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Immovable Object

When a super-powered serial killer's little brother disappears in Seattle, she sets out to bring him back by any means necessary. Set in Eclipse. Canon through Twilight, New Moon, and beginning of Eclipse. Canon pairings. Alternate Universe. Original Character. Rating for violence and language.

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6. Gold Rush

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-Chapter 6: Gold Rush-

The pack spent the next couple hours explaining everything they knew about vampires from their dealings with the Cullens – the name of the animal drinking coven – and from tribal stories passed down from generation to generation. I was glad I decided to make this deal with them, because most of the information on vampires out there in books and on the internet was complete horse shit. Sunlight made them light up like a neon sign, their skin was harder than rock, and to kill one they had to be dismembered and burned. I made a mental note to buy a new lighter the next time I went into town.

Billy also told me these tame vampires that lived nearby gave him the OK to fill me in on the details of themselves, the wolf pack, and vampires as a whole – which was apparently outlawed in the treaty the two groups had made decades ago. They were aware of the situation in Seattle – though not one hundred percent sure it was vampires until I confirmed it – and wanted to meet with me the next day to trade information. Although I doubted the importance and relevance of anything else they could tell me of the vampires in Seattle, I decided to take them up on it. Besides, several of the coven had special powers and that intrigued me deeply. The pack told me this assuming I would turn the 'leeches' down, since they knew my brother was either killed or turned by vampires. Of course they had no idea I would kill their entire pack if I had to choose between them and my brother – species be damned.

And so that's why I was currently sitting in my hotel room in Forks, waiting for Jacob to come pick me up to meet the Cullens at their house while finishing my sub-par breakfast. Jacob volunteered to drive me – partially because he was best friends with the human mate of one of the vampires, but also because I was the one who could give his dad the chance to walk again – and I couldn't think of a good excuse to go alone, so I accepted. He knocked at 10:30 and I opened the door to motion him inside.

"Hey Emily, ready to go?" Jake asked, spinning his keys on his index finger.

I checked my phone for any messages – none – before putting it in my pocket, secured my knife, patted my wallet on the side of my pants, and pulled on my jacket. I snagged the new flip-open lighter I bought at a local gas station off the night stand and stuffed it in my jacket pocket. "Yep, let's go."

We pulled up to the massive white building – no, mansion – after riding down the most ridiculously long driveway I had ever seen. Next to the mansion was an equally impressive car garage with a…rust bucket red pickup truck in front of it? I'm not sure why I thought that was funny, but a part of my mind started the 'one of these things is not like the other' song and I started cracking up. Jacob eyed me like I was crazy before following my gaze to the truck and furrowing his brow. Well, I thought it was funny.

"Bella's here…" Jacob muttered. Ah, so the vampire's girlfriend drives a vehicle that is more of a piece of shit than mine is.

We both got out of his car and walked up the steps to the front door. I rippled my shield around me again, remembering my first encounter with a vampire. Before we reached the last step the door opened, revealing an extremely pale man with combed-back blond hair and kind golden eyes – a far cry from the feral red. This must be the coven leader. "Welcome," the man said, opening the door and gesturing us inside. "Please, come in."

Jacob and I followed him through a wide open area that housed a grand staircase and into a large sitting area or living room. I would not be surprised if every room in this house was super-sized. I'll admit, it was quite creepy to walk into the living room and find seven people staring at you. Their placements were quite amusing – they were strategically placed around the room, paired off. To the right, sitting on a loveseat, was a large male vampire with curly hair who had his arm wrapped around a blond girl. They seemed to be polar opposites, her glaring at me and him grinning…almost challengingly. On the far left sat a female vampire who appeared to be in her mid twenties with brownish hair and a gentle expression on her face.

In the middle, slightly farther back on a couch, sat a group of three with a tall blond vampire standing on one end. Nearest him was a very small and erratic-looking black-haired female vampire. She was the only one with a grin plastered on her face and seemed very excited about something I'm not sure I want to know about. Beside her was a reddish-brown haired male vampire who looked to be fighting a smile. Holding his hand beside him was a pale-skinned human girl with wavy mahogany hair and brown eyes. That must be Bella. The vampires all had a golden hue to their irises instead of the violent crimson red of the first vampire I encountered.

