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Immovable Object

When a super-powered serial killer's little brother disappears in Seattle, she sets out to bring him back by any means necessary. Set in Eclipse. Canon through Twilight, New Moon, and beginning of Eclipse. Canon pairings. Alternate Universe. Original Character. Rating for violence and language.

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9. The Old Familiar Places

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-Chapter 9: The Old Familiar Places-

It turns out that trying to sleep is extremely difficult when one is a mind reader. Of course, Edward wouldn't know anything about this, as vampires don't sleep, but it was a definite low point to the ability. I had learned the hard way, when I took my first power from that poor girl in the woods, that what I steal I keep – no matter how much I'd like to throw it away or give it back. This was completely fine for my telekinesis and shield, but my Synesthesia and lie detecting abilities were constantly on. And now, so was mind reading.

I woke up around one in the afternoon the next day and shook the sleep from my eyes, glancing out the glass wall at the forest beyond. With a grunt, I got out of bed and shuffled into the bathroom to take a shower. Listening to seven vampires constantly thinking was not exactly good for my sleep schedule. Luckily, Emmet and Rosalie were out hunting and Edward and Alice were at school again; it was the first day of finals, apparently, from Esme's thoughts down in the kitchen. She heard me get up and wanted to make me breakfast – er, lunch, rather.

After I was dressed in my standard t-shirt and cargo pants I headed downstairs to the aroma of cooking burgers. I swear, it's like she can read minds herself; cheeseburgers were just awesome. She placed the burger on a plate and got out a soda for me as well.

Should she really be eating this kind of food all the time? I hope it doesn't impact her health…

"It's fine, Esme," I replied, sitting down and opening the tab on the Mountain Dew. "I practically live off unhealthy food and soda."

She shook her head at me and put the still-hot skillet in the dishwater, scrubbing away at it with vampire speed. "It's going to take me a while to get used to that."

"You and me both." I murmured as I stuffed the last of the burger in my mouth. Esme took the plate from me but didn't say anything.

A half hour later I found myself in the cover of the forest outside the mansion. I hurled my knife at a tree about a football field away, and heard the satisfying crack of impact as the tree shook violently. With a jerk of my wrist, the knife dislodged itself and returned back to my hand. I brought my hand back to throw again when the thoughts of Alice and Edward reached my mind. Apparently Bella went down to La Push to see Jacob; Edward was worried, but content that the wolves would be able to look after her.

Thinking back, I realized it had been days since I left the Cullen's estate. No wonder I was out in the woods cutting down trees branch by branch. I needed a little excitement – maybe a fly over to Port Angeles or even Seattle? I could use a break from the boredom of waiting for us to go in and kill off the newborns. The resident vampires needed to go hunt anyway. Living with a human – well, ninety-eight percent human – could not be easy on their control.

Not Seattle. Alice said through her thoughts. I had a few fleeting visions of the Volturi deciding to finally investigate.

Port Angeles it is, then. Catch you later, Edward.

Sure thing. I'll let Esme know she won't need to cook you dinner. I sheathed my knife, pulled up the hood of my jacket, and launched up into the sky and above the cloud cover.

The sun was nearly touching the water's edge when I arrived on the docks of Port Angeles. Though I'm sure the air was chilly, I felt completely fine from having the wind blast my face on the fly over. I'd have to get a scarf or something if I didn't want my face to get windburn. I turned around to search for a restaurant when I realized I didn't have any money with me – or my phone for that matter. And despite this, I felt invigorated and dangerous.

The sun was even further down the horizon and nearly gone by the time I reached the shops and restaurants section of the small town. The only thoughts I picked up in the nearby area were from small pockets where restaurants were located or people leaving work for the day – after all, it was early in the week and from the looks of things it didn't look like Port Angeles had much of a nightlife. I needed a more…shady neighborhood for what I had in mind.

As soon as I saw the train tracks and abandoned warehouses I knew I was in the right place. The area was nowhere near the size of my normal playgrounds – a kiddie pool compared to Seattle – but I had faith that it would do for my need of both money and fun. I was not disappointed.

