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Immovable Object

When a super-powered serial killer's little brother disappears in Seattle, she sets out to bring him back by any means necessary. Set in Eclipse. Canon through Twilight, New Moon, and beginning of Eclipse. Canon pairings. Alternate Universe. Original Character. Rating for violence and language.

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8. Parasite

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-Chapter 8: Parasite-

The 'children' arrived first, school ending hours before Carlisle's hours at the hospital were over. I had planned on waiting in my room until it was time for my mind reading lesson, but Emmet convinced me Halo 3 would make the time go by faster – and it did. Surprisingly, Bella was with them when the three of them came in the house and found Emmet and I playing online against very opinionated thirteen year old boys. We were winning, of course; the other team was upset and told me to 'go back to the kitchen.' Alice flitted over to Jasper, who had been watching us play for the last half hour, and sat on his lap to watch us finish our game.

After our rounds of gaming, I spent quite a bit of time with Bella – with Edward supervising, of course – having her lie to me about anything of consequence. Emmet had let slip during the heat of the multiplayer smackdown that Edward could not read Bella's mind, and she was also immune to several of the Volturi's abilities.

"The pen is red." Bella said, completely unconvincingly as I held up a royal blue ink pen in my hand. She was a horrible liar, but I felt no tingle. My ability said she was telling the truth. She had also told me the sky was purple and books were edible. All truthful, as deemed by my lie detecting ability. Carlisle walked through the front door then and came into the living room where Bella and I sat, facing toward each other, and cocked an eyebrow at us.

"Bella can lie to Emily," Edward explained as Carlisle took a seat to my right. Esme brought in a glass of soda and sat it down on the side table for me and I nodded my thanks.

"Fascinating," Carlisle breathed out, bringing his fingertips up to his chin in a very scientist-like manor.

"She's some sort of shield," I said, clamping down on my ability so it didn't get the chance to obsess over another potential ability. She was like me. She was a meta-human. "My telekinesis would probably work on her, so her ability is probably limited to shielding powers of the mind."

Carlisle was probably about to ask another question, but Edward interrupted him – most likely catching my internal struggle to keep from pressing Bella up against the wall and-

"We should probably get started," Edward said, his jaw clenched and his arm wrapped around Bella's shoulders. "What do I need to do?"

"Well," Carlisle started, turning to me, "what was going through your mind when you acquired your brother's power?"

I closed my eyes and thought back to that moment so many years ago and let the emotions take me. Behind me, Jasper let out a shaky breath. "Jealousy…the strongest I've ever felt." Jasper rasped out. The emotion was quite debilitating, so I reeled it in and focused on the present.

"I think there's more to it than that, though," Edward commented. I opened my eyes and mentally urged him to continue. "I've experienced several of your acquisitions through your thoughts, and the underlying theme is an overwhelming curiosity…it becomes an obsession to you to the point of becoming compulsive. Much like Rosalie's car, you need to actually observe the system in order to understand it."

"I already know all this." I said. What are you getting at?

"I got to thinking about Alice and her ability," Edward continued. "Though they are almost completely different, they both require visual stimuli to work – Alice has to know or have seen the person in order to see their future, like you had to see the parts of the car to comprehend it."

"That's not always true, though," Alice cut in, "I saw Jasper and Carlisle's family before I ever met them."

"Yes," Carlisle answered, apparently catching on, "but Jasper, and my family and I, were part of your future. Your own decisions are what brought you to us. If you were to have chosen a different path to take, your visions would change." Edward nodded at him.

"And then there are the wolves," Edward said to Alice. "You can't see them in your visions – they cause the future to become blank – but you still know when the future involves the Quileute because of that fact."

"Wait," Emmet interrupted, "Couldn't she just…analyze, or whatever, her own ability or something to figure out how she got telekinesis?"

"No," I answered. "For some reason I can't use my ability on itself; I've tried before. Maybe it's a failsafe or something, like deleting an operating system from within that operating system. I just don't know." I shrugged and turned back to Edward, who continued.

"If I'm right, you don't need to kill at all to gain an ability. Think of it like this, you're used to working complex calculus problems on paper and you're great at it. It would be extremely difficult to do – for an average person – but you could do those same problems in your head, without using the pencil and paper at all. Focus less on the concrete and more on the abstract of the ability."

"So you want me to figure out how your brain reads minds without ripping your skull open and examining the pieces?" Edward nodded his head. "Then why didn't you just say that?"

Emmet 'guffawed' a loud laugh that I felt in the floorboards of the mansion while Alice's tinkling laughter rang through the room. "Would you like to give it a try?" Carlisle asked me. I took a deep breath and nodded to him, then turned to Edward and focused, letting my ability flow out and touch Edward's mind.

The expected need to acquire his power surged, but I easily swatted it away and continued to breathe in and out. Can you hear me? Edward nodded and a small part of my mind catalogued and analyzed the completed communication between us. I started flipping through memories, slowly at first but growing faster and faster. Edward's eyes seemed to slightly lose focus as he watched with me as they sped by. I logged the speed at which his mind could no longer keep up with mine when his eyes started darting left to right, as well as how much his focus was divided from the real world as he watched memories – both legitimate and forged. My vision grew narrow and suddenly I wasn't in the room any more.

"Edward? Edward can you hear me? Oh God forgive me for what I have done. You're OK, Edward. I'll explain everything."

"Where am I?" I questioned. "Who are you?" A pale man with blond hair and gold eyes stood before me in a room I did not recognize.

"How much does he remember? Elizabeth begged…and I could not just let him…My name is Carlisle Cullen, and I have a few things I need to explain if you'll give me the chance."

"Why does my throat hurt?" It was burning and I was so thirsty.

"Just say it and get it over with," Carlisle said without moving his lips. He took a breath and spoke out loud. "You were dying, Edward, and so I saved you in the only way I could."

I came back to myself with a snap. My head throbbed and my fists were clenched on the armrests of the chair I sat in. Those were not my memories, clearly. Apparently Carlisle's theory worked and now, hopefully, I was a mind reader.

"Emily," Edward asked, "can you hear me?"

"Yes," I answered, sitting back and putting a hand over my forehead. "I'm fine; I just got a blast of Edward's memories."

"Amazing!" Carlisle exclaimed at the same time Emmet cursed out loud.

"Great, Edward, thanks a lot." Rosalie remarked.

"Emily," Edward called my name. I glanced up to look at him.

"She can read our thoughts?" Carlisle asked Edward.

"Yes." Edward confirmed.

"God, I hate it when you do that!" Emmet exclaimed.

And then I understood. They weren't talking out loud; I was hearing their thoughts in my head.

Yes, Edward answered, his lips not moving. It does take a while to learn the difference between a thought and a spoken word.

I turned to Carlisle. "Yes, I have it. It worked – I can read minds now." I said with a grin, leaning back in my chair and feeling like a badass.