"Gross," the blond female said. "Did we have to invite them inside the house?"

I looked back at her and had to purse my lips to keep from smiling at her expression. Her face was contorted in a grimace like she was getting a rectal exam. Bite the pillow, blondie; I'm going in dry. Suddenly the copper haired one next to Bella started laughing hysterically as though he heard my joke. Oh, so this was the mind reader. Jacob had warned me about him – over and over again, actually. The mind reader nodded at me, covering his mouth with his hand in an effort to physically halt his laughing.

I felt the familiar whirring of my ability start to piece together how exactly mind reading worked in the back of my head. Over and over again I came up with nothing useful and the dark parts of my mind surged forth and demanded that I discover the mechanics of his power. Rend, tear, acquire. I clenched my teeth together and tried to focus on something else – anything else.

The coven leader shook his head and sighed, then turned back to me. "I believe introductions are in order. I am Carlisle Cullen and this is my family," he gestured to the female on the left, "this is my wife, Esme; Bella and Edward; Alice and Jasper; and Rosalie and Emmet."

"Emily Ambrose," I introduced myself, inclining my head and moving into the empty chair closest to where I stood. Jacob moved to the wall next to the exit but did not sit down, instead leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. I started mentally appraising my piece of shit Honda and thinking of adjustments I could make to improve its efficiency. Breath in, breath out. I can do this.

Carlisle moved to Esme's chair and sat beside her. "Would you mind telling us your story?"

I shook my head no and began my tale. "Over a week ago my brother, Ryan, disappeared in Seattle and I knew right away that whoever had been killing all those people had gotten to him. I started tracking the 'gang's habits and patterns, and I eventually came upon a young girl with red eyes feeding off a couple of people. We had a small…altercation and she got away. I started searching for anything on vampires in the immediate area and came upon Quileute legends about Cold Ones. I convinced the Quileute tribe to tell me everything they know about vampires, they called you, and now I'm here."

"I understand you have certain…abilities?" Carlisle pressed, leaning forward excitedly. Edward eyed me wearily, probably having heard my ability wanting to hold him down, tear open his head and…I should probably stop that thought process right now.

Instead of answering him, I decided to demonstrate the same way Ryan did to me decades ago and lifted the large chair he and Esme were sitting in four feet off the floor. Carlisle flinched and grasped the side of the chair while Esme gasped in surprise. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jasper crouch forward slightly, the rest of the group stared on in awe – which was a reaction quickly becoming as old as the rain in the area.

"You're immortal?" Edward's voice came from the far couch. Bella's brows furrowed together as I nodded. He must have pulled that out of my thoughts. I'd have to come up with some way to block him or this could get very annoying.

"I don't age," I corrected, "but I can still be killed."

"So what are you?" Bella asked, making me raise my eyebrows and look over at her – her face slightly blushing from the attention drawn to her.

"Scorpio," I answered with a straight face, causing Emmet to laugh. "We call ourselves meta-humans or specials; there's not exactly a lexicon. I'm not an alien or a different species or anything; I was just born with an extra ability."

Carlisle cleared his throat. "Back to your story; if Jacob and the pack already told you about our weaknesses and physiology," he said, "why did you agree to meet with us?"

"I know you're strong and fast, and that your bodies are extremely flammable," I answered, "but I need to know how fast and how strong. I'd like to know your habits and how they differ from the vampire I came across – who was absolutely feral and mindlessly attacked me. I require more…precise answers to my questions."

"How did you know where the vampire would have been?" Jasper asked.

"I was tracking their kills on my computer and noticed a pattern." I explained to the group. "Their kill zone, so to speak, would spread from one edge of Seattle…gradually to the center, spreading outward as it went. This zone would change every few days to a week or so. Their pattern was predictable, moving clockwise, and so I only had to figure out where the next one would be."

"Just how many are there?" asked Esme.

"Quite a few, from my research," I sighed, "Roughly every time the kill zone would change, a house or property just outside of Seattle would burn down. All of them were unoccupied and no deaths were reported, so it makes sense that it wasn't connected to the murders, but the properties in question were quite large. I'd estimate over fifteen vampires."

