

"Huh." I mumbled out, still watching the spot where Seth disappeared.

Sam shot me another glare before turning around and walking at a brisk pace toward the road out of the beach area, me on his tail. I would have told the dick that I could have followed Seth there by flying, but I figured they wanted time to prepare everyone and tell everyone what I did to one of their wolves. A short while into the walk we turned right and continued for about two miles before I started seeing houses pop up – if they could be called houses. They were so small. Eventually we stopped at a reddish colored hut surrounded by more shirtless native boys – and one girl, although she was of course wearing a shirt – and Sam motioned for me to go inside. I flexed my shield and headed in.

The inside was not very large at all, which was made obvious by the tall man – boy – standing against the far wall in the kitchen. Surprise surprise, he also had the same sour expression and russet skin as the other Quileute natives. I would guess he was a wolf as well, but he had a black shirt on so I wasn't sure. Maybe it's a rule or something; I'll have to ask. Seth was there too, propped back against the kitchen sink. Sitting at the table in front of the tall man was an older man in a wheelchair – who, from the point in the room he sat, I gathered was Billy – with black holes for eyes, seemingly staring at my soul. The way these guys look at me I wouldn't be surprised if I suddenly went up in flames.

"Who are you," the man I assumed was Billy started before I stopped moving toward the table, "and how do you know of vampires?"

"Billy, is it?" I questioned back, pulling out a chair across from the man and sitting down. The man, Billy, nodded. "My name is Emily Ambrose and I ran into a vampire in Seattle a few days ago."

Billy nodded again but didn't reply or call me out on my explanation. The tall man narrowed his eyes and Seth's eyebrows shot up. I could tell they had questions and doubts, so maybe they'd be willing to trade information? Hmm…maybe they'd even start a legend about me. The thought made me smile. I decided to give him a little of my story since Billy didn't seem to want to grill me for answers right away and I knew they'd just ask later.

"About a week ago my brother went missing in Seattle," I started, "He's…like me, you could say. I knew right away that whatever had been killing all those people had gotten him, so I set out to…stop whoever was behind the murders and Ryan's disappearance."

"And you 'ran into' someone who looked like a vampire?" Billy questioned. I could see the doubt; even though I called his tribe out on being overgrown puppies and threw one of them around with my mind he still had to be certain I wasn't fucking with him.

"Pale white skin, red eyes, fast a hell, and likes to drink the blood of human beings in the dead of night." I leaned back in my chair. "I didn't get into a physical fight with her, if you know what I mean," I said, giving Sam a glance, "but I'd wager they're incredibly strong to boot."

Billy sighed and gripped the edges of his wheelchair, pulling himself up straighter. "What more do you need to know about them?" Good, so we're done playing mind games.

"Everything," I blurted out, taking a deep breath and looking around the room. Some of the shirtless guys had moved inside and were looking intently at our conversation. "I would rather not have to saw off their heads if I could flash a UV light at them or sprinkle a bit of garlic in their face." Several behind me snickered; Seth laughed. Even Billy cracked a small smile.

"And what would we get in return? We, as a rule, never give out information on our legends to outsiders." I could almost taste the tension in the room, even without using my ability. I eyed Billy and had to mentally pat him on the back for being bold enough to ask me for something after I kicked a werewolf's ass. I put my hands on the table and leaned forward.

"You mean besides slaughtering your entire kennel of a town?" He gulped. I grinned and slouched back down. "You hate vampires, I…really don't care for them right now for what they did to my brother – he's either dead or a vampire by now – maybe your 'great spirit warriors' and I can team up, or ally ourselves, or whatever you need to do to make yourselves feel safe from me."

Billy clenched his jaw but said nothing. The tall man stepped forward but Billy waved him off. I eyed Billy's wheelchair again. I wonder how he got that way. An accident? Maybe he was born that way.

"How'd you end up in a wheelchair?" I asked. I know, it wasn't completely relevant but I was curious. "Was it an accident?"

The tall man was vibrating with anger – literally vibrating – and attempted to lunge toward me. Luckily for him Sam pushed him back, but shot me a cold glance. Billy closed his eyes shook his head no. "Diabetes," he said, "nerve damage."

"Then how's this," I said, rising from my chair and walking around the table. "You teach me everything you know about vampires, we team up to fight the bad guys, and when everything is said and done I'll make sure you get the chance to walk again."

I'll never get over the look on Billy's face when I offered him a chance to walk again. For a minute I thought I might have broken him. Sam asked me to step out so they could discuss my offer amongst themselves, so I went into the forest a ways behind the house and flew up into a tree to wait them out. That's where Sam and the tall man found me sitting about forty minutes later. They beckoned me down.

"There are a few…details we have to discuss with you, but we accept your terms." Sam said after I landed with a thud on the ground. He started toward to the house, leaving me standing beside the tall man – who didn't look so pissed off anymore. Dare I say he looked…hopeful? We walked behind Sam together back to the house.

"I'm Jacob," the tall man introduced himself. "Sorry for how I acted."

"Emily," I replied as we reached the door. "Don't worry about it; I don't give a shit." Jacob grinned but didn't say anything else.

The atmosphere inside the house was drastically different from the first time I entered. It was still crowded with overheated werewolves and a few other natives, but everything seemed less like the inside of a courtroom and more like a friendly get together. Huh, maybe being nice has its perks. It's definitely a lot less of a mess.

"She's lying, she has to be," one of the Quileute boys remarked from the kitchen as I moved through the living room. "Even that leech doctor couldn't do anything for you, Billy!"

Frowning, I turned to my left. On the wall were several pictures of Billy and Jacob – ah, so Jacob was Billy's son – as well as a few with another Quileute woman. It didn't escape my attention that Billy wasn't in a wheelchair in any of the pictures with the woman. On a slim hanging ledge on the wall sat a clock about a foot tall that wasn't ticking. Perfect. I snagged it and made my way into the kitchen. The loudmouth sneered at me as I walked up to the table where Billy sat, but didn't say anything else. I sat the old clock down on the table.

"I can do a lot more than kick ass without moving," I said as I made the clock hover over the table. The clock seemingly disassembled itself, unscrewing and spewing its gears and moving parts into the air. It looked very much like one of those 'blown up' diagrams of a car engine that explained how everything fit together. I rotated a few of the gears and straightened a few metal rods, and then pushed it all back together into a clock again. The process took only about twelve seconds. As I set it back down on the table, the 'tick tock' of the clock was clearly heard in the dead-silent room. "I instantly comprehend complex systems. I see how everything works and how to make it better." I gestured to the clock as proof.

"But I am a bit concerned." I said. Billy glanced up at me, his face still in awe. "You advertise the 'Cold Ones' as your tribe's enemy, yet you hesitate to give me the information I want. I can't help but sense I'm missing a large piece of the puzzle here."

"Our people have a treaty with a coven of vampires in the area; we were bound – we could not tell you." Billy said.

"The ones from Seattle!" I meant it as a question but it came out as a shout. I clenched my fists, preparing for a fight.

"No!" Seth butted in. "They live in Forks and feed on animal blood."

I took a seat at the table once again. "Explain. Everything."