At first I thought I was picking up the thoughts of a perverted and deranged bank clerk, but then they looked at a dozen small bags of drugs of some sort. Ah, crystal meth from his thoughts. I was slightly surprised someone would be selling a drug like that here. I mean, pot is in practically every town and it's easy enough to find a dealer if you know where to look. But this stuff in a town this small? Maybe they got scared off from the murders in Seattle, or maybe I just lucked out; I don't know. What I did know is those drugs were expensive, and dealers usually carried a weapon of some sort.

I walked around the corner and started my act as soon as I caught sight of him. He was leaning on one of the brick walls in a large indent made in one of the buildings used for an air conditioner. He looked to be about twenty-five, white with straight black hair, and a brown hoodie on. The look on his face made it obvious he liked to sample his product. I walked toward him, still on the other side of the street, with my arms crossed tightly over my chest and my shoulders hunched. It put off an air of helplessness.

…what's a piece of ass like her doing out here? Maybe she's looking for some fun…there's no one around. Say hi, don't creep her out. Be charming!

I had to duck my head to keep him from seeing my grin. I was definitely looking for some fun. From his thoughts I gathered that he carried a handgun in his pants. I pulled my shield tightly around my body and steeled my face before glancing up at him.

"Hey!" the man called. "Are you OK?" I made sure to hesitate before stepping off the sidewalk and crossing over to his side of the street, stopping about ten feet away from him.

"Do you have a phone?" I asked. "I forgot mine and I'm completely lost. I need to call my parents."

"Yeah, sure," the man said as he motioned me back behind the air conditioner, "you can use my cell." I ignored the tingle that ran down my spine as I followed him into the deep shade.

I have to admit, I did not find pushing me up against the wall charming at all – though I lowered my shield to give him a sense of dominance for the moment. His thoughts became incoherent as he lost himself to his lust – he didn't bother to threaten me or talk to me at all. Straight to business then, I like it. With a grunt, the junkie jerked me away from the wall and pressed his weight down on me, trying to get me to fall.

"Tough luck," I breathed out as I grasped both of his upper arms and squeezed. He released me, taking in a breath to scream out in pain. I swept my leg behind his feet and leaned, using my own weight to throw him over – this time it worked, and he was soon gasping for breath on the ground with me straddling his stomach. The poor guy didn't know what was happening to him; tears were welling up in his eyes and he struggled beneath me.

"Help!" the man rasped out. It wasn't even a full scream, barely a raised voice. Not that even a scream would attract attention in this area at this time of day. Mr. Junkie certainly didn't display any extraordinary talents that I could make use of, so I decided to finish him off as clean as possible. I pressed down on his shoulder with my left hand and crouched over his body, bringing back my right palm, before driving it into the center of his chest. Bones cracked as he let out a gurgle and a few twitches; then he was still.

The Junkie, or Peter Frederick as his license said, had about sixty bucks in his wallet – which was pretty pathetic for a drug dealer. I had ripped his body into pieces with telekinesis before depositing them along with the drugs and gun into the bottom of a halfway-full dumpster around the block. After getting some premium fast food to go from McDonalds, I retreated to the roof of an office building to eat. It was about that time that I realized it was full on dark and Alice had probably seen me murder someone. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. Shrugging, I dropped my trash in a trashcan below where I sat and flew off back to Forks.

Alice was waiting in my room when I flew in through the glass door.

Have fun? She asked through her thoughts.

"Yes." I said, moving over to my phone, which was still plugged in and charging – two missed calls from Jacob; I'd have to look into a new phone. Her thoughts revealed that she didn't tell anyone about the murder – except Edward, of course.

"Take your phone next time," she said, her tone difficult to identify. "I could have wired you money." You didn't need to kill someone!

I rolled my eyes but didn't say anything. I probably would have killed him regardless of money – plus, the guy wasn't exactly loaded.

"Well, you're not the only one who had an exciting evening." She chirped, back to her usual self. She thought back a few hours ago. Apparently Bella punched Jacob in the face and cracked her hand – she has to wear a brace. I was still laughing as she danced out of my room.