And around and around the questions went. Sometimes I would ask something, other times one of the coven would. We also discussed my brother's possible fate as a newborn vampire and plans to deal with the threat to exposure they were causing. That lead into a discussion on the Volturi – the group of powerful and gifted vampires that killed off vampires who made spectacles of themselves or exposed their existence.

Jasper guessed that the vampires in Seattle were actually a newborn army, created to fight and die for their creator – whoever that may be. He explained his story to us about how he was raised to fight in the southern wars for territory by his creator, Maria. He also showed Bella and I his numerous scars – which were difficult to see without the proper light. It was very informational, and gave me a small degree of hope that my brother was alive as a member of this army.

A few hours in, Jacob was getting antsy from being so close to vampires for hours on end. I told him I'd be fine here and that I'd call if I needed a ride back, so he reluctantly left – which was too bad for him, because Esme brought out sandwiches for a late lunch a few minutes later. She looked mildly offended when I asked her if she did anything malicious to the sandwich, and I actually felt a little guilty for having asked – even though it was a habit of mine not to trust people.

"Ready, Ambrose?" Emmet taunted from across the lawn.

The Cullens answered all my questions I had and more. Plans were made for us to head out to Seattle to deal with the newborns and search for my brother the weekend after Bella, Alice, and Edward's graduation ceremony. Although I wanted to find my brother as fast as possible, I had to admit it would be a hell of a lot easier dealing with vampires with vampires. Carlisle also filled me in on the approximate strength and speed a vampire possessed in comparison to a human, as well as the caustic-yet-flammable nature of their venom. Emmet was all too enthusiastic in showing me how sharp objects had no effect on vampire skin, which prompted another discussion with Carlisle.

"The only things sharp enough to pierce a vampire's skin are, of course, a vampire's teeth as well as a werewolf's teeth or claws." I examined the journals in Carlisle's office as we spoke.

Those aren't the only things, I thought to myself, reliving the fight with the newborn vampire I fought with.

"Incredible," Edward said as he entered the office, eyeing my knife.

"What is, Edward?" Carlisle questioned.

"He was talking about my knife," I answered instead of Edward, pulling out my knife for him to see, "I made it myself. It's crafted from a very dense and structurally stable compound I call Divinium. It's practically indestructible and in cases such as a knife or sword, impossibly sharp."

"May I?" Carlisle asked.

I hesitated, but nodded and sat the blade down on his desk instead of handing it to him. The entirety of it was a single solid piece of metal – from blade tip to handle end – and gleamed a dark silver color in the light. I had modeled it after a hunting knife design – the top of the blade was jagged and meant for ripping and tearing flesh as it was pulled out, while the bottom held a sleek and slightly curved form. Very beautiful.

"It does cut vampire skin, Carlisle, so I'd be careful if I were you."

"Ouch!" Carlisle exclaimed, forgoing my warning and pricking his finger on the point of the knife. He set it back down on his desk and examined his finger, which was already healing.

I pulled the knife back through the air and holstered it. "Told you so."

"Ready, Cullen," I answered back, checking my shield. It didn't take much time for Emmet to get bored with our back and forth Q and A session, and he challenged me to a fight.

"Is she going to be OK?" I heard Bella whisper from behind me. Alice's tinkling laugh sounded through the air as her answer.

One second Emmet is on the other side of the field-like front lawn, the next he's rebounding away from me, a electric crashing sound echoing through the air. Emmet got back up and attempted to rush me again, though his attacks were futile against my shield. Before he blurred away from my eyes I grabbed hold of him with my mind and slammed him into the ground.

"FUCK!" Emmet shouted from his prone position.

"Language!" Esme admonished, a smile evident in her voice. Emmet growled an incoherent response.

I yanked him toward me and hovered his body seven feet in front of me, extending his arms and legs outward, giving Emmet the appearance of a starfish. He thrashed about and I laughed. "So this would be the part where I dismember and incinerate you. Looks like I win."

I let him fall to the ground. He bounced up with a grin on his face like the fact that a human just incapacitated a vampire was no big deal to him.

"Oh man, that was awesome!" Emmet exclaimed. Everyone laughed, even Rosalie.